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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 23, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee4 King port times monday August 23. Kingsport times merry go round Leffie to editor an Independent democratic newspaper p. Or Puusner and be Peru was Auu Uei to use Publ bar is ant. Gen. W. J. Sica a flt editor Biller e k9-22 e Market Street Kisis Don Refl c. Member of Aiso Cliveo four Fern Public is audit Buret of circulation an acc Penceal democratic published each alter e Tea. As second class mail Mariej october 11 1su. Under act of Marti h it National adv Rusler Rewn Tauvers. Shannon 5sii to Kew York Detroit. Quanta. So Louis. Cuy. Angeles and san Francisco subscription rate by mall first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year. S13 00 by Carrier daily and sunday one week we. Today s Bible thought and thou profane wicked Prince of Israel whose Day is come when iniquity shall have an the times daily tonic were the visage of sin seen at a full Light undressed and unpainted. It were impossible while it so appeared that any one Sou could be in love with it but would rather flee from it As hideous and unrealistic if the Congress of the United states had not been in a state of confusion Over the efforts to get finished and away we would have heard a great Deal More about the present discussion of Edc. Certainly it was surprising that the1 statement of Mendes France did not cause greater comment because the words reflected a strange state of mind. As quoted Mendes France told his brother statesmen it is a Case of accept ing the French revisions of Edc or hav ing no Edc at All. One would imagine from those words that the French were being asked to accept Edc As a favor to the rest of Europe and that it would be perfectly All right with the French if Edc were scrapped. That would be a highly unrealistic attitude not in keeping with the realism with which Mendes France has faced the situation in Indochina and in Africa. Certainly Mendes France knows that the real alternative is whether Europe is to act through Edc or whether it is to look again toward Germany for the major Effort to hold Back Russia. Of course everyone appreciates and sympathizes with the French fear of a reared Ger Many but it is no longer a question of keeping Germany completely unarmed but a question of whether Germany will be armed inside an Edc or outside it. France does not have the Power to keep Germany the Way France would like to see Germany. Germany is going to be armed with or without the permission of France and France by throwing Edc away is simply going from the frying pan into the fire. So this position of Frances revision or no Edc at All is hardly a sensible Atti tude to take. France does not hold the winning cards in this game As such a statement seems to imply. Passing Mark it is inevitable that the postmortem Over the last session of Congress should be highly coloured with political partisan ship. Or. Johnson of Texas did his duty by painting the picture As the democrats see rather As the democrats would like to make the people see it. Then or. Knowland gave us the Republican description which sounds like he was talk ing about an entirely different session. You takes your pick gents and bets your Money. President Eisenhower himself will Tell his Story which of course will be some thing like or. Knowland s. He can be expected to accentuate the positive and minimize the negative. One notices that senator Johnson in mentioning the things that have been done Points out that they were done with democratic cooperation and the things which he thinks were bad were done Over the opposition of the democrats. The fact is that with Congress As closely divided As it has been there were both Republican and democratic votes both for and against practically every Meas ure. There was a spirit of cooperation with the president particularly in the Early Days when the democrats could say with some truth that they were backing the president More than his own party was. But there was less and less of that As time went on and the voices of Humphrey and other Strong new dealers were heard More and More. There is a question of How much cred it or How much blame belongs to the president for the successes and failures the Good things and bad things that marked this session. President Eisen Hower was criticized for failure to Lead and his first attitude toward Congress was a very conciliatory one in Sharp con Trast to the Roosevelt and Truman approach. But we have a feeling that if the president had been More hard boiled he would have had less Success. In fact on some things where he pressed hardest he was rebuffed. Much of the legislation passed will continue to be controversial and serve As Campaign material. But on a compare by Drew Pearson important development to come ont of the current session of Congress was not the legislation passed but the education of Dwight d. Eisenhower. He has now Learned the techniques of being president. Ike went into the first session of Congress More than a year ago nervous. Us at ease. Dubious about his Job. He has come out of this session with political know How. He now knows How Congress works How to crack the whip How to push a pro Gram through despite opposition. He knows How to stay Back m the general head quarters tent and let the lieutenants slug it out in the first line trenches. This was something Frank Lin Roosevelt knew How to do to perfection but which Harry Truman never Learned. Truman could never resist going into Battle himself Al most seemed to relish getting