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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - December 29, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 823 3 do you carry proper reflectors or flares for night emergencies Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 258 Kingsport tenn., tuesday dec. 29, 1953 10 pages five cents the weather continued Cloudy with show ers tonight and wednesday. Turning colder wednesday afternoon with rain turning to Snow wednesday night. Low to night is upper 30s. Yesterday s High 45, last night s Low 31, noon Reading 41. Read this first Androu Rokay Boston Boss if you use this Story on the front Page of your newspaper put it on the left Side. A technical Guy claimed today editors have been All wrong in believing the right Side Drew most attention of readers. Herman f. Brandt director of Chicago s Institute of visual re search told a science meeting Here that he first interviewed newspaper editors about How they thought their readers read the front Page. Then he checked up on some actual readers util izing a Tricky device called a photo electric Eye camera which showed where the folks were looking and for How Long. It is apparent from the re sults of this he reported that the majority of the editors believed that the right Side of the front Page of the Dally newspaper received a major por Tion of attention. The scientific research How Ever showed that in spite of the fact a number of the editors would place their pictures and leading stories or. The right hand Side the Reader still showed a decided preferences for the left Side of the French bombers hit communists in heavy strike rebels Are hard hit in double attack by Loyal forces Saigon Indochina up French pilots flying american built warplanes halted the southward March of communist invaders with tons of bombs today while Loyal ground forces in Northern Indochina reported killing 500 red rebels and Cap Turing 500 guerrillas. The French struck Back in the air and on the ground on two fronts in their first move to erase new gains made by red dominated Viet Minh forces which slashed Indochina in two last saturday by driving to the Mekong River port of Thanh cd in Laos on the Thailand Border. While f8f bearcats and p-26 bombers pounded rebel columns moving South from tha Khek to the French defense line at a Vannak Het ground troops mopped up reds near Hanoi in the North. French authorities belittled the importance of the sudden Campaign that took the communists across the narrow Waist of Indochina into the kingdom of Laos which Only recently was granted her Independence. The French still believe the main target of the new offensive was the Hanoi fortress which commands the Rice Rich Hanoi Delta Rice bowl. Totake stand on Indochina Washington the state department was reported today readying a statement on the new communist invasion drive which has split indo China and Given the far East a new Case of Jit ters. And sen. Knowland of Cali fornia Republican Senate Leader said the development poses a grave threat to Thailand which Borders on indo China. Any invasion of Thailand would be considered highly critic Knowland told reporters. We could not stand by. It the United nations did not take action it could not Thailand must be protected against communist invasion he said unless the free world wants All Asia to go Down the Drain at the state department yesterday a spokesman said it is watching the indo China Situa Tion closely and awaiting further however officials were under stood to be working up a response to the Christmas Day complaint by the laotian prime minister soon after communist vie Minh forces climbed the mountains and struck out for the Thailand Border. The diplomatic prac tical Way for that for the United states to await state ments from countries immediately affected in such cases be fore issuing a Public statement of its own. Other than the laotian complaint there have been no statements from governments in the area. Baby Townsend plan economists attack new proposal to expand social Security system Washington United states chamber of Commerce today found its proposal to qualify five million More older citizens for social Security pensions attacked in an economists debate As a baby Townsend the proposal part of the chamber s plan to put social Security on a pay As you go basis and halt Federal Aid for direct Relief of aged was argued before two of the 10 economic societies in session Here. All the w. Campbell research economist of the that the social Security tax should be Al Lowed to Rise to 2 per cent As scheduled on saturday. President Eisenhower last year asked Congress to freeze the con-1 to Lution at per cent each on workers and employers. Con Gress did not act. Some have speculated he might again ask for a freeze retroactive to new year s Day after Congress re convenes. The boost would nullify the benefits of the income tax Cut also due Jan. 1, for Many Low income families. Evidence that professional economists believe the country is in for a mild recession in 1954 was the highlight of yesterday s sessions of the american statistical Assn. At one meeting of some 300 of the economists the delegates indicated by a show of hands that they expect a 1954 production decline of 5 per cent or More from 1953 s record. This drop still would leave 1954 the nation s second and Mead building Plant waste settling Basin a new project off West Center st., near the Mead corporation is