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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 24, 1955, Kingsport, Tennessee4 August 24. 1959 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper merry go Rounce Hollywood Ellul Hod of Cwi do. Mint a b. Mrm unti Dorl Rena an Independent democratic Cwi paper published each a Der Coon except Heitur Dott the to the us for publication of All . To edited to it or not credited in Ihl. St Louis. Kudu subscription ruts by mull first second postal zones daily and sunday one year iis-00 by Carrier daily and sunday one week 40c. Today s Bible thought Tor i will punish them that dwell in Hie land of Ezot As i have punished Jerusalem by the sword by the famine and by inc pestilence. Jeremiah times daily Tonie the object of punishment is. Prevention Iron evil it never can be made impulsive to Horace Mann. Highway program there seems to be general agreement that the defeat of a Highway Bill in the last session of Congress was one of the Black Marks on the record of that con Gress. Agreement ends there. There is violent disagreement beyond that particularly on the score of whose fault it was with both democrats and republicans pointing accusing fingers at each other. While everybody has been saying that the program died because there was Dis agreement Over How the program would be paid for the truth is that there was stalemate Only because neither Side wanted the Oiler to gut credit fur the accomplishment. While the democrats ostensibly objected to the president s pro Gram because of the Bond provision it can be taken for granted that democratic opposition would have developed no mat Ter what manner of financing the administration had proposed. And of course it is equally True that the republicans were bound to object to any democratic coun Ter plan. This matter of who gets credit for what May be very unimportant to people but it is very important to politicians. It is the Rock on which legislation is wrecked whenever there is divided authority and responsibility. We see it in the present Mutual claims and recriminations each Side trying to claim credit for whatever Good that was accomplished and to blame the other for whatever failures him1 were. As a matter of common sense we be Lieve that the method of financing the Road program could easily have been worked out. Since the development of the highways will inevitably Lead to greater use of highways therefore greater sales of Gas Oil tires in Spile of higher taxes on these items there would not be too great an objection to such taxes. What is necessary is for the two parties to get. Together and agree to share the credit much As they have tacitly agreed to share the credit for the Geneva con Ference Between the president and Sena Tor George. It would be very Nice therefore if be fore Congress reconvenes in january the leaders of both parties could sit Down and work out a Compromise Bill which could be presented to the country As the combined thinking of both sides co sponsored by a Democrat and a Republican. Such a Bill which dcmorriilii1 members of Congress would not have to accept As an administration measure and he publican members would not have to at1 rept As an anti administration measure should sail through without difficulty. We do not believe that the people who decide the elections in this country and that Means the decisive group of voters who Are not hidebound in heir allegiance to either party Are most impressed by the willingness of those in office to Rise above partisanship in the interest of pub lice welfare and the 8-Ith Congress can cover itself with glory by writing a rec Ord of cooperative action in Domestic legislation on a Par with its treatment of foreign policy programs. This Dors not in an Pri vate and personal nos. There will always be variation of opinion. It does not mean an absence of that tendency to object to Sui Nething because us other Side proposed it when the know.-. Full Well he would accept it if ins Side proposed it. If the january session of the i Ith con Gress can come up Villi n Hill that is presented jointly by senator Knowland and Lyndon Johnson 01 any other mixed pair we will a Highway program going. Maybe this is too much to expect. Look Back Averell nov. A Irli Haniman of new Yunik o i v in idea of himself As a democratic presiden by ii Kew i Kasson editor s note today Drew Pearson writes an Oiher column in Bis series on influence and run incl of interest in Kove Nimes. Washington of Harold Tal Bolt s Exil As air Foice Secretary Are Side fell m the Oao ital. The Man who s eel Liik them most is Sinclair weeks. Hie Secretary of Commerce. As he s called in a Lii top circles. Is literally pal Platnik Over an indirect tip from Talbot. Here is whal happened. When he left Washinnton. The ousted air Force Secretary was howl Iii mad Over allure of his fellow Cabinet officers to defend him on the conflict of Isle isl Chai pc. So. Shortly after re