his nose bloodied he never let his Cabinet members take the punishment for him. Ike does. Some of Ike s leaders have been so battered and bruised that their political future is dubious but the Gallup poll shows Eisenhower s rating is still in the upper brackets. Senator Knowland has been so Tough has aroused so much resentment that he May be ditched at the next Congress. Congress Man Halleck in the House cracked the whip so Nard some of his Republican colleagues hate him the president was Able to stay aloof unsullied. Collected his fee late most important lesson Eisenhower Learned was what every lawyer knows collect your fee while your client s tears Are he failed to collect his fee in the first session of Congress last year when his popularity was at its height and his Power Over Congress at its Peak. Instead of collecting he let Congress adjourn last summer after passing Only the refugee immigration Bill a cur tailed military budget and other minor Legisla Tion. Almost the entire program was postponed until this year. That was the reason for the logjam for the killing Pace at which Congress has been work ing in recent weeks. For by this time Ike knew he was up against the Wall that he had to got his program passed at this session or never. He had Learned the importance of collecting your fee while your client s tears Are hot. He had also realized that history would Mark him a mediocre president unless he got results this time around. To a close Friend he had confided last Winter if i had remained a military Man my record would have stood along Side that of any of our great military then he went on to say that now. As president he realized his place in history would not be based on his record As a military Man but on his record As president. And he sounded a bit sorry that he had taken on the also determined to make it a Success. That s the background behind the drive the de termination to keep Congress at it far after the scheduled time for adjournment. It s been a rough session but it should pay political dividends in the end. Ike s Tough machine every president develops his machine to in fluence votes on Capitol Hill. But none has Ever operated More efficiently More ruthlessly than that which rammed Ike s program through con Gress. Instead of one Lone Capitol Hill Contact Man. Such As Jim Barnes or Joe Feeney. Used by Truman. Ike had a Battery of night. Its leaders were maj. Gen. Slick persons and Gerald mor Gan once paid a month to lobby for private business. In addition various Cabinet members backed up the Battery. Secretary of the Treasury Humphrey was chief backstage wife Puller in passing the St. Lawrence. Seaway while postmaster general sum Merfield took the prize As heaviest handed. When congressmen Robert Corbett and James Fulton of Pennsylvania both republicans failed to support Summerfield s postage stamp increase Bill a travelling Post office Hatchet Man named Gerald Cullinan turned up in their Home districts to apply the pressure on the voters Back Home. Other non conforming congressmen were hauled Down to Summerfield s office. Congressman Joe Evans of Tennessee was told to vote right or expert no help on a mail transportation problem in his District. And when congressman Otto pass Man of Louisiana signed a discharge petition to Force the postal pay boost Bill out of the rules committee Over Summerfield s head an unusual thing happened in new Orleans. Summerfield had fired the postmaster of new Orleans a. Frank Fairley who happened to be a Good Friend of congressman Passman s. But be Lieve it or not when Passman agreed to take his name off the petition to Force a vote on the postal pay Bill postmaster Fairley was reinstated. Such were the tactics used in one of the rough est toughest sessions of Congress Washington has seen in this Century. Ike go tiflis program through and he Learned the Roosevelt Ian technique of keeping himself aloof but the enemies made by those rough and Tumble tactics May seriously affect the coming elections. Editor times Kingsport. Tenn., dear sir does the Reader Ever wonder Why France cannot have a stable government Well it s splinter parties. It is because she does not have one political party Strong than a combination of All the others. That is bad for any country. In order Chat a should function properly and efficiently any political party in pow r have a real mandate from the peo ple. Come to think of it. Our situation Here in the United states is some what similar to that of France. It is now Plain to of those who Cai a to know that the majority of our people Are still sold on socialism. A few Hope and some believe that we can mix free Enterprise with socialism and the majority Don t even know that we Are experimenting. That is Why the Eisen Hower administration did not get a working majority in the houses and that result was just what put him in the Middle of the but the people Are to blame. Yes just enough so called democrats went Over to the left Wing republicans the internationalists to put the so called republicans in office but with just enough Power to Call it a different administration. The majority of our people will have to act with More sense than that if they expect to main Tain a two party system. The party is Power must be implemented to do the Job. It reminds us of the somewhat similar thing that happened in 1932. Which was the lib eral socialists were purposely pro longing the depression under her Bert Hoover it occurred to them that they had never and would never get anywhere As socialists so Why not spill Over into the demo cratic party usurp it and All be democrats alike. Then