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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 26, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies Sunset . Moon Rise . Last Quarter aug. 31 prominent Star Alp aerate rises . It is the Brig Blest Star in the Constellation Andromeda and also of the Square of Pegasus. It will be High to the East . All time eat Tara Standard Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 170 Kingsport tenn., wednesday aug. 26, 1953 20 pages five cents the we flier mostly sunny and quite today and thursday with Clear Cool nights. Yesterday s High 91, last night s Low 57, noon Reading 83. Back Tjo modified fighter approaches the bomb Bay retrieving mechanism of its Mother ship a b36 bomber for an in flight Landing during a demonstration the big plane As a Carrier Lor reconnaissance fighter Type aircraft. The air Force said this development will provide Long Range High Speed reconnaissance with a High probability of survival for personnel and u. S. Air Force photo via a wire photo flying aircraft Carrier b-36 retrieves f-84f Jet Midway arrives District fair in full swing livestock judging highlights activity Art winners listed reds May free some of jailed americans Washington up the Range of the b-36 air Force apparently has found and the Speed of the fighter the a Way to Combine Jet fighter i air Force said Speed and heavy bomber Range j the f-84f rated in i. The Over 600 mile per hour class would be far less Vulner Able to enemy fighters than the for atomic attacks against Dis Tant targets. It announced it has Success i n b_36 turned the b-36 super fully super i though the air Force said the thus the intercontinental b-36 with a Range of More than Miles could haul the fighter some or More Miles from base then launch it for an atomic attack Miles away at a Speed the lumbering bomber could never match. The bomber could remain in rela bomber into a flying aircraft would Fae used for re Safe Territ to recover Carrier which can release tune retrieve a Jet fighter bomber in Guht added ought modification the i Light f-84f could perform successful experiments have types of shown the air Force said that the Thunder Streak an f-84f Thunder Streak Jet can be launched from the belly of a varied let a swept Back Model produced by. Republic aircraft corp., weighs b-36 several Miles above the about pounds mounts six Earth and then recovered still machine guns and can carry a its fighter and take it Home. Both the f-84f and the b-36 have operational ceilings of Over feet or More than eight Miles. The air Force said Gate City Man freed by reds family excited two other virginians n. 5 Terrie Steans freed in wednesday trades Gate City a. Mrs. Alice Field Bishop heard the news of her son s release from a communist prison Camp last night on the radio and the Scott county family was so excited there was no sleep in the House hold for the entire evening. Cpl. Patrick Cress jr., became the first Scott county Soldier to be released at Freedom Village during the current Exchange of prisoners and mrs. Bishop his Tutlo Mother was so Happy she was if they Don t see these cattle. To go to sleep after near j. D. Mcclain Sullivan county ing the news agent agreed with Page that i was just too Happy to think the cattle show both beef she said wed Hereford was far Superior to nest Jay morning. It has been six previous shows. An outstanding years i have seen him and group of Aberdeen Angus Here-1 Ford and shorthorn he said. There s no doubt about it. The fifth annual East Tennessee District fair is bigger and better than the Celebration which got underway tuesday night with a colourful opening ceremony is gaming momentum with each new exhibit. James Page superintendent of the fair declared the managers regret that Johnny Denton Gold medal show was unable to operate tuesday nigh and wednesday afternoon but he Felt that the Quality of exhibits was a Worth while attraction for fair goers. Art Frazier Midway manager stated that equipment was Al ready on the grounds being set up and the show will be in operation at 7 . Wednesday. Livestock judging highlighted fair activities on opening Day which was proclaimed press and radio and school Day. This is the Best livestock exhibit i be seen in this Page said. We can All be mighty proud of these animals and i think people will miss something for the first time a Junior beef show participated in by the 4-h and future Farmers of America clubs will be offered launching the parasite at such thursday. Considering that this an Altitude would extend the is the first show the Young peo the last time i received a letter from him was