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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - February 2, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeSenate approval never a Dull moment for needed to put Mother of Young triplets water by Adelaide Kehr Harer under Bridge new York a mrs Paladino Mother of triplets 20 h 7p Omaha neb. Old suddenly realized Engineer said today that his col was much too quiet in her Bronx leagues can t put water under apartment. The Decatur neb., orphan she dropped the sweeper and third of a mile from the Hall. Rocky1 tric the Missouri until con had peeled the cover from Gress Sasso. Best lampshade rammed it on has urged by James fran furthermore he said. Army Nis head and was swivelling in a to engineers did t build the Bridge Hula in front of the Mir for. Atner in the first place. The whole John had detached the Hose acwre5su1b More than was sort suggests Cardinal Missouri River and Iowa. Brig. Gen. W. E. Potter mis Souri River division Engineer said it was built by the Decatur brige commission which took a calculated risk that proposals to stabilize the Channel of the a snowball. There is too much glamorize sometimes it is deliberately done. Glamor izing evil Over virtue never succeeds. When an in Kingsport times february 2, 1953 5 loudly that Josepn hit Ner not hit her on the roared Joseph. Wandering River would be Lauilhe Down i theorized and the River put there " of in its old Channel which once1 Swift nipple of ran where the Bridge is now. Oried in to in the effect is the same. Industry we see signs of recognition of these facts. May the influence of your work i the Bridge has t from the powder Marie s u her tears and Joseph from his among sinners been used. Nebraska and Iowa congressmen Hope to get an s8 authorization to put the River Back by 1955. Channel stabilization was part of a 1944 flood control act authorized by Congress he said but the army engineers in the interest of Economy have never agreed to a piecemeal of partial approach in tying Down the River to a fixed rage. Then she turned on the radio to somebody singing of what a Beautiful once i used to sit Down in the Kitchen and bawl my eyes out after times like says mrs. Paladino. I still do some big difference that some Are sorry Pur True Billing will be made in the front office of heaven and if we were to get sneak preview we might be in for quite a j times but not nearly so much. Causes i Learned from some other Moth ers in the Triplet mothers association what some of them have this Job has to be right or to handle and i Don t feel like he any project a Martyr any More. To put water under the Decatur Bridge is just one phase of River stabilization work to control the River in 10 states and the Engi neers cannot act on any part of the program without congressional approval he said. Some Eastern writers have he said that newspapers and found a great Deal of humor in the Decatur Bridge situation. Dulles claims Ike will find end of wars san Diego Calif. I be had of tips from the appearance and probable Mur other mothers that have helped chief Steward aboard me. One of them taught me when things go haywire turn on helps a freighter now aground mexican Waters provided a sea mystery today. Radio reports from the ship s Tennessee recognizes teen Ager Driver Jim Ellis Dobyns Bennett graduate now enrolled at East Tennessee state College right received a plaque awarded by the ten Nessee safety Council As a result of his having won second place in state finals last summer. The belated award was presented thursday night by John Campbell assistant Purchas ing agent of Mason Dixon and member of the Jaycees which sponsored with the Kingsport safety Council the initial com petition for Ellis and other Kingsport teen agers last june. Another teen Ager Rodeo testing teen agers Safe driving skills will be held Here in april or May by the Junior chamber of Commerce. Staff photo stars find Char s Gold in concert Hall business noun cements that they Are try ing to buy or Ca Rousel and other Rodgers and Charles Wilson to apply brakes to War production actor Alan Curtis by Elton a Fay year temporary manpower it a military affairs reporter shortages. Release of reservists ui6s ill wow i Oik Washington called up at the beginning of the1 of defense Charles e. Wilson korean War and the demands new York movie actor picked for that Job because he for replacement of troops Alan Curtis 43 died sunday at is a top notch production sex brought Back to the states in 1st. Clare s Hospital a week after faces the task of slowing Ider the rotation plan pose prob undergoing a kidney operation Down the Tempo of War goods lems. .1. But a lot of his work wiil be tit has fan it just happens that Way. The tremendous chore of and for nearly four minutes and a Wilson takes the wheel of the ministration and reorganize surgeon revived him by making military machine just As of administration Chest incision and massaging flow of weapons and equipment i y the latter. The heart. I for the armed forces ordered Lovett on leaving office left Chis who was born Harry months and even years ago. Is a letter outlining the areas in Ueberroth in Chicago made his reaching proportions where the which the government might first screen appearance in a i government wants to Start to consider in nor part us Winterset in 1936, plying brakes. He will have Tojo Lamg reorganization of had a featured role in Man exam to the automotive in joint chiefs of staff. Nequin in 1938 and later a Dusty from whose ranks he was Lovett said he did t consider geared in dung the dal enlisted and others that things the pcs organization adequate tons ride High and trucks is approaching the Point sponges and where the rate can be levelled i because the ups As now Point i off then decreased the via men Cucui Cazacu Cue inline True of some though not All o other military commodities. 