underway to build a settling Basin or pending area to reduce Stream pollution of the Holston River from Plant wastes. A spokesman at the Mead Plant said today the Plant is endeavouring in every Way to co operate with the state of ten Nessee in the Stream pollution drive and is expending a Large sum in cooperation with the Clinchfield Railroad using that company s land for the Lill in. The Mead Plant is to build a dam on the Railroad land and the fill in will be prepared to receive approximately 21 tons of solids a Day which otherwise would be discharged into the River. In 1947 the Plant started an other Stream pollution curb by the addition of a Lime Kiln to remove other wastes the Plant could recover. A company spokesman said the current project is a continuation of the Plant s fight against Stream pol Lution. The project is expected to take about 30 Days to Complete and is costing about to 000. The fill in is expected to be usable for this purpose for about 10 to 12 years. . May urge allies to agree on big 4 Date indications Point to backing Russia on Jan. 25 meeting Washington up Amer ican officials indicated today that the United states is urging its allies to agree to Russia s suggestion that the proposed big pour foreign ministers con Ference be held Jan. 25 instead of Jan. 4. It is the Hope of the state department it is understood to. Nail the russians Down firmly on the Jan. 25 Date so there will be no further excuses for delay. The department s official spokesman Henry Suydam said monday the West s reply to the soviet note that proposed the january Date will not be Long and he added that if the meeting is to be held on Jan. 25, the sooner the Date is fixed the better. The big three originally pro posed that the ministers meet ing be held Jan. 4 in Berlin. But Russia replied that for administrative reasons it preferred Jan. 25 at the earliest. The United states feels that the russians were trying to Embarrass the big three in propos Rhee urges in action to reopen Korea War Ike combats walkout threat with new Board seeks to halt strike by railway workers Over rules dispute Augusta a. Eisenhower today created an emergency Board to head off he disagrees with these threatened strike of More than a Active service director million Railroad workers repro Harrison s charge in effect is denies Virginia draft controls farming Washington Gen. Lewis b. Hershey has denied an assertion by rep. Burr p. Harri son a that the draft machinery in Virginia is being used to help Tion. Virginia state draft director Thomas w. White. A National selective service a official said he knew of to similar circulars in other states. He said state i control farm product rectors Are not required to Send such material to Washington but Harrison who made pub but most do As a matter of in Lic today Hershey s reply to complaint said in an interview Sentell by 15 non operating unions. That a circular issued to Vir Gina draft boards discourages the Union members All Are them from giving deferments As such employees As clerks and essential farm workers to youths track walkers who Don t work on no Are producing primarily the moving trains. The dispute of which there is a sur affects 150 railroads operating throughout the country. Creation of the three Man Means that in by. That time. State traffic deathshit821 Highway fatalities at ail time High by the associated press Tennessee s grimly mounting 1953 traffic fatality toll stood at 821 today highest in history with somber predictions it May climb still More before the year kinds thursday night. Safety department officials mindful that at least 27 High Way deaths occurred during the four clays after Christmas eve estimate another 10 persons will die in traffic wrecks during the new year s week end. They Fig ure that Tennessee s final 1953 traffic death total will reach 850-875 when reports Are tallied. This would include persons who died later from injuries suffered this year. Eight persons were killed in traffic accidents around the state during the new year holi Day period last year. Tennessee counted in traffic deaths Over the Christmas holi Days this year and added 11 More monday. Latest names added to the list were Bobby Smith 16, who died monday of injuries suffered in a collision in Ville sunday. Act the 15 unions Are barred from striking for a 60-Day period. Eisenhower s vacation head quarters Here said the members of the Board will be named in a few Days. During the 60-Day no strike period the Board will hold hear Ings and recommend settlement terms. The last half of the two month period is reserved for Union management negotiations on the basis of the Board s find Ings. Eisenhower s executive order setting up the Board said the Dis Pute threatens substantially to interrupt interstate Commerce to a degree such As to deprive the country of essential transportation _.