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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - February 9, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeProducer seeks la leading Man ror Jill Lonc o Dooks r by atone Mosby takes husband Palm Springs movie Star Ginger Rogers 41, to embarked on her fourth mar this time with handsome Jacques Bergerac 26, Paris Law yer and new Hollywood actor. Hollywood one of those Talent searches is afoot in this one for a Guy who has the ruggedness of Bogart the sex Appeal of Peck eau in his Chambers. Housewives wait for new zealand beef at stores housewares at Columbus o. Lined up today to buy More 39 cent steaks from new zealand at a wedding supper after arc at the Racquet club Ginger said the couple would remain at a hotel Here a few Days but thai j i. A Lew Java Usu a lab and the casualness of Brando j the real honeymoon would come furthermore he should . The deep tired voice of mystery we have great ideas As for writer Mickey Spillane. For the i where we want to she said Lucky Winner will portray Spil Lane s blonde Loving detective Story Fame hero of mystery Mike Hammer. Hollywood is preparing to immortalize the popular private Eye declining to disclose what the plans were. But i Don t think we have time at the the couple became engaged in Paris where miss Rogers met the Young doctor of Laws soon after medical corpsman on celluloid beginning with i arriving last August. The soon As a leading1 Man is found. Marlon Brando is the i speculated producer director Victor Saville who is inde f cdr4.rking a the brother but he s played so would he be Spillane s Choice is a pal of his a cop in Newburg n. J., named Jack Stein. Saville who s launched such stars As Vivien Leigh and Madeline Carroll has prom ised to test the policeman. The 60 Selling author however other ideas. Home from wars Seoul Korea Young army medical corpsman flies Home from Korea today to act As escort for the body of the million readers of the Best Only Soldier he treated for but government and mat Indus try spokesmen hastened to warn that the imported meat won t be a Bonanza. Only tons of the new zealand beef has been imported insignificant amount compared with total american consumption. Despite the fact that the imported beef sold at such attractive prices at Columbus sunday that customers lined up for four blocks Industry spokesmen said the meat could t Knock the Bot Tom out of the Domestic Market. Louis Mcclarren manager of the Metz supermarket at Colum bus said he expected new ship ments of the new zealand meat today and tomorrow and was standing by for another Rush on his store. Sunday he sold pounds of the meat Between 9 . And noon. And eager buyers were ined up at 6 hours before the Market s opening Ime. The Columbus Market sold All steaks for 39 cents a Pound with army nurse it. Zoe l. Osborne of Pennington Gap right is now serving with the army nurse corps in Korea. Here she checks Over the Logbook of patients in their wards at the 25th evacuation Hospital. Shown with her is 1st a. Lois Kern of Dayton Ohio. U. S. Army photo Boyle s column by Hal Boyle june Haver leaves film land glitter to enter Convent Leavenworth Kan. June Haver. 26-year-old blonde movie actress quit the glitter of Hollywood to enter a Convent yesterday. I she will begin a two year course of training to become a Catholic nun at the Sisters of Charity Sanctuary near Here. The actress announced her intentions last week and said she wanted to consecrate my life to _. The service of god in his affair of love and to his rank Swinnerton waylaid in the Sisters of Charity is a sisterhood that prepares its Candi dates for nursing in hospitals caring for orphans and teaching in parochial schools. There is a six month probationary period after which the draining May be terminated either by the sisterhood or the candidate. Miss Haver had reached a Kingsport times monday. February 9, 1953 3 Kingsport Library gets Book on Tennessee Valley people All Down the a Book on the history geography and economics of the Tennessee Val is among the 39 new books at the Kingsport Public Library. Written by Henry Billings it tells of the people who live in the seven states of the Tennessee River drainage Basin. New novels at the Library in clude where nests the water Gabrielle Roy to the moment of Pamela but cafe society is an escalator weekly salary of in her new York what people going Down As Well As afe society How does one ahead in it How do you know when you re the current vice trial of through you know it when you ailed cafe society Playboy has to their favorite gilded Den at roused fresh interest in this mysterious social order. It sounds gets about let ters a week Many of them recommending actors for the Saville said. They mention Rob have tie brother. Pvt. Irwin Reitz of i round beef went at 23 cents i so glittery and glamorous com Rock Island. 