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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - December 22, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee12 tuesday dec. Zzz 1953 Kingsport times russian cloak and Dagger agents play vital role in red revolution thai i the first in a series of dispatches on sorbet espionage in the United states. The following Story tells How communist spies started infiltrating the u. S. Joy eminent by James f. Donovan Washington for Russia has been a vital communist activity almost since the red movement started in the latter Days of world War i. Even before the founding of the soviet military intelligence organization in 1921 and the Opu later the a kid in 1922, soviet agents circulated through out the world ferreting out valuable information for their leaders in Moscow. The United states did notes Cape the attention of the red spy chiefs. At the Start soviet espionage activity in this country was sporadic and not very fruitful. For the most part these ear Lier rings were led by soviet citizens who used the amt org Trad ing corp. Or other russian com Mercial firms in the United states As a cover for their activities. It was not until the 1930s, when the United states was plagued by the great depression that soviet intelligence leaders began to expand their espionage operations in this country and explore the possibility of infiltrating the u. S. Government. The infiltration movement was led by Harold Ware. A dedicated communist he was the son of Ella Reeve Bloor the Mother of u. S. working closely with j. Peters functionary High in the communist recruited about 75 communists mostly government employees this country for Russia without serving prison terms. They sailed for Russia in the Spring and summer of than a year before this country entered world War ii the struggle that produced the supreme test for soviet espionage. 60-50 Speed top during holidays set up in Tenn. Nashville motorists driving faster than 60 Miles an hour during the Day time and 50 Miles an hour at night can expect to be stopped and warned by state Highway patrolmen during the coming Holiday week. State safety commissioner w. W. Luttrell said he has issued orders to some 330 patrolmen including personnel of the usually office bound Drivers License Bureau to Bear Down in the drive against speeding reckless driving and Luttrell said All annual leaves for the Highway patrol during december have been cancelled. He said he Hopes the motoring Public will cooperate in every Way with the Highway patrol in making this Holiday season the safest Ever in the use of the Drivers License personnel had been recommended last week by the watchdog group of the governor s Emer gency traffic safety committee. Into a secret underground cell in j it also asked the state to make Washington. Weekly fatality figures available the group was Ifor future use by the state s ruled by a directing committee of some seven leaders mostly Bright Young men in the Agri culture department. According to subsequent testimony before congressional committees this elite corps included such prominent individuals As Alger Hiss later a top state department official Nathan Witt later Secretary of the National labor relations Board Lee Pressman later Cio general Friday. Counsel John j. Abt later a Spe Cial assistant to the attorney general Henry h. Collins jr., of various government agencies Charles Kramer who served later on Senate committee staffs and Victor Perlo later with the War production Board. The purpose of the Ware group and its elite corps was not espionage. But its roster proved invaluable to Jay Whit taker Chambers when he was or dered to Washington in the mid 30s to organize an Ultra secret apparatus. Chambers a native of Phila Delphia already was a Veteran communist of some 10 years standing when he set up shop in Washington. He had been As signed in 1932 to work in the party underground. Into his secret apparatus he received Hiss. Chambers has said that the espionage activities of his ring extended from the fall of 1936 until the Spring of 1938. He has testified he received hundreds of secret government documents during that time from Hiss Julian Wadleigh of the agriculture department and Abraham George Sll Verman from Harry Dexter White of the Treasury depart ment. Radio and press. However Luttrell said today figures will be available on an hourly basis during the period Between Christmas and new years. He said the warning plan on speeders was very effective in slowing Down traffic during the labor Day week end drive earlier this year. Some 777 persons have died on Tennessee highways through probes quiz Braden in Dexter while Case new York assistant Secretary of state Spruille Braden was called be fore the Senate internal Security subcommittee