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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 31, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee4 monday aug. 31, 1953________ _ k1ngsport times an Independent democratic newspaper c. P. A. Pub Taino j. To. Wen a ohm Huumo w. J. To Loti Bill in tit. A Minn Edt Toi b. Tram. Us port. Imm. Of air Yuwa Para sont Dira pub turf anon Guob and Wodlt it circulation a Duno Catoc Mac paper published noon Ducept Sito Nuj and Sod Daj. To. Agio Clatch u acl Natnat the the do or publication of Al no Ali Patckes credited to to not Otlyn Nln Redlow la paper cd Alto local Pool unto herein. To Tertod at port obit in Klapport Tenn. M mood Clarai mall Mattar. Of tobit 21 im4. Imduk us act March a National dwt Litwin a Hanman int. With to York. Blu to. A Trott w. Kaaina Chi. La Anfelt and Saa merry go round so they say by Drew Pearson As mysteriously As he came to Washington or. Emil Weil hungarian communist minister to the United states and the doctor who helped drug Cardinal minds Zenty has departed. Without explanation or. Weil has been re placed by Charles Szarka for five years in the hungarian diplomatic service and without any special political background though he must be a member of the communist party in order to hold such an important Post. Or. Weil was first exposed in this column on Jan. 2, 1952, As having been High up in communist politics and As having participated in the Mindszenty trial at which the famed prelate finally gave an astounding phony confession of his alleged underground operations. Mrs. Weil was reported by this writer to have been the personal physician to Premier Rakosi and or. Weil was head of the Budapest Cham Ber of doctors the Ama of Hungary. It was also revealed that he had been especially picked to come to the United states to promote communism among hungarian americans or at least keep them Friendly to the red regime in Budapest. Among other things this writer told How or. Weil attended a meeting in the Barizon Plaza hotel in new York on Kossuth Day nov. 9, 1952, where the main speaker was Carl Marzani former state department official convicted for failing to reveal he was communist. After the speech at which Marzani attacked Eisenhower tru Man Stevenson and Omar Bradley or. Weil made a contribution toward a Campaign to deliver the american people from on his Way out the legation staff gathered communist booklets and other Weil s recall on the ground that the Hun Garian government would then demand the recall of the american minister in Budapest. Reasons behind or. Weil s return to Hun Gary Are shrouded i secrecy but according to the diplomatic Grapevine the hungarian in the u. S. Had destroyed his usefulness. There Are reports that or. Weil will now teach at the University of Budapest but this is unconfirmed. He May face the same Fate As oth ers connected with the Mindszenty trial for though they carried out the bidding of their communist masters dead men Tell no tales. Mccarthy s Robt. E. Lee Robert e. Lee who achieved Fame two years ago not because of any association with the civil War general but because of the Mccar thy Post card Campaign to defeat senator Millard Tydings in Maryland is being considered for the extremely important Post of comptroller general of the United states. Lindsay Warren one of the grand old men of Washington is planning to retire As comp troller general and Lee is being pushed hard by powerful Republican friends to take his subscription rate by mall first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and week i today s Bible thought that being justified by his Grace we should be made heirs according to the Hope of eternal the times daily tonic All great natures Delight in stability All great men find eternity affirmed in the very Promise of their pretty hard to Alibi it s customary at this time of year to extend a cheery Welcome to the millions propaganda amp Iran Voun casters trooping Back to Many diplomats Felt that this was a Viola of Ain Iii a j 5 Rar Ofui How Tion of diplomatic rules which forbid a foreign school. But Well have to be Carer i now ambassador or minister from participating in far we go when we Start ticking of the american politics. However the state depart you glorious Tui Ileese these Young people ment consistently declined to ask for or. Ever ate r f Weil s Sprall. On a Ronnel that the h in will enjoy. In the first place some 30 million a record enrolment will pour through the opening school doors this fall. About six million of these will study in buildings government Felt that the publicity Given him to j a i rated firetrap countless others will work in trailers stores Bowling alleys tool Sheds and similar makeshift surroundings. Naturally the Good classrooms will be packed to the rafters. Many students will study in shifts with some beginning in the afternoon hours. This is a pretty old Story in some sections. But generally speaking the 1953 Prospect for overcrowding is without Prece Dent. Total enrolment will surpass last year s by with most new Stu dents adding to the already mountainous the elementary grades. This deluge is no Surprise. Anyone who watched the tremendous birth rates in the years right after War ii knew it was coming. And yet America s schools Are largely unprepared to Cope with it. The u. S. Commissioner of education Lee Thurston estimates that the Elemen tary schools alone Are Short teach ers. Teachers Are actually leaving the profession usually to take better paying jobs faster than the colleges can train new ones. Probably millions of students Are taught by instructors whose training Falls Short of Standard. New school construction is far behind the need. Much of the population growth has been in City suburbs where tax reve Nues in Many cases have been inadequate to provide necessary faculties. Here and there oddly some older City schools