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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - February 9, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee4 tuesday feb. 9, 1954 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper Meny go round letter to editor by Drew Pearson c p is Ward or Mac Gene Rel Ben Haden. Assistant to the publisher and asst. Gen. Mgr. W j Mca Lille is Dutoi Detlor 32q-32 b Virtol Street King upon. Lean associated press news Ber Vlco International news service Washington Silver haired barrel chested senator Mccarran of Nevada not Only lobbied much of the funds through con Gress to help dictator Franco in Spain but now wants to Tell the Spanish government what technicians to hire in building Spanish bases. The senator took the amazing step of Tele phoning the Spanish minister of Public works Conde Vall Ellano to ask that he use German technicians. As a result of the Call the state department is investigating to see whether Mccarran violated the Logan act which pro Hibits non Dillon cats from meddling in the subscription rate by mall first and second conduct of american foreign affairs. Three years ago Mccarran was so Active in demanding that be allocated to Spain that Franco awarded him the grand Cross of Isabella. At that time Mccarran even called Herbert Gaston former president of the Export import Bank on the carpet to ask Why Money advanced to Spain was not being spent faster. Mccarran s recent transatlantic phone Call however went further than anything else he member of the also Cloatea Hreibi. Sou me re publishers association and the audit Bureau of circulation an Independent democratic newspaper published each after noon except saturday and Sunda the associated is exclusively entitled to the use for publication of All dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in thai paper and also the local news published herein entered at Post office in King port. Tenn. As second mall matter october j7 1b44 under the act of March National adverts inn representatives. Shannon Socrates. Inc. With offices in new York Chicago Detroit Atlanta St Louii. Kansas City los Angeles and 8ar, Francisco postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday one week. 40c. Today s Bible thought and hath not oppressed any but hath re stored to the debtor his pledge hath spoiled none by violence hath Given his bread to the Ouw Cecii hungry and hath covered the naked with a hag done to Meddie in Spanish american affairs. The Call was made from the Plaza hotel in new York and Here is the Telephone record of what the senator from Nevada said what Mccarran said it took several hours to put the Call through partly because the Spanish Cabinet officer was routed out of bed. Then Over the crackle of transatlantic Static the operator s voice announced i have Conde Vall Ellano on the line. He does not speak i have an interpreter replied . Note letters must be held to 500 words. They must be signed but names will be withheld on request unless the letter is controversial editor Kingsport times dear sir _ the opponents of fluoridation for Kingsport Are in for a sad blow. With the announcement that Elizabethton will fluoridated their water Supply it is a real certainty that some portion of the fluoride added will eventually wind up in the Kingsport water Supply. So the citizens of Kingsport will be drinking at least partially fluoridated water without any voice in the matter. The fluoride Content of our water would increase even More should Johnson City decide to follow Elizabethton. Since Wear going to have some fluoride in our water let s face it and add sufficient fluoride to our water to obtain the benefits claimed for it. Yours very truly w. W. Allerton editor Kingsport times dear sir some of our fluoridation experts have claimed the follow ing Twenty years of research have established that children who get the right amount of fluorine in water have better and More attractive Teeth than Chil Dren drinking fluoride free a now i d like to quote from an article in the los Angeles the times daily tonic religion is using everything for Henry Ward Beecher. Strange language old line democrats and old line re publicans must have been delighted with is ready intoned words of governor Gregg of new Hamp the operator. Shire the other night. The governor the interpreter then took the receiver and t trip Mir i translated Mccarran s words speaking at Bristol told his gop Audi l been a Cham _ _ ence we must make sure that in the fun Plon of Spanish causes in this me times for August 31, 1953. At Ture members of the democratic party Carran explained through his interpreter. I Riverside calif., the fluoridation i Anri would like to have my mind so Clear As to be experts Florida Are not permitted to find Refuge and Sal alg my own conscience to make de Tion in 1951 Advt led All vation in an Independent citizens com visions most