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Kingsport Times Newspaper Archives Dec 16 1953, Page 4

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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - December 16, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee4 wednesday dec. 16, 1958________ Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper c. P. Edwards. Jr., publisher and general manager w. Mcaullife editor Ellis Binl cur. Exec Sun editor 320-23 e. Market Strent Al Nispon. Tonn. Member of the associated press. Southern newspaper publishers association and the audit Bureau of circulation. An Independent democratic newspaper published each after noon except saturday and sunday. The associated press la exclusively entitled to the use for publication of All news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited to this paper and also the local news published herein. Entered at Post of face in Al Newport. Tenn., As second class mall matter. October 27. 1844. Under the act of March s. 1s7b. National advertising representatives Shannon it Boc lates inc., with offices in new York Chicago. Detroit Atlanta St. Louis Kansas City. Los Angeles and san Francisco. Subscription rate by mail first and second postal zones daily and sunday one by Carrier daily and sunday one 40c. Today s Bible thought through Faith he kept the passover and the sprinkling of blood lest he that destroyed the firstborn should touch the times daily tonic Faith is mind at its Best its bravest and its fiercest. Faith is thought become poetry and absorbing into itself the soul s great passions. Faith is intellect carried up to its trans figure Akhurst. Merry go round Hollywood let them go the refusal of our sex americans to come Home should be accepted without any argument. The sooner that question is settled the better. Somehow we have been mane Vered into the position of trying to persuade pos to come Home. Why if they Don t want to come Home Why should they be wanted this whole pow question is of red origin. If they had not insisted we would have said the prisoners we held had a perfect right to go Back to red China or not. We argued about the red demand that the prisoners first be tested to see if they were sincere. We argued that the reds had no right to Grill the pos. We finally accepted their right to question those who did not want to go Back. But having accepted we decided this thing could work both ways. We had to screen All the pos too. And before we knew it we were in the position of doing what we said the reds had no right to do in the first place. We were coaxing and arguing and trying to persuade. We were even offering inducements. It seems unbelievable that South koreans who had gone commie were with bait to change their minds. They were told that they would get a lot of Back pay that they would be promoted. In Short we seem to have adopted the red tactics. This makes no sense. We do not doubt that there Are people who Are sincere communists. It May be fantastic As mrs. Howe said of her son s Case but it is pos sible. Here is a boy who is completely twisted in his mind but yet is a Well meaning boy. Given the vagaries of the human mind it is not so surprising that 22 out of the Many thousands took the wrong Road. But they have a right to take it. It s a pity of course but it makes no sense to apply pressure. Let them go. They should have Complete Freedom of Choice. As far As the South koreans Are concerned those who have red ideas should be thrown should be a Case of Good riddance. Trying to bribe them to come Home is Only asking for More trouble. Nixon s trip Richard Nixon vice president of the United states in just completed a trip Over the world and is Back Home to report on his findings. In the course of his travels he visited Many countries Large and Small significant and insignificant. He talked to states men and Little people. It would not be too rash a guess to say that we will Ere Long see a Book on the Market on what i saw in the wide wide by Richard Nixon. Or. Nixon made no big headlines while he was away but that Only Means he did nothing sensational and foolish. That in itself is quite a feat. be Able to visit so Many countries make Contact with so Many governments discuss delicate subjects with make speeches and mingle with the people without once making a Faux Pas or putting his foot in his Mouth is quite a perform Ance. Or. Nixon was apparently Able to make a favourable impression on Syng Man Rhee and on Nehru. He could please both the indians and the pakistanis. He could take the . Treatment and the signs of dislike with equal Good humor in Short or. Nixon made an excellent Good will ambassador and proved that he has at least one great asset for a dip Lomat and a statesman tact. There will be those who will say that the whole trip was a junket for the Nixon something of a thought up Job to give the vice president something to do. But that is an extreme View. Maybe his trip had no great results perhaps his