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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 23, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeSunday s Box scores of. Louis 9, Cincinnati 7 j giants 5-5, Pittsburgh 4-3 Cincinnati St. 1oius j k1hst game a h o a Rittsel Kwh new Yoke is k s 1 j u h Chr h i. Monday. August 23, Kingsport 5 . A Semi 4 a jew Publ i i 3 1 u 0 3 1 0 Mays of affife 1 1 Levoch re 0000 Irvin. Of 3 0 3 is Peparo. C 3 9 0 Kan. C 3 0 2 is 513 0 0 0 1 Cleveland tribe still whooping it up on Warpath 0 3 0 9 4 1 0 0 3 1 0 2 1 0 p 1 0 0 Deal p to p 1 p 0 0 Oti. 1 m n 3b 1 re 1 to hot Fri. Tools 36 13 27 15b Kan for in c 1 Cut or Judson in r d Hornun rid of for Adams i to no is Mil Oox-9 h Adams. 3. Vol in inc. Mom. . My _. Cunningham Sarni k wlm a rib Bell 2. Pom. 2 . Moon a Puusti 2 humus i Hurt net 2. 2 Musial Musial 2. Schopin or crepe grass so farm. 2, Adams. Of Ranul Fri he Temple. Mcmillan and Klu Szew Klith Zewski. Mcmillan and of Jimmy and Cunnin Chara. I la Cincinnati 6, St. Louis 5. Tir Yalun 1. Lawrence 3. A rail 1 so Judion 1. Per Kowtko 2. Laurence 1. Braise l. To Valentine 7 in 3 1-j. Null mail 0 in 2-3 Radii by 3 in 1-3. Jud soit 3 in j 2-3 0 in 1. 7 in 4 dated 3 Husers n Stihi. Brzic 4 in 31-3 dry b a 1 ?-3. Iler Val Triine o-5 null mail 0-0. Savransky 2-a. Jussim 2-2, Perkowski m. Dps 0-0. U 3 5 i i j 0000 dts plot 0 0000 Coria. P i Wilhm. P 0 Cavm n 1 0 0 a Rhodes 1 Mccall. P 0 Htaylor is Ali s 7 Touli 31 Gordon in a indians in front Peter Thomson Bobhy 51-2 takes Canada tour a ran for t crr ran in Kkt in lib for Gardner in i Yankees lose bin. A san died for win Chi fran or m 6th. A hit into double Plav for i som in the sir Lori for Mccall in 8th. New York Kri air n Roberts. Pellag Rirl. Thomas. Colel Rockna 1. Irvin. Gardner. In Mhz. E dark. Williams. Lynch. Rib Thomas 3. Roberts. Dark 2, Katt. Thompson Taylor. 2b Gordon. Cole. Robert j. Or Thomas. S Shepard 2. Thomax do bark Wil Liams and Hofman Roberts. And Skinner. Left Pittsburgh h. New York 6. He la palenc 3. Of tit 2. Corwin 1 Wil Helm 2. 1. Mccall 3. So la 5. Anion cell 1. Corwin 2. Mccall i 8 1-3, Heiki 0 m 0 by cd Cor Rig an Al sports writer while the american league in general and new York Yankees in particular Waits breathlessly for the Cleveland indians Tepee to col lapse the tribe blithely ignores the somber warnings of their enemies. Al Lopez s remarkable redskins were games in front of the yanks today and showing no signs of tapering off in their War on the rest of the league. In fact the yanks Only Chance of winning j Jim Hogan. Defending club Gou. I up. Champion at Ridge Fields. Fired a to Lake Low score in Over j Ohri Owid 3-up Oss Jboob Carter. 3-2, today in the i up a other matches in the top Bra Claude Steadman Defeated Lou Baumgarter. 2-up l. S. Car Michaei whipped John Parker 5 4 and Virgil Cooke slipped by cup to Australia in flip. To liars 1 in o i their sixth strip Fht 9thi Antn null t in 1-t my sir aim coi de l better n 9th. Anlo Nelll 3 in 1-3.1 a 1-3. Wilhelm 1 in 2 1-3. 1 Pennant now som 1 i _. 1. 