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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 30, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee2 King port Timm monday. August acs committee nominees will be selected tuesday fertilizer is key Factor in keeping modern soil conservation District a Unicoi choose being considered candidates for Community Aeri Cul Tural stabilization and Baserva Erwin a hearing on a lion committees will be held in is proposal to organize a soil Conser county communities Ait vation District in Unicoi county will . Tuesday. Be Al b pm monday in the d r to. Sulli an county courthouse Here. Committee chairman urged gun farming by the associated press when the going gets Tough More fertilizer More efficient equip ment and modern farming practices make up the team that should keep the Farmer on a profitable financial keel. And Mode fertilizer could these almost Day that All eligible Farmers attend an eligible Farmer he said is one who is of voting age and a an in Terest in a As owner. Tenant or a payment or Grant of conservation materials or services is or will be made under the current agricultural conservation program or where a practice is being carried out under act or if such person is eligible for a Cooperator s loan support. E. C. Mcreynolds Secretary of the state soil conservation com Mittee said any landowner in the county or anyone else interested is invited to attend and ask questions or state his views on the subject. The proposed District would embrace All of the county outside incorporated towns. A soil District referendum neighbouring is set monday for Washington county. Be the key Factor on this team. Districts already Are in opera by putting More nitrogen into the to participate in one of these in Hawkins and Sullivan coun soil mid South Farmers could reap Jaunity nominating meetings Jones ties an additional 225 million dollars i observed. 1 a professional conservationist is profit annually c. J. Bown of the nominating meetings will be provided for each District to assist Grace chemical co., recently by Community election Farmers in planning their farm pro a Memphis civic club. It Bown said tons of nitrogen to bring j the land within a 150-mile radius of Memphis up to the minimum recommended by state colleges. Meetings september 14. At that the per50n receiving the High est number of votes will become chairman of the Community ask committee and also Delegate to the county convention where the county i ask committee will be selected. Lathis Farmers the person receiving the second , highest number of votes will be come vice chairman of the Community committee and alternate Delegate to the county convention. In All five Community committee men will be elected. Jones pointed out that under the revised regulations governing Community and. County ask elections issued recently by the Secretary of agriculture both Community and county ask elections will be conducted by election boards. Members of the various boards were announced last week. Under the new regulations also a person is ineligible to serve on the Community ask committee if he has served in that capacity Dur ing part or All of each of the three immediately preceding terms of office Jones said. Places at which the Community would make 225 million dollars More a year from three Corn Cotton and Small above the Cost of More stringent acreage controls Are on the Way Bown predicted the successful Farmer s response he said will be up to Date equip ment and farming More fertilizer. U. S. Department of agriculture engineers have devised a tripod electric Fence Post for Dairy Farmers who use the new strip grazing practice. Strip grazing cows Are confined to a fresh strip of pasture each Day. Several states have reported that strip grazing raised milk production 50 to 100 per cent for each acre of pasture. But with Ordinary electric fences it takes Etra time and work to move to a new location because posts have to be driven in the ground. The new portable Post was designed to simplify the moves. Tennessee beef producers plan seven regional feeder calf sales this fall. The Kickoff Sale will be at Cookeville sept. 29. Others Crossville sept. 30 Nashville. Oct. 1 Morristown oct. 4 Johnson City oct. 5 Rogersville oct. 6 Morristown oct. 11. Drought forced postponement of a scheduled Sale at Brownsville. Cattlemen who had planned to enter calves were forced to sell Many of them due to Lack of feed. Hard times loom for the com Mon cattle news for any Farmer or any cow. Entomologists and veterinarians for that matter meetings be held were announced by Jones As follows District 1, Hayes and Reynolds old store districts 2 and 17, Ley Pike school District 3 Webb s store District 4, Kings store. District 5. Blountville court District 6. Central Heights school District 7. Holt s store District 8, shavers store. District 9, Snapp. And Johnson store districts 10 and 11, Kingsley school districts 12 and 13, child Ress store. District 14, Cox s store District 15, Sullivan High school District 16, Bluff City High school District 18, Hawk and roller store. Districts 19 and 22, Darter s store District Walter Phillips store and District 21, Weaver Lave been experimenting with grub control through use of insecticides of the organic phosphorus Ype. And