report will add nothing to the sum of knowledge about world problems. It May be that the smoothness of the trip was due to the fact that the vice president simply glided Over the surface and never by Drew Pearson who have watched ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge sitting Stern and dignified at the United nations could never picture him sitting Cross legged on the floor singing French Boulevard songs. That was what happened at the apartment of French ambassador Henri hop Penot the other Day however and the result was a new camaraderie Between Lodge and other in delegates. The u. S. Envoy knew More songs and Sang them in better French than the French envoy himself. It began at a dinner Given once a month by the president of the Security Council who holds office for one month Only and gives a party at the end of the month for his col leagues. Andrei Vishinsky was at this particular party Given in the hop Penot apartment and he did t look anywhere near As glum As usual. Lodge was also present together with sir Gladwyn Jebb of England Charles Malik of Lebanon and Dag Hammarskjold Secre tary general of the United nations. The. Informality began when Dag Hammarskjold walked into the living room found every chair occupied and sat Down on the floor. His hostess Madame hop Penot joined him. Let s sing said the Secretary general of the United nations. I feel like encouraged mme. Hop Penot you but i can Only sing off that would be said the lady. Rest of us can try to drown you ambassador Lodge also sitting Cross legged on the floor came to the Rescue. He broke Forth with Quatrevingt mrs. Lodge joined him. The wife of the colombian ambassador Sang in Spanish. A yugoslav lady Sang o american songs Fol Lowed. In Brief the staid old Security Council rent with wrangling Over world problems relaxed into a Good old song est. Delegates agreed they had t had such a Good time since the in was formed in san Francisco. Behind Ike s a Pool inside Story of How president Eisenhower developed his dramatic Appeal for an atomic Energy Pool is gradually leaking out. One phase of the Story goes Back some weeks to the administration s decision to build an atomic reactor for civilian uses. Behind this announcement was the fact that our chief sources of uranium the belgian Congo and South Africa have Long been irked that they Are not in on atomic secrets. And the possibility has always been latent that if not let in on atomic secrets they might Cut off cur uranium. The belgians and South africans Are not particularly interested in secret atomic weapons but arc tremendously interested in peace time atomic Energy. Both Are deficit countries when it comes to Coal and Oil so that cheap atomic Energy could revolutionize their industries. Last fall therefore when u. S. Intelligence picked tip apparently reliable reports that Russia was developing a peacetime reactor the Eisenhower administration immediately decided to do the same. It was realized that the nation which made the most Progress the fastest Iii this direction would have the bar gaining Power for the uranium supplies of the world. Simultaneously Eisenhower Learned that twelve european countries had decided three years ago to Combine their resources to develop peacetime atomic Energy. Already they have built a Plant at Geneva Switzerland and Are constructing an atom smasher about a dozen times More powerful than anything in the United states. Cooperating countries in this atom Pool in clude not Only Belgium with its tremendous uranium resources but England France West Germany and the communist government of Yugoslavia. Thus it became apparent to the president that the Days when the United states could be the world s no. 1 atomic Power would soon be Over if indeed they Are not Over already. The move for a world Pool of atomic Energy under the United nations was therefore the step and a very natural one. Averry go round sex senator Harry Darby the Kansas Palo Mino horse breeder and one of the most pop ular men Kansas Ever sent to the Senate con fides to friends Secretary Benson and undersecretary True Morse Are so High and mighty they can t understand the farm Pic Ture. Yet Ike believes them. Frank Carlson who does understand the farm picture can t persuade him at a meeting of the democratic state committee in new York More men showed up with private air planes than since 1948. Most of the private air plane democrats had earlier Gorie Over to Eisen Hower. Johnny Cahill who was Given a big lift up the ladder to his Lush Law practice by the new Deal came Back to the democratic fold at the recent new York meeting. Most of his clients Are Wall Street republicans. Stanley Woodward the sex ambassador to Canada and great Friend of or. And mrs. Truman does t quite know whether to be congratulated or commiserated with Over his election As treasurer of the democratic National committee. It s an even tougher Job than ruling where diplomats and supreme court justices should sit at dinner a Job which he