today for questioning that was expected to touch on the Case of the late Harry Dexter White. Braden was scheduled to testify at an open hearing by the subcommittee at the Federal courthouse in Manhattan. Chief counsel Robert Morris said the subcommittee headed by sen. William Jenner would ask Braden about latin american affairs with which he was familiar As assistant Secre tary and As ambassador to Colombia Cuba and Argentina. Morris did not say what phases of the White Case would be brought up. White was a Treasury department and inter National monetary fund official named in Fri reports As a Mem Ber of a Washington spy ring. Braden was among officials in the Truman administration who according to Justice de secret documents were Micro apartment records received an filmed and passed along by report mentioning White Chambers the official courier of in confection with communist the ring to col. Boris Bykov a espionage in 1945. Russian intelligence agent for transmission to Moscow. But this apparatus was not the Only communist spy cell operating in this country at the time. Bykov alone was said to have headed at least one other apparatus with Headquarters in new York. And there were still other cells within the govern ment. Hede massing former wife of International communist functionary Yerhart Eisler has Testi fied that in the 1930s, she successfully recruited Noel h. Field and Laurence Duggan of the state department into a soviet spy apparatus. Other soviet spy rings with contacts in pre world War ii government circles were headed by talk Bada Lovich Ovakimian a russian citizen of polish birth and Mikall Nikolaevich Morin a russian agent who operated on the West coast. Seized by the Fri Ovakimian and Gorin were allowed to leave after atty. Gen. Herbert Brownell recently raised the is sue of the Truman administration s handling of the White Case Braden was quoted As say ing he did not recall seeing any derogatory information about White. Morris said the internal Security subcommittee in its new York session also would ques Tion three or four witnesses at a closed hearing regarding activities of u. S. Citizens employed by the United nations. Some of these witnesses May later testify at an open hearing he said. Car kills owner Linden Tenn. In Earl Powers 33, of the plane View Community was killed yesterday when his stalled automobile ran Over him As he tried to push it Down a Steep Hill. Highway patrolmen said the car went out of control ran up a Bank then Back Down hitting Powers. Russians a new attitude toward newsmen by Phil Newsom up foreign news editor shortly after 7 . Moscow time monday soviet and West Ern newsmen were summoned to the skyscraper office of the russian foreign ministry. They were met by the foreign minis try press chief. In new York the time was a Little after 11 o clock in the morning. The time and circumstances Are noted carefully because they Are part of a developing new attitude by the soviet government toward Western newsmen who in Moscow work the world s toughest news at . New York time . Moscow time an important bulletin cleared United press news wires and landed on the desks of editors throughout the United states and Canada. Simultaneously other . Cir Cuits carried it around the world. It was the announcement that soviet Russia had agreed to negotiate with the United states on president Eisenhower s proposal for peaceful worldwide develop ment of atomic Energy. These things would have been impossible less than a year ago the Speed with which the Story was transmitted. U. P. Cor respondent Kenneth Brodney s dispatch reached editors around the world Only about 30 minutes from the time he heard of it. The correspondents received the news directly from the for eign office. Past practice had been brusquely to inform correspondents that a communique would be available at the official Tass news Agency delivery room and to come and get it if you Are even then the correspondent might be kept Cooling his heels for More than an hour. Brodney was permitted to transmit his Story before the same news was broadcast by Moscow radio or Tass. It was nearly an hour later that Tass began its English language broadcast. For Western newsmen in mos cow used to being Cut off from All Contact except with fellow westerners the change Marks a Complete about face. Key Wise kids keep Piggy Bank deposits Low Washington up the Only trouble with Piggy Banks is that they come with keys. And what with the Young around the House always smelling out keys a Man can never seem to Load a Bank up. It seems that that sort of thing has been going on forever. At the Shoreham hotel they have just finished the annual Washington Antiques fair. In addition to Jingle Banks More than 40 dealers from All Over the East Ern United states put on display everything