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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 26, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeThursday. Aug St 26.1954 King port times 3-a defense spending important bolster in . Business commendation it Sally m a army nurse is congratulated by Brig. Gen. Richard o. Commanding general Camp Stewart. A. As he pre sents her with the commendation ribbon with Metal Pendant for Mentor us service while serving in the u. S. Army Hospital in Osaka. Japan. A former nurse at Holston Valley Community hos Pital. It. Stallard is currently stationed Al Camp Stewart doing general nursing duty at the u. S. Army Hospital there she is a native of Dungannon. Va., and the daughter of Henry a Stal lard. Louelia Parsons Hollywood. Aug. 25 raw Anne Baxter s representative Russell Birdwell. When i was hav ing luncheon at the Beverly Brown Derby with my grand nieces and Nephew. He told me thai he and Anne have formed b and b productions. And have bought. A Kandell s they Call her woman which Kandell will adapt. Anne is now in Paris Makir Mem s pans before s comes Home she plans to go Cairo and see Cecil b. about her scenes in the to As p r i n c e s Nefertiti Shell Wear some Bea Tifful cloth of Gold Robes Wulc cling to her and outline her Figur she has no scenes in re sell tells me All of them Are Hollywood. Only Charlton Hesto will be in Cairo with c. B. The amount offered Gina Lollo Brigida the italian Beauty to Pla Mary Magdalene in the galilean is enough to keep a family in com fort for two years and More. Universal International want Gina so much that a Allenl scout was sent to Rome to Confer wit her but i m willing to take i Wager that Lollobrigida won come to this country because Shi does t want to leave her Hus band with whom she is deeply in love. Failing to get Gina Douglas Sirk the director of the Gali will try to find the High actress either in America or in Europe. Lady. Also at Queen of Angels is Bridget two year old daughter of Ida Lupino and Howard Duff. She had a growth removed from her hand and is the Darling of the Hospital. Lex Barker has taken off 15 pounds and now says the Ward Robe he bought in Paris is too Bio for him. Well that ought to make him Happy. That s All today. See you to Morrow. Former communist Boss gives reason for leaving reds by Sam Dawson new York scares Are less pressing today but defense spending continues to play a Siz Able role As a Bush in and fairly permanent bolster to american business. Sometimes the spending is to maintain a defense Plant for Quick use if War the plan just announced to give businessmen contracts to keep plants in read mess. Sometimes the spending is aimed More at bolstering a shaky pan of our the plan recently announced to buy up More domes tic Lead and Zinc for the strategic stockpile to take up the Slack in civilian demand for these metals. Sometimes the coincides the calling for bids to Supply cloth for new Green uniforms for the army. The de pressed textile Industry welcomes the army s decision to change the color of its uniform. And the shipbuilding Industry running Short of commercial orders for new Washington s decision to spend a Little Money just now in the ship Yards. Defense spending often is an Arm of the diplomats too. Contracts to buy bolivian tin and chilean cop per Lor the strategic stockpile Are aimed As much at bolstering for eign policy As at building up stores of Metal for possible War needs. Government Economy has Cut Jack sharply in much defense spending in the last year and had much to do with pulling Over All Industrial production figures Down. This decline with its ment of Ancelet orders Plant Lay-1 offs and Idle machines look most of the spotlight. Bui the backdrop of the picture is the solid amount of government Money which continues to flow into Industry. The nation s defense buildup is expected to reach its goal in three More years. Prom then on. Accord ing to the present blueprints the defense problem will be one maintenance. In a world where weapons and defences change so rapidly How a Ever replacing obsolete military hardware will be a major piece of i business for years to come. J and the office of defense mobilization is taking Steps to see that Industry is ready not Only to main Ain and replace military goods but to Spring quickly into full scale production should War break out. Government owned machine tools and production equipment Are being kept packaged at or near the plants that would need them for War production. Each package contains All the tools that would be needed to produce a Given military item. And now privately owned plants and machinery that would be necessary to produce War goods fast Are to be kept in with government Cash. Maintenance contracts will be Given Var ious companies. In some instances they will even retain a human package group of key managers Engineer and other skilled workers we Enow How to Muke the Militar hardware. God s love for russians is same As love for americans Graham Frankfurt aug. 25 l former. West German comm list Leader said today