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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - December 30, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 824 4 Over the River and through the it easy. Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 259 Kingsport term., wednesday dec. 30, 1953 12 pages five cents weaker turning colder tonight with possibilities of scattered Snow flurries. Thursday Windy and cold colder thursday night yesterday s High-46, last night s Low 41, noon Reading 48. Rain .02 Inch. Sex policeman is charged with perjury at hearing during Greenlease Case jury declares shoulders lied about suitcases Ransom Money is missing stories conflict t Kansas City Federal Prand jury says Louis shoulders the Veteran police officer who nabbed the Greenlease Kidnap ers lied in his testimony about the handling of Ransom Money recovered at the time of the arrest. The jury yesterday indicted shoulders on a charge of per jury. Robert c. Greenlease million Aire Kansas City automobile dealer whose for year old son Bobby was kidnapped and killed last sept. 28, paid a record 000 Ransom. Approximately was recovered with the arrest of kidnapper Carl Austin Hall and his alcoholic Paramour mrs. Bonnie Brown Heady who were executed in the Missouri state prison chamber a week be fore Christmas. The other half of the Ransom is still missing. Shoulders could not be reached for comment on the indictment. Henry g. Shoulders attorney said in St. Louis today the former police officer will social Security system ran into surrender voluntarily As soon As i Strong Republican democratic Ramon Magsaysay sworn As philippine president Manila up Peppy ramon1 the United slates and declared Magsaysay a 46-year-old Black Smith s son pledged an honest efficient and constructive government today before a cheer-1 ing throng of More than that saw him sworn in As the third president of this 7-year old Republic. For this Young and vigorous nation of ours nothing is really the staunch former defense Secretary declared in his inaugural address. After solemnly taking the oath of office Magsaysay outlined a program aimed at raising living conditions strengthening inter Nal Security and wiping out the communist directed huk rebel movement. He called for Strong ties with that relations with Friendly asian nations must be tightened to meet common problems. He warned to the leaders of the communist conspiracy who would deliver this country and its people to a for eign Power this i say i shall use All the forces at my command to the end that the Sovereign authority of the government shall be respected and maintained. There can be no Compromise with the new president who Rode Southern demos blast Ike s plan on unemployed Dixie solons charge area work assistance Breaks party pledge Washington Eisen Hower administration plan for tunnelling More government de sense work into areas of Large unemployment ran into a bar rage of heavy criticism from Southern democrats today fore shadowing verbal fireworks when Congress meets next week. Sen. Maybank dec accused president Eisenhower of turn ing his Back on his Campaign promises. Sen. Sparkman id Ala and sen. Hill a Ala said the program set Forth again yesterday at the Little White House at Augusta ga., violated pledges made by the gop leadership in the Senate last july. And Sparkman declared it is not True As presidential press Secretary James c. Haggerty said that this is the first time a National administration has 2 fog bound ships crash on Delaware Secretary into the highest office in the land urged communist rebels who have been misled by the lies of the to sur Render. Social Security change opposed Solon offers plan to overhaul program Washington up a proposal by rep. Carl t. Curtis r neb for drastic overhaul of the eager to die quickest Way by Ken Farris if you re an East tennessean and looking for a Quick Way to die or be maimed just climb into your Auto get out on the Road and on at least 103 persons have met i mine named 17 Large and 22 death on highways in our 13 smaller metropolitan areas of Sparkman said the Truman administration had a positive and definite program for Cut Ting defense contracts into areas of labor surplus. In Augusta Hagerty declined to comment further when asked about an official policy of the Truman administration put into rebels tighten siege of French Indochina fort last area outpost threatened by reds in Winter Campaign Hanoi Indochina rebels tightened their pres sure today on Dlen Blen Phu