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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 30, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeMonday August 30. 1954 5 indians fatten bulge on two wins giants Edge trimmed Bob Lemon twirls 20th Triumph big Klu Mays pole 39th standings a fact w 1. 83 the week s fight menu by Joe Holt mar r the new York Yankees Aren t conceding the american league Flag to Cleveland but m the first seed of doubt is beginning to grow in the minds of the defending champions. This suspicion was gleaned from a remark by Allie Reynolds Veteran Yankee pitch ing Star who helped in All five consecutive championships. J if they the indians continue at this terrific he said they deserve to j r Reynolds was referring of course to Cleveland s sensational .721 winning percentage Mac never he Orr summed by an kid Gavilan after 100th t 7 56fh Homer to against John Saxton wednesday Hob. Moryn Wojey. P i Ouli p american league club. Should the indians continue at this Pace 10 the end of the season they will smash the. Record of to victories turned in by the 19-7 Yankees. The Yankees. Trave link at a .690 Pace Al feat never before reached by a runner up club Defeated the Coo Chicano White sox 4-1 yesterday Waite but they lost ground to the indians. While the Yankees were winning their sixth straight the tribe was i extending us own consecutive tory string to 10 in Boston s Way Park walloping the red sox twice 6-2 and 9-1. This gave the i n d i a n s four game Lead Over the Yankees. Both teams have 25 left to play. The National league Pace continued to tighten As the on charging Brooklyn dodgers whipped the braves in Milwaukee 12-4 and 11-4 to pull up to l _. Games behind the front running new York giants. The Best the new yorkers could do was gain a split in St. Louis after dropping an 11-inning 5-4 de Ision to the cardinals. They Over came a 3-1 deficit to win the night Cap 7-4. Cincinnati s Redlegs strength ened their hold on fourth place defeating Philadelphia 3-2 and 8-4. Chicago s cubs came from behind twice to sweep a twin Bill from Pittsburgh 7-4 and 4-1. In a wild double header marred by a free for All the Detroit tigers took two from Philadelphia s athletics 14-3 and 2-1 and wrested fourth place from the red sox by one percentage Point. Baltimore fresh from 16 losses in its last 17 games surprised Washington with s-4 and 5-0 victories. In Boston Bob Lemon scattered tight hits in the opener for Cleve land. It was his Lith stright Vic tory and made him the majors first 20-game Winner. He and team mate Bob Feller fire the Only Active six time 20-game winners. Until the sixth when the indians erupted for three runs on homers by Larry Doby no. 29 and Vic Wertz no. Lemon was hooked bums 12-11, braves 4-4 Redlegs 3-8, phils 2-4 k1kst Brooklyn Milf Aikle a 11 o a a h i islam 5343 Routon f i 3 . A 4 i 3 a o con Ilab a 3 4 a 1 0 this i 3 find Grill a a 0 0 2 Amory. 11 3 0 Aiko. I 6 3d 0 l ram fall c 5 1 1 Willie c b 0 ii Boilon Nuon .10-10. Tarnr.-. On Turley Nir Leiu i first Hia Cincinnati i a 11 o a a h it a National Caole 1 new York Champion kid Gavilan goes after his 100th Victory by t11k cd wednesday night As a 1-2 favorite to beat Brooklyn s Johnny Saxton in a title bout in Cears appeared 0_ . I assured today of a second cons Ccu beaten in his first bid for the Century by middleweight King Bobo Olson last april Jve be i the kid is supremely confident he will dive the 24-year-old Saxton a sound drubbing. J Assoc a i the 15-Rounder in Connie Mack stadium will be the Clever 28-year-old cuban s eighth me of 1 1 3 0 i Ope Cim a l Meyer n 3 p p o n n o to 0 Diu mtr 2b 3 to o pm Chews 1 0 0 1 3 1 Rudd rtt p 1 0 2 Kohl. P 0 0 Daaron d i 3 11 Tor 3 of c 4 1 l hymn r.2b 4 Wyr 3 it 3 4 hater. 