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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 30, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee4 King port monday. August 30. 1654 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper c f Edwardi. Jr., Puusner maj ii merry go round letters to editor Street Ott. Tenn rvs service of use Assoc Tea or fit. Bowmen pub Abiri 01 Meir v tes2 by Ethel Merman and Marilyn Monroe says Ethel Merman if i were one of the lawmakers you re always writing about i d pass Laws that men never have business conferences on nights their wives give dinner parties. Lotical and business talk be banned at dinner october j7 advert Stop _ _ men Wear blinders at the Beach. morning papers be delivered after breakfast. Tiu of mirth so Hubby can n is face and Wafey could see it Ehi Onon t Ai before he buries it in the news. Nur ii. Men Dreis More in hot they Wear something like a mandarin Type cot ton or Linen jacket which takes the place of both jacket and shirt attractively. Husbands never be allowed to overwork and talk themselves out during their business Day. So they re Good for nothing but a Grunt of Greet ing and a Shori goodnight when they get Home. Men should t be allowed to listen to that Eartha Kitt the Mink and Schmink is for wife. Males be forced to take courses in the care and changing of babies before they get their High school diplomas. That they also take courses teaching the Dif Ference Between Cotton and silk so at least once a year they can compliment their wives on a dress and make sense about it. Ditto about coiffure so they know the differ ence Between a Pompadour and a roman Cut. Every husband be equipped with i portable Cabinet in which to dump the contents of his pockets instead of leaving All the junk on the Dresser. Believe me male pockets Are Messier than women s purses and that s going men be reminded once a week about Patti Berg babe Zaharias. Maureen Connolly. Gussie Moran. So they la realize their better halves might give them some health charges against the Secretary of state course or Tennis court. I a Ria a Noti Tiomi to this of a hat stores have two sales for the g. Dec Laid Filiai. A Pennon 10 ims i of the Chapeau the other for Hubby eyes second being at least half the first. All Mother in Law jokes be banned. Husbands be forced to submit to a perfume Detector test when they come Home from work ing late at the men come equipped with built in Ash catchers and lifetime clamped buttons non removable dress shirt studs. Husbands be forced to stay Home with the kids at least once a week. Husbands be forced to take their wives out on a Date once a week. Men Strong enough to play football handball Tennis Golf etc., be Strong enough to help with the dishes too. Just kidding men. I love you As especially Bob six. Inc in new York. Chat Ciao. Be Turpu. Kin is loll 1uhju City. Loj subscription rate by mall first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year. S13.w by Carrier daily and sunday one week 40c. Today s Bible thought in this the children of god Are Manifest and the children of the Devil whosoever doth not righteousness is not of god. Neither he that Loveth not his i John the times daily tonic to live is not to live for one s self alone let us help one Menander. Resignation in order there is a movement on foot to have the governor Call a special session of the j Nimnoom i Tyint Moran. So they la realize their better natives mini legislature to Deal with impeachment hem some healthy Competition on inc Golf feet is said to be under distribution and already have a number of names. There is a Little haziness about the instigator or Initiator of the petition. For financial reasons we Hope there be no special session called for this purpose. For reasons of the Good name of the state we Hope the regular session of the legislature when it meets in Jan dist up Date once a week. Uary will not have to Deal with this ques Tion. But in the interest of the people we do believe thai or. Friar should resign with dignity. In View of the Public airing that was Given to the quarrel Between governor Clement and or. Friar and particularly in View of the serious charges and counter charges that were made and insinuated during the recent Campaign we believe that the vote of the people is a very pointed invitation to or. Friar to resign. He can do that without Dishonour or losing face. He can do it on the Plain and simple grounds that the vote of the peo ple was a vote of Confidence in governor Clement. Under the circumstances his own sense of Honor should Lead him to says Marilyn Monroe prom time to time i be been quoted in the entertainment columns of newspapers and even in news stories but this is the first time i be been invited to contribute to a column which deals with National affairs on a High level. Nearest i be come to affecting the National is editor times Kingsport Tenn. Dear sir i want to take this Opportunity to express to you our appreciation for the publicity you gave to the recent clinics which were held in Sullivan county for inoculations of dogs against rabies. You will prob ably be interested to learn that there were something Over four thousand dogs inoculated against rabies during the time of the clinics. The local health department has sponsored such clinics annually since 1950. The incidence of rabies in dogs was reduced to Zero in 1953 and so far this year there have been no rabies found in the examination of any dog s head submit Ted to the state Laboratory. Again thanking you for your co operation. I am very truly yours. J. W. Erwin. . Director of the Sullivan county department of health. Editor times Kingsport Tenn. Dear sir in this Small Community of horse Creek gardens and Highway 81, there Are five