advantageous both to my coun the arguments heard so often Mittee supporting our Republican can try and to about what a great improvement f Murp nver he added it is a great Honor that y of should take there would be in children s Teeth a Date for president. Moreover be Taueu to Telephone me and i appreciate and flayed those who dared to i do not believe our president would your sentiments greatly As All spaniards a raise their voices against Fluor Ever Sanction the activities of an inde predate the interpreter translated Dation. But on August 30, 1953, Nini Iiri Vall Ellano s reply. The City utilities manager came pendent group in his behalf which would i like to bring up is Wiaes. Up with the finding by a con. Not be working As a direct subdivision of ton of binding military bases in me suiting chemist that the City s the a publican part Carran got Down to the Point. I know of water naturally contains the surely this is Stra nge language. One thinks of Many adjectives to apply to it wherever necessary Spanish construe but let us be satisfied with this Tion capacity should be supplemented by West sort of talk reminds one of the Story of same opinion As the 1 the Man who kicked away the ladder by senator that germans should be used in the which he had climbed while he was still construction of a clinging to the Edge of the roof by his with this idea of using germans. Many fingertips. Of the details of such a program have already cuppa Tea Washington calling year round As much fluorine As the fluoridation experts wanted to put in. Now if fluoridated water con fers on children such remark ably Fine Teeth that their dental worries Are practically Over How come the Riverside experts did t realize that their children were already getting fluorine in their water according to what we be Washington while the headlines have not yet begun to reflect it the administration s new look in military policy has produced a ground swell of doubt and criticism that will make news before too Long. The doubt ers Are to be found both in the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill. In a speech shortly before he left for the Berlin conference Secretary of state John Foster Dulles defined the Way in which american diplomacy would con form to the new military policy. Lion s foreign military policy but rather an attempt to get what is Felt to be much needed clarification. Suspicion persists that the policy was tailored to meet the Economy demands Laid Down by civilian rather than military leaders. In recent speeches both general Matthew Ridgway chief of staff of the army and Gen eral Charles Bolte next in com Mand have indicated their grave doubts about the deep cuts in manpower now being made by Marquis Quantity of the new weapons now available or Likely to be available. Military critics Sug Gest that the Public has been led to believe that the new weapons Are already in full production whereas the number is extremely limited. In the words of one Doubter of High rank they Are still in the made in the Kitchen by hand stage. The second question Mark con Cerns Cost. The new weapons Are fantastic in effect and fantastic in Cost. As an example a twists not the Way Republican poll been furnished to me. Of necessity be Burnet Bolte in talk single Shell fired from one of j. 1110 10 r r Kun lit _ to _. j of of do i the new Type Gap ohs costs Ticiano talked during the Campaign for the presidency. Then they applauded the Tion.1 work of those democrats who worked for the election of Eisenhower. Did Gregg or with satisfaction. Else denounce or repulse the i can repeated Vall Ellano that i i wish to receive an opinion from some Spanish officials to guide my anyone shiver rats of Texas or Harry Byrd of Virginia at that time actually the statements attributed to governor Gregg make so Little sense that one would be willing to accept a denial of know of no objection of any kind to such a behind the phone Call inside Story is that Mccarran has been wires both in Washington and Madrid them As a except for one to Cut a group of German contractors into i i 4. J i the Multi million Dollar Spanish base project thing. That is the apparent tendency of to accept part of their gop regulars to resent the part played a Vinent in surplus commodities from the fluorine than the experts recon e Indus by no work for any in Riverside so far As youngsters Are concerned. Yet apparently the Riverside children s Teeth were in such bad shape that the experts wanted to Rescue them All with fluoridated water. I wonder if our Kingsport experts could explain this to us. Similar situations have come up in other cities. For instance Pittsburgh pa., found after their fluoridation system was installed that on Many Days of any Given month Pittsburgh drinking water contains As much As or More in the Campaign by the pro Eisenhower agriculture department s overflowing democrats and converts to Republican ism the