during the last of May of this Cpl. Cress entered the army in August of 1947 and was reported captured july 5, 1950. Mrs. Bishop twice widowed has four children at Home and Range by eliminating use of have put the Quality of a married daughter in Johnson in High Altitude flight by an intricate set of sky Hooks and bomb Load or 32 five Inch rockets. Its opera in climbing. The animals is my lifting apparatus which hauls it tonal combat Range is More Intro t via it t non i Back into the Mother ship. This Kangaroo like Combina Tion would have both the inter than Miles meaning More than 850 Miles out and Back again. The air Force said the expert Clain said. Ments were conducted cars i Aberdeen Angus grand Cham Well air Force base fort Worth Tex. They apparently reached a successful stage by the Spring of 1952, if not earlier. Purse snatchers kill . Nurse two youths charged in Charlotte murder delayed pressed new York threat ened noon walkout of Cio Long distance Telephone workers fail red materialize today As Union Charlotte n. C. Negotiators pressed for a Quick teen aged purse snatchers Fluri contract Settle knifed a spinster nurse to death when they mistook a paper bag she was carrying for a purse police said . Officers arrested the two be jj0 in and peaceful contract Settle ment with the american Tele phone and Telegraph co. As the reported deadline for Pion rosettes were awarded Keefauver Brothers for their Bull k. B. Eileen Mere 2631 while the Reserve grand championship was awarded. George Williams of Jonesboro for k. B. Bandolier the eighth and to Keefauver Brothers Junior Champion Bull k. B. Eileen Mere 100. Other winners in the Angus department were senior year bulls first Keefauver Brothers k. B. Eileen Mere 2631 second George Williams w. S. S. Eileen Mere ninth. Three bulls any age one sire owned by exhibitors first place George Williams second place Mary Clement times news Keefauver Brothers third. A reporter is being treated at her Lemere farms. Burnside by. Home in Coeburn va., for what two bulls any age bred and has been diagnosed As a by exhibitor first Case of polio. Brothers second of her George Williams third Keefau polio strikes times reporter 2nd Bristol child admitted to Hych one or Little White Rabbit resting under the cat s Chin above has been adopted into the family. Mama cat gives the Bunny equal or better treatment and the Kittens do not object. Judy Prillhart of Thomas addition owner is quite Happy with the arrangements. Photo by Creasy City. She was still so excited this morning that she was unable to locate some of the letters received from her son while he was in a North korean prison Camp. Cpl. Cress is a native of a assessment remained a tightly Squires meet monday to fix budget taxes Sullivan county s new property Apalachia and attended Appa Lachia High school before entering the see area pcs Page 2 Cost of living hits new record official government Index shows spiral Washington up the guarded secret wednesday Al thought tax assessor Cleve Hicks admits the figure has been determined. Property owners probably will not learn what the new total j valuation is until county court meets next monday in Blount Ville at 1 p. M. Then the new assessment new budget and new tax rate Are to be handed out in one big Surprise package. The county court clerk s of fice reported wednesday that the total assessment figure had not been delivered to the clerk. County judge pro Tern f. W. Isley declined wednesday to re lease the tax rate and operating budget figures to be recommend pro boys yesterday and com Mulca Williams h Brothers fourth. Allandale new an time Peak in mid july with first degree murder tons workers of America is stabbing of a statement saying we re doing everything we can to reach a peaceful and Helen Swink 54. The boys were identified As Karay Harris 16, facts and is expected to be in a couple of Days. Senior Bull calves halved be tween september 1 and Decem Iber 31. First place George i marking the second All time Freak Accident is fatal to two Driver bystander. Killed in Hawkins and William a. Mcquerry 14. Quick settlement with the com police chief Frank n. Little Pany. The membership is res John said their arrest and but there is no walkout ments ended one of the biggest and most baffling manhunt in this City s history. Miss Swink who lived a sheltered and retiring life was found on a dark Street by a passing Motorist. He rushed her to presbyterian and none has been negotiations involving employees who Man the nation s Long distance and Over seas Telephone exchanges were resumed this morning amid charges by Union members that the company was Hospital