30 3 Rpbert. P 3 220 3b 3 o o a cinch Iii i n St. Louii of too o it i 0 Frei Vich 1 000 Jolly p 0 n q 1 Nichols n 0 0 0 0 Jay p 0000 n Torii 47 in 53 n a run fur Walker in Bih. A walked Labine Millili. I fanned Jor no mar in d fanned Lor Koslo in 7ih. A rounded oui Lor Johnson in Bih. Rod klan urn Mil os-1- Milwaukee Tlly Sot ii r Giumini 2. Reese. 2, Hoffies. Amoros. Cox. Fuello 2. Meyer Moryn. Briton 2. To nimm. A rur Date i1. Rib Snider 3. Amoros. Meyer. Gulliam 2. Hodges Cox 2 Frullo Thomson 2. Adcock. Pafko 3h-Amoros. Cox o Connell. Jolly. A Crandall. O Connell. He set Der. S Reese. I Cox. Gilliam and up in a 2-2 pitching Rookie Tom Brewer Home run1 no. 11 in Duel with Wirtz hit the second Hodges Gilliam. Reese and Hod res John Bon. and Smalley. Left Brooklyn 8. Milwaukee 11. By Wojey l Burdei a Johnson 2, Jolly 3. Nichols i. So Meyer 5. Zurhei 2. L abide 2. Bur Tetle 3, Koslo 1. Johnson 1. Jolly c. A 1. To Meyer 10 in 6-3. Hughes g in 2. Labone i in l 1-3. Wojey l in 1. Burdue s in 6 1-3. Komo n in 2-3. Ohnson 0 in 2. Jolly in 1 1-3. Nichols 2 a 0 pitched to 3 men in Judi. Jay 1 in l -3. It Kkt Mever 2-2, Hughes 2-2. Labine 0-0. Wojey 0-0. Bur Hurtte 4-3. Koslo 0-0, 0-0. Jolly 5-5. Nichols 3-3. A 0-0. We Burdette. W Labone l Jolly a Dona Conlan. Gore second game Brooklyn 012 014 ii 0 Milwaukee 020 101 492 Loes and Walker Buhl Nichols 51, Johnson to Koslo Jay 9 and Crandall White Nichols. Orioles 8-5, nats 4-0 first game Baltimore Washington a n o a a n o a s 3 a 0 Yost. 3b 5 2 0 Coan u 5330 rimnels.2b 4105 wet Lakub la 5 2 2 0 4 0 10 1 St pm ns.3b 3110 Busby of 4 3 2 0 Ken 1 1 0 0 levers if 5 0 5 0 5 1 7 jump eu.rf4 230 3 0 i 1 Fuzio 4250 422.1 Snyder. 53 0 0 3 4 Hunter is 3 142 3000 Kuzava. P 2 0 0 0 Stewart p 0 0 0 0 Kryhoski 0000 Bucsky 1000 Blyzka. P 1 0 0 0 Shea p o 0 1 o totals 37 11 27 4 totals 34 Fly Foi game to help Art Houtteman gain his 14th Triumph with a six hitter. The Yankees finally beat Virgil trucks on the hitting of Yogi Berra and the pitching of Whitey Ford. Ford hurled a neat six hitter for his 15th Victory Berra doubled in the first two runs and scored another trucks has whipped the Yankees three times two by shut outs. A capacity crowd of Crest-1 fallen braves fans witnessed the dodger sweep that dropped third place Milwaukee lengths behind a flied out or Stewart Baltimore Stephens. Snyder Ian. Waitkus. Yost. Kuzava in Ullh. 8th. 010 001 501-r 000 201 010-4 n Stephens. Dierene Vernoa. Busby. Mph Letl 2. A Yost Runnels. Rel Corwey Umphlett Fitzgerald r Kryhoski. Abrams 2. Coi so Courtney Roan. He Abrams. So inv Der. Of to Stephens. Snyder Kryhoski. S Hunter. Do Runnels. Snyder and Vernon 2 Diering and Waitkus. Left Baltimore i Washington 11. By Suaava 3. Porter Lert 1. Blyzka 4. So Kuzak 5. Porterfield 3. Stewart i. To Kuzava 7 in 6 2 in 3, Porterfield 9 in 61-3. In 12-3. Shea 3 in 1. Re Kuzava 3-3. Blyzka 1-1. Porterfield 7-5, Stewart 0-0. Shea 1-1. A Kuzava 12-gi. Stevens. T-2 second game the giants. The turnout boosted Milwaukee s Home attendance to Baltimore 001 000 13 0 Washington .000 000 6 1 Coleman and Courtney Kerbaj setting a new National i Zakos and Tipton. League record for the second sue Jessive year. Cards 5-4, giants the dodgers blasted 11 Mil Waukee pitchers for 29 hits in the double header. Four of them were homers two by Duke Snider one by Gil Hodges and one by Rube Walker. Snider batted in three runs in each game. The Brooks rang tour is 0 or is rvs 0 temp feb 5 2 Bury. C Al Fokett. P i 9 Tolar a filed Omlor in Rhian Delphia. 