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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - February 9, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 865 4 can you recognize Accident producing situations Kingsport Imes vol. Al no. 28 phone Circle 6-8121 Kingsport term., tuesday feb. 9, 1954 10 pages five cents the weather Clear tonight and not so cold Low in Middle 30s. Wednesday fair and warmer High in Middle 60s. Thursday some cloudiness and warmer. Last night s Low 28, yesterday s High 42, noon read ing 46. French Brace for Indochina attack alarm growing Over 8-year-old Indochina War fatigue apathy slow French native Effort to resist communists Washington ins the u. S. Is becoming increasingly Over the political and military situation in Indochina. Reports indicate that French and native vietnamese forces Are not capable of absorbing the stepped up shipments of Amer ican military supplies for their fight against the communists. An official in close Contact with developments in the vitally important Southeast Asia pen insula said today that general fatigue and Lack of will to win on the part of the French forces is dangerous. Concern was also expressed about other problems in the eight year old War and one spokesman called them very discouraging with no apparent solution 4n sight. The Eisenhower administration firmly committed to a for eign policy which rules out any further loss of territory to the communists is faced with a serious dilemma. On the one hand it has offered. France military Aid for the Long drawn out struggle against the communist led Viet Minh As fast As the equipment can be absorbed but material rushed to Indochina is now re ported lying Idle behind the fighting lines. On the other hand both French and american officials oppose sending any Large num Ber of u. S. Personnel including technicians to the strife torn area for fear such a move would bring the chinese communists into the War. Earlier optimism in washing ton that a flood of u. S. Material would change the course of the War is vanishing. The Issue exploded on the Senate floor yesterday and administration leaders declared that the sending of 200 american technicians to the Asiatic nation in no Way indicates a de sire or intention to Send ground troops to Indochina. Sen. Leverett Saltonstall r , Senate armed services chairman said he was assured see Indochina Page 2 Dempster urges Rescue of Tva Blountville Knox Ville s mayor George r. Demp Ster monday night urged a Small group meeting at the court House Here to save Tva from politics and the Power Dempster addressed a group which is in process of organizing Sullivan county citizens for Tva inc. The speaker considered one of the nation s Best informed Tva proponents asserted that there is immediate need for the True Tva Story to be circulated Over the entire nation and brought to the attention of congressmen. Dempster charged lobbyists of the National association of elec tric companies with using underhand tactics to undermine Tva s future. The group elected Glenn Mccroskey chairman and Charles Worley vice president. Named to the executive committee were a. K. Wagner Perry Cooper Charles Newton Clifford Tor Bett de Allison Warren Fleenor Harry Childress George Mclntyre a. B. Cooper jr., and James Drinkard. Jennings announces Campaign managers Marion a. Wright of Marion and former congressman Thomas b. Fugate of Ewing will be co managers of Democrat Pat Jennings Campaign to win the ninth District congressional seat now occupied by William c. Wampler Republican of Bristol. Jennings in announcing the appointments said that Wright will be in charge of organizational administrative and social activities in the Campaign and Fugate will act As consultant and Liaison director for various sections of the District. The Young Smyth county sheriff said the first stages of his Campaign will be devoted to party organization and planning in every county and precinct. German problem is chief topic at Berlin meet treaty for Austria to be taken up sometime this week airmen Tell experience of Alaska plane crash what Are you in Kitten looks up inquiringly at incarcerated dog at the animal welfare league in Chicago. The canine prisoner seems equally bewildered by sudden Lack of Freedom during Roundup of strays in the City s drive against spread of rabies. Anti rabies shots have been ordered for All dogs in Chicago and the league has set up a special inoculation Center. A wire photo in accuses communists of violating armistice Panmunjom United nations command formally charged the communists today with having violated the Armi Stice agreement by smuggling warplane reinforcements into nine airfields in North Korea. The allies also accused the reds of introducing Comlat Materiel into North Korea along routes which by pass the five North ports of entry designated in the truce pact As the Only Points where replacements of