bootleggers of liquor and Beer All within a Stone s throw of each other. We the people of this neighbourhood Are sick and tired of this. As Long As the decent people sit Back and let Bootleg Gers flourish Well never have a decent place to raise our children. We re afraid to let them out now to play afraid they might be killed by some drunk. So. Neighbors let s get something done about this situation. Let s make this a decent place to live instead of a Bootlegger s Paradise. To or. Kurd 1 would like to say we voted for you counted on you so let s see some action. Thank you. A citizen editor times Kingsport. Tenn. Dear sir next november the voters will elect every member of the House and 27 members of the Senate of the United states and it is very important that we elect candidates will stand by Eisenhower in Liis Effort to prevent another world War to bring Prosperity with peace to reduce taxes to establish private Enterprise to protect and defend the Constitution. Of the United states and make this coun try a better place to live. Adlai Stevenson says that Eisen Hower broke his promises to the people and that farm prices Are his diploma Washington calling l Stokes Washington Adlai Steven son s timely help in foreign policy comes like an Echo of a similar situation Over a decade ago. But with the position of the political parties reversed. Reference is to his action in backing up the Eisen Hower administration on the euro airily in a typical gesture and nodded. That was less than a year before Pearl our entry into the second world War. Later you May remember or. Willkie took his widely publicized trip around the world which presi Pean defense Community in a per Dent Roosevelt helped to arrange. Sonal letter to Mendes France. This was in the Best tradition of bipartisanship on Basic principles French Premier out of that came his Book one world that became a Best seller and gave us a vision which also seemed then much closer to real the Basic policy is curried out and implemented. Their approach was indicated by rep. Sam Rayburn House minority Leader in a recent statement. In thai he said among other things that the Eisenhower administration had made no change in the Truman Acheson policy which republicans had condemned so bitterly except Olie administer it in a sorry fashion ii such a Blun Dering Way that we now have fewer friends in the world than we Ever tilted Mac s window by w. J. Maul Lff a fellow by the name of Bogart substituting for a Well known finnist. Tells us that everybody knows two businesses. His Ovnik and How to make movies. That of course leaves people who Are in the movie making in the unhappy position of being Only ones who know but one Busi Ness. Now the joker in the above statement is that this Man Bogart 1? in the motion picture business in ome capacity and thereby hangs a talc. For in making that statement he was merely demonstrating a. Well known weakness of the human race which is resentment conscious or subconscious of criticism. Or. Bogan thinks everyone Fig ures himself a frustrated movie producer because everyone criticizes movies. Or. Bosart says himself would never think of Tell a other people How to run their business. Of no if so. Or. Bosart. Aside from his ability to impersonate very Tough characters when he is really a penile Souli. Is a very remarkable character. In fact he is almost unique. The joker is that what or. To pan says about the movies the radio people say about radio critics newspapermen say about their critics and so and info item. In Short if you Talce or. B s statement that everybody knows two businesses his own and the movies and take out the movies and substitute the radio the news paper the medical profession the nursing profession the clothing business the Duch do pm Busi Ness and the bringing up children business or anyone of a Hundred others you would have As much truth. Perhaps it s because i be been Lucky and Fiat he cannot continue to serve under a lot of my fellow americans have cheered from governor whom he does not respect. Or. The sidelines As Friar must know it is not in the interest of the state to have friction within the official family of the state. At the present time and under the a dancing and dramatic routine in Irv a. I l ing Berlin s Thorn j present circumstances we believe that or. Friar can serve his state better by resigning than he can by holding on to his office. We Hope he will do that and forestall unpleasant action. Kidding themselves the sidelines As a Little Gal without much Back ground found Success and happiness the hard Way. Being neither a natural born actress Singer nor dancer i still Pinch myself As i drive to work on the lot in a very Nice automobile and go into dramatic routine in Irv in Berlin s there 5 no business like show i work with such talented people As Ethel Mer Man Donald o Connor Mitzi Gaynor Johnnie Ray and Dan Dailey and i feel warm All Over when Irving Berlin tells me that i m a Fine per former As distinguished from a pin up personal Ity. You might like to know that my pin up Days arc sort of. I still want to look Nice and have our servicemen and others take pleas ure in my pictures but i also want to be known As a Good actress. I think seven year which i will Start soon will give me a wonderful quoting or. Nehru India will not take part in the proposed Southeast Asia defense Alliance because it seems to us that it is Likely to reverse the trend of conciliation released by the Indochina quoting Herr Schmidt wit Mark who deserted the West for East Berlin and the Beds the Success of the Geneva con Ference convinced me and other germans that International tension particularly and that is Why you never see Joc and me posing the problem of Germany can be solved together around Hollywood. I d have