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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 24, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeArt show three judges left in Jason Williamson. Miss Maiu Sakkt Hayes. Iii id mrs. I tikk Llo Ihil in Spect the first prize Winner submitted by mrs. A is words in die water division. Mrs. Hodge holds hrs place Winner in ceramics submitted by i Hillips 1 lower. Of Molishus this is the remains of three houses in into them Early tues Luy musing. No i.-. Rap wire photo in the air Force Bast at Char lesion s. C., after a flying Boxcar plunged were killed four of Obein occupants of i lie houses. Speed work in harnessing a bomb for peaceful purposes is urged by Job Oppl Lii. Washington Lupin "t1 l Marl " i Amer of the Senate House Al Mir or cram hns been fir Hessl Energy com Millie Are urging should Speed up reset re in atomic Kne try commission in i drip is in had Hern so Speed work on harnessing hip Secord Ninny acc Scie Kusiv bomb for peaceful purposes. Rilf1 Rvin know it n sen. Anderson commit however. Rep. Hamshaw a Tec i Hall Man and rep. Price another mrm nil head of los research , said or develop Mienl u s in this work Hud tuesday they believe the los As i null or conference or Tiffi give impetus to this project. Bullies. J they were part of a com Millsp dec chair Man Lewis Strnuss delegation which returned yesler disclosed no Geneva Hinl this Roun Day rom the conference. I try had Heen Erir Noreri in a mod Anderson said. We know we Ernie porn urn of research in Are in a race Foi this Type of de harnessing the in both and had and added there some Progress Clear indications at Geneva that Andrei son Price my Jerls acquired h Esh Tarrh be ind the Ulli Siwl Slali morr1 he Loci to Secir information no her not inn Al the up Nair Orrl it. Is to rec Trenine whirl her cfjimlr.n1 Awny Loo much. R a Cine corps offers inn plan for graduates sales of Homes big Down payment Chattanooga of irial of to Federal House pfc adminis Russia great Britain and India also were working at the problem. He of that the Genie Vii it adj shown Russia is not. To head of lilo United states in Peivie Cliine develop i chased said Only n handful american scientists Are assist ind Ament of the atom to tills research. He Sung Cost cd Thoj rep. Holifield id a filth another a be increased. Committee member who attended Price said the announcement Oil inn Geneva meeting said the Lirosi hitherto secret programs looking impression is that american Scien toward controlled thermonuclear lists Learned not Hizik new Iron a Hydrogen reaction the most j multitude of presented it important event at air gear Huhe meeting hut. Liml russian ex-1 in Knirr cell eur May Irani in Der the Mirr vision of Chr null Rel clip. If a unify inrntjill., and phys rally. Approved applicants will attend two six week summer Elysses at the i my inn corps officer s school at a. During their four years in col traction tin increased Down they will he Mili any intent re Nimrud on Humes Pur try i Fernent if satisfactory under the Cha Insun dress is . They will have c plan has l Fli Rcd the no Intel ten Nee with hip College i n s i 1 ii Home in Iiron Kilimi and will Icci ivc their Tennessee. Upon from red r. Kinler of inn Villi. Kast i reel or of i he i or in Kiln a or lulls con act the pm a hindi tin Malem Iii in in a i me u Ecru it my office in Chr Home held cars room im7. U. K. Coin t House Nash Assn. Of lust. Ville. Tenn. Nod a of food handling school slated for Gate City Gate City. Amt. Pm lir Scott county or Nellh will sponsor a fond h a and 1 r r v or Hool at Chr App i Rhian Elf a air company and it on Tun August 30 and 31. To improve handling and try Hirju in porn Terri. I hip Public a liner Nui of hip school. R. A can i Mil per Side on tuesday t. R. Riot no will is Sunin thai duty on . Talks. Discussion and films will be presented. i fee hour and registration from to 9 1.s . Tugs so will open Ibe instructors to appear nil the pro Gram uru Helen Stephens or. .1. N. Rose