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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - February 9, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeForf Eustis 61 h accused. Of murder in buddy s death new Bern n. Private from Eustis. Va., is charged with first degree Mur Der today in the death of a Bucl by whose nude body was found in the Croatan National Forest. A Craven county Superior court grand jury yesterday re turned the murder indictment against John Franklin Tuttle jr., for the death last de Cember of Noah a. Hopkins 24, of Paulding county a. Tuttle s attorney indicated his _ client will plead self defense. Police said Tuttle of have lock n. C., confessed the slay ing claiming it occurred during a fight while the two were on a trip together from fort Eustis to Tuttle s Home in Havelock. Midwest states face new crisis brought on by extended drought Kansas City of Many communities in Missouri and Kansas the states wracked Only three years ago by devastating floods Are faced with a very Dif Ferent crisis today they re dry ing up. A merciless drought that lasted through the summer still shows no sign of abating. It s no longer just the preoccupation of worried Farmers but has moved quietly into the cities and towns. The water shortage varies in acuteness depending on locality but there Are communities which have Little Over a month s sup ply left. At least one in fact has run dry Olathe kan., 20 Miles Southwest of Kansas City. The City s Supply is due to be depleted today with the level of the Reservoir dropping below the or. Warren a. Kramer chief of water supplies for the mis Souri health division said Many towns already have reached the crisis stage and there s no immediate Relief in sight. For Kansas too the Outlook is glum. A. D. Rabb of the u. A weather Bureau in Topeka kan., described the general situation As explaining Good general Rains would be the Only solution. But our Long Range forecast does t indicate water for car washing and other nor essential use has been banned in some areas. In Paola kan., pastors Are offering prayers for rain at Sun Day services. Daily prayers for chancery hearing Crusoe movie role begins tomorrow injun Tinease mov Start f j i a. By Emily Belser Hollywood. Ins Irish actor Dan p Herlihy May Start court hearing opens Here to Morrow in new York life insure co s suit to recover Money paid the heirs of Thomas c. Screen alone and unaided for 55 As the actor s Only Contact with Buntin declared legally dead 12, a off sex rain Are being said at ursuline the Bank. Years ago but now. Living in Texas. The insurance firm seeks to recover approximately All that remains of the it paid on policies taken out by Buntin before his disappearance in 1931. The Money is held in Trust by the Broadway National Bank Here for Buntith s three sons by his first marriage. Defendants in the suit Are his former wife their three sons and College. Meantime the town s water the was married shortly after slaying occurred. The Case May be tried in this week s criminal term of Supe rior court. Woman claims slice of her pie earnings Chicago Pinky Murray 42, employed As a clean ing woman at a Chicago baking firm brought an old recipe for Sweet potato pie with her when left her Georgia Home. 1 she told Federal judge John p. Barnes that she informed her employer about her recipe and that she was entitled to because the baking concern brought out a million or so Sweet potato pies. Asked what the recipe was she replied of a Pinch of this and a dash of that and then put it into the oven and judge Barnes upheld the Pis company and explained that her method just was t suitable for a commercial Baker. The Money was paid under protest after the Tennessee supreme court declared Buntin Hopkins was slain dec. 12. His intake pipe. Trucks will haul rate has doubled and body was found Jan. 19. Tuttle i water from a nearby Lake while say another hike is inevitable if legally dead in 1942 Buntin and was mar Pri to is Likely will be j his former Secretary Betty my forced to import water soon Cuddy of Russellville ky., were this source holds out then arrangements Are to be made for hauling it from Kansas City. From nearby Kansas City. 8t. Louis j of a new Type u. S. Military air Craft combining the features of a. Regular plane for Forward movement and helicopter Blades for horizontal movement including takeoffs and landings was announced monday by Mcdonnell aircraft corporation. The Craft is known As the con Vert plane Xv-1 and was developed jointly by the St. Louis air plane manufacturing concern and the air Force. The company announcing it is about to Start flight tests on the single Model Yit has completed said the convert plane embodies a completely new con caption of the Craft is expected to see service for observation and reconnaissance because of its versatility. Studies Are also to be made by the air Force for pos sible employment of the plane for artillery and tank spotting. The company explained that for hovering or vertical flight the Jet powered Rotor provides All the lift. In Forward flight a Pusher Type propeller will provide practically All the Power. Aviation observers believe that once adopted to civilian use the convert plane idea May open1 new avenues to Aerial transportation. They explain that elimination of the need for Large airports with Long runways by use of the helicopter principle will stimulate additional airline business Between cities Only a few Hun