enjoyed going East recently to watch Joe hit one Over the Fence in his old timers exhibition game but i was Here in Hollywood that at 5 . Getting dressed and made up for a routine with Donald o Connor. As to the future i just Don t know. On the like a Black Cloud is the frightening figure of dior who has decreed that girls must be Flat chested. If this comes about i will be a dead Duck and people will be speaking of Mari Lyn in the past tense because no matter what dior decrees come out of Paris. I just Don t qualify. Tomorrow s guest Colum rust will be Johnnie Ray. Well known Singer his letter assuring Premier that All our people Are interested in ratification of the Edo treaty soon to come before the French parliament. T Wendell Willkie s hands across the aisle gesture was much More dramatic or. Willkie being the dynamic unpredictable figure that he was and controversial especially in his own party. His initial venture in cooperation involved you May recall the lend lease Bill designed to make the United states the Arsenal of de Opportunity to show How i be improved since my first Small bit in ladies of the years ago. During a Short period i spent in an orphan s Home because of my Mother s illness i used to look out at the big sign on the Rio lot in Hollywood and dream of stardom. I thought it would be the easiest and the most glamorous life in the world. Life and career separate Well i like the Glamor part but it certainly in t easy. I work hard and study hard and have Little time even for my i do divorce my private life from my career As an actress Ost of living is the lowest. Many of you no doubt have sold eggs at 5 cents per dozen Corn at 35 cents a Bushel and cattle at 2 to cents per Pound. Eisenhower said that if h were elected that he would go to Korea and look into the conditions there and that he would Stop the korean did he break this Promise he Al promised to Cut taxes. Has he done this he Cut off from Trump s budget he has made visions of which will save the taxpayers Bil Lions of collars. Ike has done away with the new Deal s plan to buy farm votes which Cost the taxpayers about this will help to de crease the Cost of living As it saves the Money spent on the foolish wasteful Brannan plan. Speaking of breaking Campaign lease measure promises Roosevelt in 1932 prom ised to stand for constitutional government and for Economy in throng and so closely packed As government and also promised to gathered that january Day in 1941 abolish government bureaus and m the famous Senate caucus room reduce the taxes 25 per cent but recently scene of the army my he did not do this but increased earthy hearings to hear the re both. He gave Wall Street unlimited publican presidential candidate of Power Over banking and currency Only a few weeks before argue to and credit and our welfare. They the Senate foreign ment of the Republican party embodied in its old guard and isolationist Wing. The latter had never in truth really accepted the Nomi nation by their party of this political Novice and outsider and one time Democrat. Or. Stevenson will have the sup port of his party for his bipartisan overtures on Edc. That is of course a project initiated during the Truman administration and proposed by president part of the general organization of p v the Western Europe against communism. Including be North Atlantic Many. Most republicans As Well As some isolationist democrats by his re president Truman he resigned that Post to come Home and Cam for the Republican presi a Youram a he came and uie picture is still it reprises vivid. Never was there such u t As t reciprocal Trade program and other foreign policy Are democratic ident is assured the support of democratic party leaders and for that no Bond is needed other than performance of democrats in the 83rd.congress. In fact democrats saved the presi Dent in some instances notably reciprocal Trade program Extension. To the world As a result our coun show a United front on Ami for try will lation which produces idleness and Democrat who had beaten him Lor fundamental foreign policy to the Campaign weeks ahead. Democrats however Are leaving through both of these statements blandly As sume As a fact something that was quite plainly a farce. That is that the Geneva settlement was the result of conciliation and negotiation. That of course is non sense. As far As the Indochina business was concerned the Geneva conference was Between Victor and vanquished. France negotiated with a gun at her head. The reds negotiated with a victorious army poised to strike an annihilating blow. Why is it that two men such As these cannot Sec that the idea of strength and Power which they Call dangerous when we use them Are the very basis on which the reds operate. The reds love peace after they have won. Herr wit Mark especially had the ber Lin conference before his eyes. He saw How Little conciliation and negotiation occasion in Washington we might have lost world Molotov was willing to agree to. He saw a Alben w Barkley How they sat tight on the austrian peace question and How they walked at honest is placed upon Congress to declare elections. How can such men fool them Eisenhower. Selves into believing that the Geneva this excise tax Cut will mean Cash _ of and in the pockets of every american Man and Wom conference was one of conciliation Ana on la across he Board for negotiation it was about As much con rep. Charles Hanieck filiation and negotiation As Hitler s j eur fat the time while of reds in meetings with the Heads of governments Korea that he was prepared to take Over. They capture . Gen. William f. Dean. Nehru craves peace but is attitude our Milmary services and Lhoir leaders have toward Russia is based on fear Lyle

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