111., was scheduled to leave for Camp Drake Japan cents. Boiled beef and Short ribs at two pounds for 25 cents Chuck roast at 25 cents and rib roast at 29 for processing and then Fly to the United states. He will a Ert Mitchum the most Humph i rive in time to meet a ship Bear Tiv Kocra it and a a it it i _ . I _ Rey Bogart and Alan Ladd too. Saville plans to talk Spillane into accepting some minor role in the picture so he can expose this May be the Only time we can offer anything like these prices. But we re buying cheap ing the body of his brother excelling Mcclarren on Jan. 3, exactly one year after the Reitz Brothers were when movie the famous writer to the wilds i inducted Irwin heard a Call for of Hollywood. Aid on the Battle line and found movie town raised an Eyebrow j a Soldier badly wounded. He Saville purchased the i gave the casualty what help he rights to the Hammer could and As the dying Soldier stories. The director placed on a litter he saw has put out such High tone Cine for the first time who it was. Mas As the Citadel and the Green i was in new York when some female suggested i read a Spil Lane explained the director in his cultured British voice. I was told it had sold 15 Mil lion you mean people read this i bought the series because i did t want to be bored in making movies these Days. Besides you have to have an added some thing in a film now. It can t be just any Saville insisted the sex and violence of Spillane sagas won t be censored out of the sizzling celluloid version. He promises to murder just As Many people on the screen As Spillane did in the Book. And As for sex you will no Tice in the stories that Hammer approaches sex but he usually postpones it to a later said gunman is sought after bold slaying Portsmouth a. Police today sought a bold and said. Meat packing experts in Chi Cago said the new zealand meat made up Only a Small portion of their total volume. They said the beef came to the United states As a substitute for the Normal output of Canadian beef. Bernhardt Gissel Export offi pared to the Stuffy snooty old "400 of the past whose Mem the usual hour and find the Headwater has seated someone new in your very own seat at your very own table in the Cor Ner reserved for the True elite. Ten. Bers now Are extinct or forgot j this is the most crushing Dis Aster that can happen in cafe society. You reel out of the place a broken Man knowing you no longer belong to the inner Circle. There is nobody in the world left for you to associate some Broadway ites say there is no such thing As cafe society. They regard it As a pleasant legend dreamed up to entertain the Folk in the hinterland. Movie career. Her career also had brought her personal tragedy. She and musician Jimmy Zito were married in 1947 but a divorce followed a few months later. She and or. John Duzik a dentist resumed an old Friend ship. He died unexpectedly in waylaid. Elliot Paul Whetstone Leila Warren. The second happiest John Phillips Anne Marie Selinko the easter Par v. Sackville West love for h. E. Bates the Lotus and the John masters to h e Graham Greene and confessors of the Gladys Schmitt. Among the new biographies Are Lincoln and har Lan Hoyt Homer the presi Bliss Isely lying in Stanton Griffis. Charles d i c k e n Edgar Johnson Cyclone in Nina Brown Baker Mary Lin of a How they Captain Burr w. Leyson ways and Means to successful Evelyn Colby and John g. Forrest. Careers in the world of Frieda s. Curtis heaven has Adrian Conan Doyle bloody Prece Fleur Cowles master plan u. S. John Fischer. War and the minds of Frederick s. Dunn this i be foreword Murrow the by Edward r. Impact of science on Bertrand Russell and worlds of Cecil Smith Marie Killilea. A distinctive photograph by october 1949, while they were i Ruth Painter Randall the reportedly planning to be Phyllis Bottome and my brother Ruth Mitch ried. The also suffered a Back injury while doing a dance Ell. Other new books Are fireside during the filming of her last Book of favorite american picture. It kept her from work for months. Cial of Trade Wilson is co., said a was arranged among America Canada England and new zealand because an out break of Hoof and Mouth disease Saville. Nothing about Censo Rable shoulder and head. He died yesterday in a Hospital without re gaining consciousness. His com Panion Margaret Hollowell 15, of Portsmouth whom he had met in their Church choir was seriously wounded by a single shot through the face. Matthews and miss Hollowell on a Date had driven to a City Park after a movie. Miss Holowell unable to speak because of her All of her Teeth were shot wrote out an account of what happened after that. The gunman she said came to the parked car poked a gun at them and told Matthews to to run a j drive Nim to nearby Churchland. Tokyo up Kyodo news Matthews agreed on condition Agency reported from Moji to-1 that he be allowed to drive his Day that the u. S. Mili Giri Friend Home first tary transport sea Leader had it was raining Nard run aground in the West in trance to Moji Harbor in South or i