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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - December 24, 1952, Kingsport, Tennessee Canadian nuclear reactor disabled by pin Point leak gis and germans to share Chris Mas dinners again sixth person in co. Contacts polio Lewisburg term. Up a 35-year-old Mother has become the sixth person to contract polio Kingsport times wednesday dec. 24, 1952 19 cyclist escapes London Young Man i leu j by Lyle c. Wilson est the gloomiest the most1 up staff correspondent sombre Christmas eve in the Washington was j memory of living Man. Chalk River ont. Christmas eve and the pot-Bel-1 some of those wounded at the postwar gesture to throw a big Christmas lied old Man in the Siren suit Pearl Harbor still were being atomic Energy Plant say it Friendship party for 350 German children stood with his great Friend out moved to the Mainland in that take some weeks to get a crippled German families Are inviting Money left Over will be used to in ii oui acu1 in the Cornersville Section of shop yesterday swept a by Tom Stone american civilians Are joining in m county near Here Mink coat into his arms and Frankfurt Germany of to provide a Christmas for needy j Rounsv dashed out the front door. Thousands of germans and germans. Wstprdav1 As a startled showroom pm american gis will eat Christmas at the big u. S. Airbase at Haisley Wasi ploy ran to the door shouting dinner together in what has airmen chipped in the Irp Storp a Sunn throw Christmas admitted to Vanderbill Hospital Abo Arci Nis getaway vet peddled madly out of sight into the tray. Nursery i Backer Bros. Nashville Stolte now Side the White House a Cigar Christmas season. The Day nuclear reactor Here Back in e to snare dinner food baskets for needy Ger arabs ask Ike Aid in i i o of coif a Al Fri Rpnert pro Tnp Jan _ them in their Homes on Christ Man families. Fie. Beirut Lebanon a the Coa t belonged to a sister i clenched in his Teeth. I headlines had reported the Jap operation. The old mans head thrust anese pouring into the Philip the reactor sprang a americans have an american Christmas com president elect Duchess of Sunderland. Forward he a Bull s. . The Navy two weeks ago and has their German friends Toi Mittee at Bremerhaven will Howei. To undo the injustices was tight on that holy lost radio Contact out of action because of eat the Yule Day meal with spend to provide in done to Palestine arabs by re and Only a selected company Wake Island and maj James the danger of radiation. Them de privileged German children i cent american policy has been j was within the White House p. with his Gal a spokesman said employees of the army is making it possible with toys fruit nuts and Candy sent by 15 american and Arab Grounos. Lant marines Ana civilians Energy ltd., which oper for gis to invite their German for Christmas. Members of the faculty of the1 the old Man listened while his Jenevea most ates the now Are Clear friends to have dinner in army enlisted men and their wives american University of Beirut. Great Friend gravely told the m Ber in ing radiation in the building i mess Halls. The dinner which at Wuerzburg will play Santa the c3ble i Little company that the people production the atomic reactor. The Soldier pays for will include Claus to others Benhower in his Victory and de the labor the suffering to begmn1 m an army decontamination Turkey and All the trimmings. Are preparing to distribute food Darcy that the group to team Nas work outside gis who were invited into Ger and Coal to Wuerzburg s poor. Express our Confidence that you come. A Hurt and half shamed Man Homes last Christmas say they Are giving a 4-Ycar-old the stave injustices Tion listened to his broadcast i . Swint. A Hurst of Radi Thev Are planning to return girl at Wuerzburg to the arabs in Palestine a words. World wide flame Anri Siano Hopr downdrafts swept a burst of Radi they Are planning to return in action Over the Plant area. Hospitality by being hosts this steel by it was the old Man s turn to More the great