101 cinc innit iou j103c a a Burress. Hanmner. A Luciew , Bailey. A tort Fon. Sri Hamner. Enois. Luire Wsot Bally. 3b-Burcess. Or Kluszewski. Bailey. A Fowler Mcmillan. Of Ennis. Left Philadelphia 1. Can Canaii 5. By Roberts 1. Fowler 4 so Roberti 2 Fowler 3. Re Roberts 3-3. Fowler 2-2. A Kovler ill of. A Rob crts i ib-131. Goetz Waicom. Secory. T-l.50. Second game Philadelphia .100 030 5 0 Cincinnati 012 131 13 0 pm Tinati 3-8. Philadel Platia Brooklyn 1m1. Milwaukee is. 5-4, new York 4-7 11 Chicago 7-4. Pittsburgh 4-1. Today s schedule Pitcher Philide Phu at Cincinnati mans Lei is pod Biel Brooklyn at Milwaukee i twin to Wilson 18-11. Orji at St. Loui Lon cell llc-31 i Jon Tonly games Scolie Dulce of. Brown elected big five prexy Erwin . Niles Brown head football coach at science Hill High Nishti Sim school of Johnson City was re i2-ll. Yanks 4, White sox 1 new York 0 a a h o a 6 1 Bane 3 16 Chicago a i car so 1 Fox. 2b 4 1 Minoso. Cd 3 0 Kell. La 30 Rivera i 3 2 Lobar. C 4 1 Grolli. Of 3 0 Marsh. 3b 4 1 tic is p 2 0 bait 1 0 to Tali i Fikert new York a Marsh. Collini. _ Coleman Obi Carrasquel. Berra 2. Col Lins Noren. Us Berra. Noren. Marsh. Cat Raquel. Or Coluni. A trucks. Mantle. Do Mir inc Coleman and Collins. Leu 4 Collins la o Mantle of 0 Berra c 0 Noren. If u Carey. 3b 0 col m n.2b 1 Mir 3 Ford p for trucks in Bih. Nun inn Iii of we 2, Mantle. Lei Chicago York 8. By trucks 5. Ford 5. So trucks 2. Ford 3. Re fort 1-1. We trucks. Of Lopez tabs Lemon As Good bet for Loop s map title Boston Al Lopez of the american league leading Cleveland indians today touted his Ace Pitcher Bob Lemon first 20 game Winner of the 1954 season As a Good bet for the Loop s most valuable player award. Lemon just an average infielder who developed into one of base Ball s top pitchers ran his season s elected president of the big five conference at a meeting Here yes verday. Also renamed As Secretary of the Loop was head loot Ali coach to Grummett of Erwin John head coach at Elizabethton High school was elected vice president of the Cir a Flaherty. Homel. Paparella. Hooch let. A indians 6-8, botox 2-1 first game Cleveland Boston a i o a a h 0 a Smith. If 3 2 1 0 male. Of 1 Arlell. So 5 2 1 1 flu 3100 Doby of 4130 Jensen of 4 2 1 0 Roseo 3b 4 2 1 1 3 0 10 1 Wert. La 5 1 1 1 Hilton 3b 4 2 3 2 Lynn la 0 0 2 0 White c 4120 Well 4110 . 2b 3 0 4 1 Decter s5 4 0 1 6 4153 Hattan. C 4 1 9 0 Brewer p 2 0 1 0 Lemon p 5 1 1 1 p 0000 Apler Sall 1000 Brown p 0 0 0 0 Boron 0 0 0 tools 38 h 27 10 totals 3i 8 27 13 a grounded out for Kiely in 7th. A grounded out for Brown in 9th. Mib Smith. Ayala. Doby. Wertz Westlake. Jensen. Arg this. Mele. Rib Jensen. Lepcio. Avila 2. Doby 3. While Rosen. Smith. Denby. Wertz. S Dente. Of Lerlo. Do Lemon Dente and Wertz. Left Cleveland 14. Boston 7. By Lemon 2. Brewer 4, Hurd 2. Kelly 1. So Lemon 7, l. Brown 1. To Brewer b in 61-3, Hurd 1 in 1-3. 