signing. Tal Boll Enverl irined a group of newsmen at dinner Anil Lakinjr one of them aside dropped a Honfi Delrial Hal Hie next Ess Lonny lancet Over con Fllch of interest would be Sinclair weeks. Next inon Liik the newsman culled Al inc com Merce department and asked for comment or to Boll s prediction. Weeks was immediately in formed mid. Take Elk ill lace value he called ii hurry up Molini Al the while House. Alarmed aides unit the Mallei was serious. So. Ncnill1 on the theory Ihal a Good offence is the Best defense they advised weeks to strike Mil lit Congress. The result was weeks1 press conference of August 11. In which he chill Sod that the were Stag Illk a massive attack on free Enterprise. "1 Don t think the american people want any one to play politics with Deli Csc or to play poli tics with weeks said in a carefully prepared statement. Tint he declined to say. When questioned just who was Pluy Inu politics and seemed ii Ile Vul use on other mailers. This shot Uii statement Only had the effect of further arousing Coni res Maii Manny Culler the Brooklyn boy who proceeded to Inutile More vigorously with the Blue blood Cabinet member from Boston. It s quite possible unit Harold Talbot merely meant to have a Nood at the administration which fired him. But anyway the result of Iii tip has been refusals by Sinny weeks to testily before Manny Celler s committee and by eat Deal More scrutiny of the Blue Chip Busi Ness advisers who be been Servini weeks with very possible conflict of interest weeks Roll Call there me two categories of businessmen Sinny weeks is worried about having invest baled. They arc 1. The business advisory Council which includes some of Iho big Kiest men on Wall i reel who not Only advise weeks on Eisenhower economic policy bin even pick key men Lor certain key jobs. 1 lii1 new in put Ken Clary of defense Reu Ben Robertson is one of them. 2. The docs. Or businessmen who Servo will Oul thou ii Ali Biilly a Day and who hold rom Whir civil Sci vice Type jobs ans Iii inc Iii Ilni Iii it salaries from Micir own companies. One of these was Leonard k. Pasck. Who while la whim a salary from the Al Bitloy Clai k paper company was caught Snow Kihm Oul i Lonna Uon to his employer nol Only about the Novern men but about his rival the Scoll paper com Pany. Others we serve in these Rei Mizar jobs lire the employees no Reynolds Metal ii. Kaiser aluminium and Alcoa who. Holm paid by their own companies have Kiven advice to the government that Amene in Industry needs no More aluminium production Al a Lime when some Small lain Ioa lors have had to close Down Lor Lack of aluminium. Obviously this is exactly the same cont Llyl of Iii ice Cal. Which caused Tal Hult to be a Enlil the air Force. The Blue chips the other prop of weeks businessmen. The business advisory Council includes Crawford Gre Ozvalt president of k. I. In Pool which m Ilion controls inc company Allih Atod will three. Kisun Guwor Cabinet member Lac Lionil John Hick to chairman of a Anrold hoesch Enslen. Chal ruin. Owens Fibre a Hiss Black pie Idem. Pacillo Lias and a Ioctl in to Lull i i. Chilli Man. Ii. I1. Jimd Rich Iii Mph Fin inner i . Lilc Donald Uii Vul. Dean no business administration. Harvard i. V. Lynn scr chairman. Sears and Roebuck Fred .ii1. President. R Oil crated Depar Lenl klore.-. T Moin Nati. Tie i m1 love president i la .1. P. Spam jr., preside no. I Ilich co. In sir. John c. Virden. Chairman. John i.1. Var Dan co. Cleveland Sidney head of Lloil Small Sachs. Kii Iii inc. Lii no Inni who Liel cd Ike pick ins Cabinet and Kimono Llo hmm. Chairman a Lindard Oil of new . J Here s nol Hulln Annm with Haviluk Lamse men serve As to thi1 in Man ice department. It s an excellent idea and a been lol Loucil from the Days when ave ill Blair Miami. Head of the Linion Pacillo new of new York and he sell Laius. Head of ii. S. Secl. Laler Secretary of Sale. Were advisers in Hie 1. Online be depart i he Only Issue Al make i.1 whether their opera Lions Sli Olilda nol i. Hie Soni Liny by As Oiler Atencio. Of Kovcin Mobil or other a ions of adv Eis. Sinny says no this is when the anguished sumy weeks banns is lists mid says no. In and Wii the cumm Cri c Ament. Lie ill Uhi or to Olin a. I t l tic s. Clumber us Crimm Clicc. Olivia in a ha.