w. K. Am Rimm. R. Parker Joseph w. John. R. Meadows and it restaurant apr Turs and their employees Are uru Eri to Aii end. Karh users i Pter Almu the Hill pm Atn will be issued n Cert it irate of at Tendance. Worst confusion cleared in flood area of Northeast Abr by Tiik 1 kiss the worst conclusion was Clear ing up today in flood ravaged sections of the Northeast even in the most Ernly wrecked come unities. Where life was. Still badly disrupted Talmre was new Hope from p resident Benhower s Pranuse of massive fed eral Aid for rehabilitation Pennsylvania solved Mir problem of providing for Cli Ildur a in mood Damn cd and isolated summer comps by shipping them Home. Ii Sodden pro Sirato Jac Ioris at wonn Zorkot. It. I., workmen Riner enc Billy Lack Leti Uio Job 01 things m running order nun in. Mannu Omant representative were a a Zed and i ratified by the turnout of volunteers for rehabilitation work. We. Knew some would turn out but this is a they were quoted As saying. The death loll runic in for n re count revising the numb i known dead from 180 to 17ij. The Denih by Stales were Pennsylvania lint with an unknown number Connecticut with 71 known muss ing Massac Huells 13 Seyfi new York 4 Khouv Island. I Virum 3. Ril by i i further repairs were made. Here and there another Road was opened. The new eng land Telep Hnyp and Telegraph co. Reported 50.000 of the approx mainly telephones put out of service had Boon restored. Voluntary contributions of cloth ing food and Money a Imp to the lid of Flond Vir Lions. The hed Cross launched a special flood Relief i Ivr with Chr Strong of Prsir trip Eisenhower. Who banded his own personal Check to National red Cross chairman e. Roland Harriman. His in Yel acted later. In Washington he Cio opened a flood Relief Lund with an initial in moment of to help an Esli Materi 50.00u member s a non Home less or jobless by the catastrophe tentative damage by the various Hiltey Tola lied arum Ivl tin be Billi Uii dollars. Imi ired its losses at More than one billion Massachusetts one billion Pennsylvania half a i 1 Mori in a billion Rhode Island and Jei sey. 1uo Ciullini or Mure Eracli. New York. 15 million. The first evacuees from three Pennsylvania s u m m e r Camps brought news of worse damage is a n Cue oils in Oli Ici ii her uni. Harriman commented than had previously been reported. Had said thai none Bildren s ramps had been hit by the Surpine floods. A Counselor from our c imn however reported that child inn bail been moved to Snerly on higher u round in Lime in floods wiped out All but 4 fit Al Hoith a Mihov born Purri Here was no loss of hip in injury the return of their children Brouphy to hrs of Relief to Manv a worried Parent s Eye. One Mil clinic Gnu Belon incs she had saved ran n Mother in Allrn town. Pa., calling out excitedly Mommy had a eczema a simple Way to Quick Relief from it hmm pc Zenia pimples red blotches or of her skin Arniat ions is to apply oin Imchit to it if eel i d xxi its. Relieves ii chief skin ices Beu try. Looks belter. 50c All Dpi Kuisis. Soothes feet cracks Between Oes. Peterson s ointment or Money Back. Adv. Money during school needs boys Slack girls school boys printed suede flannel Rayon panties just received ladies Nylon slice medium. Pink. Blue. Maize. Nile Coral 39c shirts half slips Large assortment of patterns our stationery department has a Complete assortment of everything your child will need for school children f panties 8-oz. Dungarees 1.b9 ii Dom Oslic sizes 6 to 16 boys imported White Cotton to shirts sizes s to 16 children s combed Cotton yarn overalls 6 snap overalls piece goods panties elasticized sizes 4 to m White red Pink Maize Blue Nile children s Bobby socks boys White briefs Sale Price is 39c cd. Zipper binders new shipment ladies imported blouses children s shoes Wing tip Moccasin too Plain Loafer strap styles sizes 9 to 3 boys "t1 shirts ii shirts while and colors mercerized i Beautiful styles sizes 32 to 38 Kingsport Tennessee

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