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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - December 16, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 810 23 Speed is a killer. You May be next. Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 250 Kingsport term., wednesday dec. 16, 1953 24 pages five cents the weather Snow flurries today mostly on mountains. Partly Cloudy much colder tonight with Low 10 to 35. Thursday fair and continued cold with High near 30. Last night s Low 26, yesterday s High 36, noon Reading 35. Ike undecided on sharing weapons on Wilson plan to share atom dec Heads surprised by Secretary s move at Paris nato meet Washington up con p w says four Balky afraid to come Home Gressmen generally reacted coolly today to the idea of the United states handing Over any de tailed atomic information to its allies in the North Atlantic treaty organization. Defense Secretary Charles e Wilson told a surprised nato Council in Paris yesterday that the Eisenhower administration now is ready to lower at least some of the bars against the Exchange of atom data. Rep. W. Sterling Cole chairman of the atomic Energy committee expressed Surprise at the Wilson statement. Although he usually is kept fully abreast of administration planning he said he had not heard of any move to ease the policy on atomic secrecy. He said he favors Freer Exchange of information on atomic weapons with a few military leaders in but he insisted this should not include in formation on the construction or fabrication of weapons but should be confined to the use or deployment of nuclear Wear sen. Bourke b. Hickenlooper second ranking member of the committee said recently he opposed release of additional weapons information to allies at this time. Sen. Albert gored Tenn said he thinks it would be a Good idea if european nations Rati fied the european defense Community setup before Congress is asked to approve Exchange of atomic weapons information. A billion defense budget and Wilson s announcement were considered the two most significant disclosures made tuesday on the second Day of the cur rent meeting of the nato ministerial Council which has been marked by a series of vital pronouncements. Nato officials announced the 1954 budget will represent a slight increase Over the put up in 1953 by the 14 member nations whose joint Effort against possible communist attack has made what supremo commander Gen. Alfred m. Gruenther called fantastic Progress in four years. But a Promise of even More spectacular Progress came in a pledge from u. S. Defense Secretary Charles e. Wilson that president Eisenhower planned to ask Congress for changes in the Mcmahon atomic Energy act of 1946 to permit the United to share with its North Atlantic allies pertinent information on nuclear and other new a third contribution to Prog see nato Page 3 Panmunjom Korea up an escaped South korean Pris Oner of the communists said to Day three or four of the 22 americans held by the reds want to go Home but fear their companions will Stab them to death if they request repatriation or make a break for Freedom. They Are afraid they will be killed if they Kim Mun do the South korean told officers after scaling a barbed wire Fence around Indian guard. Kim said that at least 10 of the 350 communist held South koreans who have not been interviewed also want to escape. Kim reported that the com with the exception of 104 who have not been interviewed elected unanimously to remain with the communists. Return of the South korean Soldier gave Allied officers their munits were smuggling knives Only first hand glimpse inside into the compound holding the the pro communist compound americans South koreans one briton and pulled out a Dag dec. 8. Ger to Back up his Story. First Rok to gain his Freedom program started. The remainder since the explanations began on Home Nixon Home again after a 10-weeks trip to Asia with her vice president husband shows her 2 Small daughters some of the Christmas presents she brought for them. Julie 5, left holds a Gold beaded mat from Pakistan and nor 7-year-old sister Tricia looks at a dress from Afghanistan. After a reunion with his daughters vice president Richard Nixon hurried to the White House for a conference with president Eisenhower. A wire photo Guzenko meeting temporarily off Washington Senate spy Hunters resume Public hearings today after a Surprise announcement that efforts to interview former soviet clerk Igor Guzenko Are being dropped temporarily. Guzenko in 1945 tipped off officer Bandit stain. In Florida can fight Jacksonville Fla. Patrolman and a Bank Bandit died in a Moonlight gun Battle Early today outside on the Western the United states for wrecking the South korean said the hardcore americans and Roks forced the breaking off of the explanation program to prevent see pm Page 3 envoy leaves Tokyo arrives Home tomorrow state dept. To hear full report by Dean on Korea peace talk Tokyo s. Envoy a thur h. Dean headed for Washington today hopeful that a korean peace conference will be called despite seven weeks of no Progress preliminary negotiations. As he boarded a pan american Airliner for a nonstop flight to Honolulu Dean told newsmen it is distinctly possible that talks to set up a peace conference will be resumed although it might take some time. Dean spokesman for 17 Allied nations which fought in Korea broke off the talks saturday and demanded that the communists apologize for accusing the United states of conniving