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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 24, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee times tuesday. August 24. 1954 mind Vou it s Mot Taftt i th1 Honey 1 it s to wat swore is a Efto of Fourn a Nev. Google n40wy us of Kew of i am no anus Tow i m err is. Nov Sut got ten thousand Roll frs for those he swiped off of we horse. Snuffy. Fun i m goin1 to sue him for every a fast dime of it 4wchofa 6entwan met few of corf with if rat hat i Man Laocoon 1hemjtman. Wash an Twe Inch Yau hi55cat? Fly key up rec not Migrate a9 lojj5 As they re Pec during the Winters the key s a30-Jnd somewhere i la let a know when i Pino it As a matter or fact. I m _ concerned Abolitz the animals pack duos in tri1 8as. It s that or take i m pm my feedx3 Ops is. Of them might find Tver Vii the Soligo the Cave cutlet. They certainly approach a Hunter out a sheer prienplins5s- i can understand hot my can keep the animals within the Protection of this sheer willed Valley but you sure hold a Nohns in the Follo Wims vwcec7. But i m lathe jct Bee Bee s Gal i m teach but -9 i i a i l i a is s posed t talk to into mar Ocvin up Wolf on account he figgers to is the on Gal Fitten t Sakti care o honest Abe Essec meet weasel a Sun who Froff am a kn01v5 All Volk s6c pets to is his the fight1n finds thet out hell Send us both e Cain t admit is his parents but we Kin be Wolf him. All thelml ,m3u -1 ralketd9ethb l own azoumi7 w1th- Vicki a Vest such inefficiency to deliver these papers to it Koope in afraid this will be Humphrey s finish. in i Tole the join not do Nuttin Fer nuttin1 what a pity. After such a glorious club the join was so Luw Able great then an ominous silence from the Cave. A arlwe1 three War voc surplus it s True the Lime 15 8arelv snms1 Moo i m supposed to Waks vs5. And i asks with t Vou the w it my be the i knew the Olp maj or you i Gettews Samils and probably put up to in nor Takimi Lei Kofi Powul Iwa utto . And a port space1. I like to so for a s i walk Sut i i get lost i wow. But Potter Felt that with hard Boushra the um5cheoulep air. Lime recently to ts5t Vouk work and imagination l05e the rest or the estate i have you i think we be foun the v got it now trouble in the time machine How Day like Brunne Hildes nov Rcv Friend can Plant Wemtz 8im6o cards at once and Mot miss a number Ofiu lights she can t see Road ant Loo lights too in spite of Oil we be Learned since m92, a Large part of the world is Stilt Flat. Sheas Standard size jump run cove5. Miami Beach Fla. We ii postal supervisors have their Way Here Ivon t be any More of those oversize or underside postcards oing through the mails. The National Assn. Of postal supervisors at the opening of their convention yesterday adopted t Resolution urging the Post office department to request All Greet no card manufacturers to produce Only a Standard size. Get your Everdy Hall Shell Shell Gas 30.9 new towels answer to previous Puzzle screen performer assorted pastel colors. Surplus Stock from mid Western Milt. Terrific value you be got to Sec to believe. Money Bacic guarantee. Ovedee now. Limit 3 dozen per customer. Send Cash Check or Money order sorry no . So to across 1 screen performer Richard 6 he is a movie 3 Palm Leaf 4 Woody fruit 5 German River 6 Creek god of War 7 Century a 8 hurls 9oleic acid Ester 10 pauses 12 Ages 13 phases 18 body of water Towel King def. 932 f. O. Box 6831, Cleveland 1, Ohio 11 refer 13 interstices 14 theater usher 15 mental faculties 16 Symbol for tantalum 17 grates is perched i in did t know i Hast football. Season had Miller. Started i the loot i Evento baby sitting went to emf 34 chinese Carrier 21 negative rcply35 the Spanish 22 Underko 44 he is Ope of a Rev Eroi film com 46per.-onal a l 50 threefold i m Omav Goins to or1c. Of the love Bill had a the new show is due to open ah1dyou hav Stdon Foje sir or Doc for this 20 Domestic slave24 Low heavy Rollin sound 38 average a comb form 26 Only 3d approached 52 feminine 28 poultry in clip appellation enclosure 42 Young Salmon 53 poem t 23 observe 24 soaks lax 25 eternities 27 censure 29 Dower properly 31 male cat 32 rubber tree 33 weep 34 acting is his 37 scheme 40 painful 41 tear 43 nights before 45 common comb form 45 of the feel 48 preposition 49 puffs up 51 shark s companion fish 5-1 helpers 55 Peruser 56 Erec is 57 bamboos inc brasses Down 1 sew loosely 2 oxidizing enzyme he s Tiv Ikje for a run abound end it was reported that a e pm sum this is As close As i m 6et to that flighty that to Imp Mew have any twenties r know its wrong pop officers to Fate prize with that looks like Overly tried la with you Captain

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