Success is reported. Grams in such a manner As to get the most profit from the soil while i at the same time building up the i soil for future profitable use in years to come. Mill feed Oil could cause cattle sickness Blacksburg Possi ble for cattle to develop x disease Hyperkeratosis from eating contaminated feed pellets or. Wilson b. Bell. Vii agricultural Experiment station veterinarian reports. Or. Bell and Jack Copenhaver superintendent of the College s Ani Mal husbandry farms conducted the first controlled Experiment on that reports were received that the disease caused heavy losses in cattle which had been fed certain Pellet feeds. It had been shown previously at tie Virginia station that lubricants containing highly chlorinated Nap tha Lenes and chlorinated Napton Lene in the pure form caused x disease. Hog prices cattle recover some of losses Lee county agent Joe p. Ly1ye, left is shown with other new officers of the Virginia county agricultural agents association elected last week at the association s annual meeting at Vii. Lyle is sergeant at arms. The others left to right Are a. G. Birdsail Gloucester president t. O. Scott Albemarle vice president and j. B. Flora Franklin Secretary treasurer. In the More lots of pellets recent study two were used. One lot was made with the Pellet Mill greased with a lubricant that did not contain naptha Lenes. The Sec Ond lot was made with the Mill greased with a lubricant contain ing naptha Lenes. Calves fed the first lot did not develop symptoms and lesions of the disease. Calves fed the second lot did. Or. Bell concluded feed manufacturers should be certain they Are not using such lubricants in any machine from which they May n Entrance into feeds. The feed Industry has been told of the find Ings and the toxicity of the pellets made under such conditions. Child should know Poison plants by Henry Pree written for Aba service City bred folks moving to the country in order to provide their children with better recreation facilities Are often disturbed by the presence of plants which they believe might be poisonous. Fortunately there Are few plants to be feared despite the fact that Many Flowers vines and shrubs commonly grown Are on the Dan Ger list. Actually Only Poison Ivy horse nettle and toadstools Are to be avoided and children should he taught to recognize not Only these plants but also to refrain from eating Sny berries fruits or greens not recommended by Mother or father. Plants classified As poisonous May be divided into two those like Poison Ivy which cause irritation of the skin and those poisonous like toadstools when eaten by mistake for an edible species or by experimenting children. There is no Sharp line of distinction Between toadstools and mushrooms. In the botanists Lan Ipaige the former is poisonous and the latter is edible. Neither is there any popular test by which the poisonous Toad Stool can be distinguished from the edible mushroom. The Only Rule to follow cat any mushrooms unless you Are absolutely sure that it is not poisonous. If you must eat Mush rooms buy them from the store. For one who is not familiar with identifying mushrooms a description of Fly Amanita and death cup tiie two poisonous toadstools is no their description is omitted. The following plants several of them Gro n commonly May or May not cause trouble but should be looked upon with enjoy their not eat them Snow on the Mountain Euphorbia Marg Inata its Milky juice irritating the skin. Incidentally the Christmas Poinsettia belongs to the same family and its Milky juice might likewise be avoided when cutting the Flowers. Boxwood Buyus Semper Varens the whole Plant. Castor Oil bean Vicinus com a munis the whole Plant. Christmas Rose Hei Deborus niger All parts poisonous especially the leaves. Deadly nightshade Solanum nig rum berries of some plants very poisonous especially when Green. Dogwood cornus fruit slightly poisonous. English Ivy Hedera Helix berries. Foxglove digitalis Purpura leaves. Holly ilex Aqui Folium Popaca vomit Oria leaves and berries. Jack in the pulpit Root is irritant and astringent. Larkspur Delphinium foliage and Root. Lily of the Valley con we re. Pretty Here s some sound advice learn to identify poisonous plants. Vallaria Majalisa berries. Lupine lupins. Seeds. Monkshood Aco Nite foliage. And Root. Mountain Laurel Kalmia lat Folia Young leaves and shoots fatal to children. Pokeweed Phy Polacca americana Root. Rhubarb Rheum Rha Ponti cum leaves Only. If any of the above plants Are known to have been eaten by children administer a Strong emetic and Call a physician immediately. Quizzing the Gardener Are some wild Flowers which May be dried for Winter bouquets and when should they be gathered a Start gathering Tansy Goldenrod Yarrow sea Lavender Pearly everlasting and others Low before the blossoms Are wholly open and hang them up Side Down in an airy warm room o dry. In the Garden Straw flow ers baby s breath and Globe Thistle Are Good choices. Is the name of the Large leaved plantain Lily which years White showy Flowers from August to september sub Cordata Grandi Flora the fragrant plantain lil with foot Long leaves produces vagrant pure White Flowers 4 inches Long. Clumps will spread to 3-5 feet. Wish to transplant some of my Iris. Is it necessary to remove All the