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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 26, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeEconomic revolution has levelled Rich poor sections in 20 years by John l. Cutter Washington up an economic revolution which has tended to level off the Rich but the Gap As big As it was were far West 27 per cent West were the leaders getting in 1929. New England the mid new England 23 per cent and 120 per cent above the National die East and the far West did t Central 6 per cent. Average. Other regions above the keep up with the National aver those getting less than the National average and the and poor sections of the i National average and Ere Middle East 14 try during the last 20 years was for example per capita in amounts were Northwest 79 ip61" cent Central 8 per cent shown today by government in i come for the nation As a whole i per cent Southwest 68 per i and new England 7 per cent come figures. From 1929 to 1952 went up 141 cent Southeast 51 per cent. The growth of the other re the Story was told in tables cent. J. The four leading regions of Gions was shown by the fact prepared by the Commerce de the percentage increase for 1929 still got above the National that they were getting closer to the National average. The Northwest climbed to 95 per cent the Southwest to 86 per i cent and the Southeast to 68 apartment s office of business the various regions in the period average in 1952 and the other i three were still below the aver i economics showing per capita1 was i income by states and regions new England 109 Middle East age. But the spread was t As since 1929. 1114, Southeast 226, Southwest i great. Reds Premier Georgi Malenkos witnesses Otto Grotewohl s signing East German russian agreement in Moscow. Left to right they Are foreign minister Vyacheslav Molotov Malenkos Gen. Klimenty Vor Shilov Nikita Khrushchev Nicolai Bulgarin and Grote Wohl to the right of Grotewohl Are members of the East German Mission. Malenkos recently announced a series of concessions toward East Germany including lowered soviet occupation costs cancellation of reparations payments and cancellation of postwar debts. This photo and caption material comes from official soviet Agency. Nea radio photo freed Turk says russian soldiers fought in Korea Man who lived with 3 wives sentence new Orleans wiry limousine Driver who 1 with three wives on a shift basis or. Calif. Is favorite state for oldsters san Francisco fornia Here i is a favorite among the nation s old sters says a Louisiana Sociol the general level of per Cap-1205, Central 146. Northwest 190 Ita income Rose from a year and far West 128. In ugh s1 6391 in 1929 the people of the mid in 1952. The figure was reached dle East had the highest per by adding All income paid to in capita income 36 per cent above salaries Divi the National average. Other re ends farm profits and any Gions above the National aver other dividing it age in 1929 and the amounts by the total the levelling of Rich and poor sections of the country was shown in a breakdown of How this income was spread among the various states and regions. I government tabulations Di-1 vide the country into seven re Gions new England. Middle East Southeast Southwest Cen in 1952, the people of the cent. Kingsport times aug. 26, 1953 13 hymn program Bob Oaks and the Skyland Trio will present an All hymn program at the Ross Camp ground school i Hawkins county thursday at . The Public is invited to attend. Stop rust Tokyo who spoke to russian soldiers Here tuesday. Korea has confirmed Leroy Holzman who want to amen cans Are migrating More tha trial Northwest and far West. The 1929 and 1952 figures j showed there in t As much h. L. Hitt of Louisiana spread in the comparative North to be. Earlier reports that soviet troops ,.he Rimes by Only got Sunstone divorce pleaded guilty in manned anti aircraft against United nation.? planes. Criminal District court. He de riving the korean conflict. Scribed his1 trouble As a fatal Cpl. Jan Androni Kyan. 25. Of Istanbul. Turkey said he saw soldiers working around guns that dotted the Hills along the route of his March to prison Camp no. 5. He said he spotted about 30 russians Riding South from Pyongyang in a truck. I know they were russian be cause i spoke to them in rus he said. They passed us on the Road and i said Good morning to the i and asked for some matches. They tried to give them to me. But the chinese stopped the Young Corporal who Speaks six languages and was used As an interpreter said the russians were wearing mixed