men and supplies May be delivered. The grave allegations were made in a note from a j. Gen. J. K. Lacey senior uber of. The join tallied communist armistice commission to the Neutral nations truce supervisory commission in Panmunjom. Lacey demanded that the Neutral commission launch an in of army reveal Roth surplus about half of cadets will be commissioned Washington ins the air Force said today it will be Able to commission Only half of its Reserve officer training corps graduates next june and the army is studying a similar prob Lem of Roth oversupply. The army is trying to meet its expected surplus of new officers in part by Early releases of the 1952 class whose 24-month tour of duty is being shortened to 21 months and in a few cases to As Little As 19 months. An air Force spokesman said that the controversy of last sum Mer when advanced Roth Stu dents accused it of reneging on a contract with them by accepting Only those willing to Fly apparently has quieted Down As result of the Promise of eventual Reserve commissions. In the meantime however most of the men who do not sign up for flight training will have to enlist or be drafted. After they serve two years they will receive Reserve commissions. Last fall began As seniors in the about graduate and meet physical requirements. Air Force Roth. Are expected to mediate thorough investigation of the Allied charges. Lacey dispatched his letter from the u. N. Truce Camp at Munsanto Panmunjom after the first Home going contingent of the Indian troops who guarded in Repati ated War prisoners sailed for in Dia this morning. The Indian soldiers left South Korea s West coast port of in Chon aboard the British trans port Asturias. The ship will land the men at the Indian port of Madras after stopovers at Hong Kong and Singapore. Sailing with the Indian sol Diers were 88 former prisoners who refused repatriation to see charge Page 2 today s quotes by International news service san Francisco president Celal Bayar of Turkey Turkey will March with the United states along the Road for free Dom peace and Security for the whole Scelba who is the quota for those to take attempting to form an italian present a our foreign flight training presently is set at but if a few Hundred More wanted flight training they probably would be accepted. An other will be Cabinet i will a competitive Nical and administrative com missions. Last summer s commitments and social and eco nomic initiatives aimed at improving the lot of nerdier ital announcement that commissions could not be promised to All graduates sharply Cut the enrolment of College Prince Savong Prathana of Laos on the drive of communist led Viet Minh rebels toward Luang Pra bang the capture of the Capi juniors in the advanced air i Tal would open the door to thai Force Roth to land and Berlin the spotlight shifted Back to the dreary Dis Cussion of the German prob Lem at the big four conference today while Austria waited in the wings. The foreign ministers agreed in a secret session yesterday to take up the austrian Independence treaty not later than Fri Day. A trickle of information hinted the two sides also established More clearly in some respects their positions on asian questions. In returning today to the question of Germany s unification Western diplomats expected the russians to submit some old proposals in new guises but with always one thing in the soviets do not intend to leave East Germany. This assessment of the Posi Tion of soviet foreign minister v. M. Molotov prompted Erich Mollenhauer who leads the socialist opposition to Chancellor Kon Rad Adenauer s conservative West German government to plead with the big four in a statement at least to ease Trade restrictions Between the two i parts of the country. Soundings by reporters among delegates who knew what went on at the secret four hour meet ing yesterday in the Allied control authority building brought Only thin results. The ministers did not announce an agreement on the holding of any further secret meeting a fact taken by observers to mean Little was gained. Aside. On Austria whatever May have happened undoubtedly was in the asian Field. It is there that the West sees the greatest Prospect for some easing of inter National for which the conference was originally called. Secretary of state Dulles had intended to invite Molotov yesterday to persuade red China see meet Page 2 Sooga records another assault Chattanooga i be been waiting on this a Long said an unidentified Man As he grabbed a Middle aged 1 housewife near Here late last night and tried to rape her she told Rossville ga., police. The woman said she was seized outside her House dragged into a nearby wooded area but re leased when her screams and struggle frightened the Man away. She was unable to de 1 scribe her assailant or to say if he were a White or negro Man. The woman was the 16th to be molested in this area in re cent weeks and