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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - December 21, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee4 monday december 21, 1953 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper c. P. Edwards jr., publisher and general manager w. J. Mcaulife. Editor Ellis Biol cd. Executive editor 220-23 e. Market Street Kingsport Tyno. Member of the associated press. Southern newspaper publishers association and the audit Bureau of circulation. An Independent democratic newspaper published each after noon except saturday and sunday. The associated press exclusively entitled to the use or publication of All news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Entered at Post office in Kin sport Tenn. As second class mall matter october 27. 1044. Under Tho act of March r. 1ot9 National advertising representatives. Shannon As Sernates. Inc., with offices in new York. Chicago. Detroit Atlanta. St. Louis Kansas City los Angeles and san Francisco. Subscription rate by mall first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday one week 40c. Today s Bible thought hear attentively the noise of his voice and the sound that goeth out of his the times daily tonic blessed to the god s voice for it is True and falsehoods have to cease before it Carlyle. The real Christmas has commercialism destroyed the True meaning of Christmas there is a Good Deal of feeling that there is Over emphasis on the Holiday and a glossing Over of the holy Day that the Celebration is worldly rather than spiritual and religious that the dominant character is Santa Glaus rather than the infant Jesus. That Many people do lose sight of the real meaning of Christmas is True enough. Many irreligious people Cele brate Christmas As a Clay 1 or fun and frolic and even carousing. But that is not modern and it is nothing new. It is also True that in the minds of children the figure of Santa Claus looms Large and getting presents is important. But this has been True Down through the Ages. To try and put Santa aside in this Day and time is to do violence to human nature. It is a part of childhood and a Good part of childhood. Most certainly it is not new. It is further True that business has capitalized on this worldly Side of Christ Mas. It is True that men and Trade Cater to and compete for the Dollar which people spend on presents. But there is nothing antagonistic be tween the enjoyment of proper worldly pleasures and religion. There is nothing antagonistic Between the business of buying and Selling and religion. There is no reason Why the idea of Santa Claus and presents cannot go hand in hand with the remembrance and Celebration of the birth of Jesus. We believe they do go hand in hand in. Most american Homes. We do know the religious services Are not neglected. We know that there is a vast outpouring of generosity toward the poor which has a deeply religious motive. We know that the businessmen charged with commercializing Christmas Are for the most part Strong christians who give of their time and substance to the work of the churches very generously. We would go along with the idea of constantly reminding ourselves and our children of the real meaning of Christ Mas but to do this we do not think it is necessary to regard the idea of Santa Claus As paganism or irreligious. We do not think it necessary to interfere with the age old pleasure of childhood nor with the buying and Selling that has grown up around Christmas. The Christ Mas can be untouched and Shine through. Meny go Rounce letter to editor by Drew Pearson John Blat Nik Minnesota Democrat has returned from a personal trip to Yugoslavia Trieste and trip that won t make headlines but May go a Long Way toward solving the tension Between Tito and Italy. During world War ii Blatnik was a secret american agent in Yugoslavia. He Speaks the native languages fluently and worked Side by Side with yugoslav soldiers in their struggles against the germans. He knows the yugoslav leaders and the people. And what is equally important they in turn know him and Trust him. So when congressman Blatnik had a Pri vate session with marshal Tito he did not pull any punches. A few Days before his meeting with Tito Blatnik had gone to Trieste and personally studied the situation. He was alarmed by the mounting tension and resolved to talk i told he told friends later that he would simply have to Calm Down on the Tri Este Issue or there was a Good Chance the whole thing will explode out of All control. Tito listened intently As i pointed out that both Italy and Yugoslavia need each other. Italy needs lumber from you. You need Italy s Fine electrical equipment and tools. On the military Side marshal you need the Protection of bomber bases in Italy to help fend off any russian invasion. And the italians need