once had and which caused plenty of headaches. Millard Tydings the sex Sena Tor from Maryland looks As if getting out of the Senate agreed with him. His wife says he s now younger and a lot easier to live with. Embryo curmudgeon Young Harold Ickes now 14, is a Chip off the old Block. Coming Home from school the other Day the embryo curmudgeon told How a Man named Herbert Brownell otherwise known As the attorney general had addressed the friends school on spies. The attorney general Young Harold reported told about the Harry Dexter White Case and How the Truman administration in which Harold s father nurtured spies to its bosom. After Brownell finished a youngster piped up Why did you time your Harry Dexter White speech just before the California Brownell a trifle red faced claimed that he did t. Afterwards Harold s Mother who after All could t have lived with the old curmudgeon without admiring Iii perversity telephoned Robert Lyle headmaster of the friends school. She suggested that the school have a speaker who might answer Brownell. Quakers Are supposed to encourage free discussion but or. Lyle refused. beneath. But Good will has value too. Like Queen Elizabeth s tour these things have value even if no statesmanship is involved. By Erskine Johnson exclusively yours Georgia Skelton fearful of what might happen instructed red Skelton s Man Friday to dump the comedy Star s firearms and boxes of am munition into the nearest movie town Creek. Red accidentally pulled the trigger on a Rifle some months Back and had to report the incident to the l. A. Police department after i spilled the Story. It it Gary Cooper and Ava Gardner Are the nation s top movie favor ites in the annual popularity poll of Box office Magazine. Run ners up Bing Crosby and Susan Hayward. It it Charlie Mccarthy gags about the Beautiful dolls decorating Las vegas Sahara hotel Pool never before has so Little tried to cover so much for so it it it Judy Canova s half pint daughter Tweenie May yet turn out to be the screen s next mar Garet o Brien. Tweenie who made her film Bow in Judy s last film has a bigger role with mama in hot heiress at Republic and get Judy s full future support in a career. She s a big Judy told me. It it it a movie Trade paper billed Dorothy Shay As but there s nothing shy about Shay. Dorothy by the Way says a Las vegas Beauty shop has this sign in the window for that outer space look get a Jet supersonic permanent they re boiling Paramount moguls Are boil ing at Hildegarde and her manager Anna Sosenko who outbid the studio for the film rights to Andre Maurois Best seller based on the life of George Sand. The studio wanted it for Audrey Hepburn. Can you see Hil Degarde Long gloves the Milwaukee French accent and the piled tap curls As Cigar smoking pants wearing George Sand it it it Tyrone Power is getting ideas about a to series. Hell form his own company it s said for Tele films. It it it Spike Jones told army archerd he knows a texan so Rich he bought a Jaguar for his chauffeur to stand on while washing his Cadillac. It it it if All the contracts Are signed the film version of Guys and dolls will have 1954 s most High powered cast Bob Hope Betty Grable Jane Russell and Tony Martin. It it it Errol Flynn has finally raised enough Money in London to finance completion of his ill fated movie William in Italy. The Saga of the Man with the crossbow May be Flynn s last Independent movie. It it it director John Ford wearing a Black Patch Over one Eye was a guest on Art Linkletter s to show but the cameras missed an Eye opener Ford lifting the Patch to read the script. Eva Gabor s orchids and Salami is being advertised by the publishers As an impudent antidote to the Many biographies of show business names who take themselves too it it it Joan Bennett will take Over the Deborah Kerr role in Broad Way s Tea and sympathy when Deborah returns to Hollywood in the Spring. Black denies Rumor the persistent Grapevine Rumor that Charles Black Shirley Temple s present husband has asked John Agar for permission to adopt Linda Susan Agar and has even offered John a huge Cash settlement is hotly denied by Shirley s first husband. Hal j. Makelim the producer who manages Agar now co starring with Anne Francis in the kid from outer told me the adoption of Linda Susan by Charles Black has never been discussed. There is no truth to it. John Agar loves his daughter and sees her the Ruby Goodwine who penned it s Good to be her personal account of a child Hood free of racial discrimination is the former Secretary of will he stay there Washington calling Washington an Effort to accommodate senator Joseph Mccarthy the Eisenhower administration has gone a Long Way. Some would say they have gone much too far so far As to mean the kind of appeasement destructive to the integrity of the executive Branch of the government. The classic example is the Mccarthy investigation into the army s Monmouth n. J., radar Center. That illustrates the lat est Mccarthy method As Well As the