the first out Side the City limits. A special night patrol has been added to the police Force Here in an Effort to halt the series which has left this jittery City on Edge. You re a regular the woman quoted the Man As say ing before he fled. She was badly i bruised and scratched in the struggle to free herself. J police said the attack occurred after the woman and her Hus band had returned from a movie. She had parked the car while her husband had gone inside the j House to turn the garage lights Ion. Anchorage Alaska what is it like to be hurled into space and marooned on the snowy wastes of Alaska six airmen who were catapulted into the air last Friday when an air Force c-47 Dis j integrated in flight told last night of their experience. They were among 16 men on ithe have found i the bodies of three men. Seven were still missing and Hopes they would be found alive were dim. The six rescued men talked freely with newsmen at nearby Elmendorf air Force base. They were hospitalized at the 5005th air Force Hospital at Elmendorf after being flown to safety. None of them could explain the Accident which happened on a flight from Elmendorf to Ladd fab Fairbanks 275 Miles to the Northeast. Here is what the six had to Tell newsmen Edward j. Fox 22, West Utica n. A we seemed to hit a Down draft and the next thing i knew i found myself in the air. I looked Down and saw the plane and some of the other Guys Fly ing underneath me. I pulled the Cord on my Parachute and As airman in Eli Laduke 20, a Sable Forks n. Y., remembered it a heavy turbulence just seemed to tear the plane apart. I remember hurtling through space and pulling my Chute Cord. When the Chute opened i fresh study set for Bricker Bill new wording offered committee by George Washington up senator Knowland a Calif said today View language submitted by sen. George a will 4be studied by administration As a possible Compromise for the Bricker constitutional Amend ment on treaty Powers. George said in an interview that on Knowland s suggestion he had offered language aimed at meeting White House objections to his substitute for the proposal by sen. Bricker r president Eisenhower unalterable oppo Siton to Bricker s measure to limit the scope of treaties. One Section of George s substitute reads an International agreement other than a treaty shall become effective As internal Law in the United states Only by an act of the White House opposed this on grounds that the wording might interfere with the presi Dent s War Powers and his authority to carry on diplomatic relations with other nations through executive agreements not subject to Senate ratification. George said he has now pro posed to add which would make it Clear that these specific Powers were not being restricted in any Way by the pro posed constitutional Amend ment. He said he also added a clause which stated that be cause Only these two Powers were enumerated the Amend ment did not impair other pow ers the president holds under the Constitution. I have no idea whether the new language will be acceptable to the White House or George said. I Don t know whether sen. Bricker would acpt no voting in the Senate is scheduled until next week. Rome ins new italian Premier designate Mario Scelba reached agreement on formation of a new coalition Cabinet today amid widespread communist Calls for protest strikes against the Man who has i state department officials de fought them so bitterly through cleared flatly today that ambassador Arthur Dean will re Tine hostility of left and right u t against Scelba plus dissension turn to Korea As a special in his own Christian democratic Der tial representative if and agrees on coalition italian Cabinet was fairly close to the airman 3c Rupert c. Pratt 20, Salt Rock w. A there was a terrific Down draft and then an explosion at one Side and the plane seemed to open up then i found myself flying through the airman 2c Huey Montgomery 20, Eldridge Ala All of a sudden the plane dropped hard and then came Back up again. I heard an explosion and found myself in the airman 2c w. Olson 20, Elkader Iowa said he awoke to find himself sailing through the air. Airman in Bobby Sallis 21, West said he found himself projected suddenly into the air after the plane just Dis Dean to return if talks resume new approach looms in korean stalemate Washington ins top party made his projected new government a precarious one. Scelba reached agreement for a three party Cabinet with the social democrats and liberals when preliminary peace talks Are resumed at Panmunjom. Meanwhile the u. S. Was understood to be considering a new approach to the problem of participating. The Center party j a korean peace conference republicans would support it which would by pass further but not directly participate. Sessions and Sug Celbar left the Gest a full dress meeting political Arena when Benito this suggested new formula is Mussolini s fascists took