you to Blunt the Edge of the russian army As i see the Blatnik told Tito both you and the italians have got to get this dispute off the front pages and take it into the conference room. And when you talk about Trieste forget about All the emotional statements of the you asked Tito that you want me to yield on a matter of new approach replied Blatnik. I want you to think of the problem in different terms. In terms of world peace. In terms of economic Prosperity. I urge you to abandon ancient Power politics and think in a wholly new set of As Blatnik continued his impassioned a peal Tito began to nod his head in approval. Blatnik continued people throughout the world Are looking anxiously at the problem of Trieste. They Are looking Here in Belgrade and in Rome for signs that the old Days of Power and pressure politics Are on the Way out. You and Premier Pella can. Give Hope to millions of people throughout the world if you will just quietly decide to Stop All the bluster and sword rattling and just sit Down at a conference table. Some Blatnik concluded just can t be solved by old methods. The men who split the atom for peace As Well As War were All Young of them under thirty years old and they brought a new fresh approach to a terribly difficult problem. But they licked it because their minds were not stagnant and full of fears. That is what is needed Here and in Rome. A fresh approach to an old problem. New ideas of diplomacy and a willingness to admit that All the old methods Are not necessarily the Best meth Tito nodded in understanding. If he nodded in agreement John Blatnik s trip May one Clay prove historic. Pella receives last month Premier Pella saw so Many distinguished american visitors that he May have wondered if he was chief of the italian or the United states government. First he received ambassador Clare Boothe Luce. That meeting lasted hours. When the ambassador departed the next visitor was congressman Joe Martin speaker of the House of representatives. And after Martin Premier Pella held a conference with Admiral Arthur w. Radford chairman of the United states joint chiefs of staff. Speaker Joe Martin heaped Praise on Premier Pella As he left the foreign office. The Massachusetts congressman said he had been highly impressed by the Premier and went out of his Way to Laud Pella As an Hon est and sincere Man intensely Loyal to Italy. Queer Story Carl Hall has gone to his maker and perhaps we should heed the injunction the dead speak nothing taut nevertheless we believe that most americans will hear with no pleas ure at All and a Good Deal of doubt the last minute words attributed by an Anonymous Clergyman to Hall. That Hall facing death suddenly be came Noble and intelligently aware of god s presence in the world is hard to believe. That Hall could have said the things attributed to him in the last minute conversation is highly incredible. Hall was a weak Man a Man who had no moral Fibre to resist Plis whole life proved that. Being what he was it would have been More logical if he had broken Down into a whimper ing Coward when he faced death. That he did was much More Likely due to a Dull mind rather than to repentance and Serene Confidence in the mercy of god. Frankly speaking this piece sounds like some Well meaning Clergyman was trying to pull some Good out of the very ugly facts and Point a moral. We would t doubt that Hall responded or appeared to respond to religious admonition. It could be that the hopeful Clergyman read More into this than was warranted. It is also possible that the Story was told to a Man or woman known in the newspaper world As a sob sister who dressed it up with a few Well chosen words that came out As direct quotes editor times news Kingsport Tenn. Dear sir Stevenson in a speech lauded Ike and rapped the republicans which was a very inconsistent thing to do As Ike is the head of the Republican party therefore if the head deserves Praise so the party deserves Praise also. He says that the four fears have replaced the four freedoms and mentions Freedom from fear and Freedom from want As two of the four freedoms. There has never been any Freedom from fear and Freedom from want As can be proved by Stevenson him self because he is wanting to be president and is afraid he will never be. He is criticizing the republicans for the Way they Are handling communists in our govern ment and claims that they Are resorting to communist meth ods. I have never known communists to Point out communists and have them removed from High positions in the government. It is Plain that it is just killing the fair dealers because Mccarthy is pointing out the communists and Eisenhower is getting rid of them. He says that Eisenhower s friends Are lighting the fires of hysteria which is the very thing that Stevenson is trying to do by misrepresenting the facts. He