lengths to which responsible officials went to try to please the senator. First the Mccarthy method. What he is conducting is not a congressional investigation in the sense that such investigations have been conducted in the Hattie Mcdaniel and Ethel Waters. It it it Anthony Quinn s Eyebrow lift ing quotes on the subject of a re ported feud with Kirk Douglas during filming of Ulysses in Rome i guess we were having a feud. a great extent it was my fault. Kirk and i had been friends for years. Then Kirk be came a big movie one thing i can t stand is big movie stars. You re a human being first. I did t want that b g movie Star nonsense pulled on me. But we ended up becoming pals it it it Zena Rochevsky the International playgirl who went from a hit role in the merry widow to stardom in French pictures is the secret Bride of Peter How Ard of the Vanderbilt clan. They re honeymooning in where Zena is now Queen of italian television. It it it that doll registered As Baron Ess Pauline Gariboldi at the Sil ver Dollar hotel in Virginia City nev., and within Days of Chalk ing up enough residence for a Quick divorce is really mrs. Paul Gallico. We reported we eks ago that she was splitting with the novelist. Of come now Jan August piano wizard re lays the word that he saw the new John Wayne 3-d Western and that it was so realistic he got right out of his seat and joined the posse. Past. Mccarthy since the Resig nation of the democratic Mem Bers of his committee has be come increasingly a Lone opera Tor with a personal apparatus financed with Money provided by Congress. At his own discretion the senator determines what shall or shall not be re leased from executive sessions using innuendo and insinuation to make headlines when the material his investigators provide does not measure up to expectations. Thus out of the Monmouth hearings he insinuated that espionage had been going on at the radar Center. A Little later Secretary of the army Robert t. Stevens held a press conference in which he made Plain that both the army and the Fri prior to the Mccarthy hearings had conducted a lengthy inquiry into Security at Monmouth. He said there were 33 cases in which Security charges of varying de Grees of seriousness had been made. Then this Exchange occurred reporter in any of these cases is there any charge re Motely relating to espionage Stevens we have been unable to find anything relating to espionage. After this appeared Mccar thy summoned Stevens to a luncheon meeting in new York. Thereafter Stevens gave a Sec Ond interview. While he did not actually deny that he had previously denied there was espionage his remarks did fuzz Over the Issue in a Way to give Satis faction to Mccarthy. This seemed to Many to be an embarrassing Retreat leaving the charge in the air that espionage had been going on without the army s knowing of it. The same kind of Hasty taking cover seemed evident when the army abruptly shifted maj. Gen. Rich Ard c. Partridge from the Gen eral staff where he had been head of intelligence to an in designated assignment in Europe. This came after an attack by Mccarthy aimed at a secret report on soviet Siberia that Partridge had approved. Fortunately in the Monmouth Case some thorough and careful by Marquis Childs reporting by Murrey Marder in a series of articles an the Washington Post showed How insubstantial the charges were and How the ground had been Cov ered by the army in Advance of the Mccarthy hearings the senator seems to have taken this As a Challenge and is seek ing in Public hearings to substantiate the insinuations out of the private sessions. Another and even More startling example of surrender involved Brig. Gen. Ret Telford Taylor prosecutor at the Nuremberg War prisoner trials. Taylor made a talk at West Point criticizing methods used in c o n g r e s signal investigations. This Drew Mccarthy s Wrath and he announced that on Taylor s government service record was a Flag indicating an unresolved Security question. After Taylor had challenged this statement chairman Philip Young of the civil service com Mission verified to Mccarthy that such a Flag was on Taylor s record. In a private session with administrative specialists Young was asked Why he had done it. I would never have taken such a he replied if Tay Lor had not been out of the government. The Flag was not put on the record until a month after he left government serv ice. Besides Mccarthy already had photostat of the record. We Don t know How he gets those things but he does get the administrators were startled by this answer. Since Tay Lor had left the government service when the action was taken there was no machinery by which he could Challenge it. That seemed to underwrite the need to keep the record confidential if Only to protect a de senseless individual. Statements Are All very both the president and his Secretary of state have asserted the right to make policy without interferences from senator Mccarthy. But such declarations will mean less than nothing if