scribed by the girl As a White the freighter had damaged its Man about 50 and Stockill built Hull and Oil was leaking into the Matthews and miss sea but the 35 crewmen aboard Hollowell to get out of the car that nation. Under the agreement England took Canadian beef and the u. S. Took a portion of the new Zea brutal gunman who shot Down land meat which normally would a Young choir Singer and his Gir Friend late saturday in the Ful Glare of a Bright Street Light at a Portsmouth Street intersection. Donald Matthews 19. Was killed by bullets through his in Canada halted imports from Nad to observe a certain code of generally however cafe so except people piety can be said to consist of the people who regularly patronize a number of celebrated mid Man Hattan watering troughs. These Plush lined zoos differ basically from the old fashioned Corner Saloon Only in the fact they pro vide no free lunch and have placed their swinging doors with a velvet rope or a gilded flunked. To belong to the old "400" you retired Elizabethton tennessean Dies minister Dies sunday at age of 105 behaviour. You had to have morals As Well As manners. In cafe society the Only prevailing rules Queensberry. Japanese report u. A ship aground have gone to Britain Gissel Rise quickly in this Neon lit Gissel called the entire you should have a Elean zealand shipment of a big name and a pocket insignificant and a of Money. If you have for Armour co., said Money and spend it free amount handled by his firm the name Fame and clean 1 shirt requirements will be an agriculture department official at Washington said beginners have the idea meat was going for Low their standing in cafe so because it was apparently is determined by the num Grade meat. Gissel did not of headwaters they know by our people Don t care first names. That is wrong. For Frozen he said rating is fixed by How Many the new zealand product also know your name. Cut differently. But it s surest Way to become a tasty of distinction with a head Gissel said 70 per cent of is to slip him a Bill and import is in carcass beef him who you Are. Do this a Only 30 per cent in times and the memory of Washington May slip his Consumers from As far but he will never forget As West Virginia jammed Metz Market at Columbus know you Are a real fix a traffic policeman was called in cafe society when people seep order. Customers were dropping by and sitting at owed to buy As much As table instead of you having wanted and one person go to theirs. You Are now a big chased 300 Ripley Tenn. Sarah p. Holland died at Nero Elizabethton t h e Rev. David t. Lawson 83, a re tired methodist minister died at the Home of his mrs. Fred Price. Pastor of i i. Was pastor of metro Nisi Here yesterday at the and Hawkins funeral services will be held of 55 Vears Rren a r m n no no ir.1 tomorrow at a Church near Jack son. Her death came 24 hours Are those of the late Marquis of after one of her sons j a Cole by Qioan e k i r _ attack. He was 68. R he was an Active Clergyman. Besides his widow and Daigh Ter he is survived by three sons d. K. Lawson Greeneville Rob Ert r. Dawson Knoxville and Sam j. Lawson Johnson City. Were not in immediate danger Kyodo said. The Agency said the maritime safety Board sent two patrol boats and a tug to the grounded but he never gave them the Chance. Matthews was shot twice. A Point Blank blast ripped into miss Hollowell s face As she tried in ship s Aid but they were unable j to cover it with her hands to approach her because of High i terror. And Strong winds. I the assailant was gone when the vessel was reported in nearby residents found her route to Moji from Korea. There. Relieve aches and pains due to with Quick dissolving fast acting colds the world famous nun relieving ingredients in headache tablets and powders really work fait to Eair headaches muscular aches and pains and Gener Al discomfort due to colds. Try by headache Tab lets or powders today. Also remarkably effective for relieving neuralgia and functional periodic pains. Zei 30-Tle on Drunken driving Union City Al Bert Burcham says he has or dered his deputies to crack Down in an All out War Drunken driving and against Public drunkenness in Obion county. He reported 18 persons jailed. Saturday night on charges in i solving illegal liquor. Quick break up Chest colds painful local congestion rub on highly medicated concentrated Muste Iole. It instantly to Tereve coughs sore Throat and helps break up local congestion. Muster Ole creates a wonderful protective War than Ansback Margaret Bradford Boni Green Edwin Way Teale the positive Norman Vincent Peale the silent Tain j. H. Cousteau. Charting Mary Eleanor Spear the literature of the edited a Arthur Hobson Quinn John p. Mcknight modern wonders and 311 Cherokee St. Sevier Backer Bros. Phone 22m change of life made me scream at my husband writ. In. A. W., Ywuc m. Y. Now i Dpi l differ front lion the Adak. If you. Too. 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