2. While the government does n t need Tnp Prscilla Lawson actress Ilona from provide Ete ded whom he was divorced last year. One of the troubles said Lovett is that the joint chiefs the com a never ending Peak of the army Navy and a e Randi Aimar production of War goods it Torce Wear two hats Moneir Hajor want the base fora vast expand As Nead of their service the sum of output if All out 35 a member of the pcs. It 5. 7 should come. He said for one of Agio his 031116 Lohn Here in this matter of stand them to detach himself from the j mime by Bob Thomas Hollywood Gold in them concert Halls. Burt Lancaster is the latest to Dis cover this show business truism. Until recent years the concert master at least those made that Public by the coast guard and some radio music. It soothe Many of the 250 mothers who belong to the Triplet mothers association could say amen to rearing triplets has prob lems and pressures which only1 another caught in the same Vise. Of circumstances can under stand. I first there s the pressing time thursday problem of William Moloney president the association and Mother hair singers and musicians and thought provoking lecturers. Been Chad it Start hit peacetime set goods and t hand for one out another trouble said Lovett u he Jonn inaugurated As be Young Eisenhower Cut cause the Secretary of defense i himself has no military staff to when the Bell rings he will of Hammerstein shows. This week have to go before congressional i asked Richard Rodgers if he committees to plead the Case for turn the papers his by former president to return m had any plans to sell. Plead a 500 million Dollar Industrial various producers Call us fund to create a re purely administrative character. But their major thought should be devoted to preparing strategic plans developing Supply systems i to the u. S. 3rd infantry in i which he is an intelligence off of cer. Ybur doctor it us to do so. As far As the Money Chubby is concerned we could hold it in i the Case a puzz-1 and other classics. Then capt. H. T. Hallman of hot Utt e 428-foot is Fairhope reported i and the tax has been that that the Steward disappeared come and take it control must be maintained in left Spe of Calif., at says mrs pm of Massey. Five whose triplets Joan Clare by e. Ala., by Way of the Panama Judith would come and take it away. Directed this besides the shows Are still Brown playing Oklahoma is in los s Angeles now and doing As and William soon will be 14. J most mothers in the association have a family income of 60 by Phil Newsom top foreign news editor the weeks balance Sheet Between the Good and bad news in the hot and cold wars the Good 1. Secretary of state John 4 n v owing Luc 1111115 Curnc will Liau i Osier Dulles in the first major Heln the father can Cive you policy statement of the new and have to have Iron nerves ministration said he believed the Mother in Asci a president Eisenhower will find ti0n Nasson cribs to carries and i to 90 dollars a week and Many already have children. Then there s the Mountain of work every the Ter Rible race with time to keep up with it. Most mothers can t afford help and they have to canal. The skipper said there was blood in the Steward s quarters indicating foul play. An owner s representative in los Angeles said there was no known Indi cation of an Accident or suicide. The ship is owned by water Man steamship corp., of to bile ala., whose president capt. Norman Nicholson identified these successes have and continually revising Woncile some of his former per-1plans.m the of these Sonal views about easing govern ment clamps on materials with his new official position. The i situations. Lovett thought in the letter written for the White House and some items such As could be made metals needed for the strategic some time before next August sent other artists scurrying find vehicles for concert Tours. Burt Lancaster announces that he plans to play the lecture Cir Cuit in a concert version of the stockpile. Wilson s experience in a in usury where plans for new and 3vi sometimes radically different had to be made f re Wilson is going to have to de cide to face another problem with the of whom to recommend to president Eisen Hower As the next chairman to that the name St. Joseph u sures aspirin at 1u can t buy better at any Price to relieve pain of headache colds muscle aches. Pocket or purse tin is world s Lanceit Miller at Loc. Buy 108 ten Hottie oar aspirin Mart will serve him in Good i succeed Gen. Omar Bradley who Road. We Haven t even released fort to Tho Nepf Insp is completing his second term in that office. Whichever service is turned to. The Stork f Stead he comes to the defense of g department at the beginning of an Era of new. Weapons. of. i i 11c tt0 fi.3 -3 it Al i. It Yvo vol ocl lot vow. Lady is not he Faatea be no actually while production is the two others Are going to feel would play the part John Giel-1 the kilns and Wilson s Forte that won t be his that they were bypassed Gud portrayed in the Shew headache As civilian chief of i if run of the Christopher Fry play. You imagine me and the ways to make the enemy so that they. Hes to one another one set reported its Crew was in no danger the shop was in shallow a tested a change his mind so Chat they. Of red Coats has been worn by too will want the our sets of triplets. We Are Dulles statement was said Tow pricing now to see if we can t have been based on already some wholesale manufacture advanced plans aimed at bring hers to sell us clothes. The Moth no both the War m Korea give each other tips on How res the War m indo China to save time and How to handle 5 _ 2. The dutch became the first to the Mother of triplets life and husband 1948 both m s Aid since Mother ej8nt