2 in 2. A Eft 5-4. Hittl 0-0. Thies 0-0. Anto Phillies 6-6, Brooklyn 2-0 first of pal Nelll 3-2. Corwin 1-1. Will Elm 0-0. Girls som 0-0. Mccall 0-0. Pm Katl. A Mccall a bar Lect. Olson. Secory. Jace Wostl. T second game 000 030 11 4 Tor son a 4 c 4 Liam r.2o 4 War 4 Clark 0 inn a 11 4 3 3b 4 2 2 0 Giu Ganob 5 1 err or a 3 0 Snider of 3 3 4 n Aniros. If 4 0 Rob san in 4 u furl Len. Re 4 6 Cnnon 3 0 or Sydne. P 1 022 000 01x 11 Pittsburgh new York 022, surkont. Law 18 and a Well 3 in o Shepard Maglie. Wilhelm a a Cleveland collapse. The tribe whipped Baltimore yesterday 12-1 while the Boston red sox were putting the Crusher on Casey Stengel s outfit 8-2. Elsewhere in the american league Detroit halted Chicago the White sox Are out of it 7-4. And the Philadelphia a s Defeated Washington 3-2 in the first game of scheduled double header. The second after nine in cur Over iwo and Pierce. 1-up. I lower Bracini Dav. Witmire Over Ket. I-3 Marshall Volberg 2-1. Fred Saylor shot a 74 in Downing Ranger Payne 5-4 in the lower bracket of the championship flight to come in second to Hogan for Low score honors. Jim Edwards stopped John tag Gert 3-2 and Henry Withers edged past prank Brumlic. 1-up in other lower bracket matches. First round play ends wednes Day. Other scores of the tourney second ill she upper bracket Howard Nail Wilson Over Jack o Neill Wallace Kelbler Over j. N Greene. 3-2 and Bill Lacy Over Jim Evans. 2-1. Lower bracket Chuck rom Over Bob Kolni Ove. Bottom bracket Dave Bryan Woodard. 4-2 j. A. w c. Hale. 4-3. Eighth flight upper bracket and Acerit Over Ray Moss. 6-5 Frank Over theory meets. 3-up Hay Wood mod a Over 3ob me Amis. 1-up 10 holes. Bottom bracket Bodie Scott Over l. L Edwards Lup Harold Howden Over Charlie rims 3-up Phil Farnham Over Milton Clemmens. 3-3. Tenth Leighl Upner bracket Mack Ray or. Over Jim Parsley. 2-1 George grills Over Earl Foo Halacker. 3-2 George Smith Over Al Hoss. 3-3 Sam Bigham Over Harold Seuss. 5-4. Bottom bracket Lindsey Johnson Over Milwaukee. Us Bobby Thomson knocked out of action for nearly five months with a Frac Paui Montreal. Aug. 2 2 Peter tured ankle Geus his first starting Odt a Thomson Arrow straight off the assignment with m i i w a u k e e Lees and putting like a against Cincinnati tonight j fired a Brilliant 66 in the fourth encouraged by his round today to Send the Chicago yesterday after appear Canada Golf cup to Australia. The United states team of Sam Snead and Jimmy Demaret Fin a leg and become useless to the club All until yesterday Thomson appeared in 14 games All in the role of Pinch five tires he came through with a hit and twice he walked. Fox t o d a i Jane Russell French line technicolor c. B. Nuke. 4-3 w. H. Moore Over Charlie Gibson. 4-3 Don Moll Over or Pilgrim. S-3. Twelfth flight upper bracket Jim my Over a t. 2-1 Sten Iver a. E. Greene. 1-up Lee g. Davy Over Milton Terry 2-1, Bottom bracket a. L. Fun Ebert Over de p 3 0 1 0 Amoryn 1 0 0 n Palica. P 0 0 0 1 Hoe. P 0000 Bundre 1100 Crim Trier n n n Intili Sij popped up for _ b sink led Lor Joe in a ran Lor Podres in Bih. Rail Adolphu 001 001-fi Brooklyn Hihl i Holt u jul Burg Ess. Hamner Ennis 2, Morann 2 Snider. A none. Rib Ashburn Ennis 3. Jones 2. Robinson 2. 