the last French fortress in North West Indochina. French sources speculated that it is the major objective in the current communist Winter Campaign perhaps in preparation for another push into the already invaded King Dom of Laos. Red Santa set for Jan. 1 visits Moscow up old grand father Frost is getting some pretty strict orders these Days. He s being told to pack mama dolls that really and boys games that won t fall apart when he makes his rift bearing rounds in Russia on new year s Day. Grandfather Frost is the so Viet version of Santa Claus. He arrives a week before Christmas in the soviet Union which is observed Jan. 7 in Accord with the old Julian Calendar used by the russian orthodox Church. But Day after tomorrow Mil Lions of soviet children will gather around for Trees to receive gifts and sweets. And the i grownups Exchange gifts effect in 1952, to award new move in four Days contracts to other than the Low but at Dien Bien Phu 300 air bidders in an Effort to counter Une Miles to the Northwest unemployment in some areas. I troops of the vie Minh Iron the red led invaders who and this year the cry is for qual knifed across Southern Laos polity goods. Thakker on the Thailand Premier Georgi Malenkos s Der last week had made no a Hagerty also said the policy was being announced for the first time so far As he knew. Actually it had been outlined in a memorandum by Arthur 6. Division Drew within four Miles of the fortresses Plain bristling with French Union troops and american supplied arms. A French army spokesman said Flemming defense mobilization i Strong French Union patrols director last nov. 4 and made Public then. At that time Flem a warrant for his arrest arrives there. The lawyer said shoulders would plead innocent. Morris added he would have to study the indictment what Legal Steps he will take in shoulders behalf. Shoulders aided by patrol in a St. Louis hotel room oct. 6. The pc turn officer who testified before a grand jury that indicted mrs. Heady and Hall told the jurors the suitcases containing the Money were taken promptly to the police station. In its indictment yesterday the grand jury said shoulders testimony he then and there Well knew and believed was in True and false in that the suit cars mentioned therein con tin nine Ransom Money were not Inken into the police station at the time and in the manner Al Dolan who Wax indicted on a charge of perjury two weeks ago. Also had testified the suit cases were brought to the new Sec shoulders Page 2 and labor opposition today. Curtis is chairman of a House ways and Means subcommittee which recently completed a lengthy study of the social Security program. He announced tuesday night that he will introduce legislation at the com i ing session of Congress to put government payments to the aged on an entirely new footing. At present there Are two fed eral programs of the aged. Those who have paid social Security taxes during their working lives Are entitled to retire at the age of 85 and begin drawing monthly checks based on the amount of their contributions. The Money comes out of the social Security Trust fund. Any person still working it a Job that earns him a month or More is not eligible for payments. In addition the Federal and stale governments share the costs of direct assistance pay ments to needy aged who Are not covered by social Security old age insurance. To be eligible a see Curtis Page 2 first 1954 baby will get prizes the baby born first after Midnight on Jan. I in Kingsport or within a 10-mile radius of City will be declared the Winner of the 1954 first baby in today s edition of the Kingsport times and the Kingsport news three pages of advertising Are carried by Kingsport Mer chants who Are providing gifts of value to an estimated to Mercury drop due tonight possible Snow thirty four the Kingsport Rea is due to share in the cold wave that is gripping the nation today. According to the forecast the temperature was slated to Start dropping during the afternoon and continue its downward trend during the night to near 25 de Grees with possible scattered Snow flurries. Thursday s forecast Calls for firms Are participating in the contest and will present these gifts to the parents of the first baby of 1954 1 Chatham baby Blanket 1 dozen Dexter diapers 1 new pair of poll Parrott shoes 1 Kant wet crib mattress 1 gift certificate in the children s department of a Kingsport firm 1 de posit in a Bank savings account 24 cans of Clapp s baby food 1 Handy stroller 1 baby Blanket 1 baby