Christmas tree was lit. Ill would it be for us this he said if we were not sure that no greed for the lands or wealth of any other people no vulgar ambitions no morbid lust for material gain at the expense of others had led us to the Field. Let the i Hildren have their night of fun and laughter let the Brace for her paralysed and restore to american policy Back. Its traditional insistence upon european the american women s club u d Freedom of ail peo then in the hush of the was lacking year to of the at Mir nip a Hole of pin Point size touched. Throughout f Littig off alarms dec 12 and forced command american soldiers and at Frankfurt announced it would few whom the old Man evacuation of the atomic Christmas gifts to More Lor whom me o a Man Fay 3_o employees most ofj34 Friet High and 34 fact in do. Than German children in and old i them returned to work the lol diameter. Inside a Concrete Cas seven orphanages four Homes to vote or of to War Andl Lowin Day nobody was is a thick layer of Graphite for the aged and two refugee 0 j delicate experiments in covers an aluminium , oratory buildings have been re 10 feet High and eight feet in sued. A smaller . Old the actual spa Ting of the Marion Driver mar. Was not affected by the Radia atoms goes on inside this tank remains critical Tion burst at the big read or which contains 176 aluminium known As nor. A More Power tubes holding rods of uranium Marion a. A Hospital double feature no. 1 the merry widow Lana Turner no. 2 big Timber Roddy Mcdowell features at Tom and Jerry in up Pup and news die. The sift of father Christmas Delight their play. Let us grown ups share to the full in their uns tinted pleasures before we turn again to the Stern tasks and formidable years that lie be lost Christmas fore us. Resolved that by our Sac nor his great Fri is dead could have it would take so Long the right of Little Ohil to live in a free and decent world. Ful reactor to be known As Cru. The tubes Are surrounded by spokesman said tuesday mrs. Now is under construction. Heavy water to slow the Speed of Josset Butler 23-year-old Driver the spokesman said Plant de the splitting atoms. Of a car in which her husband contamination squads have not radiation comes off the read and Small son died near Here yet penetrated to some parts of Tor continually and is forced up monday was in serious condition reactor nor because of Radia a 200-foot escape stack. The but expected to recover. Tion. Once they Clear up the extra radiation from the leak killed in the two vehicle col delightful entertainment for Christmas one wild night in Las vegas Rifice daring these same Chil Chicago the reactor will be Putin the reactor was carried off in vision were Navy it. Thomas o. Dren shall be robbed of their officials said today a passenger Jack in operation but it is manner dec. 12 but was Butler jr., 26, of Columbia inheritance or denied their right apparently lost his Christmas possible to forecast How Long the blown Back Over the Plant area itenn., and their 22-month-old to live in a free and decent spirit on an eastward trip from work will take. Tripping the sensitive alarm sys son. Seattle. Wash. I the damaged a Naolor stands Tern. Mrs. Butler a native of France. That he old Man s Mes the Man left a seven foot suffered a broken thigh a Bro Asp to All free Peoples on decorated Christmas tree on the pm Collarbone and a concussion Christmas eve. 1941. The dark train. Baylor Nelms will be closed All Day thursday and Friday december 25-26 open As usual saturday Baylor Nelms furniture co. Now favorite Kingsport theatres strand phone -.106 ride the Man Down in color Pluto s Christmas Iree and world n Cus whooping it up on a desert train beating the one armed bandits leaving town panic style kissing on the run Riding for prize Money at hell Dorado sky pull of Moon my a s fun filled Story of a country boy who meets a City blonde Gem Bir double feature great Missouri raid and the bowery boys in ghost chasers funny Little Bunny our gang comedy latest news written and directed by Norman