tendency to kid themselves into sent i the German contractors. What believing they could have won without senator from Nevada has neglected to Tell his Teeth How Jong Tivey have been drinking then water. The there by Indus trial firms for free How come then that Pittsburgh children Don t show practically perfect the non Republican Eisenhower Vnti Spanish friends however is that the German contractors have agreed to buy their heavy something else to be explained they refuse to face the unpleasant fact equipment from the Nevada office of Wells by ouf Kingsport experts since that the gop did not put Eisenhower in Otago a firm close to Mccarran. Experts could t new look at bases by instant retaliation directed not at the Periphery but at the centers of communist Power. Dulles thereby seemed to Rule out limited wars and to say that the next conflict would inevitably be an All out atomic War. Certain senators Are planning a full dress debate at the Earli est Opportunity in which they will try to determine whether this was in fact the meaning of the Dulles speech. They will ask some searching questions about the new policy which places Ever greater Reliance on the fantastic weapons of the atomic age. As now contemplated this will not be a parti san attack on the adm Nistra Hollywood Eisenhower put the gop in that the gop did t even pick Ike Ike picked the gop. Of course after the election the party machinery at the grass roots level re explain now Here is something. A clip Ping from the Denver Post for sept. 9, 1953, announces that the United states Public health service has decided to conduct a research investigation at Colo meanwhile the Pentagon is taking a second look at the military base agreement that Mccarran was so instrumental in pushing through. The senator from Nevada was so in Niah in flt the hands of the regulars of Sis tent in trying to get better terms for Spain Rado Springs colo., to find out Mamea in the Radii us 01 use cd . Pentagon any children there still have tooth decay when the water has a High fluorine Content now at suspicion that the conversion might not Here Are some facts the american Public this late Date with millions of 1 does t know under the agreement Spain is not com t _ t t 4. I rather than his own country that Pentagon forts of the Johnny come late lies to take Nave concluded it s an excellent Deal Over were repulsed. There was natural Spain suspicion that the conversion might not last. And More and More the tendency of the regulars is to give the Back of their fitted to fight on America s Side or even to let the u. S. Air Force use the bases in Case of War. Furthermore after ten years Spain hands to the newcomers. The obvious fact that the old guard can throw the United states out and take people drinking the fluoridated water the experts had forced upon them and after their so called Twenty years of research these experts Are beginning to investigate to find out whether cannot bring itself to face up to is that Over the bases for herself. All she will be or fluoridated water really just As the party could not have won obligated to is scrap value for the sex does st0p tooth decay. This really 1 x pensive american equipment. For 4. Without the non Republican vote Eisenhower so it cannot Hope to remain in return for this dubious agreement the United states will rebuild Spain s broken needs some explanation by our Kingsport experts. Or. C. E. Chambers at the polls. Vice president Nixon says in Power without that continued support Down and the country Lay a 570-mile pipeline the party cannot win unless it is United across three quarters of the country and that is Sim nov to the nor in Arr and pour Over into building air bases mat is simply 10 say me Oia Guara Anu facilities communication systems and the new must pull together. The presi fac tie s that Spain can legally sex Dent himself put it More clearly. The re prop Riate at scrap value after Only ten years. Publican party cannot Hope to remain in Power and does not deserve to remain in and the Caribbean in Exchange for Only fifty Power unless it follows a Liberal Forward destroyers looking course. And one might add it can v not remain in Power if it ceases to Appeal instead we have substitutes written in a to conservative democrats and those Vot franic Effort to satisfy everybody a ers with no party allegiance. Wrangling with words. We Are seeing an or. Gregg could not have made a Effort made to write an amendment to speech More pleasing to new Deal demo the Constitution on the floor of the sen crafts if he tried. If the gop succeeds in ate Thig is Bact practice even for. Ordinary alienating All those pro Ike voters among Regis nation. To prepare a constitutional democrats the Republican party will be amendment that Way is much worse United in defeat. The elephant is known the most sane and sensible thing for for his memory. But elephant ers like the Senate to do now