is opposed to Mccarthy s demand that our government Stop taxing our people and Send ing the Money Over there to Benefit the communists. I think that any Man who favors this is a communist. Why should we help the reds to fight us and try to destroy our government our free Enterprise our Christian religion who favors this mccarthyism. Is one of the greatest isms we have because it is an ism that wants to get rid of the communists in our government that have been placed in High positions by the new and fair dealers during their 20 years Rule. Then if you oppose mccarthyism which opposed communism you Are for communism. Let us stand by the Declara Tion of Independence which like the Golden Rule makes the Law of individual right and also individual duty. It is a solemn pledge of Faith and Honor it is a baptismal vow the Bedrock of our Republican institutions it is the Light by which the Constitution must be read and any Man or party who will not stand by the declaration and obey it can never be trusted to keep an oath to support the Constitution they will always Bend it to meet their desire but never the de sire of the Constitution which has covered the continent saved South America and is revolutionizing Europe by the expansion of Freedom and yours is the expansion of Aaron Burr and is destined to As Short a life and to a like Fate. Nimrod Taylor Eisenhower program president Eisenhower held two emergency Cabinet meetings plus a regular Cabinet meet ing to whip his legislative program into shape before he sat Down last week with gop con Gressional leaders. The program his Cabinet came up with in the end was surprisingly Liberal. Some said it was More like the new Deal than what the Republican party stood for and this was the chief reason for the clash with old guard gop leaders. However the program is flexible and Ike advisers went into the closed door sessions prepared to give. Here is a rough summary of what the administration proposes defense of defense Wil son has finally produced a three year program for trimming Down defense spending. It Calls for the reduction of the army Navy by men next year and by men during the three year period. The Navy will lose 60 ships including two battleships but no air plane carriers. The air Force which was Cut too drastically last year will be Given seven new not to be completed before june 1, 1957. This will make a total of 137. The defense budget for fiscal year 1955 will be of expenditures or of appropriated Money. The difference is accounted for by Money left Over from the previous year. This is drastic but not As drastic As those ordered by Louey Johnson. Unfortunately undersecretary of defense Roger Keyes failed in his attempt to revamp the defense establishment along modern atomic lines. In Stead the three services sliced a Little but basically stuck to conventional weapons such As warships and foot soldiers. Political go round even though democrats won the Virginia race for governor they Are so sore at senator Harry Byrd they would almost defeat him if he were running tomorrow. Reason Byrden courage the republicans one year ago. As a result they built up a Strong state machine made the democrats spend unprecedented time and Money to win this week. Watch a. E. S. Stephens who was re elected Virginia s lieutenant governor. He s the coming political figure in Virginia. Senator Guy Gillette of Iowa Democrat who must depend on the farm vote in t worried about his re election chances any More. Two months ago Sena Tor Paul Douglas of Illinois Democrat said he probably would t run for re election. Now it would be hard to drag him out of the race. By Erskine Johnson Hollywood Wood s Best quotes of 1953 Marilyn Monroe accused of wearing padding people who know me better know it it it Dick Haymes about life with Rita we both think alike we like the same things. The Only Dif Ference Between us is that i m a Man and she s a Clifton Webb giving his reason for not being on to for the same reason that Rembrandt did t draw comic chill wills on comedy re Lief in Western films the Only Way you can be funny in one of those Hoss operas is to do a Swan dive into a watering x a Robert Mitchum on hol Lywood s future Hollywood will never be a ghost town. But i think the mar ble facade has to vanish and the plaster of Paris has to Crum ble. It May not be Able to sup port As Many relatives As it does now but it will certainly sup Christmas gift Washington calling by Marquis Childs Mac s window by j. Mcauliffe a fellow says that nobody is Able to Embarrass Joe Mccarthy naturally you would t expect anything to make his face red it the difference Between conservatives and liberals is that the liberals believe in taxes on excessive profits and the conserva Tives believe we have excessive taxes on profits. It the reason that More liberals than conservatives Are