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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 24, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeLebanon to build River development without . Aid Hobby too far Yvonne be Carlo denies Many items Beirut. Banon is going to work i los Angeles a Knul i i James television actress and mod a do til loy6 lug i Al. Thinks her husband carried the Liiv Lebanon x Lihue be fact too far. Tuesday August 24. 1954 Kingsport times 5 radio to notebook separate record Corn by Jack o Briar 10 three new York. Aug. 24 ins Arthur Godfrey answered a Loi of Ethel Merman and Donald rumours about his worsening Lee Are ? artists. John co Naquon taxi night when Columbia. Mar bounced he might have to to Monroe w Kyles into recording to the Hospital for another opera mood Only Lor Ria Victor and Only pers. To pay her monthly from of lne misconceptions about s5.000 a month. His property hold Ings the complaint said Are Worth than finished in 25 years. But when american handed the Survey report to the lebanese government they Felt Yvonne makes it a Point never Julius la Rosa is Back from. W Orleans Ai rested and unmarked does t give is we could have told anyone Many olympian pronouncements who asked. James Mason May before contract time. I Host the Lux to series. Alfred the logical cutoff Point had been reached. For actually building the system. Lebanon must Bear the Burden itself. The United states plans no direct government Grants. Lebanon s parliament has se.1 up Semi autonomous company to be-1 from financing. The company will seek funds from lebanese government sources. Lebanese private and such lending agencies As the world Bank. Some foreign experts Here be i Lieve the whole project could pay Jar itself if built in stages one phase paying for the next. Ellingson accused her of into Flo blab about her real love matches we Llave a fit to conclude from Hitchcock win be on Lux one of Erable extravagance when she thais Why so Many fanciful broadcast commercials pvt s blot of a 10 p us his brought Home a 97-cent House appear in print about her. Recent except Thlu if kids want to Plant and paid Only half the cheekily she saw a clipping from a to be world series if Jerry Lewis is ill and won t after inviting her parents to paper proclaiming in big better hop to it Richl away i be Able to work for months it Ner she. Charged. They separated last Friday right after the dinner party. Nashville Nessee tomorrow to decide she observed. Ridiculous i be had hard of hearing foundation. A few dates with but that a Johnnie Ano will be starred amid on How to the Case. She said that she. Is they be signed for two grandmother ruled out of Beard contest n _ _ Corbin. By. Aug. 24 the republicans did not have a House guesting Villa and Eliza profit a 65-year-old grand for governor in the aug. Laughed Over the report Mother might As Well shave of 5 .prlmar5 and gop leaders a new York paper chronicled her fuzzy 4 2-Inch Chin have to come up with As a Siren who caused men _ a i con alarm Ial in nrli.4. F n ___1___. 1111711 lines that she was in love with Smi st8rl drinking Beer and smok leaves the comedy hour with a German Baron. Ing Cigar ets. Sol utely no stars As of the moment i was supposed to have left Johnnie Ray s fee of s7.500 for fled Muggs is a bore. Cologne with dewy eyes because Arthur Murray show goes that botany bit with Wally Cox i could t Bear to part with him Ito he cheerful Little tearful s spies discovered Wally dug botany at Cony for one prewar semester and got a fresh i myriad top names Jan. 20 when a average just this Side then there was the report new Chrysler show lbs quietly i had been attracting Peter town-1 i As vegas and is former radio news Boss Send away from Princess Onslo contributes Twell Wells Church into its Wash Al. That one was really out exactly they get their Bureau. National Thea this world. I have never even Laid Xiomary to fees Talent. Tres cancelled Worth of eyes on the the weeper will be wailing for equipment and decided one of the older fables she be desert inn at the time Luc wanted to put to rest was find Desi Arnaz will be the new champions in the Las publicans meet to select party candidates Iville. Aug. 24 m was trying to steal Aly Khan republicans will meet Here from Gene Tierney. Such is not1 theatre to of the fist fight. The vegas to firm wanted 50 per cent for its salary race at the Sands a Doost Over its last tighten St fees. Select the party s candidates for i Duchess of Devonshire and governor and u. S. Senator in the other women were linked to the november election. Aly by a London