in the hands of Sec but of state. John Foster the Christian democratic party Dulles in Berlin. It would pro when it was working under pose that the political Confer ground in 1941. Luce Lynn View cancels remainder of 1954 basketball schedule by Frank Creasy times news writer a Post game fisticuffs Rock throwing Melee last Friday night in which a 16-year-old Bluff City girl cheerleader was knocked unconscious caused Lynn View High school Prin Cipal Blake Barnes to announce monday night that the remainder of the school s regu Lar basketball schedule is can celled. In the Best interests of All concerned we have decided that for the remainder of the regular season basketball is Barnes said after a conference with Sulli Van county superintendent j. Craft Akard. Leaving the Way open for possible participation in the District one tournament slated to be held at Kings port s Leroy Sprankle gym beginning feb. 22, Barnes added the question of tournament play will be decided later depending on the pub Lic s and student s cooperation in helping us find the guilty persons involved in the Inci after weekend investigations barries and Lynn View coach Carl Matherly questioned seven or eight persons suspected of taking part in the Short but fierce near riot. One Lynn View High school Stu Dent and one Lynn Garden elementary student admitted being involved. The injured Bluff City cheerleader Patricia Todd 16, was taken unconscious to Holston Valley Community Hospital Friday night and re leased after treatment. The injury a pump knot on her forehead just above the Eye brows was not serious enough to keep her from attending school monday. Bluff City principal Kenneth Carrier also said monday that no formal complaint had been filed with the Tennessee secondary school athletic association. The Post game fight which took place around the Bluff City school bus was evidently an outgrowth of a Short tussle see basketball Page 2 denies Rumor of resignation Rome s. Ambassador to Italy Clare Boothe Luce denied today the latest crop of rumours that she is resigning and added she expected the reports to continue nevertheless. Mrs. Luce said every few weeks since my arrival a year ago As ambassador to Italy reports have appeared in the european and american press saying i intended to re sign for reasons of health or to take a state department Job or a Cabinet Job or another Diplo Matic Post or any other reason which the Rumor mongers can invent to catch attention in the press. I expect these reports will continue to appear with Monot Onous regularity. They Are of course All bandits get from Danville Bank Danville a. National Bank s North Danville Branch was held up and robbed today of an amount estimated by state police at police said three men took part in the Holdup and fled in a Black Chevrolet Sedan. The car later was seen headed North from Danville on u. S. 360. State police broadcast an alarm for pickup of the Trio. Senators probe Coffee problem i Washington Iff senators probed deeper today in an Effort to find out whether Specula Tion has had anything to do with the american consumer paying around a Dollar a Pound for Coffee. Officials of the new York cof fee and sugar Exchange were called for a second Day of questioning by members of a special Senate banking subcommittee. The Exchange now polices its own trading operations but the Senate May act later this week on a Bill to bring Coffee trading under Federal supervision. Pas Sage of the Bill was blocked yesterday by a technical objection. However sen Aiken chairman of the Senate agriculture committee predicted easy approval when it is brought up again. Testifying yesterday Leon is Rael vice president of the Exchange dismissed speculation As a Factor in the High Coffee Price. He also said he sees no Prospect of Relief As Long As Normal de Mand continues. Israel and Gustavo Lobo Exchange president told the Sena tors the brazilian government uses special rates to Exchange u. S. Dollars for brazilian Cruzeiro in the Coffee Trade. This they said could have some connection with the Price situation. Ence take place in Honolulu san Francisco or Geneva Switzer land. It was also indicated that if Dulles can set up a peace con Ference at another location other u. S. Representative be sides Dean would be named. State department officials apparently angered by published reports that Dean was being fired As the principal u. S. Negotiator declared that he will be the representative at any talks with the communists in Korea on whatever level they take place. Spokesmen stressed that the government stands behind Dean on his position that the reds must withdraw their charges of perfidy before future talks take place. Dean broke off the drawn out preliminary negotiations on dec. 12, after the communists claimed that the u. S. Connived with South Korea to release 000 anti red prisoners of War shortly after the cease fire was agreed to last