2b-Amoros Burgess Morgan Ennis. Or Ennis. S the Mcter. Erskine. Torgeson. Do mor ran. Hamner and Torgeson. Mila a Brooklyn Al. In we meter 4 1. Pulica 2. So Wehmeier a. Erskine 4. To Erskine 7 in 7. Palica r in 1 1-3. Roe 0 in 2-3. Re Wehmeier 2-2. Erskine 5-5, Palica 1-1. Roe 0-0. W Wehmeier a Erskine 116-111. U Conlan Gore Gorman. Donatelli. Second game Philadelphia 000 050 8 0 Brooklyn Dickson and Burgess Meyer Podres 5 and Campanella. L Meyer. Milwaukee 12, Chicago 6 Milwaukee Chicago a ii o a a h o a Bruton. Of 1 2 0 Talbot Al 5 2 2 0 o con tl.2b 3111 Baker. 2b 4 1 4 3 m the 1111 morgan.3b 4104 ath Kiner. If 5120 Aaron k 2 1 2 0 sauce. Of 5 n 1003 Banks is 5 4140 Fondy. In 3 Pafko. Of i 1 4 our e 3 6 Cole p l 0 2 0 crime. 1 0 Tremel. P 0 Chicago do Koit a ii o a 4031 Kuenn. S3 Fox. 2b 4051 title. Of Minoso. I 4 2 2 1 Evers. Cd Kell. In 3152 Nieman. Ii 4 buttts. C 4 Rivera of 4 much ls.3b 4 Gittli. Of 4 Pierce p 1 cons 1 Lollar 1 Dorish. P 1 5 0 Boone. In 4 1 Dropo. In 3 1 Kummerl 3 0 Wilson c 2 2 Boll no. 2b 2 0 Hoeft. P 3 34 a grounded Ninnis because of the sunday few with the score tied 4-4. In the National league the new York giants cemented their claim a u o Aito the Pennant by gaining to games on the Brooklyn dodger they swept a double header from the Pittsburgh pirates 5-4 and 5 while the Philadelphia Phillie were crushing the Brooks Tolci 6-2 and 6-0. The Milwaukee braves 7 games off the Pace blasted cd Cago 12-6 and the St. Louis card nals outlasted the Cincinnati Rei 100 02r 7 Monoso 2. Batts. Rivera Tuttle Boone Dropo. Aliue 3, boiling. A Rivera. Rib Kell. Groth. Michaels Fino so. Boone. A line. Boiling 3, Kuenn Wilson. 2b-Batts. Dropo Kaliroe. Or Minoso. So Minoso. Kazine. A Wilson. Dropo. Of Bolling 2. Consueqra and Fox Michaels and Kelt boiling and Dropo Kunn. Boiling and. Dropo. Lell coca so 4. Detroit 4. By Pierce 1. Co Holt 1. So Pierce Pierce a 1. Dorish 2, Holt 2. To 4 1-3, in i 2-3, Consuegra Dorish 3 in 2. Re Pierce 43, con fun Para 1-1. Dorish 2-2, Hoeft 4-4. We Holt. A Hoeft 7-13 1. A Pierce o Flaherty. Honochick Mckinley Berry. A-1b.874. Indians 12, orioles 1 1 1 2 4 1 i Wilson p 1 0 0 Jolly p 100 0 n 0 beef Vire 1000 Conley. P 1 d o i totals 10 in totals for mallows in 5th. A Clerou arled out for Rii Riette ii c filed for Jeffcoat in 8th. Milwaukee 3ui t Chicago Mil Oil Row 6 r Bruton 2. O Connell 1. Mat licks. Smith. If in 2 v Avila 2b 4 i i 1 i Doby. Of 5 l Pope of 1 Rosen. 3b 5 1 Wert. In 5 a Hallcy. Of 6 Dente 523 Alley 2. Adcocy 3. Tal Banks 2. Fondy. E rib Mathews. Thomson Aaron. Is Baker. Morg. Bauer. Logan. Aaron 2. Paiko 3. Kiner 3. Banks 2. Weir coat. Thomson 2. Adcock 2. 2b-Bruton Foncy Kiner. 3b-Jerfcoat. Or Banks 2. Thomson. Add Ocic. Of Aaron Pablo. Do Lokan. O Connell. Mathews and Logan of Mallcy. Logan and Adcock 2. Banks and Bakers. Left Milwaukee 3. Cal Caco 9. Re Wilson 2. Cole 3, Jolly 1, Jeffcoat 1. Conley i Tremel 1 so Wilson 3. Cole 1. Jolly 1. Jeffcoat 1. Conley 2 to Wilson 5 in 22-3, Cole 4 in 3. Oily b in 2. Jeffcoat 5 in 5 Burdette 0 in 1-3 Tremel 1 in 1. Conley 3 in 4. Re 4-2, Cole 63, Jolly 2-2. Burdette 0-0. Jeffcoat 4-3. Tremel hip by eff coat i math. A Conley "13-61. A Jeff oat Engeln. Slewa a-30.093. Her Wynn. P 410 Mitchell 100 p 0 0 0 totals 46 to 27 i a grounded out for a hit into Force in a Ifird out for Wei Cleveland Baltimore 0 2 0 4 1 Young 2b 4 2 St pm ns.3fa 3 0 Ken dy.3b 1 0 4 0 Fridley. If 4 0 Grid w 3 0 3 0 Kuzava p 0 1 a Larson 1 1 0 0 Fox. P 0 0 Coan 1 1 Blyzka. P 1 tools 0 0 27 u 4-3. Tremel 2-2, Conley 0-0. To Punelll Boggess. Boston 8, new York 2 new York a Carey. 