from grandma s Rocker to Fine old Lacey things. Nobody seems to know where or when the Penny known by the name Piggy came from exactly but Ralph m. Meyer of Delaware water Gap pa., had himself a Fine col Lection of same. Today s Piggy Banks Are made of phony pigs automobiles and the likes and in the old Days were made of Many things. There was one on exhibit called always did spice a this one was a Model showing a lad on a mule. A Coin is plunked in the boy s Mouth and when it goes into the till the mule kicks up a couple of heels and pitches the boy Over his head. The Coin lands kerplunk. That one came along in 1879, Tito raps West soviet for their Conquest plans Belgrade Yugoslavia up Tito said today the armies of the West and the so Viet Union Are being trained Only for Conquest and will fall to pieces during heavy defeats. Tito said Yugoslavia is creat ing an army which is a part of the in the West and Union he added the armies Are artificially being separated from the general developments of the people. The members of these armies Are being trained Only in a con quering warring sense and they Are not allowed general political work in the army so that these men Are being turned into a purely militaristic instrument which absolutely Falls to pieces during heavy Tito said in a statement. He said it was easy for the yugoslav army to withdraw from Trieste s Borders As soon As the danger was Over because the army had the support of the whole yugoslav people. Dewey names Czar for racing tracks new York e. Dewey today appointed a Czar to Rule Over the state s scandal Ridden harness racing operations with an Iron he named new York police commissioner George p. Mona Ghan to take office As soon As the necessary legislation is passed. In a press conference Dewey also announced he has made Monaghan a democratic City appointee a member of the investigating commission which Dewey appointed oct. 8 to in quire into every phase of operations of the state s seven Trot Ting tracks. Dewey said he was doing this so that when the legislation has been passed As a result of the commission s work Monaghan will be fully familiar with the problems Monaghan who said he would resign As police commissioner dec. 31, will take office on the commission Jan. 1. Scandals connected with the harness racing Industry began coming to Light last 28 As a result of the murder of Eliom As f. Lewis Union Boss at Yon kers raceway. Since then numerous disclosures and accusations have pointed to employ ment of criminals extortion from owners and workers by crooked labor leaders and ownership of Large shares of track Stock by politicians. Today wednesday and thursday big double feature first showing in Kingsport Elen Verdugo Frank Ferguson Rick Vaisin. An Auk a tits Patum feature number 2 George Zucco Fox today Wayne Morris Arctic flight Kingsport 1 Greeneville Hwy. Of. Area at on i go to titanic Clifton Barbara Webb Stanwyck Robert Audrey Telma Wagne Halton hitter Brian Aherne Richard Basehart Charles bracket first show starts at . Anyone coming by . Can see Complete show. Cartoon according to the records in the Patent office. A Penny Bank patented in 1888 by a or. Alfred Fox is called Buffalo the Buffalo stands on a base of a tree stump. He Butts a Small lad when any body puts in a Coin and the Coin goes into a receiver. There also was a circus Bank on display going Back to 1889. A Clown is in a cart and drives his wild Pony around the ring. The Clown raises his hand and knocks a Coin into the Box. In aspect tvs ring before potting on the tree. I use a rats approved by Ike underwriters Laboratory. Electric trains arc. Fan Bat Are dangerous around the tree. After opening the presents do pole of All the paper. When Needles Start falling Dis card the tree immediately. When Yon leave the Home make sure the tree lights Are out. Safe Christmas is a merry not pleasant to think of a gaily decorated Christmas tree As an instrument of destruction. But your Beautiful tree is a serious Are Hazard. Because of its natural pitch and resin it is highly combustible and once ignited is Al acct impossible to extinguish by Ordi nary methods. Illustrated Are Dos and Don to to observe in the handling of your tree As suggested by the National safety Council. Tenn youth killed Harlan by. Fan non 16, of Lake City Tenn., was shot to death monday near Loyall. Officials. Reported a Harlan county youth Howard g. Farley jr., 16, of Baxter was charged with manslaughter. His Bond was set at no hearing has been set. S p e i a 1 Coroner Raymond Chitwood said an investigation indicated the shooting was accidental. Police said Farley told them he loaded his 12-gauge Shotgun but forgot later that it was loaded when he playfully pointed the gun at Fannon and fired. The charge hit Fannon in the Chest. School Board