he is to have free rein with the officers and the records of the administrative Branch of the government. Mac s window by w. Mcauliffe if you want1 to do some Figur ing sit Down and figure out How much better off you will be in take Home pay if the proposed income tax deduction goes into and the proposed increase in social Security taxes goes into effect. It if you want to get a head you need a Backbone to grow it on. It speaking of equal rights an outraged Motorist wants to know Why the Law tells him to Stop look and listen when he comes to a Railroad crossing but it does t Tell the train s Engineer to Stop look and listen when he comes to a Highway crossing. It the surest Way to make the Cost of living go up is to in crease your earnings. It a fellow says a Man should give his wife spending Money without making her ask for it. But very few husbands make their wives Money. In fact they wish their wives would not. It a proud but plaintive papa to know Why it is that his offspring will sit in rapt Atten Tion and utter silence As they stare at the to screen until the commentators Start talking about world shaking events which he wants to hear about and then they break Loose like comanches going on the War path. It let s answer that with another question. Why Are parents so unreasonable As to expect Chil Dren to act reasonably or even rationally come to think of it Why is it that All similes for wild con duct mention comanches Are comanches any Wilder than any other indians it the Golden Rule is what bothers debtors. Due unto others it telling your misfortunes to others is a kind of Good deed. It makes the others less discontented with their lesser troubles. It of course some people get sore if somebody lets on that he has More troubles than they have. Sometimes a fellow gets a cer Tain satisfaction in knowing no body Ever suffered the Way he did it those experts in men s Fash ions Are at it again. Now they decree that men s trousers must Stop four inches above the ankle. This is dark conspiracy with the hosiery a obviously the Only men who will take up this fashion Are men with a lot of sox Appeal. It if this takes hold Henry Peck will be sent to work in his wife s pedal pushers. It it s Tough on the men s Fash Ion experts. They keep getting Brilliant ideas and the men keep telling them go jump in the Lake. It the French Are going to elect a new president the present president having been president for seven years. And it s dollars to doughnuts you can t remember his name. It being president of France is like being vice president of the United states. It Calls for a Man of ability which he is willing to let go to waste. It in fact the up of the u. S. Has a Little Edge. He can look Forward to the possibility that he May become president but Monsieur Presidente has no place to look but history. Doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . Side glances t. M. Inc. U. Pit. On. 1m3 by inca another year and i la have you out of that High doing these i should like to be Able to Giva a completely encouraging Dis Cussion of chronic und ulant fever and its treatment As requested by mrs. S. T., but unfortunately this disease is still far from conquered. Und ulant fever or brucellosis is a germ disease. It is spread to human beings principally by drinking milk from infected Ani Mals or by eating contaminated meat. The animals particularly Likely to be involved Are cattle sheep goats and hogs. The most common form of the disease in human beings is caused by one of several Varie ties of germs belonging to the Brucella family and giving Rise to und ulant fever or brucellosis As it is sometimes called. Infections of this sort Are practically world wide and health authorities in Many places Are deeply concerned about it. There Are two principal Varie ties of the human form of the disease. One is the acute attack in which a Chilly feeling fever loss of weight headaches and pains in the Muscles and sweat ing Are common. Sometimes a rash on the skin is present. The fever usually goes up and Down in a wave like manner and this is has riven the disease the name of und ulant fever the other form is a chronic Long lasting variety. In the the symptoms May be few May be entirely absent part of the time or May resemble those of some other disease. of the most serious prob lems about und ulant fever is the difficulty in making a diagnosis. Symptoms help when they Are characteristic. Finding the germs in the blood is decisive but too often this fails particularly in the chronic Typo of the Dis ease. There is certainly need for better and More accurate tests than Are now available. Many treatments Are in use the most promising Are the sulfa drugs and the antibiotics or combinations of these the re Sulu of treatment although improved Are not always entirely satisfactory so that prevention is highly . For the individual the most important preventive measure is to drink Only pasteurized milk. Ouf our Way

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