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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - December 31, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeA Long Way from Fernandez left and his son Ramon right stand by their Model t Ford As they pause in san Antonio tex., in route to Detroit mich., from Southern Argentina. The pair plan to pay homage at the grave of Henry Ford the Man who built their car before the Ford motor company ends its 50th anniversary. They plan to present their car which still has its original motor to the company. They have spent an estimated on the trip. 14 thursday dec. 31, 1953 Kingsport times scientist reports meteorite struck construction Man by Frank Carey Boston bean someone on Earth Only ones every 350 years on the average now it looks As though one has struck a Guy who was Wear ing a tin hat this indication of How Are getting Ever tougher for meteorites came out in a talk before the american Assn. For the advancement of science 120th meeting ends today. Or. H. H. Nininger of the american meteorite museum v a. Power rates to be increased Richmond Virginia electric and Power co. Got the go ahead wednesday to charge higher rates designed to bring in an additional in yearly Revenue. The revised rates will add about 55 cents to the Bill of the average residential electricity user in Virginia. The increase is Sedona ariz., reported thai a tiny object having All the sex _ Repco s first in 30 years. The company serves about two thirds of Virginia and also portions of North Carolina and West Virginia. The state corporation com Mission approved the proposed rate schedule As submitted by Repco in a 2-to-l split decision. Commissioner Ralph Catterall agreed that the company needed More Revenue but said he Felt 2 bandits escape with Fortune in gems at Memphis Memphis up two armed bandits forced a clerk to open a the work on atomic projects safer than in Industry Boston becoming safer to work on atomic Energy projects than in regular Indus try an atomic Energy commis Sion consultant said. He warned however that human failure in an atomic Energy installation could disastrous explosion. In a speech at the 120th Meer no of the american association or the advancement of science Shields Warren said the 1952 injury rate on dec projects was 2.51 per million Man hours As compared with 8.40 for Ameri can Industry As a whole. He said Only two fatalities due to irradiation occurred during this nation s development of an atomic Energy program. And those deaths Warren said happened prior to the Entrance of the atomic Energy commission into the Warren a Harvard medical school pathologist As Well As dec consultant said the atomic Energy business can and is being made safer for the personnel involved than other Industry Henry Lake located right at Kingsport s Back door has practically covered All Trace Roll Al thousands of Sullivan residents. This photo taken from a new Bridge upstream show How the flooded Reservoir has covered the old Bridge piers located approximately by the dotted line. Staff photo Materiel failure blamed for crash Knoxville an ported however he said there a lavs is in any human opera Tom Fol Materiel failure caused the problem of failure and failure air a m an atomic Energy installation might Lead to a disastrous sex he said new Public health problems will arise if and when atomic Energy is used for Indus trial Power. Such problems he said will result from the Large populations that might be eternal earmarks of a meteorite had struck a construction worker on his tin hat 1 after ricocheting off a drilling at least said Nininger what the Man told him had happened. The beaning happened several years ago but Nininger made it Public today. The incident apparently marked a Lucky Day for Nininger too because he tested the object would be sufficient. Commissioners h. Lester i and w. Marshall King supported the company s rate eni in la in his he he feels not Only that it is an come honest to goodness meteorite but that it s something pretty special in that line. Meteorites believed to be fragments of an exploded planet or possibly two colliding ones exist in the millions and Are of All Only a few Ever reach the Earth and still fewer Are recovered. Some 24 million a As reasonable and just and said it would produce a return of less than 6 per cent 011 Repco s rate base. The new rates Are scheduled to go into effect March 1. How Ever there is a possibility the increases will be partially offset ii 3. C per corporation in taxes goes through As scheduled in april. Day Are consumed in the Atmos phere. Red composer likes some Western music Moscow up Dmitri Shostakovich considered by Many musicians As the world s in Case you re worried about greatest living composer admits getting hit or. Fred l. Whipple j he likes some of the modern Western music and is a fan of the late George Gershwin the 47-year-old Stalin prize Winner granted an interview wednesday night following a performance o tenth sym phony at the Moscow conserva tory. Of Harvard a regular fireball on the subject of meteorites told a reporter meteorites that reach the Earth Are mostly very some As Small As dust particles a couple have hit the Earth that were big As apartment houses. Fortunately All the Large ones have fallen in habituated places. Only one person out of All the people on Earth is struck