Are half deserted As result of people moving out or the Mere aging of the residents and the loss of school age children. But even the City schools Are usually packed. In some places there s been no new City school construction for 10 or 15 years. The office of education says 42 per cent of the schools Are 30 years old or More and 17 per cent Are Over 50. We need new classrooms right now and by 1960 May need and the teachers must be supplied to go with this expansion. Thurston says the sole answer is for the country to spend More Money on Edu cation. Education expenditures today while higher in dollars than before Are 50 per cent less than they were in 1933, when measured As a percentage of our National income. In other words even in depression times we spent More of Amer Ica s total substance on schooling than we do now. Such a comparison makes our present showing look pretty Pale. It would be rather hard for any of us to come up with a Good Alibi. We re getting what we pay for which in t too much. And it s the kids who Are suffering. Biossat we aim to show him we appreciate what he s done. Springfield mo., collects for Cpl. Eugene Hale red pow for 31 months. If you Are interrogated for 35 hours without interruption you make mental somersaults and confess everything they the reds want from Sanders britishers freed by hungarians. To assume otherwise that Russia does t have a bomb would be cover by of congressional dec committee says u. S. De lenses should be planned on be Lief Russia via a bomb. The people of the neighbor Hood should reconcile them sel7es to our being Ald Howard negro postal worker who moved his family into a Chicago housing project. It got so you could t Trust your Best Reginald Smith Macon ga., on gis go ing Over to reds in Korea. Except for special consideration of alcoholic beverages to Bacco and gasoline they excise taxes should be thrown out of the Federal system of Taxa Ruml Finan Cial expert Calls for tax Reform. Come on everybody let s go downstream a bit and i la Cook the general accounting office which the comptroller general Heads was set up by con Gress for the purpose of auditing and Check ing on government expenditures. The appoint ment is for a 14-year term and the appointee cannot be removed. Furthermore he reports not to the White House but direct to Congress. Lee the proposed new comptroller general figured in the Senate probe of the Tydings Butler Campaign where it was revealed he had received a Check for from Alvin Bentley former state department official now a gop congressman from Michigan whose Grandfather helped found general motors. Lee received the Check in the office of senator Mccarthy took it to Baltimore and used it in a Campaign to mail Post cards to Maryland voters signed by gop candidate John m. Butler allegedly in his own hand writing. Later a Maryland court convicted Jon Jon Kel senator Butler s Campaign manager for failing to comply with the Maryland election Laws. The Senate investigating committee showed that checks countersigned by Lee were used to pay for the Post card Campaign without properly recording them. Warren who will retire As comptroller general formerly served in con Gress from North Carolina has the tax payers millions of dollars by keeping an Eagle Eye on government the opposite of the accounting used in the Maryland election. Of the Best fish you vacationer Eisen Hower to fishing partners. There has been a constant bit by bit whittling away of what makes life worthwhile to servicemen and their Admiral Carney Navy chief seeks Way to make service Ca Reers More attractive. It would be a tragic injustice if the Public got the impression that because a Man was a pow he had become a com officials concerned Over publicity on reports of i s who went Over to the reds while prisoners. I May not have a lot of Money by do you know anyone health Ier at my mans Field 74-year-old Rochester n. Y., Golf Caddie. I m rather enjoying the at Olga Kornblatt wag warrant officer Only woman in training with 8200 men reserves. We american people All know that to preserve our Freedom we must count heavily on you men and women who teach in our schools and ident Eisenhower to 36th an Nual teachers convention. Why be in such a hurry to Morrow Well see. Make haste in de Gelate an Drei Vishinsky parries questions on red demands for North Korea and red China. I Hope the sixty first Home run beats the dodgers for the Pennant. De Mathews Mil Waukee slugger says some Day he might break babe Ruth s 60 Homer record but if he does he wants to beat the dodgers. The lord saved the lepers maybe he can spare Huey Alford cancer stricken Mother after birth of five Pound baby girl. The press in the United states is not a perfect press but is essentially the product of our free democratic society. Julius Ochs Adler general manager new York times. Washington pipeline who s crazy in Chicago state officials uncovered a Bookie establishment being master minded by a patient in a mental Hospital. Evidently the enterprising patient had been taking bets from other patients. And a number of Hospital employees and a physician were involved. A fair number of psychiatrists prob ably would say that these avid horse players were like most of those on the outside Only a Little More so. Dig those crazy horse players we have taught the communists a bloody lesson in Korea. We must not Trade away any benefits of that lesson at the conference table. Rep. John m. Vorys i m glad god gave me a Strong body a Good right Arm and a weak dizzy Dean clowns at his installation in baseball s Hall of Fame. Paul styles recently resigned member of the National labor relations Board and a Friend of labor will become labor consultant to department store owners in Toledo Ohio or. Astin now securely Back in his Job As director of the Bureau of standards will quit next Spring unless Secretary his Boss Astin s views