with South Korea to release anti red prisoners last june. The reds have not apologized and today piping radio repeated the charge and accused Dean of wrecking plans for a peace con Ference. Moscow stand dangers of War lessened Rok chief postpones plan to Send troops North if talks fail radio also declared Tokyo Rhee lessened the danger or renewed korean fighting at the end of january by postponing indefinitely today his plans to Send his Tough Young army across the 38th parallel. The South korean president had warned repeatedly he might take unilateral action to unify Korea if a political conference failed to do so by Jan. 27, 90 Days after it was scheduled to open oct. 28. In a dramatic about face the i aging korean patriarch prom i ised his troops would take no action until three months after convening a peace whenever that May be. Indian it. Gen. K. S. Thimayya said today he will turn Loose All War prisoners on Jan. 22 unless the United nations and communists agree on holding them in his custody for a longer period. Thimayya s statement practically assured the release of 000 anti communist North koreans and chinese held by the allies and up to 350 prisoners of the reds including 22 Ameri cans. There was no possibility of the United nations asking for or agreeing to an Extension of the deadline set by the korean armistice. Rhee announced his change of policy in a press conference be fore korean newsmen at Seoul less than 12 hours after u. S. Envoy Arthur h. Dean left for Washington to Brief president Eisenhower on his unsuccessful attempts to reach agreement with the communists on con vening the conference since preliminary talks on opening the conference have been disrupted because the communists accused the United states of treachery in the escape of anti red prisoners of Santa in a new next will they Call on me to mutters Santa Claus As he gives 4-year-old Raymond. Brunner jr., of Lakewood calif., a dose of Castor Oil. The Tot rebels at Medicine nurses at St. Mary s Hospital at Long Beach say. But when Santa arrived for a visit the Post polio Ward patient took his Castor Oil As if it were ice Cream soda. Castor Oil Bah i would t give it to a Reindeer mused Santa. But i guess the nurses know a wire photo mayor aldermen Okay record 54 City budget by Bill Jarnett times news writer an ordinance appropriating for operation of the City in 1954 was passed on final Reading by the Board of mayor the it nations last june that suspension of the prelim Inary negotiations was part of the Long term Maneu vers put off Indef a finitely the threat of resuming Edge of the City. I the armistice in a second Bandit was captured after a wild 52-mile Auto Chase. Dean will make a full report two hostages the pair grabbed to shield them when they found they were cornered escaped during the Exchange of bullets. The robber pair was identified by Gene Griffin chief criminal investigator for the Duval county sheriff s office As Myron Peter Goldman 32, of Evans Ville ind., and Samuel Joseph Hornbeck 34, of Louisville by. Both had fled a Savannah ga., jail sunday night by forc ing jailers at gunpoint to free them. Goldman was the one slain. The Duval county Road patrolman who was shot to death was t. A. Robinson jr., 27. Goldman and Hornbeck faced 25-year prison terms for robbing a Branch of the citizens Southern Bank at Savannah of in april. They also were charged with robbing a Birmingham Bank of in january. Doyle Long bartender at the Worth club was Locking up the front door of his bar and say ing goodnight to his customer a authorities to a soviet spy at 2 . When the robber in the United states. Chairman Jenner Rind of the Senate internal Security subcommittee pair drove up. Long and the Sailor were forced Back into the club and has been trying to arrange being robbed when offi interview with the former soviet had been on the look clerk now a naturalized Cana Dian seeking leads on any communists who still Triay be in the u. S. Government. But Robert Morris subcommittee counsel said the group so far has been unable to make any final arrangements with the Canadian government. Today s hearing was called to put into the record additional information about the distribution of Fri reports on several Federal employees. Out for the their car. Police disabled the Auto and were just surrounding the Little building when the robbers saw the officers. The two jammed guns in the backs of Long and the Sailor using them As Shields and came out. The Battle resulted. Shops stay open till at night Kingsport stores will remain open until o clock each eve Ning until Christmas eve begin Ning thursday night the Mer chants Bureau announces. The extra shopping hours Are designed to help those persons who cannot get their shopping during the regular store stores will be open thursday Friday and saturday and next monday tuesday and wednes Day nights. They will close at the regular hour ., on thursday december 24. Bishop Paul Kern Dies in Nashville Nashville former Bishop Paul widely known methodist Church Leader died in a Nashville Hospital today. He was 71. Bishop Kern after Many years service retired As Bishop of the Nashville area in june 1952, and was succeeded by Bishop Roy Short. He had been in ill health in recent months. Bishop Kern was a native of Alexandria va., and received various degrees from Vanderbilt. University Randolph Macon j Emory University Ohio Wes Ley an Duke University and Vic Toria University. J he was licensed in 1902 and became an ordained