the boots of he soviet secret police and soviet zone communists have kicked me ack on the path of Wilhelm Prinz former red party eader in Hamburg returned to ree Dorri in the West after three ears in solitary confinement in East zone prisons. The Veteran of 30 years in the arty said that he was arrested n the soviet zone in february 951, while on vacation and was caused of being responsible for ome of the decline of West Ger Nan communist party strength and also charged with embezzle Lent of party he said he had lots of time in in to do some hard thinking out communism and democracy and added i have relinquished ail ties con eating me with the communist ids Block Drain o create new swimming Pool fort Wayne ind. Sherman Boulevard youngsters had a big time swimming in the flooded underpass yesterday after a sgt. To Burk chatter in Hollywood the favorite on the Young at heart set is neither Doris Day nor Frank Sinatra but Ethel Barry More who is crazy about Frankle and he about her. Today Ethel showed the Quality that has made her a great Star when she spotted a property Man named Ray Moore and stopped him. She remembered that 36 years ago she touched off a lib erty Bond rally by buying a Bond from Moore in new Rochelle new York. He was then doing a Vaude Ville act. How s that for a Mem Ory 1 v a w or m White Christmas on Vista vision is better than its pre publicity plugs. The Surprise is Vera Ellen who looks about 16 and dances Lik a dream with Dany Kaye we is another Surprise both As a dancer and an actor. Of course there s Only one Bing never will be another and he s always tops with me. Rosemir Clooney has put on a Little weigh but that does t keep her Froid singing like a Bird. The Irving Berlin music is Supei and Irving was like a ten year old when everybody rushed up to congratulate him. Irving Danny Kaye and Don Hartman Brough me Home after the preview. No girl could have three nicer escorts but i did refuse their dinner invitations because my House guests. Bebe Daniels and Ben Lyon had just arrived in town. Heartbreaking is the news that Alvy Moore Fine Young comedian is a polio victim and is in Gen eral Hospital. Alvy was just getting his big break. He made his motion Pic Ture debut in Susan slept he was so Good that he s been in great demand Ever since and was Riding the Crest of the wave. He made his stage hit in mister the Moores have a Little girl to and both Alvy and his wife tre1 e used for the scr vice. But worried about her. I m glad to say he has t Bulbar polio snapshots of Hollywood col served aboard the flights elected at random Well Here a Eastern air lines has had air a Surprise Tierney and coach service operating from John Lindsay at a table for two Nashville to new York Louisville Ach. Washington Birmingham and new Darryl Zan Orleans since last May. Tar stops i not be made at such ticks is getting married Points As Knoxville. Lucky Young Man is Maurice Tri Citi Airport. Hershon Well known agent of Nat Saaed. Goldstone s office. J Anna Maria Alberghetti gets 11 cover of life Magazine this week i v is nose and four pages and she s ecstatically Happy. And there s a fascinating Story about pier Angeli s twin Marissa Pavan. In the september Issue of Nashville aug. 26 love for the russians is just a great As his love for the Ameri Billy Graham North Caro Lina evangelist told his crusade audience Here last night. And the dynamic evangelist said god s hatred of the sins of americans is just As great As his hatred of the sins of the russians. He hates the secularism and materialism of America just As much As he hates the atheism and murder in Russia Graham wound up the fourth night of his crusade Here before an estimated persons second Only in numbers to sunday s open no crowd estimated at at Vanderbilt University s football stadium. The evangelist told newsmen that he would give serious consideration to an invitation to hold a revival in vice racked Phenix City ala., next month hut added that As yet he had received no official Oraham will end his revival Here sept. 19 and his schedule is Clear the week following. The Montreal n. C., Churchman entered his Sermon on the third commandment thou shall not take the name of the lord thy god in vain for the lord will not hold him guiltless that Tabeth his name in Graham said As when Jesus spoke of his father hallowed be thy we should use god s name in the same Way. We take the name of god i vain when we defile our Bodie when you mistreat your body to profane the Temple of god. We take the name of god in vain when we make vows w Don t keep. The marriage vow i one vow Many of you have no the evangelist admonished those among who do no tithe. Some of you promised to tithe do you know How Many have Given a tenth very few you wonder Why god has t answered your prayers or blessed your on sunday morning you Lave thrown Only a Little gift to the lord. A tenth of your income belongs o your aged car makes trip in style Oklahoma City 19 5 Model t Ford can still percolate pretty nifty. Allen Cherry 32. And Tommy Morfitt 26, of Bethany of la proved this yesterday when they