believers in High taxes is that liberals have less to be taxed. The one thing that most peo ple Are Calm about having a tax on is the other fellow. It Ezra Benson s letter to Santa Claus dear Santa. Please Send me a formula on farm quotas subsidies and prices that will be equally satisfactory to the farm ers to the Consumers and to the politicians. The Secretary of the Treasury would like to find in his stocking a nicely balanced budget. It a fellow says that the increase of Canvas or rubber for shoes is going to Force the cattle people to find a. New use for hides. But Are they using Thorn for steaks it Adlai Dodges question about the and Harry Dodges questions about the past. Washington that Man from Mars visiting almost any Community in America at this season would see evidence of Prosperity underwritten by employment still virtually at a Peak and payrolls Only slightly diminished by a reduction of Over time in certain industries. Christmas shoppers Are out in Force and the mails Are begin Ning to swell with the custom Ary tide of packages and Greet ing cards. Phia speech he included fear of a depression As one of the four fears induced by a Republican administration. But a recent visitor to Washington who can hardly be accused of playing politics talked in his shrewd and Earnest Fash Ion about the signs of trouble he sees ahead and what Steps he believes should be taken immediately. Marriner Eccles for 12 years chairman of the Board of governors of the Federal Reserve seeing All this the Man from system and now living in san Mars would be puzzled by the undercurrent of talk about Trou ble ahead. He would be told certainly by the republicans that this was political reflecting the frustration of the democrats who regard a recession As their Only Opportunity to return to Power. Adlai Stevenson was charged with playing that kind Francisco where he directs the worldwide operations of the Utah construction company has a habit of being right. Calling the turn on the Truman inflation he broke with the former presi Dent Over fiscal policy and worked closely with his Friend the late senator Robert a. Taft. In a Long talk with w. Ran of when in his Philadel Dolph Burgess Deputy to Secretary of the Treasury George Humphrey Eccles said he saw signs just ahead of the kind of recession calling for a concerted program of government action Burgess was sceptical. He Sug port More honest Charles Farrell still awed at the Power of television in the first place people no longer refer to me As the Star of silent films. Second i be heard from relatives who did t even know me when i was the Star of seventh heaven Dinah Shore about television wardrobes you have to be careful. Don t dress As if you were out to get some other woman s it it it George Sanders before his separation from Zsa Zsa Gabor i have often been asked my formula for married happiness. It is to maintain a state of harmonious friction at All times. Men should never be afraid to make women suffer. They love except Zsa Zsa apparently it it it will Rogersjr. On the re action of his sons to his movie stardom they re indifferent about it. They Aren t As impressed As i thought they would be. But you know something i was t impressed by my father it it it Betty Grable on the Santa Anita racing season those dear Little horses made for Treasury is fundamental. Humphrey feels that an inevitable adjustment is taking place. He believes part of the trouble May be behind us already. Thus the Treasury has noted improvement in the textile Industry which a year ago showed soft spots. The adjustment As seen from the Treasury is not inevitable but healthy. It is an indication of recovery from the inflation Ary spree that was started All Over again in 1950 by the out break of the korean War. In this same category of essential adjustment the treas Ury puts the cutbacks in the steel Industry reported in a re cent Survey in the Wall Street journal. For most of the Indus try including the big producers the cutback is Small and considered seasonal. Since just be fore the beginning of world War ii Industry has not experienced such seasonal slowdowns and so they come As something of a Shock. But for Many smaller companies the Wall Street journal Survey shows the cutback has tested that Eccles was giving been drastic. One Midwest Corn too much rein to an inherent pessimism. When it came to what to do if the Eccles View were right Eccles readily agreed that sub Stantial cuts could and should be made in defense spending. But instead of reducing the budget by the or billions saved in this Way Eccles recommended that the Money saved be routed into constructive spending. He suggested that working through the cities and states it would be possible to put such an amount into High ways and into an Effort to break the bottlenecks that paralyse traffic in most Large