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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - February 4, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeMiz group Chuck infant tap an i in t Mue so by name Countin on Ycu a me 15 an with a we 7 a Mich in you Sot one. You cant twin a us ukr in Taw a Vamp come outside an Cooky Tooele nventin1 Winton s 60t his mechanical mule perculatin1 mechanical mule speck speck we is Luinis int mat cold snow.1 speck Wake up speck. Do you hear me my did6etaw awful bump he should be in where warm. Maybe i Cam drag him Vouge too heavy for me to move you re dead wish to of if someone were Here to help me in pc Yetsook i mover i no Moik Don t make Kumow am i d help loue but i m Between cases just now. If i you was great. out this Here round an Pon t let up for a second he s befuddled. A had 1m.what took the round knocked a. Lisse Toth stra6etv_. He Nuttin. F s a Pushover my gloves and it heh heh. There the Buzzer for the third. The Crown is rinse. There s the Bell. Oscer started before to ref sent him Baciow now Thev Start toward each other. Well let it grow Ceil rely feels mow see you Waik. The i take 5 no amp. There s Here. Kid. About her voice that reap we tos at the see Vou Vou pint pick sit Titis ome for attractive ewouc3h to the help of goop make i j against my advice let him continue in Thok whom he i service Send him sewed with skew i on to join their ghostly lesion soul Robert q. Lulu Isth Fust a earns is but thah earns is All mine will that lout do anything for i la have this fixed o seconds these hikes v. Get Sarge sends us on wish i had a soft i la blisters desk Job like sitting around he s got All Day in a swivel Lucky forme the sheriff is out. He s pro Balv searching for Camcho. More Luck no ome6 of the Street How i must set my. 6000 horse Diablo. How i just read it takes i4o Muscles to smile and Eoo Muscles to frown by the Wax dear Here s the Bill t for my new clothes remember intakes fewer Muscles to smile they re my Muscles i can do what i want with them what goes Youe love boat hit the rocks acted awfully last Nasht f kiaw.7 Vou be got him hooked. He was Oica till he got that Letheia fi2om mls folks i Oon know what in in Bur from the was it rooted Haj surae want c300dnews dial Circle 5-7131 open 24 hours daily City Hall Shell service Little l1x there s nothing like o dish Towel to wipe the contented look from a husband s face. Library labels several classics for adults Only Springfield 111. Illinois state Library at Spring Field has labelled several books by such authors As Hans Christian Andersen John Bunyan Jules Verne and Jane Austen for adults among the books Are Ander sen s wonder stories told for Bunyan s pilgrims Verne s leagues under the and Austen s Pride and a spokesman for Secretary of state Charles Carpentier official state librarian said yesterday the new designation does not mean that the books cannot be issued to readers under 21 years x don1 t a Kiosk which one to Pter aaowtm5 Lex Juns r3r slob8ert got two offers so me passed to pm and you go try por this owe True Friend been cd it for a year Slob Olcy. How Are you pm we must have lunch one Sowmick Job turks out Soop the spokesman pointed out that the classification Means that books so listed will not be issued to readers Between the Ages of 13 and 21 unless the librarian is convinced the Reader can properly appreciate the Book. Of age. Carpentier s spokesman added Many of the books for adult j that it never has been deter readers Are listed among those mined whether some classics for required Reading by High were written primarily for adults school students. Lor for children. 20 thursday feb. 4, 1954 Kingsport times girlish Giggle answer to previous Piper two Chiw ups you Cam now. Smith you be our started icon Lei k that face a aim i refuse la Model until some one teas that fish to across 1 miss Gardner 4 Sweet o Grady 9 Uncle Tom s favorite Little 12 Moccasin 13 Flower 14 Middle 15 East for 16 heavenly bodies 17 miss Claira 18 expanse 20 change 22 scottish Sheepfold 24sainte cab 25 loathes 28 mexican indians 32 Genus of grasses 33 Small child 35 sinbad s Bird 35 Boundary comb form 37 pronoun 38 eggs 39 obliterate 42 ascended 45 golfer s term 46 cooking utensil 47 miss Day 50 hinder 54 Friend for 55 pester 59 age 60 insect egg 61 feminine appellation 62 title of Courtesy 63 greek letter 64 Frozen rain observe Down 1 mimicked 2 Flower Container 3 things done 4 Bacon strip 5 hops Kiln 6 station a 7 noun suffix 8 substitute 9 exude 27 Greet 48 leave out 29 god of love 49 10 climbing Pianto sheltered Inlet Hayworth 11 hebrew month 31 look Over 19 blood mopey 34 whirlwind 21 permit 23 Book of the Bible 24 Petty Prince 25 footless 26 perforation 40roof finia 41 samples 43 rat 44 Follower 47 native of Denmark is of Limber lost i 32 great 53 uncommon sol measure of cloth 57 malt drink 58 observe v 10

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