fires reluctant witness Cleveland Cleve land Board of education yester Day fired for Good and just cause a 37-year-old teacher who refused to answer questions be fore the Ohio in american activities commission. The Board found Edward Lik Over an instructor at the Cleve land trades school guilty of conduct unbecoming a Likover questioned the legality of the commission when he appeared before it at a hearing Here dec. 2. Midnight Moss to be televised Rome up Christmas eve Midnight mass in Rome s age old Basilica of Santa Maria in Araceli will be televised this year for the first time. Franciscan fathers helped Tel Evision experts install transmit Ting sets in the ancient Church which was the meeting place of the roman municipal Senate in the Middle Ages. Three cameras Are being set up in order to give a Pana Romic View of the in front of the altar one in the j Middle of the Church and one in front of a Chapel where an in Jage of the Christ child is exposed every year from Christ Mas to the Epiphany. New City greeter new York Robert f. Wagner or. Says he will drop Grover a. Whalen after 35 years As official City greeter and name Richard c. Patterson or. To the Job. Patterson a native of Omaha neb., served As ambassador to Yugoslavia and Guatemala and was minister to Switzerland until last june. Taylor 1 Gate City a. I today Man killer soul h air icon shudders at Jungle movie efforts Hollywood Story might be titled hits and misses below the Veldt or they pulled a wrong in the it concerns George Michaels a Ruddy English sounding native of South Africa whose for bears hailed from Lebanon. This Chap is actually a White Hunter and he has a merry chuckle at some of the boners pulled by Hollywood epics about Africa. Mind you american films Are very popular with movie goers in he remarked. But some of the things in those films Are so off the beam that they re ludicrous. For instance in Magambo Clark Gable shoots a Black Leop Ard out of a tree. There Are no Black leopards in Africa the picture also showed a cheetah walking quietly through Ava Gardner s tent at night. That would never happen. At the slightest sound the cheetah would be racing i have been watching Somel of the african shows on to too. The other night i saw a chapter of Ramar of the Jungle which j had a Battle Between a Tiger and a water Buffalo. Neither is found in another thing Michaels finds amusing is the elaborate safari in most . They usually show dozens of native bearers a vast number of tents with Mosquito netting and natives in White jackets to serve he observed. I have been taking Hunters on trips for 15 years and i never saw any thing As fancy As that. Once i took out a couple of people from Here in Hollywood and they were terribly disappointed because we took along Only the Bare essentials. They expected a big production africans Are also amused by the portrayals of the coloured people in african films. The tribes Are often mixed up with one kind of people shown As living in a Village that another tribe uses. And they Are generally shown All decked out in feathers and fancy at tire. That is Only for ceremonies. The rest of the time they Wear Only a loin cloth. Many pictures show the col ored people As fierce and menacing. Nonsense there Are no hostile natives except in the most Remote and inaccessible areas of Africa. Even those who Haven t seen White men arc curious about them. They la gather around you in interest not poise Spears at you. Another common scene shows the animals charging the Hunt ers. African animals Are so wary of humans that they will run away at the fist sound. Only those who Are maddened by Dis ease or the weak weapons of natives would Michaels has made a Lucra Tive business of combining Hunt ing and movie making. He Long acted As guide and operated a gun shop in Victoria. Now he has made a full length movie african which Allied artists will release Early next year. You can bet that it will be authentic. Tonight k ride Vaquero Robert Taylor Ava Gardner Howard keel greatest thriller since Frankenstein what evil lurks in his cunning brain what animal Dekirm drove him on he held them All in the grip of deadly terror. Nothing could keep him from this woman he claimed As his own Sim Tomii Robert Shayne Richard Crane Doris Merrick Joyce Terry if added hits 30 minutes of thrills with commando Cody also latest world news 2 thrilling Days today and wed. Phone 200 tonight Debbie Reynolds affairs of Dobie Gillis noun she using of favorite Kingsport theatres strand Bone pm slaves of Babylon technicolor cartoon and news Rialto phone 350 red Skelton in half a Ukko Donald Duck fun cartoon Lex Barker Phyllis Kirk features at Mickey mouse cartoon Pete Smith shout world news radio programs wept wept pm 1400 dec. 98.5 me. 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