1 in 2.r-er-lc Kelly 0 in 1-3. Brown 2-3, Brewer Hurd 0-0. Hip by Brewer 1-1, Kelly d-0, Brewi. W Lemon in is. Napp in second game a by ont. Berry. Cleveland 022 100 10 0 up eight runs in the Lith inning of the opener after the braves had rallied for three runs in the ninth to tie the score at 4-4. Billy Loes breezed to his Lith Victory in 14 decisions with a nine hitter in the Nightcap. Alex Grammas Lith inning sin Gle drove in the winning run for St. Louis in the opener after Stan Musits second Homer of the game had tied the score in the 10th inn first came new York St. Louis a ii n a a n n a wih ms2h 612 1 Gram 5325 l 6 0 i 2 Moon d 5050 dark is 6342 Musial. Of 5 3 3 1 mavs of 4331 of Tai Skub 4100 Mueller of i i 3 1 5203 Irvin. If 3020 rep bit if 3 2 5 Westrum 2 0 i Kho Mai Bam Fultano 0 0 Kutu. C 00 Ltd dec. P 1 q my Cfall. P to i d 0 0 f Taylor 1 0 1 0 Gomes poo 0 Sarn. C 1 u n h 3 0 1 0 Haddix. P 3 0 0 Lawr 0 0 0 lint p 0 s 0 he eras l 1 1 Staley p 0 0 0 Brazle p 0 0 o Lowrey 1 0 0 n n o 1 10 0 0 1 1 bran for Slofman in 7th. Struck out for Triplet for in Mccall in 7th. 8th. Ing. Dusty Rhodes whose two triples had gone to waste in first Eaine led the giants attacks struck out for Haddix in 7th. U. You blvd for lint in both. Graz la in Lith. When winning run scored. 1111 wll 10-4 in the second with two homers and two doubles. Willie Mays hit his 39th Homer for new York in the it of i Fulli Siew Loui 100 110 000 ii 0 opener. A Nark Mays. Mueller. Thompson Ted Kluszewski smashed two any his 38th and 39th. 0 tie cram Ina. Mays Wlliams. Nodes 2. So Mays for the league Lead in Cin Imti s double win. Rookie Art so Moon. Left new Yort Fowler out picked Robin Roberts. Philadelphia s 18-game Winner in Boston 000 000 6 1 cubs 7-4, pirates 4-1 first game Pittsburgh Chicago a h o a 5 0 Allic. 3b 4 2 Ward la 4 0 2 1 Gordon of 4 2 3 3 Cole 55 40 Hall. In a h o a Ayni a 1 1 1 to Bol of 1 1 Baker. 2b 3 0 jacks n.3b 1 o Sauer of 1 0 Banks is g 0 Knirr. If 1 2 Bilko. La 5 0 1 1 0 0 Cooper c 3 1 1 0 Minner p 2 0 0 0 Mikals 1 0 0 1 0 i 5 3i 8 27 13 2 3 1 0 d 0 10 let Sci 3 1 Lau p 0 0 Batan i o 33 10 a singled for Hall in oth. B struck out for Law in both. A stick out Lor Minner in 1th. Singled Lor Bilko la 8th. A kith a Allie. Thomas Gordon. Shepard Tal hot 3. Jackson. Sauer. Banks Fondy e cold 2. Minner biker. Hall. Bib Hall Gordon 1. Fihe Pard. Jackson 2. Sauer Banks. Fondy. 3b-Shepard, Sauer. Cooper. 3n-Jackson. Or Gordon. So Fondy. S Ward up Hall. Shepard. Jackson. Do Cole Roberts and Ward Baker ant bilco Havre. Banks and Sihto. Left Pittsburgh h Calcaro 5 by manner 2, 3. Pc float 1 so manner a. Little flew i. Law 1. Jeffcoat 3. To Minner 7 in i. My Law 2- " jct coat 0-0. A Juffcoat 4-51 a Jackowsky Barlock. Dixon. Second game Pittsburgh 100 000 4 0 Chicago 020 002 9 1 20-5 yesterday with an 6-2 verdict Over Boston Mark to eight hit in the opener of a doubleheader. The husky right hander thus be came a 20-game Winner for the sixth time in the past seven sea sons. He turned the in 1948 49-50 and 1952-53. It was his Lith straight Triumph after a mid season letdown caused by a Back injury suffered while swinging a Bat against the new York Yankees. The injury affected his pitching Tor a while but his terrific form since that time has been a tremendous Factor in the indians surge toward the Pennant. Tigers 14-2, a s 3-1 Detroit Kuenn. Is v a h 0 a jacobs.2b 4311 2t 5 Nicman. If 4 Boone. 3b 3 Bola dub 5 de sins. Of 1 Klinc. Of 3 5 a Romec. P 4 3 1 200 i Power la ofiniran.3b 4 1 Renna of 2 0 Taylor of 5 3 0 4 0 Astroth c 4 2 Gray p 0 0 Bhoop p 2 0 Zernial. If 3 0 a Limmor 1 0 0 q 000 Evers re 2 a Miller 0000 a Limmor 1 0 000 0 Falcano p i 0 Tola i 11-7 totals 10 a out for Bishop in 6th. Bran Lor Sromek in both. Del Roll oof 010 010 l Al Al a Kurnen. Hatfield. Leman. Belart Uci sinc. King 3, r. Wilson 3. Gromek 2, Evers. Jacobs 2. Winigan. Bolh nor King. Nieman Dema Esth. Rib Hatfield 2. Leman 2. Belardy. King r. Wilson 6. Filipan Zernial 2. 3b Astroth h. Nihon. Her. Wilson 2. Do Demaestri and Power. Left troit 5. Philadelphia. 