portrait 1 High chair 1 100 per cent Wool baby so jail 1 dozen Dexter diapers 1 pair baby shoes and i knit gown 1 swing Auto seat 1 bang Colf oar bed 1 30-Day Supply of pasteurized milk. An Orchid for Mother 1 Nylon gown for Mother 1 Book of upstate counties since last Jan uary 1, and As this is and As the new year approaches toll will grow. Speed is the outstanding Rea soon. Various other factors enter into the gruesome total of Highway crash deaths and injuries but much of it is the killer Tennessee High Way patrol officers say. And they ought to the boys who pick up the pieces. Listen to these Dull statistics from the files of division five at Kingsport from january 1, 1953, to de Cember traffic accidents 103 deaths 479 persons injured. Fifteen dead 24 injured so far in december 12 killed 23 Hurt in november 10 killed 27 Hurt last april 12 killed 39 Hurt last january deaths by counties in division Cocke 14 Washington Jefferson Clai Bome 11 each Hawkins 9 Hamblen 8 Carter 7 Greene 0 Grainger 4 Hancock John son and Unicoi one each. This appalling record reflect ing broken Homes broken and ruined lives was amassed de spite arrests by Tennessee Highway patrolmen for violations of traffic Laws and Over assessed in court fines and costs. Division five s 36 patrolmen and headed by Cap see eager Page 2 chronic unemployment As Eli Gible for Aid. In its essentials the policy is similar to that of the Truman administration abandoned last August to give preference in the award., of defense contracts to areas where there is considerable unemployment. Most criticism of it in the past has come from southerners who argued that it would Rob their textile Mills for example of government business which would be steered to new eng land. Altogether a bad policy and one i have never sen. George a a said. It s a great mistake and will unbalance Industry Sec demos Page 2 subpoena for Taylor Miami up sen. Joseph Mccarthy a wis said today his Senate investigating committee will subpoena maj. Gen. Telford Taylor so Taylor can Tell under oath what he knows about espionage at it. Monmouth n. J. Mccarthy explained that Tay Lor will be called Early next month to explain Why in a recent speech at West Point that there is no espionage in the signal corps. County clerk replaces Coy Trivette who quit yesterday Johnson City m. Jones eighth District Magis trate was appointed Washington county circuit court clerk to Day less than 24 hours after Coy Trivette resigned the Post. The appointment made by Cir Cuit Juc be Raymond a Camp Bell. Trivette s resignation came tuesday following a conference with Campbell in connection with a reported shortage of 105.79 in circuit court funds Here and at Jonesboro. Even colder weather and the theater tickets 1 Welsch car seat Outlook for Friday is fair and and bed 1 discount on any cold. The first part of the country to be hit by the current cold wave was the Midwest with the Mercury dropping to 30 degrees below Zero in Bemidji minn., and almost As Low in other wide spread areas. Many parts of the country woke up this morning to a heavy fog. Kingsport experienced one of the heaviest fogs seen in several years. The Highway patrol reported no Early morning accidents during the fog How Ever. The Low in Kingsport was 41 last night and stood at 46 de Grees at noon wednesday. Car sold on a Kingsport firm s car lot 1 Supply of wallpaper for the Nursery 1 30-Day theater pass free steaks to the parents two weeks of free diaper service a two Pound fruit cake 1 Large hooded Bassinette 24 cans of Gerber s baby food 1 Deposit in a Bank savings account 1 child s crib 1 Cap Jacque and bootees 1 bottle sterilizer 1 Case of canned milk and 1 full course dinner at a restaurant. Last year new year s Day was 10 hours old before the first baby of 1953 was born. He was a seven Pound 14-ounce boy born to or. And mrs. George tester Man of Rogersville at . Jan. 1. Clashed twice with vie Minh troops Northwest and Southwest of Dion Bien Phu. There was a Strong indication the vie Minh might be trying to move striking forces into encircling positions before launching an attack. The rebels were reported with in four to six Miles of the for Tress which was taken by the Jov 20 and steadily reinforced by Airlift since then. The French have been expect ing an attack there by troops of vie Minh division no. Iron with some of the Best and heaviest Materiel received from communist China. Ter columns of soviet newspapers disclose that the russian con Sumer wants to see this reflected in