paper. All were she was advised yesterday candidate to replace could t compete in a Jenkins. Ing contest sponsored by a to Jenkins who Defeated Memphis Tion picture company on location i businessman Robert Gregory in Here. It was for men Only ithe Auk 5 gop Senate race said the Goatee grandmother enter 5 esterday he had sent in his de the contest five minutes withdrawal As the party s Chrysler cast. Too. Tony Martin dragnet tops the new Nielsen will represent the Flamingo and Godfrey fell out of the Sophie Tucker Al Rancho vegas Len brain. Abc to can t the Sahara Hopes for Martha be inc program of collegiate rave and the last Frontier gling with every to celebrity Short of Roy Cohn promises to Starger judging began and caused 18 contestants to of their irm Stachi do some twitching Orl nominee. Jenkins a Knoxville at Ney who gained National prominence As special counsel of the she displayed the flowing Chin army Mccarthy hearings has whiskers a full blown Mustach isaid Llis name appeared on the and sideburns. She said she had ballot by occident. 1 i been wearing the Beard present length for about a year. Amos Campbell of Corbin whose the slave Republican executive committee will first sit As a re publican state primary Board and Beard about the same Ratul is lion the primary As mrs. Profits was declared the Jenkins win be certified As the Winner of the contest Winner and then the committee the produce r s of Gabriel win act 01? has withdrawal. Horn encouraged men to grow beards for possible extra parts in Guy Smith Knoxville chairman to Battle Over her. It described a the imagination with its ultimate Choice and All in All it should be a fairly tremendous to show. We Don t know if it will be Good but Hollywood encounter at which Steve Cochran fought it out with another Man. All i can say is that t have never witnessed two men fighting Over anything much less she remarked. "1 say that with some disappointment. It would be fun to have someone fight for the same article declared that she was once a Model and had posed in the nude a la Marilyn Monroe. The Decarlo reply i was never a Model and i never posed in the she remarked that dating in Hollywood is a Hazard. Many of the men and not Only the actors have press agents who Plant items of the committee has said the columnists about us. Said. Sometimes it gets so the film. Some scenes Are "wil1 have a ticket in the november but the committee will have to decide whether to name gop gubernatorial and senatorial candidates or whether to hold a convention for this purpose. Chancellor Dayton e. Phillips of Elizabethton. Former first District congressman has been mentioned Rrapo c possible senatorial nominee. Hrs shot Iball subway Motorman trapped by mishap new York we Motorman David Moclair 52. Spent seven agonized hours trapped in the wrecked cab of a subway train yesterday. Both legs were and he was finally freed last night after one foot was amputated. Moclair s empty train ran in n Cement Wall after a tripping de vice apparently failed and let it smash through a bumping Block manager Robert e. Layton wants she bad it tremendous All right. The new hot Abc Rumor is that David of Selznick will take Over the whole series of color spectaculars now that Leland Hayward is feeling poorly. The sound track of there s no Biz like show Biz is said to be something disc Rockies dream about but it is. So far As the record firms Are concerned a Tower of Babel. None of the waxworks will let Loose their Talent and they belong games so will try to peddle them separately. Kingsport today tuesday Lions club. . Non club room. First National Bank lunch. Noon. Com rotary club. Lunch. Noon. Club room. Special wedding dinner Imless Betty . Paradise room. Meet de room Reese k . Thursday Cvitan club. Lunch. Noon. Club room Moore Walker lunch. Noon. Corame Root. Friday Kluinis lunch. Noon. Club room. Bellamy Johnson Reneir Sal dinner ._ Paradise room r 200 in Moln droid of room. That i have to Tell them. Look Tell your press agent to Stop work log overtime India believes police to toe line hinder new manager Portsmouth Ohio Lanager Robert e. Layton wants policemen Here to keep their feet Rescue workers first used nicety on the ground. He ordered officers Lene torches to Cut through to Moln police cruisers to Stop using Clair but the heat became Sunbear the dashboards of the cars As foot Able for him and they turned to say and that that is a fact that if up which slowed Progress. Since becoming City should be recognized Motorman was comforted during i Layton has issued 83 new rules Allen found no differences be his ordeal by his 