elder of the methodist Church in 1907. He taught at Vanderbilt from 19051 to 1907, was pastor of Blakemore Church Here from 1907 to 1910. And served pastorate at Bell buckle and Murfreesboro. The korean War. To the state department on his return to Washington where he is due tomorrow. The u. S. Envoy s chief Cdv ser Kenneth Young returns to Korea tomorrow to await possible communist retraction of the perfidy charge against the United states although the Outlook for a korean peace conference Greenlease Kidnap killers killers await execution read pulp thrillers Jefferson City to. Doubtful South Korea s presi Dent syn Man Rhee told a news conference in Seoul that he would give the conference 90 Days to make Progress toward unification of his country. Meanest men Rob Blind news dealer Riverhead a y. Up three thieves held up a Blind news dealer As he slowly tapped his Way Home last night and took All the Money he had the victim William f. Francis said later however that he was grateful that one of the thieves showed some de Gree of compassion for him. He heard one say Don t hit a Blind spent part of their time today Reading wild West stories and working crossword puzzles out Wardly nonchalant about their execution Early Friday. Carl Austin Hall 34-year-old Bonnie Brown Paramour gave Playboy and Heady 41, his no outward signs of cracking As and aldermen tuesday night. It was More than larger than the highest previous budget in the City s history and had been upped by another 960.80 since the 1954 budget first was introduced in november. The additions provide for operating the Public Library longer hours next year the services of one Man for four months in the demolition of sub Standard housing that May be condemned Early in the year and rent for the basement of the Holston Valley Community Hospital nurses Home to be used for the practical nurse training pro Gram. Also passed on final Reading was a separate budget for operation of the City water department which is self sup porting. The water department now serves approximately family customers in Kingsport City lot gets parking meters move to Benefit shoppers Board says the Board of mayor and Al Dermen tuesday night authorized placing parking meters on one of Kingsport s hitherto free municipally owned parking lots paved one adjoining the City Hall. Sec Story inside today s times on action by the City fathers to Case downtown traffic congestion the decision was made after Points up need for close ties to nato allies sees no Law change which would reveal u. S. Atomic secrets Washington up presi Dent Eisenhower said today he had not decided whether to ask Congress for permission to share actual atomic secrets with North Atlantic treaty forces. The president said at ills news conference that the atomic Energy act will have to be changed to permit closer atomic cooperation with american s allies. At a crowded meeting with re porters his first since the big three conference at Bermuda Eisenhower also made these Points involving atomic Energy and the International scene 1. Russia was notified in and Vance by u. S. Ambassador Charles e. Bohlen of his atoms for peace speech to the United nations general Assembly last week. He said no reaction had come from Russia except what had appeared in the newspapers. 2. He said he contemplated no changes in this country s atomic Energy Laws which would have the effect of disclosing our scientific processes involved in nuclear fission or the production techniques for actual weapons. 3. He said that should Russia reject his atomic Pool proposal that would not Stop him from trying to make the Best possible use of the plan. He included however a reminder that no definitive word had been received from Russia. 4. He disclosed that his atomic plan was designed intentionally to avoid National requirement of inter inspection of atomic facilities lest such a requirement give the russians cause for automatic rejection of his proposal. The president said he alone will be responsible for the principles of the 1854 legislative pro see Ike Page 3 pravda blasts Dulles policy Calls nato speech big stick method annual surplus although water rates have not been increased since the Days when most other services were much cheaper than they Are today. The Board authorized Transfer from the present ported a Survey a adjudicated 75lwater department surplus of to 80 per cent of the automobiles i approximately to close on the lot belonged to persons working in the business District and were parked at the same spot All Day. By placing meters on the lot City officials Hope to free it for use by shoppers. A number of and its suburbs and turns in an London up the soviet press loosed a broadside of criticism against United states pol icy in Europe Asia and inter National Trade today. The communist party newspaper pravda blasted u. S. Secre tary of state John Foster Dulles notorious method of the big stick in his attempt to persuade France to ratify the european other parking free their death in the chamber became Only a matter of hours. They pay with their lives Side and commercial Are available by Side a few minutes after mid to Day Long parkers. Night for the killing of 6-year j As discussed at the Board old Bobby Greenlease which they planned together even be fore they kidnapped him sept. 28 in Kansas City. Still opened Ransom paid by Bobby s Multi a mystery is what Hap to half of the millionaire Greenlease dealer. Father Robert c. Kansas City Auto proposals included