year this is Normal Oklahoma City Charlotte Call Oklahoma City University coed placed an and in the student paper seeking to locate the following lost items a Fountain pen Eye glasses two mechanical pencils a suit Case purple formal one shoe Billfold a Check two Cor nets a Panama Bottom Long handles and a White it s Normal for a girl to lose these she explained. Reds threaten laotian capital in new outbreak King of Laos vows last ditch defense against communists French press reports new red weapons London ins unconfirmed reports said today that the russians Are producing atom shells atomic Cannon and have invented a new weapon producing intense killing spokesmen at the British War office and defense ministry said they were unable to confirm an Agency France Presse dispatch from Moscow saying the russians now have atomic Cannon of various Cal Ibers. The French Agency dispatch quoted usually reliable sources As saying the Cannon were tested in recent Maneu vers in the european part of the so Viet Union the swedish defense staff publication Contact with the armed said in Stockholm that it was Esti mated Russia is making about 100 atom bombs or atom shells a year. The publication estimated present russian atom weapons stocks As in the several hundreds category but said facilities exist for an increase both bombs and shells and that both weapons May be ten times As great by 1960. The British monthly publication intelligence digest reported the killing cold weapon which it claimed was tested in the soviet Lake bal Kash Lake area of Southeast pm kazakh Asia. Saigon Indochina French and laotian defenders of Luang Rabang braced today for an imminent attack from the communist led vie Minh the rebel invaders were reported within 25 Miles of the Royal laotian capital on the Banks of the Mekong River. Laos rheumatic old King Sisa Vang Vong vowed once More the City of would be defended until the he made the same pledge last Spring when the vie Minh invaded to within 12 Miles of Luang Rabang then withdrew without a major Battle. This time there was every indication the fight would be joined. The French said they had completed their major defences against the onslaught the vie Minh invaded Laos from the North Early last week sending at least a division through the Jungles and Down the valleys of the Hou and Spong Rivers toward the capital. As the rebels advanced the French and laotian forces and Many civilians withdrew under the cover of intensive French air bombardment leaving Rice stocks burning behind them in an Effort to destroy food the red fighters need. Though the vie Minh were re ported officially within 25 Miles Luang Rabang it was pos sible their Advance troops were closer. Officials said yesterday the in vaders had been stopped at least temporarily As they tried to Force a crossing of the Suong in the area of Pak seng 37 Miles Northeast of Luang Rabang and strategically located at the juncture of the Suong and seng Rivers. Today military authorities said it appeared Likely the French laotian forces had abandoned Pak seng though there was no confirmation of this. That Point is a key to the Suong which empties into the Mekong a few Miles North of Luang Rabang. Beer sales Case set next tuesday sessions court judge s. Of Gil breath granted a continuation tuesday morning in a Case charging the owner of the ranch House a Highway 81 tavern with Selling Beer without a License. He set the Case for 9 a. M. Tuesday february 16. Bill Schreiber operator of the ranch House and John Craw Ford an employee co defendants in the Case stated through their attorney that they admitted Selling Beer at the tavern Dur ing the hours permitted by for off premises consumption however defense counsel John s. Mclellan jr., told the court the defendants would not admit that their Beer permit had been revoked. When Lee s. Anderson Blount Ville appeared As first witness for the prosecution and declared himself a member of the Sulli Van county Beer Board the de sense counsel objected on the grounds that his statement was a conclusion and demanded further proof state s attorney Marvin Par sons asked for a continuation to give the state time to obtain county court records listing Beer Board membership. So lunar tables it John Aluvn Knight v. The schedule of so lunar pc Lodi printed below hat been taken trom John Alden Knob in e so lunar tables. Plan your Days so that you will be fishing in Good territory or Hunting in Ood cover during these times. Ii you wish to find the Best sport Liat each Day has to offer minor major Munir february 8 tuesday 10 wednesday 11 thursday 12 Friday 13 saturday h sunday Lake stages Lake stages tuesday at Talauta 14 f Low s. Honiton. Low Boone. Is 7 Low port Patrick Henry four feet Lor Cilery acc 52. H Qew. Today s skies Moonset wednesday first Quarter wednesday 3-20 Star Sirius m Toul p m Outh n m am

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