by a meteorite every 350 years on the average. There s one unconfirmed report that a Monk was killed by one Back in the 15th Century. Injuries when they have occurred have been Here s the reason or. Nininger was so Happy about the object he studied All the definitely identified Iron meteorites that have been recovered on Earth so far he said have Nickel in them too. But the construction worker s bean Diamond broker s Safe yesterday and made off with jewels valued at Between and the clerk mrs. Bertha Powell of West Memphis ark., was left bound hand and foot her Mouth covered with adhesive tape. Detective chief m. A. Hinds said the Holdup was not Dis covered until mrs. Powell Man aged to reach an alarm Buzzer to attract other tenants on the Lith floor of the downtown office building. Broker m. M. Gorrien said he would have to Check his retards before he could make an accurate estimate of loss. He said he was notified earlier that his brother had died in Portsmouth va., and was in rotate to the air port when the Holdup occurred Hinds said both police and Fri agents were new censor named to Memphis Board Memphis up octogenarian Lloyd t. Binford controversial movie censor Here got a new cohort who is past 50" today despite a newsman s plea for younger censors. City officials ignored the Sug Losion resulting in the crash Landing of an f6 Sabre Jet Mon Day near Humboldt Tenn. Col. William a Lanford 36, Pilot of the and command ing officer of Mcghee Tyson air Force base Here suffered a broken Back in crash Landing the plane following the explosion. It. Col. William m. Reding Ergy Power installation. Atonic ton executive officer of the base said a Board of. Officers who in a shy Hie firm to remain in disputed building Nashville har vey co. Will remain in the Lebeck i building Here after Jan. 1, Al though the lease runs out on that Date president Fred Harvey announced yesterday. The Lebeck building has been the subject of a Long court suit now awaiting action in the state court of appeals Between har Veys and the trustees of the Lebeck building who want to lease the building to Cain Sloan co., rivals in the department store business. Killing 500 persons on highways is improper season s greetings be sons near such atomic pow Vest gated the crash found that or plants Warren said will Beja Materiel failure caused sex Cain Sloan negotiated a lease exposed potentially at least to Jessive fuel mixture in the Jet agreement with the trustees men and children 13.c11o up i i. J in Toto in in n in n. Radio Active wastes. Ditoh s note Duran of Ilir Christ Ida i vhf Lisp in Llyl Lipavr. If Mas week end Leas pc mis died i 1c1um to Bill Csc it. In traffic accidents. A near record in a dispatch will in for United no tonal Sai sly Council i Reh Lenl Ned h. Dearborn elves expert Advirn on How to avoid in hit Lane Leit wreckage of a our own Atilo in Hie Danie Roub n new year s week end Juht around the Corner by Ned h. Dearborn president National safely Council Chicago up there Are Many ways to say merry Christ but them is not certainly one of to kill More than combustion chamber acquired Wisdom not age keeps Little Guy Home on new year s eve by James Marlow Washington Little Guy Felt pretty Good about it new year. Just thinking about it made him feel like going out again All. He was getting a Little smart this new year s eve too -4-Vi a. I _ a. Or he thought. This was one new year s eve when he was going to stay Home and go to bed Early hey wife who was he said to his shortening the sleeves on the plaid sport shirt she had bought him for Christ Mas. You Don t mind if we Don t go out he knew she did t. They had talked about it before and agreed they d stay Home. He just wanted to talk about it again. She said i m getting a Little old for that hopping he told her it s not a matter of getting older. It s just a Rater of getting a Little she looked up at him holding Gest Ion of Edwin scissors Iri one hand arid amusements editor of the Mem the half Cut cuff in the other Phis press scimitar and named she needed her glasses for sew mrs. F. B. Edwards who said she is past As a new Mem Ber of the Memphis Board of sensors. The officials also renamed As chairman the 87-year-old bin Ford who recent y led the Board n Banning the dance scene by Rita Hayworth in the movie Sadie seven Young american College in asking in his col editors were present at the that a person fill Ter View and heard Shostakovich Praise to Lac works of american composers. Aaron Copland is very inter Shostakovich said of the Brooklyn born composer. I particularly like his third sym phony. Eli Siegmeister another new York composer also is interesting. Gershwin is a very Strong a vacancy on the Board said motion picture Industry sur Veys show that persons in their factly. Early 30s constitute the largest though. Ing but not for looking across the room. She took off the glasses. Well if we re getting smart she said we re not just suddenly getting smarter. We did t go out last new year s eve. Or the new year s eve be fore that. Or the one before that was True. He could t argue. But just when had they stopped going out on new year s eve he could t remember exit was a Good while ago thei Xvi f More financially to heirs of the building. Chancellor Thomas a. Shriver agreed and decreed the lease with Harvey be renewed the Lebeck building forms a Large part of the Harvey