one Dav they we Ftp St Suffi immediately meant a saving of Ner husband Desi a missing Steward As Carl j John playing the same Thurmond of Sibley. La. J asked Lancaster with a Grin. The Fairhope went he s helped on doing it but Friday night on one of the san the tour will have to wait until islands 270 Miles South j he finishes some pictures. He s in mexican Waters. The now in Sulu then will do besides. Lieu aude civil Julij tact i if 4. Cast he remarked. Tube defense establishment. The Ibn and Yul Brynner is too former Secretary Robert a. Pau of hear that about Aboul the 1uarrels, never Well have him tour with it when the new York run of with from Here to eternity and another one. Lancaster is intent on demonstrating his versatility. He re icentry did a Middle aged part in tug the Viking come Back Little out of san Pedro got there yes j v film studios often make an this Job was con production prob lems the rest with manpower i and relations with Congress and there Are Over acres of other government agencies Forest destroyed by fire each Wilson probably will Enco unt year in the United states. Ler especially during the coming about the Many problems settled amicably. It is claimed that this May by of cheer to Wilson that in one recent year the joint chiefs Nan-1 died papers. Of that there were split decisions in Only five cases. I Sherwin Williams predicts Del bins Taylor which was to have and looked into their then Jonaz will Star in the movie the Jlong Long next june. R to 18-hour Day mixing formulas get her breath Back. F to were Nad pm cited themselves up from the five other nations and started All Over involved in the european army she t them out m the Yard would Ink Brit 6hmel f which to play. When she looked out i of Miu tary sup few minutes later they were the bad i standing Stark naked in the 1. The army really dressed Daze that besets the Par nunnary brass ends of triplets continues while Riti u mothers and children Are in the Ana watched through when they come Home s6ts in Orn front with everything it had. Of the year. But then the at tack Down and the mgl nouse keeping and cooking funded flow toe Back then there is the problem of when the chinese still held the Hill Fern stand next Day army planners can kids t trying to find out what and they have to learn to i keep their hands off things when 2. Egyptian Strong Man do hat they Mohammed Naguib announced Are told when they Are older again that his government. Father who had a differ would not rest until slant had a nervous break troops had departed Egypt Ilia year and spent some soil. It meant that agreement1 file the some of Between Egypt and Britain on the mothers have Nad nervous the future of the Sudan and too Suez canal was As far away As life is Watn Tnp Ever. Some moments of 3. More than 20.000 none of the Murtagh flowed into West Berlin from be to now 5 wil1 touch a Candy Hind the Iron curtain this week Itaf until a11 three have one if f. A in a trailer. Fleeing the increasingly harsh regime of the soviet masters. The Strain on West Berlin s facilities was almost More than the City could take and pointed up a situation which has seen More than. Such Refu gees enter West Germany from the East since the end of the War threatening both West Ger Many s Economy and its future. 666 list id Tarim is your answer to coins miseries Only one is at Home when the treat is Given he carries three sweets to the refrigerator and lays them i a the three can devour them together. Now try this cough for coughs and acute bronchitis Doe to colds you can now get or emulsion specially prepared for children in anew Pink and Blue package and be sure 1 your child will Lite it. 2 it contain Only Safe proven v 3 it contains no narcotics to disturb nature s processes. 4 it will Aid nature to soothe and heal raw tender inflamed Throat and bronchial membranes thus relieving the cough and promoting rest and sleep. Ask for or emulsion for Chil Dren in the Pink and Blue package. Or emulsion for children Rait Cuffe. Auti inn Kohl not Long ago a. Lady approached a Little girl playing House with her doll in rather cramped apartment t it too bad that you Don t have a she asked. To which the child replied of we have a Home. We just Don t have a House to put it that Little girl s candid re Mark probably hits the Bullseye with residents of Kingsport. Often times Small children will find a Penetra tingly fresh approach to a problem. They will say what we May feel hut not know How to express. No doubt our City boasts Many Fine Homes in the sense of a Nice fam ily group. But quite a number still need to buy a House to put it in to these h o m lovers and House seekers w e offer Friendly assistance. It is our sin Cere goal to help every local family to transplant their Home into a suitable House of their own. And we have helped Many families make this change. Let us help you too. You will find we Are Home and House experts. Just phone Lester Jones f. J. Brownell son realtors Phokim 2s2o Vogue going out of business last 2 Days Coats suits dresses lingerie everything must be sold Here it is King size Lay always must be called for. Accounts must be paid. Wednesday we close our doors forever Vogue Broad the Only leading King size cigarette made an exclusively different Way to avoid the main cause of irritation i now is available in the new King size for longer smoking enjoyment. Remember you la feel better when you change to Philip Morris. In Case after Case coughs due to smoking disappear parched Throat clears up that stale smoked out feeling vanishes so take your Choice but make your Choice Philip Morris America s most enjoyable cigarette Kins size or regular you la feel better smoking Philip Morris inc you cannot buy any other cigarette of equal Quality

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