soil from the roots and Cut Back the leaves so that they look like the plants one buys you wish to move your Iris divisions from one part of the Garden to another dig up the whole clump carefully Divide it removing As Little soil from the roots or destroying As few roots As possible. Transplant the entire division after removing any Rhi Zomes that Are decayed or of poor Quality. It is not necessary to Cut Back the leaves if but few roots have been destroyed. Neighbor has told me that the Lawn should1 be mowed closely so that one need not mow it so often. However i have noticed that his Lawn looks Brown a Good Deal of the time even though he Waters it. Does he Cut the grass too Short that is probably the reason Why it looks Brown a Good Deal of the time do not Cut the grass Shorter than about two inches and it will look hotter and grow better. After All the Plant must have some Leaf surface in order to grow As the roots have very Little Reserve food at this time of the year. Here again food for growth is made in the Green leaves. Henry free is unable to answer directly individual questions from readers. However with each column he will answer the most interesting and most frequently asked questions farm agent is Here to stay declares meeting speaker 3lacksburg, va., aug. 27 Are agricultural Extension service workers Likely in the immediate future to discharge the responsibilities to the farm Populu Tion that was the question posed her today by a speaker at the Annu conference of the Virginia Exten Sion service. The speaker j. Crosby director of the division o agricultural programs of the d. S department of agriculture s tension service had a few prophecies. Be said Extension i soundly established in All Rura counties. A regular pattern activities has Boon established an will be expected by. Rural people to be continued. County agent therefore will find it necessary t devote much of their time to ular programs. Agents. Crosby said continue t Supply subject matter to All Inte ested individuals. They will co Tine to help local people to organize As needed to facilitate improvements in the farm and Home the questions arose because o discussions As to How Virginia an other states plan to use additional Federal funds appropriated Thi year for Extension services. A least 85 per cent of ule allotted Virginia is t strengthen county programs mainly from the standpoint of additional personnel. Primary among the plans is t select Pilot counties where extensive work will be done wit certain families on a farm am Home improvement in counties where Complete Farn and Home development will receive additional emphasis Crosby said agents should stress the benefits o the method of approaching prob lems. Specific plans for Virginia farm and Home development pro ram were outlined by w. H Daughtrey associate director the Virginia tech Extension serv ice. Intensification of on the far Aid and creation of a new. Supervisory District Are proposed. He explained the five districts now in operation with increasing de mands and an average of 20 coun ties each Are too much of Worl Load for the present staff. Today s session concluded the annual conference where All county agricultural and Home Demon stration agents have conferred with the Vii staff. Attractive baskets Lansing Mich Michigan state Park manager wearied o picking up trash left by visitor who apparently could t find Thi waste baskets painted Severa baskets a Bright Orange. Visitors not Only saw them the conservation department reports they promptly stole them. Bent for chopping Normal i. Leaning m on the Campus of Illinois state Normal University is being felled to a fake room for new dormitories Harvey Patton 80, who makes his Home nearby remembers when the tree was a Bent Twig "50 or 6 ears for fast Safe dependable service Gilliam cabs dial c 0171 Circle 3-4j i i Buck of Union bin Termini insulation windows siding Home inn Atli Reynolds aluminium residential we Down Orange aluminium storm windows and doors All brands aka to 36 months . Home improvement co. Office phone cd 6-1321 145 Commerce St. N. A. Cd 6-0598 Paul cd Mills motor company your new International Harvester co. Farm equipment dealer our new business will officially open August at 223 Commerce Street Kingsport Tenn. You Are cordially invited to come in and see us for your service and parts also for your new and used farm equipment needs. Mills motor company 223 Commerce St. Phoned 5-5181 production expected to drop Alfer record year Washington ins thes american meat Institute predicted last week that a record Lead of cattle will be slaughtered this year and the agriculture department simultaneously forecast a downward swing in cattle production next year. It also was announced that Agri culture Secretary Ezra Taft Benson will join the meat Institute and other farm and marketing groups in launching an drive to in crease consumption of both beef and vegetables. Benson will launch the beef pro motion Campaign sept. 22 with a speech before food editors in new York. From september 30 to octo ber 9, the government and the various Trade organizations will join hands to boost nation wide purchases of vegetables to go along with the additional beef. Thus the american housewife will find herself deluged with recommendations to serve up beef