prop erty. Crawford Mims is picked top Blocker Fosec Grinders Clinton s. C. Up All America guard Crawford Mims of Mississippi has been voted the nov h i of top Blocker in the Southeastern anyway. But he did read and will receive the called old men atay3 their legs were gone. Gray hair was one Good sign of getting older. Who said so his hair was Gray air right but that did t have anything to do with How he Felt the inside one thing that did bother him was the. Business of getting far sighted after 40. He certainly needed glasses for Reading. He got up and went Over to the Mir in. Before he reached it he took off his glasses so he could see urge did t last Long. Why did t it was he really getting smarter or just older As his wife said he certainly did t feel any older. Maybe of course it hits you in ways you never think about. Like what Well like running. He would t know about that. He never had to do any running now. Our statistical studies Lead us to believe that 360 per sons will be killed on the roads during the new year s week end. What can we do about in is there any Way to pull Down this disgraceful traffic record or must we resign ourselves to wholesale Slaughter on the High Way As a Price of there certainly is n Way to the death total. First every de cent Man and woman in Amer Ica who is sick and tired of this were immediately challenged lne Public highways during senseless and brutal waste of life Harvey who said it could offer Holiday season. And limb can make up his of Lier mind to behave better in traffic. Every one of us can drive More carefully More courteously and More intelligently than we do if we honestly put our mind to it. It s time we the Best of us. And every one of us can in list in the War on accidents by teaming up with our friends and neighbors in an organized Effort to make our communities safer. Join your local safety Campaign. Do your part. More immediately make a new year s Resolution right now to drive carefully sensibly and courteously Over the new year s Holiday. Don t mix alcohol and Gas. Drive like everybody else on the Road had been celebrating. And keep right on driving with extra care and common sense throughout 1954. That the peace on when the cold statistics indicated to us Here at the National safety Council that 510 people might be killed Over Christ Mas Holiday season unless the extra traffic hazards of the sea son were met with extra care we could t help but believe Christmas spirit of Earth Good will to Ward men would be translated into Friendly Courtesy behind the wheel and hold Down this traffic toll. We were wrong. The toll exceeded our estimate. More than 500 people were killed in Holiday traffic accidents ten times that Many in Many of them for life. More than 700 people killed in All kinds of accidents Over the Holiday period. Is this the kind of a Celebration a Christianna Tion must give a religious holi trophy in Janu because j Ary. The annual award designed to Unsung heroes of wms Elf As he group of regular adult movie mrs. That she Hopes her extreme in Terest in what s Good for Mem Edwards said however Phis will ment. Justify her appoint in Blue Shostakovich along with Aram Khachaturian and the late Sergei Prokofieff was critic entirely freest cozed shortly after the end of War ii for showing too much interest in Western styled Bourgeois music. Capital removes shutters for Congress next week this and some other evidence suggests he said that there May be a whole class of Nickel free Iron meteorites which have hitherto escaped attention. 15 persons injured fighting a. Blaze Greensburg a. At least 15 persons were injured last night fighting a fire in the heart of the downtown business District. Damage May be close to a Quarter of a million dollars. The fire destroyed the three Story building housing the Blatchford furniture co. Which was in the midst of a going out of business two adjoining most memorable the events business buildings suffered touched by atty. Gen smoke and water damage. J Brownell s charge of Truman six firemen narrowly escaped administration softness toward death As they were plunged i in Truman concentrated on Brownell but mentioned sen. The Board has stirred repeated controversies in the past by Banning a number of movies. Most of them Are exhibited later in West Memphis ark., under the advertisement slogan banned in a. M the pilgrims did not build log Cabins in the United states. There was a time most of his life except these past few All he wanted on new year s eve was out out of the House and parading about on new year s eve. Maybe they stopped going out when he first asked himself what do you get out of All the activity on new year s eve he knew one thing he used to get a lot of headaches the next Day. One thing that always both ered him about new year s Par was. Glasses ties was the Way people out just at Midnight including him. Always made you look older he knew that. He wanted to see himself As he really was. He had t changed too much. For instance he liked plaid sport shirts when he was 21 and he them. I have news for his wife said. He knew the tone. It was Flat Calm and loaded. This was the opening gambit the prelim Inary statement. He did t know what was coming but he was go ing to get it. She said you Don t look a Day Over 21." Cut it he said i did t say one thing puzzles me she said. He said she said it