better made gifts now that Holiday buying is in full swing. A Parent who bought a doll for his daughter had this Indig Nant comment the instructions said that this doll could walk Roll its eyes and say mama the doll looks very you ignore the fact that its wig is made of rags and Cotton waste glued to the head instead of hair. Neither we nor our child could make the doll walk. On the second Day the doll was completely paralysed de spite careful handling the right fell off. Then while trying to make the doll work something broke inside and instead of say ing mama1 it Only made hoarse government has promised More sounds. Why do they put out and better consumer goods. Bad says reds had no cause to arrest him Berlin american Soldier who spent More than four years in russian prisons said today he was arrested with out cause when he wandered into soviet Berlin. I got drunk one pvt. Homer Cox 33, of Oklahoma City told army officials. The next thing i knew i woke up in a russian jail in East Cox said he was shuttled from fighters Check burning Forest los Angeles fires menace to towers los Angeles Calif. Falling winds today gave Grimy fire fighters their first Chance to control Forest fires crackling through populous los Angeles county and threatening it. Wilson Observatory. I 11 a j High winds fanned the two jail to jail in red Germany and major Al t 20 finally was moved to a prison Glant Bellows for three Days in Russia. He was released yesterday along with Leland towers 29, of French fighter planes Madelsa Francisco who disappeared heavy strafing attacks on the vie Minh As they Drew closer to the fortress 180 Miles West of Hanoi in the heart of the big Gest Rice bowl area of the thai Mountain country. French army sources said if an attack comes on Dien Blen Phu the Battle will be hard and heavy. New year brings traffic problems Chicago National safety Council said today that Christmas is a More dangerous new year s. A spokesman said the figures show that More people Are killed ,11 Christmas traffic for the Sim ple reason that there is More Ravel. Christmas is the worst of All the holidays from the stand Point of traffic the spokesman said. The safety Council has Estil mated that 360 persons will die1 i in traffic accidents during this in Finland in 1951. European prisoners recently released by the russians had reported that the two men were in soviet Cus Tody. An army spokesman said both Cox and towers Are in Good con wit i gusts up to 40 Miles per hour the blazes de 5 seamen killed As Oil tankers collide in River 4 crewmen missing fires on both ships soon under control from press dispatches new Castle Del. Five men lost their lives today when two heavily loaded Oil tankers collided during a blinding fog in the Delaware River. Chief of police Jesse Walling of new Castle said four other Crow members still were missing. All five victims were pronounced dead of exposure Wall ing said. The bodies were found in the Vicinity of the Delaware memorial Bridge five Miles up River from the scene of the crash. They had been washed upstream by a heavy incoming tide. The engineers said five bodies were pulled from the water Sev eral hours after the collision of the supertanker Atlantic Engi Neer one of the Init Cost vessels of its Type afloat and the Tanker Atlantic dealer near the in trance to the Delaware and Chesapeake canal. Both ships Ciui Ghl fire after the crash but the Blaze aboard the Atlantic dealer was extinguished within minutes. A Small fire continued to Burn at the rear port Side of the Atlantic Engineer but it was kept under control. Walling and the Atlantic re fining co., owner of both tankers said 11 men went overboard into the icy Waters from the Atlantic dealer when the crash occurred. It was not known whether they were Jerri d off the ship or leaped in fear of flames sweeping the vessel. Both ships were bound for Philadelphia from Texas the at stroked almost acres of Jan tic Engineer with bar res of crude Oil and the Alan Ltd Timber in Angeles National for est and forced More than persons to leave their Homes. But Early today the wind velocity dropped As Low As 5 to 20 Miles per hour and weather men forecast nothing worse than 25 Miles per hour. The Hill edition although the latter lost country breezes were highly 40 pounds while lie was a rus variable however. Trivet Esaid he will make year s Holiday from 6 . Any deficiency in his funds As thursday to Midnight sunday soon As the exact amount can be this compares with a total of determined. He said he was