on a reasonable budget for the Bureau. Congress recently Cut the Bureau s budget 26 per another Cut would virtually put it out of business Clare Boothe Luce u. S. Ambassador to Rome will visit Italy s seacoast cities next month on her vacation she May charter a yacht for the occasion supreme court Justice Bill Doug Las is roughing it in Northern Canada near the Arctic Circle top democrats say their National chairman Steve Mitchell will be Able to hold his Job As Long As the democrats have a big debt. Few demos want the chair Manship until All past Bills Are then the real scramble will Start. Former Secre tary of state Dean Acheson May Lead the be Battle to return the tidelands to the fed eral government. A multimillion Dollar suit brought by several states will be thrashed out in the supreme court. Tax agents fired even republicans Are getting worried Over the drastic Cut of tax employees from the internal Revenue Bureau. The Type of services said con Gressman Dewitt Hyde Republican of Mary land makes me think that the Scalpel of Economy has Cut too deeply in the wrong place what congressman Hyde has in mind is the estimate that for every Dollar spent on internal Revenue agents salaries the government gets Back in taxes. Recent com missioner John Dunlap estimated that by hiring a few Hundred More agents he could bring in in extra Revenue. For instance the famous Longchamps restaurant tax Case in new York Cost the government to try in court but brought in in tax payments. Actually the tax paying population of the u. S. Has jumped in 20 years from to around yet appropriations have nowhere near increased in proportion. In 1946, the Republican controlled House of representatives drastically curtailed the Hir ing of tax. Agents and that year the Treasury estimated it lost 2vfe billions in cheated taxes which could have been collected with a larger Force. Barbs barbs a fief do they mean free elections Washington calling once there was a tourist who said he was going to Start out at Jive an the next and did. A new species of Mosquito has been discovered by scientists and we Don t want to hear any More about it. We be read about Gold bricks. But never believed anything until we heard about builders Esti mates on a new Home. Some of the most uneasy Heads live on easy Street. It s a Tough break for the Pes Simist when there is not enough trouble to go around. If the burning heat keeps up there will be no need for keep off the grass signs. People who never brag spoil it by bragging about it. The Boss who is really smart never Steps on a worker who u a live wire. Wonder How Many Heads some people think they have the Way they dive into strange swim Ming places. Neighbors Are people who give the people next door something to talk about. Average taxpayer is hardly concerned with How much of the Cost of the operation of his yacht he can write off As a business expense on his income tax return. But for a Small and select group at the top of the business Pyra mid the remarks made by com missioner of internal Revenue t. Coleman Andrews at the american bar association convention in Boston had an Omi Nous meaning. Andrews told the lawyers he was instructing his tax agents to review the tax returns of All Large taxpayers who deducted generous amounts for enter the entertainment allowance in the income tax Law accounts for some of the free handed spending of the Post War Boom. The Mink Coats passed out in return for favors and deducted As business expense were pea nuts in comparison to the High wide and handsome deductions listed in some tax returns. In Many instances Andrews Learned after he took Over in the Bureau of internal Revenue the whole Cost of operating yachts and smaller pleasure Craft were deducted As business expense. Similarly the Cost of maintaining expensive Beach houses in Florida and fishing Camps in Maine were written office. We re wishing give us summer. All alike right now for Winter which will a Chance to wish for every Mother has a calling says a writer. And it would be easier if the kids come right away. If a girl Calls her regular Beau by his right name when she gets Back from vacation she s an exception. A judge says too Many Homes Are broken up by drink. For in stance a person wrecking his trailer off As entertainment. The deductions Are made for the most part on corporation income tax returns. Thereby the tax paid the government is reduced and the yacht or the pleasure dome by the sea is available for any uses the management decides to put it to. This is just the Point that Andrews has ordered his agents to explore. Where Large deductions Are made they have been instructed to ask who was entertained and Why. Proof will be required that customers capable of bringing the company Busi Ness commensurate with such lavish spending were actually guests on the yacht or at the luxury House. If the owner or the manage ment Jot most of the Benefit then the company will be called on to pay taxes on the amount deducted. The use of private air planes by companies and individuals and deducted As a business expense will also be looked into. Andrews has been informed that at Many of the More Plush Winter and summer resorts private airfields Are lined each week end with com Pany planes. What puts this new drive in a somewhat ironic Light is the fact that the Truman administration supposedly concerned with the lot of the common Man apparently did not these generous deductions. Andrews if he really follows through on the policy he has announced will step on some sensitive re publican toes including those of generous donors to the party. He has said bluntly that this makes not the slightest difference. If he cannot administer the Law impartially then he will get out. How much actual increase in Revenue can come from a sterner scrutiny of expense deductions the Bureau cannot say. The Law says Ordinary and necessary costs