where attendants said she had deep Stab wounds in the breast and just before she died she gasped out to a nurse and two detectives a negro Man chasing me. He did t get police were baffled since a Diamond ring and wrist watch she was wearing were not nor was she had pinned to. Her underclothes. She carried no purse but had been bringing Home a Jar of ice water in a. Paper bag from the nursing Home she worked. I the first break in the cases came aug. 14, when two negro i boys snatched a purse from Ai and Oul of state areas. Woman on a Street Here and ran detectives recovered the purse and traced it to Harris and Mcquerry. Littlejohn said the two boys lurking in the darkness had apparently mistaken the bag miss Swink was carrying for a purse j a free scenes Young woman striding casually along whistling popular tune of 20 years ago. Small Fry on hand to watch Midway being set up for the 1953 East Tennessee District fair. Increased traffic problems As fair visitors flock into Kingsport from out of town miss Clement became i w s s Queen Mere Day and was taken to her second place George Wil. M i hams. W. S. S. Eileen Mere 20 the Holston Valley co mum third place George Miller Jonn. Son City Eileen Mere m. Eleven. Junior Bull calves calved aft Ter january 1, first Kee Fauver Brothers k. B. Eileen Mere 124 second place Allan Dale Prince Allandale the to Hospital wednesday admitted four year old Judy Nelson daughter of or. And mrs. Rochell Nelson 517 Summit Street Bris Tol. A total of eight Are now in the Kingsport polio Ward and the Nelson child is the second in two Days admitted from Bris Tol. Hospital officials reported wednesday that the condition of Carolyn Worley daughter of or. And mrs. Roy Lee Worley 50 Crescent drive Bristol was she was admitted to the Kingsport polio Ward tuesday morning. J the 11-year-old Bristol girls was stricken ill Friday. She has been placed in an Iron lung. I Sullivan county health offi cers reported 48 Active cases in i the county since Early june and i25 of these have been reported High in two months. A pay increase of one cent an hour for Auto workers will become effective with the first payday after sept. 1. Rising prices for food hous ing and medical care and transportation raised the Bureau of labor statistics Consumers by Virginia Davis times news writer Surgoinsville a Norton va., fruit and Supply co., truck Driver on his Way Back with a truck Load of fruits and supplies from Atlanta was killed about noon tuesday in a Freak Accident that also took the life of a bystander on route 11-w. Near the red barn curve of Surgoinsville Earl a. Lawson 34, struck a Utility pole and was knocked Clear of his truck. Law son seen crawling up the embankment touched a fallen High tension wire and was dead on arrival at Holston Valley Community Hospital. Or. S. P. Davidson Gate City physician at the Hospital pro cd to the county magistrates at bounced Lawson dead. He said the special meeting next Mon i the Man had a first or second i Day. Degree Burn on one leg. The new budget and tax rate mrs. Etta Cox 67, negro who figures were determined at budget and tax rate committee meet Ings Early this week. Reluctance of county officials to release any of the figures affecting county finances keeps the situation in the realm of speculation. Price Index two tenths of one. Eari Ier this month Hicks is per cent Over the mid june rec Ord. The mid july Index was 14.7 per cent above 1947-49 timoted the new total property Maple Mere farms sixth place see fair Page 2 Dulles would revise in Bristol Tennessee. I see polio Pape 2 Bristol three week walkout in France is ended Paris the three week strike against Premier Joseph Laniel s Economy measures appeared at an end today As Only a few die hard French unions held out against the Back to Hoover says increase in fraud is alarming work movement. The Man United states wants provisions overhauled. The charter was drawn up in san Francisco in 1945, a few months before the first atomic attack against Hiroshima Japan. That development made the charter obsolete before it came into effect Dulles said. In an address prepared for delivery before the Diamond Jubilee meeting of the american of a government Agency and of-1 bar association Dulles said the facials and employees of a savings veto Power which Russia has called upon to investigate loan company alleged to used extensively in the United Washington Fri director j. Edgar Hoover said to Day there was an alarming in crease last year in attempted frauds against the government. His agents he said had been the report cited As an exam ple of the cases prosecuted one in which there were 22 