meeting parking rates on the let will be cheaper than those at Street curbs. Setting the meters to allow two hours parking for five cents or possibly three hours for 10 cents. Moulton estimated it would Cost to install the meters see meters Page 3 out a number of new water line installation projects accomplished during the past year. Army treaty. Pravda writer d. Zaslavsky commies in government looms x As political Issue for 1954 by Lyle c. Wilson Washington up the Issue of communists in govern ment has been established firmly As of today As a 1954 political Issue. Many Republican candidates for governor senator and representative plan to make use of that Issue next year with the Blessing of Republican National committee chairman Leonard w. Hall. A dispute Between president Eisenhower and sen. Joseph r. Corned. When Republican politicians talk about communist in government they mean the government under former presi dents Franklin d. Roosevelt and Harry s. Truman. When or. Eisenhower talks about the Issue of communists in government being displaced by More urgent problems by Campaign time he May mean communist infiltration into the present govern ment of which he is. The head. However that May be his associates Are on record privately Mccarthy a wis about the or publicly As believing the Issue present administration s Success in rooting subversives and Security risks out of government is another matter entirely. It is at least so far As Republican grand political strategy is con is Here to stay through 1954 and perhaps into the 1956 presiden tial election year. That was Hall s position when he said on nov. 15 that republicans would make communists mated the surplus would build Back up to by the end of the year. See budget 3 Mercury drop to 10 due in area tonight the Tri cities weather Bureau in a special forecast wednesday said a cold wave descending from the Northwest will drop temperatures to As Low As 10 degrees in upper East ten Nessee. The hard freezing cold front to reach Here wednesday night will be accompanied by occasion Al Snow flurries in mountainous areas the Bureau said. Thursday will be fair and continued cold with High tempera Tures in the upper 20s. Friday will be fair with slowly rising temperatures. In government one of the main i to texans this week Brownell issues in 1954. That was the in Sari he him met. the South Accord City treasurer j. R. Pecktal Esti-1trlecl to american policy issues in 1954. That was the in said he brought out the facts de standing of some of or. I Jon Truman administration Han Benhower s White House advisers who privately passed the word that the Harry Dexter White expose of last month was Only the beginning of a series. Senate majority Leader Wil Liam f. Knowland Calif chimed in last week with Assurance that communism in government would be a 1954-56 election Issue because voters would ask whether democratic candidates have the same naive approach As the last Truman adminis it remained however for atty. Gen. Herbert Brownell jr., to make it official in his capacity As a member of or. Eisenhower s Cabinet. In a transcribed address doing of the White Case because the people were entitled to know what goes on in their govern ment. Republican National commit Teeman h. J. Porter Houston tex., was on the program and asked Brownell whether the Justice department would continue to expose other cases. Brownell said it would. With Hall Knowland and Brownell affirmatively and publicly on record and Many other republicans agreeing that communists in government charges will be difficult for democrats to meet the position of the is sue in the 1954 Campaign seems to be solid. Ing to weather reports. Nash Ville expects a Low of about 15 degrees wednesday night accompanied by Snow flurries. Virginia s weather wednesday night was forecast at 15 to 25 degrees. Alabama and Mississippi were warned it might go to 18 in the Northern areas. Other Low forecasts South Carolina 20 to 26 in Interior Georgia 18 to 24 in the North and Louisiana 28 to 34. Florida expects a 33 Low. Meanwhile the coldest weather of the season chilled the mid West. The thermometer Sank to 33 below Zero at the Plum Creek Ranger station in Northern Minnesota. Chicago registered a Chilly 8 above Zero. I in the far East by charging that the United states is living in the past. Everywhere american imperialists Endeavor to turn Back the wheel of history to wards the dark times of the mid dle Ages serfdom and the official Trade Union news paper trud said the truth is that East West Trade is increasing despite All attempts by the United states to prevent development of economic ties Between Western and Eastern the soviet press declared that the United states either is get Ting nowhere or being pushed Back on All these fronts in the far East pravda said the United states has come to the most serious of these mis fortunes was the defeat of Amer ican imperialism in the party Organ said. Another grave its defeat in so lunar tables by John Alden Knight of solimar Ai or toted below been taken from John Alden in Rulif. A Bujnak tabmc8 Pun you m of i a Shine id Lood Karlton or Hunting tit Hood cover a to f Tad the beit sport that each Jar a str december Date 16 17 18 in 20 sunday wednesday thursday Friday saturday of. m minor Majer minor Majer make stages today s skies Sunset the Moon in . Peri ret into be full Sunda stars altar in at Intel. Will be Low in Low inn its turn Day prominent

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