can be taken off when figuring net income. To this the courts have added the term Andrews intends to examine another area equally Touchy. That is the reported practice of the Kickback often by Way of an expense allowance. Excessive amounts for expenses Are granted to salesmen and Pur chasing agents with the under standing that part of this is personal income which they do not report on their tax returns. A course of instruction for reve nue agents has been worked out to help them dig this up. The amount realized by the treas Ury could be substantial. Consideration is being Given in the Bureau of internal reve nue to recommending that con Gress Amend the Law covering deductions. In connection with entertainment written off the taxpayer would be required to list the persons entertained. More important the Amend ment under consideration would forbid unexplained Lump sum deductions paid out to unnamed individuals. Congressional investigations have shown that such sums have gone to fixers and wire pullers. Commissioner Andrews had antagonized one set of lawyers before he made his bar association remarks. He has put through a de centralization of the Bureau to make it possible for a citizen in Salt Lake City or Seattle to Settle his tax controversy with the government in one of the Bureau s seven regional offices without the mat Ter being carried All the Way to Washington. But protests have come to an Drews from the capital s Host or tax lawyers who fear they will be deprived of part of their practice. That was apparently behind the statement of representative Dewitt Hyde newly elected Republican from nearby Maryland who complained wistfully that Economy was All Well and Good but com missioner Andrews had gone much too far in lopping off employees of the Bureau in Washington certainly the Bureau was an Ideal place for a clean Start. For a decade it had been riddled with politics and favouritism. The average Crook looks it says a judge. It s hard to keep straight lace when you re crooked. Lots of corking Good times have a lot to a with uncorking. A Western Bandit 1 feet 2 inches tall was picked up by and now be is in for a Long stretch. The average golfing dub eventually Breaks 100 but to takes a lot of digging. The boost in the Price of Gaso line does a Nice Job of keeping distance from lending Enchant ment. Catching a big fish while snoozing is one of the Best lands of slumber. Bridge playing encourages conversation according to an expert. But you should hear the folks born in january Are Good leaders say astrologers. Think of the 11 months Start they have on everybody else. The lid is off for Canning sea son and it will be dad s Job to screw it Back on again. Even hanging up the clothes and getting the Garden Hose out has t made it rain in some places. When the Apple cider finally gets Here Don t take it too hard. Horse racing provides the Only reason for sometimes playing favourites. When she gets a Little Bossy and he resembles a Moon struck calf that s when the Honey Moon begins. There Are a lot of fishy sound ing excuses being used these Days for staying away from the when you throw All care to the four winds they usually blow it right Back at you. Carelessness is Why Beauty spots when used for picnic spots cease to be Beauty spots. Doctor Epwin p Jordan. . Side glances now we begin the second phase of our task the search for peace with Secretary of state Dulles leaves for Korea. Let s bust right up and get they Don t joke our looks they re sure to fall for the earner a 1" there Are Many causes for broken Bones and few families escape this experience. A broken Bone or fracture requires at Tention As soon As possible. A person with a broken Bone should not move or be moved except with great care As the fracture May be made worse by motion. Splinting with a Board or some other rigid substance is advisable before moving. If a person fractures the lower leg while wearing High boots the boots should not be taken off until after reaching the Hospital As the Boot itself serves As a sort of splint. The proper splinting and moving of a patient who has sustained a fracture May make a great Deal of difference in the setting of the fracture and the time in which it takes to heal. Once a person who has a Frac Ture has been brought to the Hospital skilled care is important. A Ray films must be taken to show just where the fracture is and the position of the frag ments. To do this the a Ray films have to be shot from different angles. If the two parts of Bone can be brought together in Good position then Healing should take place easily especially in younger people. When the frag ments Are brought in proper position the parts must be kept from moving to give the Bone a Chance to grow together. This rest is generally accomplished by using a pastor of Paris cast. Sometimes it is difficult to put the fragments Back where they will heal properly and in Good position. It May be necessary to pull the pieces apart with weights until they can be slipped into place. Occasionally necessary to do what is it is properly. The Healing or knit called Ting of Bone usually takes Sev an open operation and use a eral weeks and almost anyone knife to enter the fragmented who has sustained a fracture must make up his Avind to a Long period of disability. A fracture can be anything from a slight crack in the Bone to a severe break i which the Bone is knocked into Small bits or even Sticks out through the flesh. As a result there is a great Deal of difference in what kind of treatment to use. Area remove Small pieces of Bone and place the two ends of Bone together perhaps insert ing pins Staples plates or screws to hold them in place. This often brings Good results where other methods fail. Treatment difficult it is no easy Job to select the Best treatment and to apply it ouf our Way

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