was just that when you were really 21 you never talked about being Wiser you just talked about go Honor the Boom. Midnight. Everybody be Gan Yelling and blowing horns if they had horns. Me too he thought. Was it just because the new year was coming in the Way people acted you d think they had just manufactured the May in december Wilton n. H. Three Wilton housewives recently received Bunches of in full by their husbands Hunting in nearby Woods. Football was originated 26 years ago by the late William p. Jacobs of Clinton. His sons have continued the award As a memorial to their father and Jacobs trophies Are awarded annually to the top blockers in the Atlantic coast Southern and Southeastern conferences. Norton blood Bank officers elected Norton a. Spa Jay c. Litts Norton insurance executive is the new president of the Community blood Bank. He succeeds or. George w. Botts. Litts was elected at a meet ing of the blood Bank s advisory Board at hotel Norton tuesday alone. Jared year old immigration Law still Bone of conf end Ion by b. A Livingstone parable period of 1952. In that by James Marlow Washington ton takes Clown the shutters next week. Business Falls off Here Between Congress departure and its re on thursday Jan. 7, the Day after Congress returns Eisen j Hower delivers to it his state of the Union message outlining his program. Quickly after that hell hand turn in january. So does his economic report it can be Dull Here then. But this year had some Lively moments. The basement after the second president Story collapsed. Cause of the Blaze which broke out in the basement garage could not be determined shot up the elevator flames Shaft. Obliging creditor Greeley Colo. Cor pus Christi tex., resident sent yesterday to Greeley police. He thanked the police for their patience and said he was Mccarthy. Mccarthy then denounced Truman criticized the Eisen Hower administration and got himself rebuked by Secretary of state Dulles and indirectly by president Eisenhower. Then comparative quiet a closed the City again although work went on in the supreme court and the executive departments. When the lawmakers open up sorry for the delay in paying an i shop wednesday All the wheels overtime parking Fine. Most of my he wrote raise Cain for their Money inside of Start turning again. The new year s work begins next monday night when Eisen i Zicai nigh Elisen clays. A Check of the rec Hower reports to the nation on orcs showed his ticket was is-1 television and radio on his first sued nov. 7, 1948. Year in office. At a time when Many private economists say the country faces a year of fairly mild depression and his budget of expenses. In spite of this Load of activity crowded into january s Early Days the month will be mostly one of talking while congressional committees begin hear Ings on legislation. As usual appropriations sub committees will dig into the administration s requests for Money and won t finish up their work in this Field until Midsummer. Supersonic Wash Kettle Story is rated biggest lie for virginian of District 28, Jmwa was chosen first vice president. The two elective officers Litts and Condra will serve 011 the executive committee with these previously announced appointive officers second vice president Charlie Daniels treasurer Harry fish or and Secretary m. E. Wood. The non profit blood Bank sponsored by the Norton Lions 31ub, opened last aug. 1. Barley and Oats will grow farther North than wheat. Washington Mccarren Walter immigration was a year old the month bul the angry controversy which at tended its birth shows no signs of abating. New lines Are being drawn in Advance of the return of con Gress Jan. 6 Over the Issue of its repeal or drastic revision. Charges of racial discrimination and hardship continue to be levelled at operation of the Law. In Short the dispute Over u. S. Immigration policy which has frequently stirred american passions and prejudices since Thomas Jefferson s time remains very much alive. With one year elapsed since the period persons were ousted from the country against in 1952. Many More persons loft the United states voluntarily alter deportation proceedings were instituted by the government but before any final decision was reached. Quota immigration increased 6 per cent. Total immigration attributed to All sources including special legislation affecting individuals and Esti mated to be up 20 per cent or communists admitted to thirteen former were among those sible to sum up in an incomplete Way the Law s operations in its essential terms those of the people involved. Interestingly two of the main developments arising during the first year s operation of the Law marked increases both in new arrivals in the United states and in deportations on grounds of undesirability. Under the act s stringent restrictions against subversives and undesirables deportations in creased 8 per cent in the first 10 months of 1953 Over the Coni social worker says wife Maydris Chubby to drink c0nn the family and controls the Thelma whale ii a social worker purse string with an Iron Burlington wis. A virginian today captured the title of world s Champion liar for 1953 with a whopper about the wind and a supersonic Wash Ket and As usual Congress will to members operating of the. Won the ton liar s club Competition with quinoes won him the 1952 title Mclntyre s fib also captured