3b 5 Collins. In 4 Mantle of 4 Berra. C 4 so 4 Noren. If 4 Corm n.2b 4 Mir 0 r Rob in son 1 rim Ito. Is i Bauer. Of 1 Byrd p l Cerv Boston a a h 1 4 2 1 will 4 3 0 Jensen of 2 0 0 Max 1 0 0 2 0 0 Olson of 3 0 3 hatton.3b 4 2 1 White c 3 1 0 console. Is 4 1 1 Sullivan p 4 1 100 to o o n Skowron lion totals 33 10 21 7 totals .11 10 27 11 out for Miranda in 4lh. for Byrd in 7th. A ground Ett out for Rizzuto in 6th. A doubled for Reynolds in 9ih. New York 000 Boston one 001 sox it r sail Rater Cerv Goodman 2. Wil Liams 1, Jensen Olson White Sullivan a Miranda. A Garls White. Rib Williams 4. Hatton 2. White. Coleman. 2b-Williams. Slaughter. White. Cerv Skott Ron. Or Williams. So Jensen. S Teganis. Of White. Do Consolo. Good Man and Organis Miranda. Coleman and Collins Rizzuto. Coltman and Collins hat ton Goodman and aggans. Left new York 10. Boston 7. By 1 Reynolds 3, Sullivan 4. So Byrd 2. Reynolds 1. Sullivan 4. To Byrd 8 in 6. Reynolds 2 in 2. Re Byrd m. Reynolds 3-3, Sullivan 2-1. Hip by Byrd Jenseni. W Eull Tvan a syrd a Hurley. Stevens Morit Grieve. Athletics 3-4, Wash. 2-4 Kuzava in 3rd. For Fox in 5lh, n in 7lh. To 011 000 010 000 i a Smith 2. Wisl Lalap. Avilla. Doby 2. Rosen. Wertz 2. Hulcy. Heman x. Bride Weser. A Dente 2. Brideweser. Avila Dier ing. Obi Avila 2, Doby 2. Rosen 2. Wertz 2. Philley Tolegan 2. Diering. Dente. 2b Alta. Doby. Hegan. Brideweser. Of Wertz. Do Young and Walt ssi. Dante and _ Baltimore 5. Wynn 1. Mossi 1. Kuzava 2, Fox 1. Blyzka 1. So Wynn 3. Kura a 2. Kretlow 1. Fox 1. Blyzka 1. To Wynn 3 in 7. Mosat 0 in 2. Kuzava 5 in 3. Kretlow 6 in 1 1-3. Fox 2 in 2-3. Blyzka 7 in 4. M. Mossi 0-0. Kura a a. Kretlow 5-5. Foj 1-1. Blyzka 2-2. A Wynn error Marker. In the soar l Kuzava Runge. Sum u Paparella s. Standings Cleveland new York Chicago Boston washing ton Pella Delphi Baltimore 83 34 american league w l pet. .121 .675 .640 .442 .415 .336 .317 37 39 yesterday s result a Boston 10. New York j. Detroit 7, Chicago 4. Cleveland 12. Baltimore 1. Philadelphia 3-4. Washington 3-4 2nd game tie. Called end of 8th, curfew today s she Rule probable pitchers Washington at Philadelphia Li-6tobbs 17-8 and Keriazakos 1-1 is. Fricano and Kellner 16-151 Only game York Ostyn Cincin St. Louis Chi Capo National league w l p 16 44 .6 73 40 .5 fi8 51 .5 58 fit .4 to 50 58 63 first game Washington Philadelphia a h 0 a a ii o a Yost. 3b 4006 Jacobs. 2b 4 2 2 1 6125 Valo if 5 0 4 of 0 5 1 2 1 Bluefield 0 Ronna of 5 1 2 o Pulaski 1 Power in 4 2 14 1 Bristol 0 Wilson a 6 2 2 Owelch 5 dem 634 3 Astroth c 4 1 8 0 Bishop p 4 0 0 0 48 Pittsburgh 44 78 yesterday s results St. Louis a Cincinnati 7. Milwaukee 12. Chicago 6 Philadelphia 6-6. Brooklyn 2-0. New York 5-5. Pittsburgh 4-3. Today s schedule probable i Lubers Cincinnati at Milwaukee Ore i Spahn Only game scheduled .478 .393 .361 legs 9-7. The tribe slapped out 20 hit. While Early Wynn held the bait More club to three in his seve innings on the Mound. After tha Lopez sent in the scrubs. The yanks could do nothing right. Only