11. By Marlow 2. Gray 4. Bishop 1. Falcano 1. So Gromek 5 fray 2, Bishop 2, Fricano 1. To Gromick 10 la i. Gray 6 in 2 2-3. Bishop 4 in 3 1-3, Fricano 4 in 3, Marlowe 0 in i. 3-2. Gray 8-8. Bishop 2-2. Fricano 4-3. Marlowe hip by Gromek in. Wilson i. By Fricano Grom we Gray. A Gromek 15-14i. L Gray 2-8. U-1 Hurley Runge Summers soar. Second game Detroit Philadelphia 000 010 6 2 Garver and House Portocarrero Dixon 9 and Robertson. Carrero. Cuit. Elizabethton was awarded the big five baseball championship for 1954, and Bristol and Johnson City were declared co champions in track. A lengthy discussion on football took place with much emphasis on the length of half me Intermix. Ion. S. D. Jackson Secretary of the appalachian Board of approved officials said the 15-minute half time intermission plus the Runci lured three minutes would be strictly enforced this season. Much avoidable delay in past games was cited. Attending the meeting were or. Clement Eyer Sid Hathaway. Ker met Tipton g. B. Devault James Hoggatt Paul Jones Ted Alexan Der Guy Crawford Sid Smallwood John Treadway John Crumley John Broyles Bob Evans Harry Fine Jim Harmon Bill Allen Dick Mcnabb John Manning Steve Boretsky George Greenwell cot Don Fahlin s. D. Jackson to Bruin Mett and Niles Brown. Don card Well is named Appy Rookie of year Johnson City aug. 29 Don Cardwell Rookie Pulaski Pitcher was voted appalachian league Rookie of the year i some of the tightest balloting Ever recorded in the annual selections announced last night. Card Well the eighth Rookie named since the selections were started in 1947 by the Appy sports writers and sportscasters association had to go Down to the wire in a photo finish with Dick Morgan o Bluefield. Bob Quinn of Pulaski and Ken Mcbride of Bluefield to cop the Honor. So lunar tables by John Alden Knight the schedule of Solenir periods a rented below Bis been taken from John Alden Knight Solnar tables. Flin your so that you trill be fishing in Good territory or Bunting in Good a Nevi a urine these times if you wish to find the Best sport that each Day has to offer the major periods shown in boldface Type. Theft begin at the times shown and last or an hour and m Hall or two hours thereafter. The minor periods in regular Type Artol Lom shas Short duration. Use Eastern Standard time of the 147-Pound Crown he won three years ago from Johnny Braun. Bration. Too u As the last Man to Challenge the iced Lor the welter Crown and Gavilan whipped him handily in november. The cocky Saxton believes Gav Ilan is ready to in taken and he s the one who can do it. Solidly built and Catlike in his movements Saxton uses a crowding style which normally gives Gavilan his most trouble. The Champ likes to set his own Pace. Saxton has 43-2-2 record. His two tosses to Gil Turner and Del by split decision. Johnny Lombardo the free swinging mount Carmel. Pa., Weler who held Saxton to a on aug. 4, meets Denmark s Chris Christensen in a 10 at Brooklyn s Eastern Parkway Arena tonight. Abc will telecast the bout at 9 ., est. The headline 10 at new York s St. Nicholas Arena tonight matches a pair of hard hitting heavyweights n Bob Satterfield of Chicago and i Rankie Daniels of Bakersfield. Calif. Satterfield. The no. G Light heavyweight contender has Flat ened 28 of his 53 opponents. Daniels Kayo record is 15 out of this one does t figure to last Long. After the usual summer break. Friday night boxing returns to Madison Square Garden and Tele vision with heavyweights Cesar Brion and Charley Norkus the attraction. This year when the Jarden is occupied by other