16-year-old regulations for the police de tween . And Indian foreign pol the end of the track. For Long stay new York Lyl George v. Allen american ambassador to India says India s role in the Indochina situation May influence us future attitude toward communist arriving Home aboard the liner America for a two month leave Allen told reporters yesterday the Indian government takes the Atti tude that communist China is Here and his wife. Mary. Apartment. Moclair could move Only one among other things he banned hand but this enabled him to j mooching of food and drinks reach for drinks of water and irom stores and restaurants. Along smoke an occasional cigarette. Doctors on the scene gave him drugs to ease his pain. Moclair was taken to a Hospital in critical condition. Dress title fails to impress judge Boston Constance Wil Mer s assertion that she was voted the Best dressed girl when was in High school did t impress out a wishing Well at the Detroit municipal court judge Jennie a Institute of arts yesterday and Barron yesterday. Found in Small change. The woman judge sentenced the Well was placed in the lobby 22-year-old mrs. Winner to five several years ago when Institute of Days in jail on a charge of larceny Fici Ais sought to discourage Visi of s27.54 by using another worn i tors from tossing pennies in a foun in s charge account in a Boston Tain exhibit. The pennies clogged department store. The Fountain and resulted in High i said the judge they repair Bills. Should Stop turning the Heads of. The Money will be used to Pur Young girls with Beauty Queen and Chase new exhibits for the my by St crossed Seum. With a dress up order he furnished police Headquarters with a Large Mirror. To forestall any headaches from All the new regulations Layton directed the chief of police to keep aspirin available at All times. Wish Well hits Jackpot Detroit cleaned icy that we can t live Skinny amazing new easy Way puts on pounds and inches of firm solid flesh Skinny men women and children who Are thin be cause of poor appetite or poor eating habits May quickly put on pounds and inches of firm solid flesh thanks to new kind of concentrated body building All in one concentrated meal of easily digested Cal ohm Here last easy weight gains of 5 sounds 10. 20 even 30 pounds re ported. No sugary mixture no fishy Oas do drug no overeat inc. Skinny Wate on guards against fatigue poor endurance Low resistance. When underweight is caused by disease take Wate on under direction of your doctor. Wate on is fortified with Vitamin a blood building Icil Vitamin Brand other Energy factors. Monty Back guarantee. Starts putting on weight first Day. Now available at better a Tui and department Wiorks Wate on Liq Iriri Imp stun Alto to wove form fit your budget with our easy Home loan your future will be bet Ter brighter clearer. In a Home of your own after a moderate Down payment you repay on a simple Renti like basis. Each instalment reduces both interest and principal at the same time bringing you closer to debt free Home ownership. Come in and see us week listen every morning monday through Friday . Kingsport Federal Federal savings and loan association 230 Commerce Street i 6-6161 let s All buy u. 5. Savings Broad Street phone i 7-7141 wednesday morning specials . Till noon magnetized screwdrivers 6-pc. In 1.00 us approved Here s a real Valuo for Only 1.00. Id the Binic screwdriver sul for almost Overy Type of work. Magnetized Jaleel Bodei hold screws plastic Handlei Ore Flameproof Shock proof. And unbreakable. 1955 s biggest 21" console value i vow Iti no go h b now Only 249.95 pay As Little As 2 a per a a week after Small Dawn payment famous designer styled. Exclusive fr-760 Chassis delivers a Clear Bright steady picture for whole family to enjoyment. In smart mahogany finish. Modern Blond Oak finish slightly higher. Come in and see this Beautiful value today me. Audit tax and full year warranty on new 2j" Westinghouse to prices As Low As 169.95 Premey s wednesday surprises no. 35 facial Purchase women s Cotton dresses Stoke hours 9 .-12 noon on wednesday ouse the Langdon Model 838k2i Kingsport hardware co. 5 Points i 5-2731 hurry they re terrific at Only 5 other styles not illustrated washable Cottons perfect for Street or House Wear i belted Waist tie styles broken sizes in misses and half women s can can taffeta slips Crisp fullness washable Nylon White Only sizes so a Street floor a new shipment pair washable hand sewn moccasins 6 colors r foam rubber insole soft plastic suede skin completely washable sizes so a St set floor

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