All of them had rus Charm for females. He was arrested Here for big Amy a year ago. Since then a Parade of wives emerged and told Horn Holzman wooed and won them married them usually left them and almost always spent their Money. Holzman was sentenced for marrying Clara Ledet of new Orleans in 1947 when he was Al ready married. The records showed he has four other brides in new Orleans. His Only divorced sex wife is now living in Baltimore. Holzman was in the National spotlight when it was revealed he j lived with three wives actively at the same time by working in j shifts. Coming to Call Bottom of the economic scale. Most fornia. Of who left their Home i mama surprised him states in the past decade 000 came to California Hitt told Owosso Mich the gerontological society yesterday. Florida was second Choice and Texas third. He said the migrant1? were primarily from the great Plains the Midwest and the Northeast. 27, his Mother was planning to pay him a Surprise visit tuesday until his Auto collided with an other at an intersection. The other Driver was his Mother mrs. Lora Wilson 61. Neither was injured. Sian boots but the rest of their he spent the hours from mid uniforms were slightly different nist to 8 a. M. With one from they did not Wear chinese to 11 p. M. With another forms so it was easy to Tell them and Nis spare time with the i third. He said he did not actually the russians fire the guns but the weapons were used against in planes during the Many Aerial Battles he said he watched from the prison compound on the Banks of the Yalu River. We saw Many he Chattanooga Tenn. Up said. A lot of the planes were an Ohio tourist arrested for knocked Down by anti aircraft disciplining his Small son on a feel brighter tomorrow drink cheer wine today protect Metal surfaces wet Metal protective paint Fantova Dulux the mine that protects Bridges preserve and brighten the Metal work around your Home. Made for Metal roofs railings gratings and Iron fences keeps them Bright for years never a bad fall in shoes apology is Given tourist in Sooga fire and in plane to plane fights but we could not Tell whose they Androni Kyan told of seeing what he thought were russian diplomats Riding in jeeps near the North korean capital. Atomic dirigible seen practicable by aviation expert Detroit up a downtown sidewalk tuesday received an official apology from the mayor and a free tour of the area. Mayor p. R. Agliati told or. And mrs. Kenneth Broomhall of Columbus that we Are sorry As we can Broomhall was arrested yesterday on a disorderly conduct charge after police said they received a report he was mis treating his 4-year-old son. The 33-year-old bread sales Man told City judge Riley Gra Ham he Only slapped the boy on the head to make him mind. We try to obey the Broomhall told the court but giant we did t know there was a Law atomic powered dirigible handling your own Chil of staying aloft to the limit of Idren the Crew s endurance was shortly after judge Graham deemed practicable by a lighter a dismissed the charge the Broom than air aviation expert. Halls were taken to the mayor s vice adm. Charles e. Rosen-1 office where the official apology Dahl us ret., said the was rendered. Times larger than the ill i we Are very Olgiati fated Hindenburg which crashed i said it was one of those in in 1937, could be built at a Cost fortunate things that happen in of a City every once in a while. I he said it could carry you did t get too bad an smaller planes or helicopters for impression of the Rescue work and be a constant defensive Eye for submarines and other enemy Craft along the nation s coastline. An Airship which could carry the weight of shielding needed for nuclear reactors also would be an Ideal Laboratory for the development of so called atom Power he said. They could be tested in Media in which they would be used. In he said such an Airship would be a wonderful defensive weapon for this coun try. Carrying unlimited Quanti ties of fuel it could stay aloft to the limit of the Crew s endur the ship he envisioned would be of rigid construction carry ing 10 million cubic feet of he Lium with a Speed of 100 to 125 Miles an hour. Homecoming at Eastern Star Baptist Church August 30, 1953 fifth sunday Rev. Loyd Light pastor speakers for the Day Rev. Frank Thompson Rev. George Dunbar Rev. Henry Mccann Rev. J. L. Dykes Rev. Roy Preston Rev. Ralph Cook special singing Potter quartet Rev. Drummings in charge of congregational singing. The old time Way and the real King James version Bible. 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