convictions involving the loan officer such cases during the 12 months ending june 30. Hoover reported that prosecutions resulting from these inquiries had resulted in 262 convictions up 96 from the i previous fiscal year. Protest he said the savings and re strike cracked last night when coteries resulting from the in communist Union leaders Bow Vestiga ions amounted to about ing to the pressure of the rank during the past year and file ordered rail and com an increase of almost 50 per Mun cation workers Back on from Job. I months. The previous 12 leaders of non communist j the convictions resulted in unions had previously ordered sentences aggregating More than their men to return. Years. False statements in order to secure Low Cost government guaranteed Loans for non veterans. Another typical Case Hoover eighth third place Maple Mere prices. Farms Maple Mere Bandolier 33 j a further increase of just fourth place Keefauver Broth-1 one tenth of one per cent in the ers k. B. Eileen Mere 115 fifth Index would have meant a two cent hourly pay raise for the Auto workers whose contracts Are tied to the Rise and fall of the government s Price report. The Bureau said the new in crease put the Index 1.1 per cent higher than it was five months february after which living costs started Ris ing steadily. The Bureau said the largest increase from mid june to mid july was for housing and medi Cal care up three tenths of one per cent. This was due to rent increases in such cities As at Lanta Cincinnati Detroit Kan Sas City and St. Louis. House hold operations Rose due mainly to higher prices for laundry and dry cleaning services. Transportation advanced two tenths of one per cent with higher prices for gasoline and motor Oil while food costs edged up one tenth of one per cent. New Guinea cannibals port Guinea up a Jungle patrol Leader told government officials today that raiders had butchered and eaten Young members of a rival tribe in a massacre. W. J. Johnston said his patrol Boston Secretary of state John Foster Dulles today called for important revisions in the pre atomic age charter of the United nations. The present charter reflects serious Dulles said hinting strongly that the its veto assessment at Between Mil i Home said Cox s husband Ion and increase Nelson Cox said he believed his of Between million and j wife touched the Fence in an million Over the last assessment i Effort to see the Accident scene while no estimate of closely. He was inside the year s budget has been made departmental requests for appropriations to the budget com Mittee totalled almost million. These requests were made to the committee in Blountville Early in july. The budget for the fiscal year ending september 1 totalled about tax rate was growth of the county during have induced veterans to Security Council was one of the charter s serious in a special conference to con-1 had found the corpses of women Sider revision of the charter said involved a series of prose Dulles said will be considered at cautions in which a government employee and private citizens at a 1955 meeting of the general Assembly. He reiterated that the and children and remains of the Voung men who had been cooked in a blood spattered vegetable Garden. Tempted to swindle indians out i United states will then vote in1 the raiding party was in a of their rightful title to land favor of holding the Johnston said containing valuable Timber conference on charter review. After killing their victims they Dulles also spoke out Stsong-1 hacked into Trees to work off Hoover said the indians were ill informed concerning the value of their property and had agreed to let it go at prices far below actual Worth. By against the so called Bricker amendment to the Constitution which would limit the treaty making Powers of the president. Their Johnston said his Patro frightened the killers with Rifle fire. Lived near the scene of the Acci Dent was out in the barnyard feeding hogs when Lawson s wreck Drew her attention. She touched the barnyard Fence which had made Contact with one of the fallen wires and was electrocuted. Her body was taken to Wilson funeral Home. Attendants at the funeral american soldiers have been exchanged some gis sentenced on red charges now wait Swap at Kaeson Panmunjom another 400 in soldiers returned from North korean stockade today amid indications the reds will Send Back some americans handed jail terms and possibly More prisoners than they originally promised. Two of 133 americans who crossed into Friendly hands to Day said some fellow americans sentenced to prison for instigating against peace were awaiting repatriation possibly in a