-, a Nihl knim1 Dune univ hii1. Thimis 1-- end Anil in Lur or nil Luence on the i1. S. Riveri Imelli in n hair pcs hut Lames . Head of 1 a or nil Luence on the i1. S. Riveri Imelli in n hair pcs hut Lames . Head of 1 a and it1, m in week1-, Iii .i1 highly ensure inns la no Hie 1 a inn. Be in site i a nil i. The. Or nol meal a i Olluf of inti Lesl i he Lindl. Lilia comm Lei i 111.1 Hiim of is wants 10 know. How or. Sinny week e Eli Lei ii cd Long inc and Niv m a h. I Loti a Lynli Lii Eil Lille Niener by attorneys. And my tie Small a Lute sent of Philadelphia has Lial Prospect in Losli. Hut if he expects to lir taken seriously. He to lard his political comment with More ionic than lie has been showing. Naturally the democrats Are Nell led by i l i silent Eisenhower s Pupu lazily As thi1 republicans used in be Over a Tankhin Knus Evelt s. To slay in business. I hey u ii at i Vesi dial is Ulkei Aniie. Cvet . Liar Rimawi recently went rather far afield. He said Ike kept his standing Wilh the people Only because he administration associates ind others in tiie soi1. He added that in a presidential would like to remind Nisan u at it very aril in or. was swept into Oldee by the Liivi so mitc jiccni1 led n in s Delia Johnson Hollywood Sinkai exc la your it s the no room for l Emp Carmelit Era m Hudnel on Sci itis Hollywood. Seal Alft Lut Liik the Sli Idio line like Well behaved school kids and crashing Down on those who Don to h Ven the bluest names have Learned that nonsense no longer pays. Jul there was a Day when it did Back in Hollywood s Kay us s when the Star was Kuhik one of the Iii is lie late Wallace Beery did t like a studio Box lunch served to him one Day on he in clot. Wally look one bite shoved Back his chair and said. I think i la pro to Santa Barbara Fol Kvuei Yong Al inc. Lable did a double Lake because everyone knows Kama 101 Miles Iran Hollywood. Bui Wally was t kidding he was k one for almost five hours while the company sat around and waited. The next Day mum served Wally and everyone else in the company Fried Chicken smothered sirloin Steak. Red Skelton in a remake of one of Harold Lloyd s classic film com Edies is an scially if the ads read directed by Harold red and Harold have discussed the idea. I can spill it and could happen. John Wayne s if car old son Pauk Koen from his dad Tor an All Oil movie career with reservations. He returns in school in september Wilh an Eye football and Wayne s orders be a Man first and an actor the lad. Who played the Yousim est Sailor in the film version of mister just completed n Bilker role with Wayne in John Ford s the David o. Famous for his movie love stories was among the Many producers old Rimini on the film re rats to Charles a. Lind Bergh s Book. The spirit of St. I but suddenly stepped on of the race. Other Day on he set of the killer is Josoph Collen asked him what happened. Explained David of Allol a sudden in. Hil me. I like Bov Mckels stories. Could i film a movie Aboul a Man in love a Lull a machine1. " give me those Washington calling Wash Notoff to other a Scaler worries. Title Price system the figures Are do about president Tito of Yurio fearing Tito was swinging -.loanliikless. In i id a no Muslow talc problem for the United orbit. Confess this year consider Stales is whether it is Worth while co Oul did nol ii , on additional Down verse candidates Wilh her Sensa arms Aid to Yugoslavia ibis particular communist Drain. Tonal apparel. Unless american military advisory one of the bin pest drains on the but the dear dead Days before officers were riven greater tree Economy is support of Lull jul taxes were nol beyond recall Dennl How u. Hoar it now the report that of visit in a Hollywood Mac s window w. 1. Me a Kukk 1 the ease with which the Ike lows people to marry divorce re marry. And re divorce we might As Well legalise trial marriage. The old cynic says every mar rage is a trial. What would happen if every arrested or Public drunkenness had a Choice of 30 Days in jail or telling who sold him the stuff a very interesting even if use less. Discussion could be started on the proposition if a esdent Eisenhower decides not to run again who would get the Republican you could Start with Nixon and move East and get enough candidates to shake a stick at and How the democrats would shake a stick at them. With apolo tics to or Robby Burroni As the democrats say it of wad some Giftie Gie us the Power to beat that Mon like Eisenhower unless some Power should from him free us winning next year what could see us but if they just would name Soma other what we would do to of brother there Are few things a person should appreciate More than a really legitimate excuse for being Lazy. Nobody likes to be really sick you Don t choose that state if you have your pick especially if it Means pains and aches who likes to suffer for goodness Sake. But really of Comfort the very essence is to enjoy the pleasures of convalescence to be waited on Iron morn to Nair it while folks All sympathize with your plight to have your meals All served in bed Tito s army. The u. S. The tempting esl dishes to be fed slur s automobile was a to with i no. However. Yuu o s have been playing Down the military aspects of this Southern unofficial estimate is n round 100 a return to Hollywood lifted in the record books As 50 be calculated in View of the show Nin n Pond script and i Lulu per cent pm by Nii Yulien. Loi the list i. Economic assistance tin Wilnet sum in the employee s room of the doll at Balboa Chy and Sli Irmi in nun. Been Abii i Don l complain if n customer million dollars. Of soil leaves n lip. Remi mile do t Crow nil times l him s newest ii