drove the ancient touring car from Bartlesville to Oklahoma City in 5 hours and 40 aver age Speed of about 30 Miles an hour for the 164 Miles Hart started wondering Why the water did t run out when the rain stopped. Burkhart waded in and found the underpass drains tightly blocked with old Cement sacks. Airline to Start flight Nashville aug. 26 can airlines announced Here yes erday that its first air coach serv be t o Nashville will begin sept. 26, inking Nashville at lower fares with new York Washington Mem this and Dallas. Richard e. Fisher of new York director of Public affairs said one american flight daily each Way vill be put into operation at fares bout 30 per cent lower than Tankard rates. Regular dc-6 four engine planes Hal Boyle s column by Hal Boyle san Francisco. Aug. 26 can you imagine the uproar in Paris if someone proposed razing the Eiffel Tower or the screams in Brooklyn if someone sold the dodgers to Dallas Well the same kind of turmoil has been going on Here All year since they Cut san. Francisco s famous Cable car syster in half. If we re out to ruin the City Why not chop the Golden Gate Bridge in half demand die hard defenders of the Cable car. The Cable car Long a Symbol of san Francisco to the nation was regarded As one of the wonders of the West after its invention Here in 1873. Today thousands of motorists regard the antiquated Little Toonerville Type trolleys which Are pulled by whirring underground cables As one of the unfortunate transportation blunders of history. But the slow moving Little cars will remain seated gentlemen May ride standing out Side at their own Are be loved by tradition proud san franciscans. Millions of tourists would t think their visit to the City Complete without one. It gives them the thrilling feeling of a faced with these Stern facts the Board of supervisors last january Cut the 11-mile Cable car trackage m half. It retained the historic lines that would give visitors the most picturesque views of the City. But an immediate outcry arose nationally and locally save the Cable letters pour fed in from ail Over America urging that the Cable car the vocal soul of old san fran Cisco and must not be lost. Indignant citizens last june passe among other measures an Ament net to the City charter providing that the Cable car should be a of san Francisco forever. By some voter straddled the Fence by refusing t vote on the Issue. That should have settled the problem but it has t. Sent Irnen lists perhaps including Many we i even t stepped on a Cable Ca since the invention of the Automo bile have kept the fight raging they still feel although bewildered officials protest Hain t so. The curtailment of the Cable car network is Only the first step in a Darl plot to abandon it altogether. At Jack s at the Beach. Esther Roberts cosmopolitan Magazine. She in t As pretty As pier but she seems to be coming along in great style. Dorothy Lamour s wonderful Mother and Stepfather. Carmen and o. L. Castleberry have called it a Day and Carmen is Well loved by All of Dorothy s friends will ask for mental cruelty. The Mcyr sellings. Divorce charging owners of Many hotels have bought a Home in Bel air. Last night they hosted a party for the Harry Malafonte and George Tapps opening at the Coconut Grove. Antonio Moreno and Katy Jurado chattering like mad in Span ish at the Plymouth House in Queen of Angels Hospital for Check up is Edna Purviance Charlie Chaplin s first lending Home Loans All Cypei . All or Roper Lei b Nisi. iu18i to music meet Venice the palaces o Venice favorite setting of Trad tonal opera will Echo to Nev sounds next month. This City o singing gondoliers will be Host t the 27th festival of contemporary music sept. 11-26. One of the top events will by the premiere of a new opera the turn of the by British composer Benjamin Britten. Trie last five Days will be devoted to something new for Italy porgy and if you want Quality photo finishing at lowest prices toe place to save is Wallace news open it hours Dally but time has passed the Cable car by in terms of efficiency. They Cost three times As much to oper ate As a bus move Only about half As fast and Are great Middle of the Road traffic blockers. How to relieve in 15 minutes if not your 40e Back tact. Fine inv ten. Other surface f iced -------5 of con ringworm. Foo Clinch the South s finest live Stock will again be on display this year at the Tennessee Valley a i fair september 13-18. Plan Early for the Best fair yet see it All you la want to see the livestock. And you la want to see the rest of this big big fair. Exhibits fireworks Midway shows and rides open air show horse show. Plan now to bring the whole family to the Tennessee Valley agricultural and Indus trial fair at Knoxville september 13-18. Tennessee Valley a i fair the greater Pihir Quality jewel Box mum Why keep her waiting you know Pihrt longing for a Preboy Diamond. No the time to buy chome from Mew Phoneal value and a. Plenty. You Don t need an account and pay a line. You get paid an he easiest term m town. 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