dred Miles apart. Currently transportation time Between a City and its Airport is equal to or greater than the flight time. This is the situation for exp ample for some St. Louis Kansas City passengers who have Toj travel a total of More than 251 Miles taking about 90 minutes j in going from the residential1 area in the City of destination. The flight time Between the Miles Only slightly More than one hour. Air travel Between Chicago and St. Louis has met Sim Ilar objections. The Xv-1 is designed to carry three passengers or two litter patients and medical attendant in addition to the Pilot. Hal Boyle s by Hal artists at play. New. York the passing of poor Max to of Maxwell Boeheim a is Only the irony of poet and novelist is a a Symbol. He came Here buoyant epitaph to a of the Chicago literary Village that is As did his Arch rival it is a kind of mortal Hecht who co authored to a Bohemia ism that died front with Charles ago and for almost 25 another Chicago has become to the outsider Manhattan tourist one time they All were re the tourists still feel they As midwestern Bohe to see Greenwich Village just then the roads went they used to visit Grant s ways. Macarthur mar they go to radio City now Helen Hayes after so the visit the top of the Empire goes winning her heart building instead of calling holding out some peanuts Gen. Grant. But time saying i wish they were dim the magic of some and so they still like to beam both Macarthur and the bums on the bowery went on to hit the literary at the Law abiding chop Boeheim never be Dens of Chinatown that the popular. His life resolved o. O. Mclntyre pictured full according to Many critics slant eyed opium a Victory of alcoholism Over they like to go to the mad Fine Talent. Settled in Greenwich Vil f 1 1 and became a character in Ratti out of Date Bohemia ism. Died of a .22 Caliper Bullet the Chest Anci the sad i i i and perhaps truest Anh a ant you can say of Maxwell Amu is that the Guy who the trigger picked the it is about 30-feet Long size gun to measure his final stature As a writer. Max feet High and spans 26 feet in the trigger on his own i discovered last june in Orange Texas. Neither Buntin nor the defendants Are expected to appear in court. Mountain climber Falls to death Colorado Springs Colo. 18-year-old Colorado College freshman whose father conquered the highest Peak in North America three years ago fell and rolled 400 feet to his death yesterday. The victim Robert Albert Buchtel son of or. And mrs. Henry Buchtel of Englewood Colo. Buchtel and three other Stu dents were climbing in a Rocky Region of Williams Canyon near Manitou Springs when the Acci Dent occurred. The youth s father a widely known surgeon is an accomplished Mountain climber. With two others he reached the Peak of it. Mckinley in Alaska in 1951. Loot found in doll weeping. Water neb. Officers who arrested Allen Paul Melson in connection with a Bank robbery last night found sewn in a rag doll belong ing to his 3-year-old daughter. Cass county sheriff Tom sol omon said Melson 29-year-old woman s dress picked up from a Shipwreck and used by Crusoe to shoo the crows away. When i first knew i was to do the Dan said it really did t occur to me there were no women in the Story. It dawned on me later but i was t at All regretful because i knew we could t use women in the cast if we were to do a truly authentic version of. This great this is the first time any major Effort has been made to film the original Story just As Daniel Dafoe wrote it. Was a thing called or. Robinson Crusoe made some years the actor recalled but this was merely a take off on Dafoe and typically Holly Wood in the worst sense of the o Herlihy a disciple of ire land s famed Abbey theater reasoned that Hollywood has so Long delayed putting the real Robinson Crusoe on the screen because it is afraid of a the upcoming production was filmed by an Independent com Pany on location in Mexico the actor said scathingly it is obvious Hollywood has been afraid of putting an actor alone on the screen for such a Long time 55 afraid it would t be Box office afraid it would be Dull without Petti Coats and yet there Are at least three instances in the film where the absence of a woman plays a leading role. Girl can have horse on one condition Tex Little Minneapolis schoolgirl with a yen for a Texas horse can have one if she comes to Texas after it and rides it Home. The offer was receive d1 by Secretary Howard Ney today from. West. Texas rancher Guy h. Tpmlinson of san Angelos and Tulia. Andrea Secretary Michalik wrote the of state last week seeking a Sample of Texas. She said she would prefer a horse and enclosed a dime for life Long ago or at least on the i weeping water Quarry worker postage. The company said actual flight Promise that his life held. And admitted robbing the Corn there must be some ranch be attempted probably Why he did it is his own growers state Bank at nearby Man who has so Many he can Murdock earlier yesterday. Mel spare she-wrote1. Son said his wife had sewn the Tomlinson told Carney he has Money in the doll after he told a surplus of horses including until this summer. And our mystery. The Craft was rolled out from John Masefield mopped a bar to hangar earlier this month room floor in Greenwich Vil and currently is undergoing sex Lage and later became famous. Tensive testing. Eugene o Neill dreamed and in appearance the Compart loved and probably drank there ment of the convert plane is i so did