is to Send the pro Gregg seem to have remarkably Short Postai to the judiciary committee memories. For further study. It is understood that senator Morse is preparing to make such a motion. That is one Morse action we would agree with and the sooner the better. By this time it is apparent that the of or. Bricker has accomplished one fort to Amend the Constitution As it re thing. He has High lighted the fact that lates to treaties and International agree ratification of treaties is the Senate s ments is so hopelessly snarled up in business and it is serious business not to emotion and bitterness that if any a be left to a handful of men to act upon in Tion is taken while the Senate and the an easy going manner. Whatever has country Are in such a state we Are Likely happened in the past in the future to do something very foolish and danger treaties will get careful study and with Ous. Careful study and the need for a two As it stands at present the original thirds vote it is not Likely that treaties amendment proposed by senator Bricker destroying has no Chance of passage in the Senate ratified. A preacher says that by living properly one can live happily Ever after. And we always heard it took two. With his name on the dotted line for four big movies Burt Lancaster has shelved All to plans for himself until i need the Money. And even then i won t jump into to until i have the right Joan Evans gunning for either the Laurie or ado Annie roles in has resumed singing lessons with two teach ers. Eddie Cantor is searching for a Groucho Marx Type to show on imperishable film that will tee off this fall. No More strenuous live variety shows for or. Banjo eyes. Overheard in the a i commis sary As Shelley Winters passed she s putting on weight. Every time she thinks about that italian husband of hers she gets sentimental and wolfs Down a plate ing to the United states Armor association at fort Knox ky., was especially Frank in question ing whether atomic firepower could replace manpower ground. Part of this May be discounted As a proprietary interest in maintaining the established or Den but it also represents a real concern lest the Public be encouraged in the popular Post War illusion that push Button warfare with magic missiles has All but eliminated the blood sweat and tears of the old order of warfare. Many americans per Sist in believing that a few Mas Sive raids by american bombers on enemy centers would eliminate All threat of danger and Al Low America to live again in isolated peace. They conveniently ignore the peril of atomic retaliation by fleets of bombers at least two thirds of which would today be Able to get through the Continental defense system constructed thus far. The Eisenhower team in the Pentagon is Bent on keeping any opposition to the new policy strictly in the family. Secretary of defense Charles e. Wilson and his Deputy Roger Kyes have shown that they have a rough Way with those on the team who sound off on a contrary note. Yet when military men talk privately their doubts and uncertainties Are greater even than those they express publicly. They raise two big question Marks. The first is with respect to the 000. If it misses the is just an empty bang. So the Economy held out As bait to con Gress May be a false Hope. In connection with these ques Tion Marks a so called Small War has been going on in indo China for More than seven years. The French who have taken heavy casualties through the years Are fed up with that seemingly endless conflict. A new government in France might suddenly dump the problem of indo China on Washington As the British abruptly put the responsibility for Greece up to the Truman administration. For this reason some sources Are beginning to suggest that american ground troops will soon have to go into indo China to save the situation. This suggestion does not of course come from any responsible source. In fact ground commanders react violently against even the re Mote possibility of such a step. They Point out that the Handi Caps would be infinitely greater than in Korea where the United nations forces had the Ocean and the Navy on three sides and a Complete air umbrella. What is More red China Al in Ostly certainly would retaliate by sending in chinese communist forces. And that might Well be the signal for world War Iii. Before the reduced budget is approved the lawmakers want to know More about All these mat ters. Mac s window by w. J. Mcauliffe Marilyn Monroe is going to Korea to entertain the boys.