forget nor Man Thomas and never mention the word socialism. So. After election when f. D. Roosevelt discarded the Good plat form on which he was elected and substituted the platform of the so tossing it out Washington calling by Thomas l. Stokes Mac s window by w. J. Cat Uffe some of the names As possible candidates to run against Estes Kefauver ought to make it difficult for the senator to keep a straight face when he hears them. The United states seems to spend a lot of Money on War preparations. And a lot More on War reparations. Said mama to her daughter when you go Riding in a car. Whether it s Pete or Tom or Joe Don t Trust any of them too far and while i m on the subject. There s another thing my dear while you must t Trust the too far. Don t Trust the boys too Nearl you can spoil a child by giving it anything it wants. You can spoil your stomach the same Way. Superstitious Susie says knows someone who had bad Luck on Friday the 13th. But think of All the people who did not have any bad Luck that Day. Somebody had a thought to see if there were any Joseph Mccartney in the local Telephone directory. And you know some thing there Aren t any Mccarthy Joes jims or Charlies. Question is this happenstance or did the Mccarthy s change their names Trees Phil t think that i have never seen a thing More wonderful than a girl sixteen part Angel part woman part child part Queen quite incomprehensible you know what i mean you heard As the locale the opening of the 1954 shoes helpful his own late St and slogans like the abundant life and make democracy work Rode every Breeze that blew. And so it 1956 candidacy for the democratic do s. Presidential nomination if his party a11 she craves is lots of boys the left dancing. Democrats Oft remind us of the support they give the Republican for Tige on behalf of a but Joyce party that now held by Republican Everett Durksen. Sixteen Ever see a girl so or. Stevenson is going All out for Paul Douglas who it May be now spin it. Cd Joeph , Buss the candidacy inmates but now about this Man Carthy he is making it terribly Lough for us and what s More he of a certain baseball Pitcher it prize. Though there was for a time is said when the Ball leaves his Eva Bartok the hungarian Gou if a person took seriously All the , Prev things he is told not to do in lend me your come not to upbraid you but to beseech you. Titled to the same change to be form his duties and to serve his country that was accorded his predecessors. Give him a mandate. R. H. Dickenson presidential election me of the White House ii cans the loss and for a it of tilings that the n the latter pres Tient is against. This Incon Gruity of political philosophy was when a girl is wearing an ankle movie dolls Are screaming and c watch no gentleman will asic her i Don t blame them. Some of the it upset me h t intr what time it is. Nsofor font Chw Norm fair in Ido ofter Law Ulm Jitt Ola. 16 r air u on ame pm. Ome o e i sensational mags on the stands Are precedents by winning in 1948 after f hip Henri panh Ipri in Feiore the president a looking backward it is funny How times change. If you look Back at the newspaper headlines of three years ago they were splashing barrels of Ink Over the firing of general Douglas Macarthur because he had urged that Chiang Kai Shek s troops be sent to fight in Korea. When Macarthur wrote a letter to speaker Joe Martin about this. Truman fired him. Congressmen made speeches commentators declaimed the presidential Campaign of 1952 was highlighted with accusations that a great mistake had been made because Chiang had been kept under wraps. Or if you re read the head lines at the time that president elect Eisenhower flew to Korea there was More talk about Chiang s troops being released later. When Ike got into the White House he withdrew the seventh Fleet with an official announcement that Chiang s Navy was now free to attack the Mainland. During All this time general Omar Bradley and Dean ache son quietly argued that the chief problem was not attacking the chinese Mainland or sending Chi Ang s troops to Korea but of protecting Chiang himself. Today judging from the headlines and the official statements it looks As if they were right. It always happens when you let politics get mixed up with foreign policy. Hollywood i by Keskine Johnson looking for cover girls who reset Lotical Prophet can prove to you in interest a philosopher said when a half hour lecture. Democrats Are by he president when through woman has pet cat chances Are italian filmmakers have snagged pressing their so is h s Varty duty with a smile. Every there is no m in h behind the screens Esther Wil three More Hollywood stars for Adlai the assume Republican is needed this year. Nere is no Man in the House. When hams says she 11 be Active until she films. Rhonda Flem lion that the precedent would stick 8l in stars in Courtesan of baby if they could regain control of a woman has a pet dog. Chances Are her husband is Hen pecked. Esther judging from the durability of Corinne Calvet in the and Congress this november and in j believe that two Vears from for Annette Kellerman who made ventures of Casanova and Mel that event would take Back the now internationally staffed labors grandpa drool As the girl in the Irot ror irl White House in 1956. Lories can be searching out new words properly is very it was in keeping with the a constructive uses for the atom. I t d tonal importance of the events believe that three years from now did that when Tro staged for the two party leaders in atomic reactors designed for medi Ductor Adam Payne to a glr1 Illinois that each delivered