Stew boiled dinners and various other dishes that require the appetizing combination of beef and vegetables. The meat Institute said the Campaign to boost beef sales was Dic ated by predictions that cattle Slaughter will reach an All time Ligh a the fall because of a record High number of cattle on farms at Jie beginning of this year and be Ause severe drought conditions Lave made it unprofitable for farm ers and ranchers to maintain their cattle on pasture. The department said this High rate of cattle Slaughter indicates that the cattle inventory next Jan uary 1 will fall a Little below the All time Peak of last january. Federal farm planners also Point of dry weather which has caused luge marketing of cattle since Early summer. They list As an other contributing Factor lessened interest in further expansion of ref cow herds in the Eastern Corn Elt and a few other regions and of milk cow herds in some regions hat produce Cream or manufacturing milk. While the department expects the total number of cattle to be Down in january it expects the number of cows to be about the same As last january. Cattle on arms and ranches last january Otalee head while cows Otalee head. The Factor exerting the greatest influence on diets of farm families a probably that of food habits acquired in childhood by the men and women who now head the House Lold it Vermont Experiment Sta Tion study shows. Chick hatcheries set new record Nashville Tennessee com Mercial hatcheries produced 000 Chicks in july a new record for the month e. T. Marsh of the fed eral state cooperative crop re porting service Saya this was 13 per cent More than the Chicks hatched in july 1953, and 81 per cent above the 10 year average of january through july hatching totalled another Al tire record compared with in the same period of 1953. Nationwide production also set a new record in july with Chicks 13 per cent More than in july last year and 43 per cent above the 1948-52 average. The pre Vious High for july was in 1945. Most of the Chicks hatched were for commercial broiler production crop said. Prohibition hits area in Mexico Mexico City Iff a Small scale prohibition has invaded mex Ico of All places. The average mexican is about the most ardent defender of individual rights in the world. They Don t even lock up lunatics Here on the theory a Man has a right to be peacefully crazy. That makes the Advent of prohibition All the More gov. Agustin Yanez of Jalisco state which produces the Best tequila started it by closing saloons Over the weekend. Police authorities were dubious at first. Now they Are mildly enthusiastic and report Petty crime is Down 40 per cent. Neighbouring Nayarit state on the Pacific impressed and put in a similar closing order aug. 15. Nayarit bar owners threatened to go on strike. Gov. Limon Guz Man said that would be Fine with him. The Saloon keepers also said that anybody who wanted a drink would just buy a bottle Friday and. Anyway prohibition would Only Lead to speak eagles. Gov. Guzman said that at least the country peo ple who sell in the saturday markets would t be Able to spend Money in the bars. Pratt Farmland 447 West Sullivan Street Headquarters for fall planting needs Alfalfa clovers Oats Barley Rye vetch Timothy by. 31 fescue Rye grass fertilizers hog ration 50-lb. Bag Start feeding this now 16% Dairy feed too la. Bag egg Mash 25-lb. Bag the eggs ire in the bag Betsall 16% milk grains top feed for top production we Are not interested in just Selling a bag of feed it is our desire to sell a barter Way of life by making you Money through increased production eliminating unnecessary costs and by recommending a sound feeding program. Kasco gets us help you hanging Type flock feeders holds 25 to 30 Spring tooth Leaf rakes 7qc 7ea. Soltel constructed the new flakes kills fits in minutes steel bedded wheel Barrows o a save the Bach i drops of tos a Hundred pounds Hil most hog markets last week after Only a slight increase in supplies the 1 agricultural marketing service re ported. They sent prices at Southern markets to the lowest Point of the i year. Battle meanwhile in some South Ern markets recovered from losses of the previous week although showing seme further declines at Chicago. High in Carol in As most hog markets showed a Price level of to for the Best weight butchers with some reach ing in the and some going As Low As in the geor Gia Florida Alabama Peanut Belt. Chicago prices ranged actually fewer hogs showed up j at the nation s 12 principal markets mainly in the Midwest but a slightly increased movement was re ported at Points in the heavy producing area of Interior Iowa and Southern Minnesota. Arrivals at Southern markets showed a mod Erate increase. The flow of cattle to Market was not As heavy As the previous week j but it remained seasonally Large. Arrivals at six leading Southern Market centers totalled about head compared with 41.200 the week before and 38.000 the same week last year. At major old West Ern centers receipts ran below those of both a week ago and a year ago. Stockers steady at North Georgia auctions Slaughter steers heifers and bulls i trended steady to 50 cents higher while cows gained 50 cents to and calves ranged Strong to si.50 higher. Stocker classes were steady to Strong. At Memphis where receipts ran Light prices