-. Slogan for the recruiting serv ice join the army and have Marilyn Monroe come and see it would seem that All a girl needs for Success in the of dec Lysis is the Bare essentials. The appendix of the congressional record like the human appendix probably serves some useful purpose which is a trifle obscure but when the is bigger than the rest of the body there is a question of whether there in t need for an operation. A Chicago waiter is writing Book. Probably does a chapter while you wait for your soup. The owner of a haunted House should see that the roof does t leak. So it won t Dampen the spirits. A Man who is a Good talker is Welcome at a dinner party but to the Man who is a Good talker a Good listener is Welcome at a dinner party. A woman May get irritated when her husband can t Tell her what another woman was Wear ing. But if he can Tell Likely to get suspicious that it was too interested. A democratic politician that Eisenhower is responsible for Mccarthy. There is a Case of one Democrat Rushing in Whert most of them fear to tread. Most of them seem to be conscious that regardless of whom Eisenhower is responsible for the majority of the voters Art responsible for Ike in fact from the Republican Point of View it would be a Good thing if Eisenhower had to run again this year. Boy of boy How some of the gop congressional candidates would love to Latch on to those coattails. A fellow says that it s hard to Tell whether conditions in the world Are getting better or worse and there is a big ques Tion Mark Over the future. Of Little boy of five plus one with your space ship suit and your atom gun what will the world be like for you when you Are thirty one or two will you and your friends be Happy and free when you Are the thirty two or three Are we building now for peace or when you Are thirty three or four will you be fighting to stay alive when you Are thirty four or five of Little boy we wonder How you will think then of what we do now nothing can make a Rich Man sicker quicker than the Prospect of going to jail for cheating on his income tax. And it s Surpris ing How Well he can get once the danger is removed the disease is a sort of allergy that Money has for prison. Senator Knowland announced the other Day that the Senatt would sit until 7 p.m., because several senators had speeches to make. Devotion to duty. An adviser says a lady when she crosses her Knees never exposes too much. That needs another word like the definition of a gentleman. A gentleman in a Man who never insults another. Unintentionally. Doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . Side i it j u. S. Pat off. Arty Mca i american liberties will be been by using my uppers with the old toothpaste and the Lowers with the i can t see any i millions of people use glasses sewing for close work or All the time and although there Are Many reasons among the More com Mon Are that eyes Are near sighted or for this reason i receive a Good Many requests to discuss these two conditions. When a person is near sighted it is spoken of medically As myopia. There is a Strong hereditary tendency to myopia. It May begin at an Early age but its further development can Stop at almost any time. The eyeball is almost always length ened in myopia that is the Dis Tance Between the front of the Eye and the Back becomes greater. The cause of near sightedness is not exactly known. It seems to be More common among highly educated groups and those who study excessively or do a lot of close work. Reading of poor print Podr lighting faulty posture poor construction of desks and poor health All seem to contribute to the development of nearsightedness. Those who do not get enough outdoor exercise also have a tendency to nearsightedness. In Many cases moderate my opia develops fairly Early in youth but ceases to become worse at or about the time of full maturity. In those where nearsightedness continue to be come worse it is called progressive myopia. Most of those who Are near sighted do not have any particular symptoms except that when they look off in the Dis Tance the objects Apo end blurred. They can continue to do close work like Reading or with perfect Comfort. They need concave glasses to see Distant objects Well. A Hyperopic or far sighted Eye needs a convex Glass of just the right strength to cause the Light rays to focus clearly at the Back of the Eye or Retina. Astigmatism complicates a certain amount of far sightedness is extremely com Mon. Many Young people need glasses to help them read or to do other close work without fatigue. Hyperopia is often complicated by astigmatism which is another condition involving a difference in the curvatures the Eye. There is also a condition called presbyopia which involves a loss of the focussing ability in the older years. It May affect Normal near sighted or far sighted people. It requires stronger Glass for Reading than is needed for distance. If Dis Tance correction is necessary bifocals or even Trifocal Art often prescribed. Out our Way Here boys something for you i m awfully , but we must have missed a spot with the ashes we missed vol spots wait dont give that pair. Of bandits owe thing i la dance the Highland fling All. Over the place then let me handle that pair. Bolin Thirry years too soon

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