shows he Friday night fights will be Learned out of Philadelphia Mon acal and other cities. Big league pacesetters american league Bittl Najj player and club g a it n pet Noren new York 107 370 57 .351 Aviu Cleveland 118 465 83 155 .333 Minoso. Chicago 131 484 103 158 .328 Rons Doby 28 m Dite debt 30 monday 31 tuesday september 1 2 thursday 2 Friday 4 saturday 5 sunday . . Minor major minor major 8uo 3 is he opener. Bob Wilson hit two homers one grand Slammer doubled and in nth. A l. Brazie 1. So Liddle 3, Wilhelm 1.1 Gosom 1. Haddix 7. Staley 2. To lipid a 6 in. 5 Marcail 0 in 1. Wilhelm 1. G it aced a 1 in 2-3. Haddix 4 a 1, 3 in 2-3. Lint 0 in 11-3, Staley drove in six runs to help Steve. 3 ,.j Brazir n m 1-3. H Liddic i Gromek win his 15th game for troit. Gromek precipitated a near i a Brar in a opt Katt. Tiol in the ninth when he charged. Of ii. U poem. J oui to Marion Fricano after the Philadelphia Pitcher had hit York 131 xviii a pitched Ball in the ninth. St 002 010 11 Gromek threw several punches be Corwin Wilh fore the two combatants a am Katt to the ground. Players from jul Deal Wade benches joined the fracas. Acid Rice. Peace was restored both pitchers i Hrcsko. Were ejected. Oriole Catcher Clint Courtney backed up Joe Coleman s shutout pitching against Washington with five hits in five times at Bat in the Nightcap. Cal Abrams and Gil Coan had three hits apiece in Balti More s first game Victory. In you want Quality photo finishing at lowest prices the place to save is Wallace news one do a Cafica open is hours moving dial Circle 5-7441 Tom still Transfer co. Save 20% new Low or Lea on heat Aster electric water Heaters 4 convenient terms Moyns Taylor Loans on your signature Only compare save Cash you provision for you provision for Prmt. 5250.56 10.00 16.00 532.44 939.60 34.00 60.00 other amounts up to phone i 5-3137 today Community finance i Thrift coup. Of Kingsport Market St. Dial i 5-3137 Community investment pay 3% per annul plastic seat covers manufacturer s close out Sale regular Suroo 45 value installed All Leatherette trim genuine Lucite plastic tailor made covers All new Stock latest patterns Beautiful colors other As Low covers As installed Duffer Taylor tire service Kingsport. Tenn. Opposite City Hall Dulci 6-4103 pc Hopes High for big 5 race Johnson City Lyl coach e. Brown of the Johnson City Hill toppers is rather optimistic about his football team s chances n the Tough big five conference his fall. The usually cautious Brown is out on the limb with a pre diction that his club won t finish last in the big five. From other viewpoints the top pers Are regarded As a team to watch in the forthcoming con Ference race. Heading the Host of returnees Are Dwayne Harkleroad Fred shoun Lurry Ledford and. D. Estep plus Letterman Jay Fred Carmack Sam Luntsford toy Mackley and Tom Hundley. J Hundley a 155-Pound Reserve quarterback Mackley a 200-Pound tackle shoun a 185-Pound and Harkleroad. A 175-Pound tackle Are the Only vets returning .na5hvtiiec lie new 28 Williams Boston 24 runs batted in Doby Cleveland. 108 Terra new York and Minoso in Manue new Voricl. 109 Minoso Fig of 108 f Chicago 87. Pitching or and club w l Tegra Chicago 16 3 Lemon. Cleveland 20 5 Feller. Cleveland 1 3 National league Bitting Plater and club g a r ii Snider. Brooklyn 124 483 107 168 .348 Musial. St. Louis 127 494 108 170 .344 Mays. New York 468 93 158 .338 Home runs Kluszewski Cincinnati and Mays new 39 Hodges Brooklyn Louis. 116 Lynn 107. 