Mii or is a top film Siar Lief. A Bachelor is a Man who never really finds out How wonderful jus t b1eioi-n 1titolbroke.1viths the to r Hospital As a patient n All coins Norm he had ambitions to Foi in a bloc of Balkan nations Wilh to himself at its head. He May still senator Morse thinks it terrible us have such delusions of i am eur. Thai the president poes to Tho 08 the tendency since Tito s visits ranks of successful businessmen to thi1 near and far Kasl. How to ret competent men to fill re Man. and re ,.ver. Lias 1 in a a pubs Luru would the other Sill have he Nehru. J to s apolo pm Morse Kui Imus to i nil if he i her to Nicht Pou. Who finds Sci pics Isible. been in Pinili Loiry mip Pori Luis can deny this. They claim instead mr1 lone1- would curl your eyelashes. And n s and Mich. That he is simply a believer in the i w o Silhi v lick Pipiu f i Lii u. S. A spoil Impi possibility of ii live coexist ence of oddly enough Depar Lenl when has Lent million dollars Loyn the communist and Iree worlds. The Republican party was really m cosh Viii and Hie Hank tins is perhaps another Way of the hands of the reactionaries has Lent another my million. A buy saying Hal Tito i now a a Iii to Wayne Morse was a Republican. machinery. Play Hie two ends for whatever he now thai the Purly is far morn Hill these loan reprint Only a the net out of it. Liberal than it Ever was. Wayno a third of s to Al debt. In sultor. In manufacture his own Morse finds it Loo reactionary and . Fineo. Jel aircraft is by Pirn. The United becomes a Democrat and Over millions. Slates. Britain and a have i has Nisi cancelled ail declined bids to set him up in mrs. Front Werd tasted the soup a he Milhon Dolhar debt owed by this business. Found n. Too Stilly and told Iii Oslavia. Lilt this Pood will Ros Khorll Aller col. Gen. Ulepic Waller. To can l drink ills soup. It s lure was to a Lonu land my 1 Ilo s air chief of Malf. Well to too the cheer have a new Viilo Silv claim for million Moscow an inquiry was Mode if Nii Jil club number about a Lor dollars m damages resiilim1. From the to s. Would object to yugoslav to would be very stupid to As Nei Cli trl sen in Kllc Hie comi Fonn break 111 Ulia rus manuf Claire of soviet min Sii Pip hit Chr Gnu Crenton movie As a uni whip. One of inc simply settled k own Deb for when u. S ambassador James of Hie rus ians indicate a chaiik9 hl-.n-. on the Dollar. W. Nicl Leberter replied Hial Wash of heart full it could be just As old in Teddy bears Loo what All Ilie a figures add up would Lake a dim View or stupid to he sure it does to Lor to Ai nah t picture no an s even receiving Cizin Minisi Rivici. Is my Lei alone Liim i he Ripelt apprent h for our a i he u a in Iii mind figures on Tilo s Rovern men Denim i Ilia the is to he hard to convince. In not c Lolk up Agio Lucr .me.-. Yugoslav will its Mill Mailer had been considered. Impossible to convince. Retirement Nail orcs a this is Holl Woi a i As vip ii. In enl Hope lamp inn ii Wek in n . Hope said said the hotel to her he Imil. Bill Tayib would she be la ill a led 111 Cal Lrol no the hotel for i was Linold Millhon Dolhar sell Emend hem i v can powei1. She May nol get nion1 Peck and Veronica Pas 515.1100 Alimony from him Iligir he Max i Koinm left an i Hill return Promise at Lleni Versill Intini Ilion Belore Fly swi Den. No truth to she in " i lie Chr bit Henny to donian sinery the of the i or real in Werner Bros Lin died feet of sent Nir an from maj a. To to . To Ai lir Slu Iii. Far in . I was on the Warner Ter Beverly. Alter b hit d Lul in unit Hie Riison inc Ouier mama. Whibby Aii Aii div. I he Lone misplaced Cheek oii1. Of the Oon ill id i 1 a Roclor jays Rin trip Kaiui Mimer s j x Iii i Fil Ell s Xvi Nijiu i be Drain re. A Milt Lii i ii or iln1 con it i it a do lures tic Hin was Iii Vic Chian St As Oci Allon make Iho Laws Lor the k. B. Whole nation or Are these there would seem to be some controlled by each slate Don t of menial deficiency or re the states have their own medical in Yoi Iii Man. Who Law mrs. W. I Hajj Fly competent in a the am Crici medical Asso i i.n-. One would cer is a to Hilary think that a Cinius Miosis should of which has no Powers in by a p-1, . Whatever to Laws either a if i have recently been Lold Hal tonally or inc ally. The his to 1 have a dropped i Lesline. A Hal Ernins the practice of Medicine Lliel i Condio i s Cli indic the dropped intestine. What Ennic the practice of Medicine m in the inn in " hat is the the United slates Are made by Ihn n. Siek i on my ii i k. M. Individual Leisl Anres la Nally o. And a Vina in the form of the in is acl. Out our Way to take c Onon is. I Don t know what it is either Trio Book out this afternoon and. You know How that is a there is considerable Vana in the form of a medical practice Linn in the position of the intes acl. Cut that baby am old a Vav fromth1 Bunch and they re poublin6 up to it Down whew owe the Coo try

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