--. The 15 non operating unions recently took a strike vote after which it was announced that More than 90 per rent of the members approved a walkout. The unions have no pending wage increase demands but have asked for a variety of health welfare and similar fringe de mands. The situation has been complicated by the fact that the rail roads have filed suit in Federal court in Chicago claiming that plus. He said that would make selective service an instrument of agricultural production con the circular was issued by the the Virginia circular said that if there is an overproduction of a particular agricultural commodity it can readily be seen that further production thereof would certainly not be necessary to the maintenance of the National health safety or interest and to defer registrants to continue to produce those commodities where there is an Over production would be Unwar Hershey in his letter to har Rison said he had been assured by White that it was not the state director s intention to at tempt to control the nation s agricultural production. Harrison saying he disagrees with Hershey commented i do not believe it was the intention of Congress to put the local selective service boards in the position of being agricultural economists if local boards act on the basis of what they read about farm surpluses he added there could be a great disparity in opinions. Harrison had written Hershey that it was not my understand ing that Congress intended to have local selective boards con Cern themselves with agricultural surpluses or to use Selec Tive service As an instrument for agricultural production con fire threatens big Telescope flames 200 Yards from Observatory los Angeles Wall of flame licked at Brush and Timber within 200 Yards of lofty it Wilson Observatory today fiut the sheriff Jenkins a. Hill and firefighters battled grimly of Clarke county claimed it was to hold one of the two worst a Clear Case of self defense i just beat him to , negro slaying May attract Federal probe Grove Hill Ala. Eral authorities said today they were interested in the fatal shooting of a negro prisoner by a sheriff against whom the negro testified in a Bootleg liquor Southern California Forest fires Tri that s blackened fighters pitted fire Hill said he shot Moses Jones against fire on. Rugged it. Wil 50, yesterday while returning the son Ridge setting backfires in negro Here from Bessemer Ala., an attempt to break Advance of the largest Blaze which burned about 175 Miles to the North on a fugitive warrant. 200 Yards and closer to the i took his Handcuffs off and scientific outpost and to scat the turned to me and tried to get Ter cd television transmitters be Low it. U. S. Forest service official said the Observatory housing the world s second largest Telescope was on the fringe of the larger of the two uncontrolled fires which under the railway labor Law they Are not compelled to bargain on burned More than Many of the health welfare and acres of valuable Timberland. _ i i k to or n c ii on cosh i ii o other Union demands. Eager Hunter bags big game trophy Trenton ont. Up Harold Sinclair spotted an object in the Bush while Hunt ing near Here fired a Volley of four shots and then ran to see what he had bagged. It was his automobile. Spokesmen said the situation has deteriorated on the Large it. Wilson fire. The flames leaped fire Breaks in several spots firefighting teams manned 14 pumpers near the Observatory Summit to beat Down the flames if they crackle closer. Reinforcements in the form of 200 Indian Forest fire experts were being flown Here from Ari see fire Page 2 most prosperous year but it con Sec economists Page 2 persons in armed services Washington sense department Power report said the de in a Man yesterday there were men and women in the armed services at construction work started the end of november. About a week ago with contract i this was the breakdown army tors now laying a Concrete pipe Navy Marine line from the Mill into the Pond corps air Force ing area into which solids from the total was 220.000 under the Plant will be conveyed and Clear water decanted into Creek. The the korean Peak reached in april 1952. It was under the figure for last Jan. 1. My the sheriff said. So i shot him three Jones was killed instantly. The negro and Hill were the ones present at the time of the shooting. Fireworks count dismissed Here defendant licensed to sell contraband sessions judge Sidney g. Gil breath jr., refused to Fine a per son charged with possessing fire works tuesday morning but the Man was forced to pay court costs. The judge stated that he was in sympathy with Jack Godsey since he has purchased state and county licenses to sell fire works during the Christmas hoi . To oppose red aggression Dulles hints action if China intervenes Washington of state Dulles hinted today that u. S. Sea and air forces will retaliate directly if communist China openly intervenes in indo China or Renews the fighting in Korea. In a news conference discus Sion of president Eisenhower s decision to pull two divisions out of Korea Dulles emphasized that this government might meet renewed aggression in Korea or open intervention in indo China by striking at the aggressor forces in places outside of Korea and indo China. He said that while american Power in terms of foot soldiers in Korea is on the decline its Power in terms of other piously new being increased. Eisenhower himself had made much the same Points when Dis closing the decision to withdraw two divisions from Korea. Dulles expressed Confidence that available French and native forces in indo China will Deal effectively with the new communist drive across Laos. He said that nothing the reds have done in this operation has altered appreciably the time table of operations by which the american and French govern ments Hope to break communist Power in indo China in a year. Rok Leader again blasts shaky truce reluctantly Renews pledge to permit peace conference from press dispatches Seoul Korea president syn Man Rhee urge the United nations today to talking will the communists