Day or two at Kaeson. Kaeson just North of pan Mun Jora is the red holding Point for Allied pow s. The apparent switch in the communist attitude toward these prisoners followed protests by the in command that the reds were holding Back dozens of men on trumped up charges. In command spokesmen said there would be no comment on the reports. Along with 133-americans, the reds returned 17 British and 250 South koreans today the 22nd Day of the big Exchange. And 150 americans and 250 South koreans will handed Over thursday the reds said. The reds have promised to return Allied including red piping radio hinted they might Send Back More. Piping said the communists have been adding to the Pris Oner list newly captured Pris including men captured in the final Days of the was. It did not say How Many. A total of americans now have been Many of them Are aboard ships plying the Pacific on the journey Home. Russians work on Allied split amendment by reds up for in showdown United nations n. Y. Russia put it squarely up to the in today to decide whether the soviet Union could attend the korean peace conference with out being lined up on the communist Side. The new soviet move was a Challenge to the United states position that Russia can attend Only if the communist Belliger Korea and red Chi the past year would indicate a larger operating budget for the Corning fiscal year. The county tax picture was see taxes Page 2 j oj.1u House when the crash occurred. A desire it such a proposal mrs. Was reported to be now before the United an aunt of Homer Cox orderly at states backing Holston Valley Community hos Delegate Andrei y. I Pital. _.,Yshinsky however submitted to attendants at Wilson funeral the general Assembly s Home applied a resuscitator and Tion political committee this tried to give the woman oxygen. The body of Lawson was taken to the Kingsport Hospital by an unidentified Man. Lawson was identified by his Driver s License. Tennessee Highway patrolman Tillie Walker who investigated the Accident reported that the trailer hit the guard rail on the see Accident Page 2 biggest pow mystery centers on Gen. Dean Panmunjom Korea up j the biggest mystery in Korea today centers around major Gen. William f. Dean. When will Dean highest rank ing prisoner held by the communists come Home to Freedom in the United states that would be called the question. The communists claim that Dean is Well and will be released when his turn comes. They say he will be repatriated without any fanfare and be treated As an Ordinary prisoner. Of Dean while held by the communists. Sgt. Edward Williams 23, of Vicksburg miss., said last sat urday that other prisoners told him they once saw Dean in notorious communist Camp no. 5. Another freed prisoner Marine pfc Leonard Steege 20, Medford me., said he had heard rumours in Kaeson that Dean would be the last Man set free. Brigadier r. M. Jerram head of the United nations red Cross team disclosed yesterday that to morning an amendment striking out the reference to the other this will bring into the open the Western split Over Russia s role in the conference. Britain Canada and some others originally advocated the participation of Russia without any strings attached but the limiting provisions were inserted on the insistence of the United states. Russia also came up with a parliamentary Man Euver to Force the in to vote first on another soviet proposal for inviting six fighting countries and nine neutrals to attend the Parley. Vishinsky had put in a re Vised proposal Only yesterday listing the 15 countries Russia wants to seat at the conference. The reds have hinted they will his unit while inspecting Corn hold him until the end of operation big when the last of americans to be repatriated walk through free Dom Gate. Only one of the Ameri cans released thus far bad news Monist prison Camps discreetly had made inquiries about Dean. But the British brigadier said the communists ignored the questions. The Dean Story goes Back to see Dean Page 2 so lunar tables a Bedale or so lunar printed below by been from Alden in Fht i so lunar tables tout Days 10 that you will k Rood territory or Hunting to food cow Jartner times. If you wish to pm Best sport thai mob Day by to of for. The major it Rhoda Are Adown la Type. Teaa begs Al Haw Abom and last for an Hoar and a Naif or hours thereafter. Minor then in re Nilar of Eoa Whai duration Date Day 26 wednesday 27 thursday 2 Friday 29 saturday 30 sunday . . Kumf to Dak if shh Lake stages Wanuga Lake level wednesday. My feet Low Cherokee. 3ftj feet Low s. Hoi 51.3 feet Low booze 4.3 it Low

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