cities. Pany concentrating almost entirely on wire fencing has Cut Back 70 per cent of its production and one third of the labor Force has been Laid off. This Sharp drop reflects a decline in purchases by Farmers. Writing in the Manchester or. Stevenson would have less doubt in his mind about running in 3950 in he knew whether Eisenhower was going to run again. Quick in the race Steve would go if he could run. Against Wisconsin Joe. But of one thing there is no doubt if Ike stays in Adlai stays out very few women carry their Money in their stockings any More. But Betty Grable still keeps her Fortune in her Stock Ings. When you Don t have enough Money in the Bank to cover your Check the Bank sends it Back marked insufficient would t it be More factual to say out sufficient fooling your wife is like get Ting a Good Golf score. You need to have Good lies. Through payrolls engendered drop of that magnitude. How Long will it be before somebody makes a novel out of the arc Niease Case that Story about last minute turning to religion guardian Colin Clark predicts a sounds like the first Premoni slump in -1954 of the Severi tons of More to come to of 1930. He believes that con Gress would have to Cut taxes by billions while maintaining or increasing government spend ing in order to Check such a slide. Clark whose predictions have stirred wide interest in England is virtually alone among world economists in expecting a the French Are having a Ter Rible time electing a president. Wonder what the contest would be like if the Job was really important by such spending the Slack would be taken up and there would be a constructive gain to show. It could be related to civil defense since most cities squeezed into the traffic pattern of another Era Are appallingly vulnerable targets in the atomic age. The difference Between the Eccles View and that of the at the head of the president s Council of economic advisers is Arthur Burns an analyst of out standing brilliance. Burns is confident Steps can be taken to Check a decline. But those Steps Call for Quick cooperation from key republicans in Congers. And that is a big question Mark on the horizon of 1954. Even y in a while a nation produces a great statesman. France is about due. The last one was the old Tiger a Larnen eau. Since then hmm. A fireman caught the flu while working on a fire which caught in the flue. Doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . Side glances from Hall. The whole Story leaves a very unpleasant smell in our nostrils. T. M. . U. S. Off. Copy. 1953 by Nea he. Bill will be Home for the holidays Don t forget How Are the even Normal processes like having children can sometimes result in complications which re quire correction As seems to be the Case in the problem outlined in today s first letter. Daughter has had three children the doctors say they were Large and now that she needs an operation to draw the Muscles of the Abdomen together where they Are broken or some thing can this be done Success fully and is it a severe opera Tion Reader the scanty information submitted the probabilities Are that some of the abdominal Muscles have partially separated and Given Rise to a rupture or hernia. If the muscular coat of the abdominal Wall is in fairly Good shape it should be possible to repair the rupture by surgery. It is generally classified just the same As any other rupture or hernia. It it it Sun injurious to the hair and Scalp also is baldness hereditary mrs. B. E. G. All probability excessive sunlight on the hair and Scalp would Lead to dryness and might ultimately harm the growth of hair. Some forms of baldness Are considered to follow a hereditary pattern. It it it a Long record of High blood pressure i suffered a slight stroke several months ago. I have improved greatly but my question is whether it is possible to restore Complete action to Arm and leg with exercises c. B. F. Recovery from the effects of a stroke is now considered possible for Many of those who have suffered. Time and carefully outlined rest and exercise under competent care May increase the ultimate de Gree of improvement. Is the Best treatment for a Gaiter i have heard that operation is Best and also that Complete rest and a diet of Lemon juice helps. Confused. Rest and Lemon juice is not an accepted method of treating any form of Gaiter. What is for a Gaiter on whether it is toxic and on Sev eral other factors. Surgery is still used extensively for some forms of Gaiter but in recent years radioactive iodine has been found useful. A decision on Pijie Best treatment must be made after professional examination. Ouf our Way boy its smooth As Glass never saw More Beautiful ice. Now fee. Our skates. The show s to thicker k dust what a Day what a Ufa when you d love to live forever Vej it Atli

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