and reopen the korean War but the Iron willed ruler reluctantly renewed his pledge he allow a peace conference 90 Days to unify his country be fore risking any military action of his own. Meanwhile South Korea s for eign minister assailed India for backing a report blaming South Korea for sabotaging the explanations to Balky War prisoners. We Are not for eign minister Pyun Yung Tai declared because we know in Dia will Side with the communists on All important Pyun s attack was the open ing blow of an expected South korean Thunderclap against in Dia s neutrality in the Touchy prisoner situation. India the chairman of the five nation repatriation com Mission sided with Poland and Czechoslovakia in a majority re port that accused South Korea of controlling compounds hous ing More than anti communist North korean and Chi Nese War prisoners. Only a Small number of the anti red prisoners Ever met the communist persuasion teams in the 90-Day explanation period those that did rejected return to their homelands by an Over whelming majority. In new year s greetings to the people of South and North Korea the 78-year-old Rhee made it Clear he believed that lasting world peace can be achieved Only by driving the reds out of Korea. To assure that the three year War was not fought in vain Rhee asked his allies to con clude futile discussions with the communists and to Rise with us in courage and valor for the not great Battle to annihilate the see Rhee Page 2 Russia releases two american prisoners americans held by the russians for years Tunny. Author in in u. Rpm furthermore Dulles said he e the re my tint in Rinir t i . Lum of pvt. Homer does not think that the red drive presents any present threat to Thailand bordering Laos on the West. Some Congress Knowland a Calif for one have expressed concern that Days. Fireworks Are outlawed in and might be invaded county but not prohibited state Sec Page 2 wide. The defendant stated that he i i a did not know of the Law i out hib iting Possession storage use manufacture or Sale of fire Worton in the county. He explained that no mention was made of the Law when he purchased the licenses. Godsey was arrested by con stables John d. Parker and How Ard Hensley last wednesday on Julie is a nine year old Mare Ridden by Scott Hubbard 62, Outfield va., route 1, who carries the Kingsport times news on the newspapers Only horse borne Carrier service to Vir Ginia readers. Julie and Scott faithful to both readers and the newspapers meet route Man Ager Bob quails As Early As 3 . On a sunday morning to pick up their newspaper bundles. Julie crosses several streams and climbs the mountains toward Lee county and takes the papers into the Little Community of Jasper. A retired Miner Hubbard has been carrying papers about two or three years on the several Miles Long route. He lives on a Small farm near Duffield. Commenting on his regularity of meeting quails on sunday mornings he replied i like an Early times news photo by Bob quails Highway 11-w near Bristol and j about Worth of fireworks i were confiscated by the peace officers. Under the Law a person is subject to a Fine from to and a possible jail sentence up to 30 Days judge Gilbreath said. The nerve of these railway engineers Peru ind. Engineer on a Chesapeake Ohio freight train saw a red warning signal Flash on and stopped his train. But an automobile kept com ing Down the track. It did t Stop until it had nosed up to the locomotive. The Driver got out and began scolding the Engineer for not dimming his Light. He was still scolding when sheriff j. M. Behle arrived and arrested him on charges of Drunken driving and Public intoxication. The Driver Charles o. Wind offer 59, paid fines and charges totalling yesterday. In City court still critical after wreck James l. Markham 18-year old Hamilton miss youth was still in critical condition at hol Ston Valley Community Hospital tuesday morning As a result of injuries received in a Christmas eve Highway Accident near in Dian Springs. One other person Paul Harper Curtis 19, of Huntsville Ala. Was killed in the same Accident and a second Hubert n. Power 18 of Toney Ala., died the follow ing Day of injuries Markham received compound fractures to both legs his right leg was amputated monday afternoon. Two other youths injured in the Accident were listed in fair condition by Hospital attendants tuesday. They Are Merrill Bowles 18, of Lambert miss and Joe Morgan 20, of Aberdeen miss. Louis Dickens 18, of Washington d. C., was also injured but was discharged from the hos Pital monday afternoon. The Accident occurred about . Thursday on route 11-w, when the automobile in pvt. Homer h Cox 33 of Tulsa okla., and Leland h towers 28, a merchant Seaman of san Francisco. Cox has been missing from his military police unit in Berlin since sept. 22, w40. He apparently was arrested by the rus mans in the soviet sector of the Ort Ever had Edge i holding him. While on Shore leave from snip. Bulletin Augusta a. Lent Eisenhower today dared the government defense agencies to spend More fed Lher it in Arcas where of in a amount of so lunar tables by John Alden Knight the. Chat Tull. Of Bolnar i Clodi. Lake stages today s skies which the seven were Riding plunged off the Highway and crashed into a tree. New Moon evening Star Jupiter. Pm .23 n m 2.30 next Monr Tny Alrh in i hip sni urn in Saturn is on the jell and Mars on the re not work Uiel position will

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