him Nal therapy can be in by self of a speech addressed to a combating All the free tonal issues and to the nation of regions of the chair floods take place when a River Ter the usual Courtesy nod toward Man Cole. Gets too big for its Bridges. One piece bathing suit might make the Grade. Annette who life Story Esther played in million Dollar Mer just returned to her Pacific Palisades Home Here after an eight month. Red Cross sponsored tour of military installations. Ferrer in those Zippy italian film titles pipes Rocky Mountain Welker senator Herman Welker of Idaho is a Man not to forget the Home state even if it involves a question of civil defense supposed to be close to the big cities of the East. During a recent debate on whether civil defense should be moved out of Washington to either Piney md., or Battle Creek mich., Senate republicans were left in a quandary As to How to vote their ranks were split wide open As to whether Maryland or Michigan should have this Juicy Plum senators Butler and Beall of Maryland both re publicans contended that Olney being 19 Miles from Washington was outside of the strategic area and also convenient to the capital. Senators Ferguson and Potter of Michigan also republicans contended that Battle Creek was a much safer place to locate such an important office finally Republican Herman Welker of Idaho got the floor. I am he asked if Battle Creek is not a strategic area in the event of an enemy at tack As i am informed giant industries Are located either in or near Battle or. Ferguson explained that Battle Creek was famous for its breakfast food not its tanks or guns. No heavy equipment such As automobiles or anything of that queried Welker or parts for there May be a few machine shops. It is not a strategic area at said Welker defiantly i still think somewhere in Idaho or Denver Colorado would be another few months under this administration and i think Well talk about the 20 years of reason under the democratic Stevenson. There can be no doubt of the dangers we face. The shipment of communist arms to the West Ern hemisphere was an open declaration of the aggressive designs of International communism. Lyndon Johnson live basis the record is pretty Good and on the whole the Congress has earned a passing Mark. Pretty girl on to s where were _ i Sang and played my accor where was Varga when it she told me. Happened i told the boys listen you re career switches Arthur Ken not going to see Jane Russell. I m Nedy playing an escaped killed in just a Nice Little old lady i said Johnny Johnston As and to Tell you fellas the truth a prison inmate in i be never met anybody older than Lawrence Tierney Lawrence i am Tierney As a policeman in a Annette on her screen biography to series. Doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . Side glances of. 1m4 of Lar Vel. Al t. M. Def. U. I. Pm. Off. I have recently been Saly pilates. Mins particularly a and writes m. K., that i have Lupus male hormones have been tried have been recommended but Thesa erythema Tosis. I do not know any but have not been shown to have do not appear to influence the in thing about this disease but have any definite effect on the course deriving condition been told that i must keep out of of the disease. The skin of patients Lupus erythema Tosis is a serious the. Sun entirely. Would you please with Lupus erythema Tosis is fre problem. It is a disease which has discuss Quentlyn sensitive to Light and Usu been known for More than 80 years this disease which was formerly Al y has to be protected against but the cause has not yet been considered rather rare May be in sunlight. Act and cortisone have found nor has a thoroughly Satis creasing at any rate there seems brought some Good results. Factory treatment been devised to be a great Deal of interest in it. Since Many Able research work at times it appears to affect the Otner kinds of treatment which ers Are studying it there is a hops skin alone and Only a portion of Nave been tried a Well that new methods to combat it the skin at that but at others and balanced diet but r e s t r i c t e d May be developed in the next few too frequently it involves consider amounts of food. Adequate Vita years Able parts of the body and it must be considered As a generalized jux rather than As a skin disease. Ouf our Way now Don t pout because you have to Wear a coat at dinner l you had your Way i suppose we d spend our vacation at a nudist the disease seems to involve certain tissues of the body which Are the binding substances for the blood vessels. This tissue is called Collagen us tissue. It has been studied a Good Deal in recent years but our knowledge of its functions and diseases is still far from Clear. Weakness fatigue and fever Are common Early signs of Lupus. Unlike Many diseases accompanied by fever there is a Low White blood count that is smaller than average number of White blood cells in the blood. Pains in the joints Are also common. Although the skin symptoms have Long been considered characterized they May be absent at the beginning of the disease and some times never appear at All. Lupus erythema Tosis is much More common in women than in men. It my Start in children us Young As six or eight years old. Its diagnosis has been simplified in recent years by an ingenious lab oratory test. The fever and joint pains arc pen orally improved by using drugs like aspirin which contains a Sty my 6al t All Olp 1 will or adv i Over this Oil a new s her movie film m interest in movies a knockout i if they d take j pictures of the picture. I the end

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