for the Eastern part of the coun try one of the first Burlington titles in recent years. Westerners two planes. In the mornings they la take part in committee hearings on All Klaus of Legisla Tion most afternoons they la be on the floor of House and sen making speeches. They la also be making state ments at Public meetings and to reporters. For Many of them the state ments will be doing double duty dying to get their opinions out n Public and impressing the oils Back Home. This free style fib the strongest wind i Ever heard of hit our place last sum Mer along with a slam bang thunderstorm. The wind was so Strong it picked up our cast Iron Wash Kettle which is about three on j feet across and about two feet in the past have Richmond the most perfect annual to the club. Purdue University prof. Wil _ purse strings with an Iron hand from Texas says she has a further Means of Monitor ing her 3. Wavering is the most common Type of Al Coholic s wife. She appears America thus far in 1953. This unusual feature of the Law s of arises from what is Allen president act went on the books it is pos termed the redemption that some women drive their husbands to drink. Miss we Galen executive Secre tary of the family service Agency in Dallas Texas writing in the current Issue of Yale s quarterly journal of studies on lists these four types quite capable when Are favourable. She housekeeper Mother and blew it out of the country. The wind blew that Kettle so fast that while it was sailing across our front Yard the Light Ning struck at it five and for his lie Mclntyre will get the traditional Lyre shaped Champion s medal from the Bur Lington club. Hell hold the title during 1954, succeeding airman 3c Harry Cummings Dallas tex., whose whopper about mos-1 Liam a. Hiestand Lafayette ind., won mention with his tale about the fastest Raccoon in Georgia. He told about a fellow named Lem who lived in the Okefenokee swamp and kept a pack of Hunt ing dogs one of them an especially Good Coon Hunter. A Newspaperman calling on Lem for a feature Story noticed the dog was not around. It was like Lem explained. One Day i set him after that fast Coon. Well sir they ran faster and faster but finally the dog etched up to the Coon. But when he got right behind him that Coon was going so fast the rings slipped off his Tail husbands to drink 1. Suffering Susan this Type must punish herself so she picks for a husband a Man who was obviously so troublesome that her Neeb to be miserable would always be suf Fering Susan is drab and color less but a wonderful housekeeper. She is Likely to be so exclusively devoted to practical aspects of planning and manage ment that she is not aware that the Home is a cheerless place for husband and 2. Controlling this Gal really hates men. She dominates each and every aspect of her husband s life. She could not possibly have Narried a More adequate Man than her alcoholic husband and his in an keeps conditions is a Good affectionate her family of the act. Special provision is allowed those who defect from subversive ideologies granting u. S. Entry to those who can prove they have deserted and have actively opposed their for Mer cause for at Jeyasi five years. While immigration showed an increase this year immigration under quotas was still far Short of the numbers assigned the various nations. Only 54 per cent of the annual quota of was filled during the year which end. De june 30. The unfilled were principally from Western and Northern Europe great Britain Northern Ireland ire land and Sweden showing the least relative interest in Ameri can shores. Great Britain and Northern Ireland for example claimed Only of the 05 361 quota numbers allowed them generally Northern european countries have the largest quotas. Retired Engineer Dies in Knoxville Knoxville _ a Ritj raid Southern railway Engineer who Back through the air and aptitude is not Only acceptable Slid right around thai dog s nose but even Gratifying up to a and smothered him to she takes a Job to sup Good natured and pleasant. But she seeks out the weak and help less to form relationships with. She always chooses a husband who to her is weak who she thinks needs her and woul d therefore be unlikely to leave 4. Punitive Polly she s the most venomous. Her relationship to her husband resembles that of a Boa Constrictor to a she is a career woman or a club woman. She either earns More Money than her husband or it is her influence and mane vering which gets and holds his Job for him or is responsible for the orders 3r accounts or contracts Given she has rival Rous aggressive and envious attitudes and she despises housework and the care of the children and usually succeeds in avoiding methodist Church of its last building debt died Here yesterday at the age j. W. Sensabaugh who retired in 1945 after nearly half a cent Tury with the Southern had been for Many years a trustee of Hiwassie College operated by the Holston methodist Confer ence. Most of his years As Engi f spent on the Volle Asheville run. Hunter gets band Falls City neb. De Poteet of this City Hunting from a Blind on the Missouri River killed four of a flock of Blue geese. Three of the Birds were tagged with bands by the fish and wildlife service. This is an uncommon occur rence since Many Hunters will a Bulele banded fowl in a lifetime

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