107 mavs fifth Pitcher and club Ineil. New York Brooklyn lock. Brooklyn -.10i Hodges Brook v York i. W l 96. Pel cellar finish in the Southern a Tion. Bears suffered their ninth straight loss sunday to new or leans 13-3, and Are 4 games behind seventh place Nashville. The Pelican Victory kept their l game Lead Over Atlanta intact. The crackers nipped Birmingham i of. Nashville Beai Chattanooga 8-7 in 12 innings in the first game of doubleheader but lost the after piece 4-1. Memphis downed Little Rock 4-2 and 12-3. Nashville s Bob Lennon wrote another new league record. His six bases in the twin Bill with Chattanooga ran his total Jor the season to 408, eclipsing by five the old Mark. Vol fans honoured Lennon before the games for breaking1 the Home run record. Lennon hit his 56th Homer in the second game for Nashville s Only score. Leo Cristante hurled his 23rd Victory for Atlanta a tight Mound Battle with Birmingham s Dave Benedict. The Birmingham left hander allowed Only three hits but he walked five batters two in the sixth when Atlanta scored its Only run. Southern association clubs new Orleans Atlanta Birmingham Memphis Chatlan Oora Little Rock who Are certain of starting As i Brown is Well stocked with Hope Ful rookies. Graduation of ends Bob Evans and Bob Taylor leaves that spot our according to Brown. Jeff Tow Senri 160 Pound senior looms As the other Lajfer along with shoun. A 210-Pounder. Red Roberts May have a slight Edge for a tackle Job although Veteran car Mack and newcomers Tom Whis Man and Ernest Reed Are also labelled varsity material. Carmack and Whisman also Are working out at guards where 185 Pound Luntsford and 160-Pound Gregg Moss Are battling it out. Jerry Story Don Blackburn and Leland Leonard Are still trying for the Center spot left vacant by the graduation of Tom Shepherd. Only losses in the e Backfield Are Bob Bible and Al Brimer. Hundley will be the starting quarterback while Harkleroad a tackle has been shifted to a half Back Slot. Other positions Are wide open according to Brown. Ray James and Ben Hunter Are two other top candidates for Backfield posts. J. D. Estep is returning at Lull Back. W so 87 Pel. .615 .501 .550 go. I i Lake stages Watauga Lake level saturday. 11 0 fee Low South Holston. 77.s Boone. I2.s Hen Cherokee afl.6. Yei Terdy s results Atlanta 1. Birmingham n. New Orleans 13. Mobile 3. Memphis 4-12. Little Rock 2-3. Chattanooga 7-4. Nashville 8-1. South Atlantic league Columbia 4, Charlotte 3. Montgomery 3. Columbus 0. Macon 4-2. Augusta 7-1, Jacksonville 2, Savannah 0. American association Columbus 5. Charleston 3. Louisville 7. Toledo 3 St. Paul 5, Minneapolis 1. Indianapolis 14-2, Kansas City 4-3. Today s skies Sunset Moonset First Quarter sept. 5 prominent cassiopeia Low in Northeast at Sunset. Till be High in the Northern sky at mid night. Tills group is also called tiie lady in the All times Eastern Standard Beautiful custom tailored a plastic seat covers value All work convertible tops As Low As installed Hull s trim shop 108 Shelby Street wifi sport 233 w. Market City 3891 another reason you need k an electric clothes dryer cub could you use an extra hour and a half or is each was Day it s yours an electric dryer Many things come out so smooth they need no ironing at All. On others you just set the dryer dial for Damp and they come out pre sprinkled. And of course you save still More time by not having to hang things up and take them Down. For All the time and work saving features of electric clothes divers ask your electric appliance dealer today. Kingsport utilities your Friendly electric

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