held steady for All classes. Nashville prices held mostly steady for Slaughter steers and heifers though those grading Low commercial or lower showed further losses of As much As 50 cents. Cows declined fully 50 cents and Stocker and feeder cattle ranged steady to weak. Bulls How Ever moved 50 cents higher under Good demand. Dealers held steady. Steers grading High commercial and Good sold at Nashville from to and a few Choice animals brought up to at Memphis two loads of High Good and Choice 875-Pound steers sold at while the week s bulk of High commercial steers and heifers i brought to the predominant Utility Grade animals at Mem Phis brought broilers vary in most markets Utility Grade cows brought while canners and cutters sold generally at s5-s8.50. Broiler prices were unchanged in the lower South but weaker in the upper sections. Shenandoah Valley prices were Viz to 1 cent a Pound off and Del mar a prices 1 to cents lower. Shenandoah Valley prices were mostly 23 to cents. Flue cured tobacco sales were interrupted after the season s opening last week in the Middle North Carolina Bolt due to Lack of buying personnel and the auctions closed after wednesday. They will be resumed August 31. Turkey production sets Mark this year Washington ins Federal farm poultry experts report nation s banners have marketed More Early season turkeys this year than Ever before. The report followed by a few Days the agriculture depart. Mem s announcement that this year s Turkey crop would hit an All time record High of More than 61 million Birds. Despite Sharp increases in sales this Large crop still is expected to result in a surplus and the gov or Mem May be forced to step in with a surplus Purchase program to the Industry agriculture Secretary Ezra Taft Henson warned the Industry earlier this year that it must Cut Back production if it was to avoid Low prices and a possible surplus. The report shows that sales o turkeys Are up 20 per cent from year. By August 1. About six million Birds had been sold while at the same Date in 1953. Only million Birds had been sold. In addition Farmers report they plan to sell turkeys this month compared with Only 000 last year. This would Mark an increase of 12 per cent for tha month. That s hts number Roanoke. In. D. Fields has a Telephone number similar to that of two important business concerns and is used to wrong numbers. When he received a Call from Tokyo Japan at 3 . He Fig ured it was another wrong number. But it was right Only the or off state. The party wanted the number in Charlotte n. C. Suffered 7 years than Pazo brought amazing it Lief or. H. A. In Liao doctors amazing Pazo ointment stopped bleeding reduced swelling healed cracking shrunk piles without surgery pain Wai stopped or materially reduced. Pazo acts to soothe relieve itching instantly. In tubes also modern suppositories at druggists. Gek for wonderful fast Relief. Now Filio in new stainless form. 100 me bom Only 490 automobile buyer saves through state farm plan i compared finance and c before i bought my car the the Stata firm Bank flan Ray saved me Over the first i d been one of Many me Tum Cater the Buik. Pua Affen pm a noisy my inf for car bup ing Lon Fott financing through nearby Bank Low cart Ruk get tout i Furek in to bal eur you compare the with Buk ram Jamu first Call or farm Al font before 7011 Bur. Orbie r. Fleenor insure. E. Center at c16-4h1 to it fahd Stu. Met mum in Otuwa m. Holston feed store Checkerboard news by Randy Hutson feeding advisor Purina fed pullets Lay and pay Yessler Purina fed pullets Lay up to w i More than the u. S. Average. During the next four months we will be running a and pay Demon stration in our store. These Elthy hens Wilt be led on Purina laying rations anti a record kept on their production. There will be in contest during this period on which Hen will outlay the others just fill in the application Blanc and Diop it in the p-32 feeder near the cages. The Winner will receive one of our p-32 feeders As the prise. The contest starts september 1st so drop by and pick out the Winner. Mamu Mumm you la like Purina disinfectant for washing udders Purina customers Are reporting from All that thet Early Cal cafes Are really paying off. By putting in Early Chicks they tre already getting urge eggs and High prices for them. People today tre demanding a Quality Etc and have found that ther can get them in the Purina Carton. If you Are not getting the Price j you think you should or if your hens Aren t paying off. Then come in today or Call about How to product the High Ity Purina Dotty t Chap Handi or udders o Low Coit Good general disinfectant Purina fed go to fair reports from the fair at Church Hill that the Purina fed Tonk the prices. If you Aren t satisfied Xith present feeding program then let show Yon the profitable Way to your production. Don t forget we can Supply All your seed and Fertte Hier needs. We now have a new Street in front of the store to make it More convenient for you to Park and buy your feed seed and be Rullier need. Don t 1st cows on pasture lose cow condition if they do milk will slump and will stay below what it should be All summer and fall. Feed the famous pasture Supply mint. Buy ii Al the Flora with Iho Checkerboard sign

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