Kingsport Times Newspaper Archives Dec 22 1953, Page 14

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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - December 22, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeP o g o whilst 19 look in up a Kin by we Withaus was Stan Mke Loop us wa65aiu6 while you wait s. Ek6lish we whisk wbnce6las u i w5ulpst is not wot sees put we of sons Isau bout this is time 5e away father an act Thutt. We have Tavvo More heavens child -7 quilts lady. Where Are buddy Donnie bring your quilts in Here Soomess they re simply Lovely i la buy Al three. Dearie Sthats seventy five dollars that night As li99y lans Vic in love to but. Is opemn6 at the of Ftp who taif tonjk3ht. Shall i two on the aisle an17 realtor Verm Prook . 1w1 k Cha Tonka kid. Disconsolate on mugs we. Scissors Asp to see wkappin6 so to that Aujla wut7 better Kwock vase. Where s rat first there s tack 1 Wantt totellm3u 5s a it. K. I must k awful Livin up there no word yet. Our phones Pon t Stop ringing. That Digger Story is the news of the year wonder How Long their Blinkin snows last. What a hot Dave in the North of several pays have gone by with no word from the Camps. List s see How they re taking it in Australia. What chances of Don t know Boss. Getting Over to i we got a Paloska s Camp Welli wish to cow Ewd Vou three Fok. The fight 1 Vou put up to protect ves. Soon they t yes it patrol lm1mch.we hours fou10p bits of the reissue i later East of Grid but the was gome doubt amp uwpiw6 out to he reported the Tower pmaa6eo, of twp Periscope broken off the sub deck the of Floripa. sent diver s Powk 60010 afterwards War would m3u expect with units from All Over Europe thrown into one big striking Force pm m3u, Morman army s the biggest Bunch of bums i Ever at s nut Hin to Mon we can make in to the 5axon1 lines , Well play As m9u please it from but i m this side1 leav1ns j t. M. U. N. Cut. Ahll Nevah come out Ahll Stav in Here until a slowly fades Fra Nikle Hain t to ashamed to dome carried on the was to did what if Yore hat what if folks Kin Haid it looks the same. As Tallus has happened to from Kwe this hat comes in Nancv at moments like these j Box that s i a swell stand up on this hydrant so i can see your reflection Why Don t be give be in Mavor. Riddles an1 go a fuck to Mollerin the plow an let my voters Down six Kunnert am forty votes Ait to be sneezed at snuff got a Kunnert nine voters k vie u. Wake a 6000 haul there s 6old ustem.1 do Vou hear a horse 1 come on u6htc3utta Here r know that i have just three More chapters to read dear and then i la turn out the lights who that in the Kitchen its just me dear fixing a Little Midnight snack go Back to sleep i never mabi2ied that s the a Isaice r dont want you Tomice de is a Home of Youe own family All the Joys i missed so i want you to find a Nice boy and Marcy i la give you half of my Money for Louiz vie dins present Good might oeai2 Sweet di2eams. Service any time open 24 hours daily City Hall Shell service Al it Little Liz the difference Between in lows and of flows is that the Irv Laws Promise to pay it Bock. Warrens Fly Home los Angeles chief Justice and mrs. Earl Warren Are Back in California for the Holiday season. They arrived by Airliner last night their first trip Back since he resigned the California governorship. Santa s Helper grand Prairie Tex. Grand Prairie Man walked into the Post office yesterday and asked asst. Postmaster Roy Childs whether he had any Christmas cards mailed without Stamps. Sure about 200, Childs said. The Man thought a while. Come to think of he said i believe i mailed a card my self last week and forgot to stamp he pulled out a Bill and handed it to Childs. He said i guess this ought to cover the postage Lor those cards and make it a merry Christmas to some i saw a Good move on television tvs Eother no set us did xtellx3u about i was at Sam Juarl Hill yup twice to Wmk Itu. Take a Lap use trv1nq Smaul. Talk with a kid not dry behind i Kwo rat Merji Sonja wants divorce Hollywood he Nie the skater and actress has announced that she will soon seek a divorce from Winthrop Gardiner new York aviation executive. The skater said she and Gar diner have been separated since last May 1. They were married in new York in 1949. 14 tuesday dec. 22, 1953 Kingsport times Nobel Winner across Down lard s coming Over. Toni6ht and i want to Surprise him with this new rjp6e a Toj wouldst a want to but on that mi.lardt7 Jume and have a big Surprise. For. Mumm smells Yummy Well. Urr to Cool off out 1 Winner of 1 obliterate 1953 Nobel 2 notion prize for 3 Bird s Home literature 4 burmese Wood sprite Churchill 5 Follower 7 he was weirder British print 7 struck Lang minister 8 before during the 9 vehicle 10 elevator inventor 11 proboscis 12 sketched to world War 13 form a notion 14 he is a renown19 lieutenant a 21 costs 22 close again 23 closer you be been makin6 15 irritate 16 color 17 Dine 18 kind 20 stitch 21 feign 23 tally keeper 28 trader 32 Garden spot in a desert 53 rugged Mountain Crest 34 vestige 35 Lariat 36 River 38 More succinct 36 slippers 41 theatrical sign 44 male child 45 entangle 48 doctrines 51 alleviation 54 everlasting poet 95 makes into Law 56 he esteem 26 two wheeled 43 heavy blow 49 staff. 46 47 trial 49 Assam silkworm 50 powerful explosive vehicle 27 eskers 29 Meadows 30 feminine suffix 31 erect 37 fails to hit 38 More rigid 40 accomplish 52 individual 24 challengers 41 Plant part s3 race course 25 drunkards 42 plexus circuit so 55 in

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