Edna Millay. Alexander Gar shaped. The Tail Assembly Hamilton Edgar Allen Poe and consists of two vertical fins and a very eloquent jiving Friend of rudders attached to the end of mme earned Jonn Lardner and twin Tail booms. There is a sin a talented others. Gle Stabilizer mounted Between my wife and i when v lived for seven Happy years next her to hide it. I one for Andrea. But Andrea Melson was in jail at Platts-1 will have to claim the Mare at Mouth neb., today on an open his ranch in Tulia and ride charge. Her Home he said. is concerned with the dress of the non appearing Are Dan remarked. Than if the woman had. Actually the attractive irishman who wears 11 a tinges of Beard in Crusoe was sporting yet an other set of whiskers that hell Wear in a new film for univer . Wife would t recognize me without a he laughed. .1 in Crusoe o Herlihy goes from the Middle twenties to his six but he almost ran the Gamut in a matter of minutes was attacked by one of Mexico s poisonous scorpions. I never moved so fast in my he grinned. A mexican Medico attached to the company was killed by one of the deadly scor pions. Kingsport times tuesday fcb 9, 1954 3 state refuses Fafole for Nouga treasurer state parole Board has declined to recommend Alvin Shipp former Chattanooga City treasurer for a parole frown his 1.three-year sentence for falsifying records. Charles Crow Board executive Secretary said the three Man Board to one against recommending a parole yester Day. Shipp 67, entered the Penitentiary Here in december 1952, and will be eligible for release next december counting time allowed for Good behaviour his conviction came As a result of a shortage in the treasurer s of fice Crow said. Hotel opening seat West Jenn Nashville Parks director de Tayloe says million Dollar hotel at Paris Landing slate Park has been completed and be open about april 1. Tayloe said that furnishings now Are being placed in the 30-Robm Structure Over looking Kentucky Lake. He added that the building probably will be dedicated sometime be tween april 29 and May 2, i Whan your Chw due Cupudine Folio to pain Quick. Squid Uoo Nve Tith liquid Cap Udine special Sale Tussy cleansing creams and lotions for Normal skin for dry skin a Mumfred cleansing Cream its Rich emollients help to cleanse and soften your completion Reg. 1.25 size now Pink cleansing Cream Fluffy pastel Cream for Thor Ough deep Down cleansing of Normal or oily skin size now skin lotion to make your complexion glow Reg. Size now 1. All prices plus tax dry skin freshener the fresh up that s special for you Reg. Clinchfield drug co. Amt Matt it Tymu Mai Clinchfield drug co. 160 Broad i 5-1331 the Tail booms. Dwelt Richard the door to the Home where once Davis the Ernie Pyle of his Day Breed and wrote to it and the people who come there looking for they Are tearing Down Mark Twain s old Home to put up a big apartment House. New York University where Thomas Wolfe taught English by Day and r night is Pyle loved in Greenwich Village Isar real estate men say that one to m i n the three Blade Rotor will use briefly and was unhappy there out of three Young eager am Greenwich Village today is people who come to new r i 10ve" of the nicest residential com York want to Settle first in we f ment will come from a Conven Munitic for some of the most Greenwich Village. They seek tonal engine. Now 1954s triple Economy truck solidly respectable x j g sex America it has people in inspiration and atmosphere and of the being Young they think they can f Pecten performance were not finest restaurants in the land. Find it where other people they disclosed by the air Force or it also has a Lew cheap tawdry have heard of found these Mcdonnell. New Auto insurance feature Max replaces regular state farm medical payments coverage. Protects m members of your family in any Accident driving Riding and walking a anyone else injured Irr or by your Carl Xit s exclusive another great state farm get the from your state farm Mutual agent today. Orbie r. Fleenor ins. E. Center at Dale Kingsport Tenn. Phone Circle 6-4861 night clubs that Are a disgrace things before them. Wednesday morning special open till fringe tuft Cotton rugs size 27x50 colors flame sky Blue mint Green Pink Rose White Tan Lavender skid resistant washable bargain basement hurry to bargain basement shop our bargain tables reduced v2 Price and less Home of better mightiest concentration of Power now Only Ford gives you Low friction High com pression overhead valve deep Block engines in All truck models 115 to 17o . In v-8 and six up to 23% More Power Short stroke design cuts friction delivers More hauling Power up to 96 cubic inches less displace ment than either make engines. Smaller displacement engines normally need less Gas new Driver Zed cabs new steering new Power Irakli Fordom ofic fatter control Driver Zed cabs Cut fatigue Power for most big jobs Power even for pickup for All Light duty series extra Cost new savings in the Thrett most important area of truck operation i Itow Porf mud Art Light duty for 64 offer Ford Matic extra Ford offers truck or 64. New 6-wheelers, factory built by Ford Brand new tandem Axle big jobs up to ids. Rcw for loads up to Legal limit in All states new Ford cab Forward giants up to ibs. Rcw for 35-ft trailers Ford trucks Craft motors inc More truck for your Mohyi 212 e. Sullivan Only your Ford dealer has i phone Circle 7-7106 used cars and trucks

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