ancient Enos Slaughte was impressive. Ted William knocked in the first four sox runs with a Homer and n double. Tha was All Frank Sullivan needed t hang up his Lith Victory and give Boston a sweep of the three Gam weekend series. Harry Byrd a the victim. Detroit jumped on Billy Pierc for four runs in the first two inn Ings and the White sox never i get Back in the game. Prank Bol ing drove Iti three of the tigers runs. Billy Hoeft was the Winner. Joe Demaestri drove Home the winning run for the a s in the 121 inning of the opener against the senators to give Charlie Bishop his Victory. The pirates knocked both Thi giants Ace pitchers. Johnny an Tonelli and Sal Maglie out of the Box before losing. The giants to score twice in the ninth to win the first game. A Pinch single by Billy Taylor drove in the winning run after three straight passes Anc forced in the tying Nightcap the pirates chased Maglie in the fifth and from there on in a Brilliant Relie Job by Hoyt Wilhelm held them n Check. He did t yield a hit in the 4 2-3 innings he toiled. The giants now have a bulge o our games Over the dodgers. A couple of pitchers who have lad indifferent Success to put i charitably mowed Down the Brooks. Herman Wehmeier whose record shows six victories and nine defeats whipped them in the opener and in fact had a shutout until the eighth. In the Nightcap Murry Dickson was nursing a 10 game losing Streak until the Phil whitewashed them in the second game. Del Ennis was the Brooks nem Esis. He hit a three run Homer in each game and drove in seven runs. Carl Erskine was the first game victim and Russ Meyer the second although neither a around at the end. Bobby Thomson returned to full time duty with Milwaukee and promptly belted a two run Home Brave Home run slugger Eddie Mathews left the game after he was hit on the Finger. There was no fracture. Hell be out Only a few Days. St. Louis Victory Over Cincin Nati dropped the Redlegs to fifth place. Stan Musial had a pair of doubles in the 13-hit card attack on five bed pitchers. Al Brazle was the Winner. 4 Busby of 5 tevers. If 5 Wright of 4 Schmitz. P 4 ump 0 appalachian w l 70 3 Pel. .619 .593 .560 Rio liner 0 i 0 n 0 Pas Tinl. P n n o a two nut when winning in scored. For sri Metz in 12th. A Nan for Vollmer in 12th. Out for us Phlaf. In 12rh ski Linn in i Philadelphia nil nun nil ont or Runnels Vernon. Fin inn. Renna. To vice Valo. Rib do Maestro 3. Var 2. Wilson. 2fl-Rrnna. Power. Demurs. In. Wilson or Vernon. 4. S it shop. Renna. Yost. Do Power Mas Almerli Runnels Terri Liber and Vernon Demaestri. Jacobs Power. Left Washington 12, Philadelphia 14. By Schmitz it. Rascual l. Bishop so Schmitz 4. Bishop 4. To Schmitz 10 in 11. Bishop k in 12, Pascool 2 in 2-3. Nert Schmitz 2-2. Pas Cual 1-1, Kimhop 2-2. Hip by Bishop Ter a Liliben by Schmitz we Pas Cual. A Bishop a Pascual to Chylak Kommel. Napp second game Washington 000 000 6 1 Philadelphia 000 202 9 of Porterfield Stewart 9 and Tipton Portocarrero Andi Robertson. I Johnson City m 36 82 Isi 1 final stand Ineo a Multi Johnson City 13, Welch 8. Pfilf Tekl 10. Blues fld b. Bristol 6. Wytheville 2 tool rat x Gimp playoffs we sch by Blu film. Pulaski. 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