Foster produced by Sidney Franklin or. An my a Pic Lute open Christmas Day 2 . Today thursday Friday May the spirit of happiness Good will that fills this season live in your Home and bless your loved ones for the Many years to come. A merry Christmas and x Happy new year to All. From our a staff officers and directors radio programs wept wept pm 1490 he. Pm. Toutjr Wodder Brown the woman in my Hoot five o clock Shadow Wilt news Calendar movie time Santa clans Joe old. Something Newt of the world one Man ? a mlle mile the great Groucho Man Story music John Cameron of Waves scr is u 00-tomorrow u-15 140n Frollo w k i n 13z9 or. Wednesday listen every night monday through Friday . Kingsport Federal o Federal savings loan association 330 3710 let s All buy defense Bonds 12 sign off thuksda1 , on gloom Chaser 5 4ft Cracker barrel in Jar ii i news 6-o.s gloom 6 15-Caroiina pals news gloom Chaser news Chaser scoreboard news loom word news Roundup behind tha world interlude Story of the a Svi y news 9 Jim and to and Welcome trave Doublet or nothing strike u Rich h 30-Bnb anti Ray music p t 1 bras Pul Roundup time news interlude 1 -00 the with he cold t 30 Merrill Mueller l-45_dr Pau 2 00 dance Crane 2 dial Dave Garroway 2 4.1 interlude 2 55 inside Hollywood f can be i 15--Road of life 3-30 Pepper Voung 1 of Molly music backs Tare weft 4-15 Sfella Dalian 4 -30 Vonny Brown the woman in my Houm o clock Shadow pc. The doctor s wylfa news 1 Kink sport Calendar movie a Btu schedule wednesday. Dec. To note i t at err Neibch Artnur Godfrey Obsi ii -00 there s to Verr family icu5 u Rlyn Obsi and room 12 15 love of l be ices tomorrow cab cookery t studio i 1 30 Garry Moore cbs1 double or nothing Obsi Light Obsi Art Len letter lbs 3 -.00 Elf my of inc 3 30 Welcome travellers inc Kaleidoscope Isiu Dlo Smith Inci Jonathan Story nature museum Rowdy Doody 6 00 a tort hark of music club St Friio i 45 Weatherman i5tudlo 6 50 studio watchman Quick quiz studio Edwards Iobst 7 45-Perry Como to Psi Godfrey pc Psi it Rich lbs crime tabs to be announced 11 00 Charles Laughton arc St. Patricks. N. Y. Olf 3 Larn Borup. It. It 3 in Tenn Jamboree it. I 3.30-Tenr Jam Borer it. 7 3 45-term. Jamboree it 3 4 00 win by Hclay club clans 4 30-sports Parade 4-45-ap 5 00-make believe 6.15-sign Olf tit kid a . 4 so slim on 4 5k-ah world new 5 00-weather and tip time i 1 up time it. 1 5 in a ice up time pm 3 5 up time it. 4 5 a news 5 so k Tom Para ure find Tim fila we Imp up time i fifi no Wake up time it. 7 i 4s-ap nofts 7 in alarm clock Cine 7 15-ail hymn program 7 s Loru show 00-musical merry it to and r 30-Mornmc Al i show b 9 req ups show 10 00 Nev a a hold Day 11 00-ap world Noti 11 -h5 hotly Onri Sarrp naders 11.30-Fnriarrl March of Paducah. P m 12 news 12 12-45-Checkerboard Kundup 1 on a 1 1 Lis seasonal 1 30-Spasonai 2 of tilt Wiseman Cliris time dour. .1 a Saliou 3 30-.ii my Smith show 4 00-wk n Nirich Lav club 4 Berrman 4 .10 sports run 4 4-t a news 5i on make believe time 5 15-sign off networks wednesday december 74 evening for Pii k Mirs or. i ifs Nirison by no news and Newy in Iilah no wifi news Smith in ii men s club Ranger news Man s news evening Fri to peace and War mystery musical or Christian Ufa begins at pro itchy Tho or be news family what a my lbs Cross forc Lusenie Baird to re news comment a mystery Hrip maj pro Brame nets a secret in Sion is secret. A secret from your wife. A secret from the you re not the Man i married. Not any More. You re ambitious. You re cold. You re Hie personal Story of pretty Lucey Tibbee who had the hard Luck to fall in love with a hero. This is their Story a tender Story a real told against the event that changed their and our i lbs my a presents the love Story behind the Billon Dollar secret above Beyon d Robert Taylor Eleanor Parker with James Whitmore Marilyn Erskine color meets Bird world news open Christmas 1145 this attraction especially selected for your Holiday entertainment. Starting tomorrow features at Stolte

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