not 532 dead As compiled by United asked to resign. Jones will serve until the 1954 general election. He will assume his duties saturday morning. Press for the recent three Day Christmas Holiday from 6 . Last thursday to Midnight last sunday. Man prisoner. They were delighted to get american food the spokesman said. They gobbled Down a beef Stew officials said the russians technically had no right to arrest Cox because westerners Are allowed to visit red Berlin even though they Are barred from soviet Germany. French hotel offers spirits in plumbing Dijon France up wine flowed like water today at the Dijon terminus hotel. Auguste Maillard owner of the hotel had the wine piped to All the hotel s spigot for White wine and an other for no extra Cost to the hotel s patrons. Maillard said he was not worried about guests getting drunk. Dijon is a Mecca for con he said. My guests arc too much interested in Savouring the flavor of the wine dealer with barrels of Oline and barrels of other refined products. Seven crewmen were picked up by the chilean freighter co piano which sailed from Phila Delphia yesterday for Baltimore find apparently and been adult r lift or of Tho for so could thro Iirth the Chsn Punke to gel the Sull Incont Rodell flames. Swept so close to television Delaware canal transmitting1 equipment on my. Scene of the collision win Wilson at one time tuesday thai j about the Center of the two heat melted Lead sheathing on a Section of audio Cable carrying to programs. What we re we Are trying to do is beat the los Angeles county fire chief Keith Klinger said. A sweating soot covered fire fighter who came of the fire line sick from eating smoke said if the wind comes up fresh this thing will be off again. If we get a break we can hold strike looms in midwestern truck Industry Columbus Ohio pets of a strike of More than midwestern truck owner Drivers Ohio s and a breakdown of reciprocal agreements boat Harbor flooded this photograph shows the causeway across the boat Harbor at Warrior path state Park to the Island picnic area. At the right atop the Island Knoll is a Concession stand. The water of fort Patrick Henry Lake which sur rounds the Island has reached a level of four feet from its expected Crest. Along the causeway can be seen the rip rap bags of Sand to prevent washing. Times news photo by l. T. With 13 states grew today As gov. Frank j. Lausche said Ohio will make every Effort to enforce its new Axle mile tax on trucks he told a meeting of truckers and state officials yesterday the legislature levied the tax and it s up to my administration to collect it and truckers in red the governor to prevent he reciprocity breakdown Are atoned by Ohio s insistence that out of state truckers As Well As local carriers pay the tax on trucks with More than two axles. The other states feel that tax which went into effect oct. 1, should be waived for out of state truckers. The owner Drivers plan to strike if they Are forced to pay the tax. They say the firms which lease their trucks should be responsible for payment. States threatening to end truck tax reciprocity with Ohio included Alabama Florida Georgia Kentucky Louisiana Mississippi North Carolina South Carolina Tennessee Vir Ginia Nebraska Oklahoma and Texas. Mile wide River Miles South of Wilmington and about 25 Miles from Philadelphia. Sec crash Page 2 Fri enters probe in negro s slaying Grove Hill Ala. Trie Fri has entered the investigation of a sheriff s slaying of a negro prisoner who had Testi fied against him in a Moonshine whisky Protection Case. Clarke county sheriff Jen Kins a. Hill claimed self defense in shooting to death the prisoner Moses Jones about 50, in the county jail Here monday. There were no witnesses to the shoot ing the Justice department yesterday ordered the Fri to investigate whether the negro s civil rights were violated. Other investigations were being made by a grand jury and by state officials. Jones who testified last fall against Hill and others had been brought to the jail from Besse Mer Ala., to pay a Fine for making illegal liquor. So lunar tables by John a Thi so lunar hurl Coli lir med ban been from John Alden som Najl tables your to that Rou will fish uni in it thai him in of food Urr Torr or Bunting in moot a Tim lib 10 Hurt . . Miner fit tin 30 we Nenda 1 Thun buy ius4 1 of Lcuy 2 saturday 3 sunday Lake stages today s skies Tunnel Loon Rae to braday new Moon .l a a. Jan. 4 prominent constellations pm w is m

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