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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 21, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeTelevision comes to Santa Barbara brings hot fight Santa Barbara Calif. Television has come to Barbara bringing with it just i .7 Boyle s column by Relman Morin for Hal Boyle new York about the hottest Public Contro Versy this normally peaceful Community has Ever experienced. I mine a Newspaperman closed i his typewriter for the last time the other Day. The news hit hard and Hurt at does. The vision of his red hair arose and the freckles like flecks of Cin Namon All Over his Irish Mug. Keyt Santa Barbara s first went on the air july 25 and since then the storm has been raging. Because of Peculiar geographical features Santa Barbara viewers had been Able to receive telecasts from los Angeles a Hundred Miles away Long before his nose was Large and defiant shaped pretty much like the i prow of a frigate. He had a wide Mouth and a Boulder for a Chin. The whole effect was of a fierce and formidable Man. And sometimes around the of fice he tried to put on a mask of iras ability but it would t have fooled a 4-year-old because the Federal communications he never t the out commission assigned any Chan f he b j w Nel to this City. But with the j Advent of the Santa Barbara but there is no room for Sor station local set owners have complained that it seriously in verfers with reception of los Angeles seven channels particularly Channel 2, which is lbs and Channel 4, which is Abc. The Santa Barbara station operates on Channel 3. Mayor John t. Richard has directed the City Engineer to make a. Survey of the problem. Keyt has an investment of More than in its installation. The station contracts for selected programs of the lbs Abc Dumont and Abc networks. Owners of the estimated sets in this area claim they have an investment of As High As 10 million dollars in sets. Row in the manner of his pass ing and that is the reason for this Story. Bill had cancer. He wakened one morning in a hotel room a Long Way from his Home. The pain had him so bad he said that it almost unhinged his Knees. Still he got in his car and barely crawling because of the weakness started Home. On the Way As he told me a thought came to him suddenly. It sounds strange in the telling but not if you look at it As he did. Mcelroy stores Chain sold to Chicago company Bowling Green by. Sale of 15 Kentucky and ten Nessee stores to Butler Brothers Chicago was approved by Stock holders of h. A. Mcelroy com Pany Here yesterday. The my Elroy stores Are a 5-and-10 cent store Chain. Money involved was not Dis closed but was reported to be about half a million dollars. James m. Hill Mcelroy presi Dent said Butler a wholesale organization plans to sell each store to individual operators. Some will be operated under the Ben Franklin store name. The store Here will become the Scott store. Way is cleared for Ark. Go to wed German girl i when he told them he added with that Chin stuck out a mile business May kill me but by Golly it s not going to scare me to death. So cheer Well that was nearly two years ago. As soon As lie could he Memphis took two came Back to his desk. If he had i years and president Eisenhower san occasional set Back he tried i signature but everything was not to show it. He never set today for air force1 Teck Nucal. Knowledge hot Ivis Aoah and save us himself on the Job. And he would kid around about How much bet Ter off he was than other people. I Don t suppose he Ever tried to sgt. Rufus Hall to bring his German Fiancee to America. Hall 35. Of Forrest City Ark., met Grauch 23, while to fool himself though. He was stationed in Germany in he would be a Long time getting 1950. Out of the Woods. Bill never quite made it. Know your teachers Hall ran into technical difficulties when he tried to get a visa for miss Grauch in april 1951. He returned to the United states alone and was based Here. Rep. E. C. Cannings dark sponsored a Bill to permit miss Grauch to enter this country j and president Eisenhower sign i edit into Law last saturday. Hall said yesterday it will take three or four Days for miss Grauch to get a visa once she receives a copy of the Law. Shell Fly to new he said. Ill meet her there. Well be married in Forrest fraud order lifted on Battery additive miss Bernice Carter of Erwin will teach in Kingsport elementary schools this fall. Miss Carter is a graduate of East Tennessee state College. He was glad it had come to chirp in this Way while he was alone away from Home and the Only one to know. That was his thought and with it came a plan. You can picture him on the Highway holding hard to the wheel fighting Down the pain and fear and thinking working out in his mind what he would do. For nearly a week he said nothing and tried to let no sign appear in his face. Meanwhile he was conducting his own diagnosis. Bill had a Strong Bent for Medicine and the study of it. He might have been Denver i president gets in some Trout fishing today and the zone today for Pine colo., where the trouble must lie. He did it by turning to some medi Cal books and Matching his symptoms with what was writ ten there. His diagnosis turned out to be Correct. Then he went to a doctor for the examination. The Point he told me i was already 99 per cent certain. So the very worst news he could give me would be no More than i expected. And if i was wrong Well Kentucky stores Are would be just that much a cuter. He made them give it to him straight including the percent Ages in an operation. Only then did he go Home and Here and at Glasgow Somerset Tennessee stores at dyers Burg. Springfield. Martin Paris. Trenton has a mlle that was the Union City. Hardest part he said. The Only said he will Purchase the he Helen and the boy. Incidentally Bill had been a hard shelled woman hater until he met Helen. Now she and the boy mattered More to him than his own anguish. Store at Dyersburg have an interest in others at Glasgow Somerset and provi Clence. Evacuees head Home As Quebec fire controlled Forestville que. More than 150 women and Chil Dren evacuated last sunday from the Forest fire threatened Village of Ste. Therese headed Home today. The main Blaze which started aug. 7 and charred 165 Square Miles of Timberland has made Little Progress the past Day or two woodsmen said. They would not give Assurance that it was completely under control but said villages in the area did not appear to be in immediate Dan Ger. Two Ste. Therese men Kelly Bouchard 22. And Wellie trem Blay. 26, were sentenced last night to a month in jail each for unauthorized travel in the Forest while a ban was in effect. Police who took them into Cus Tody wednesday night said they were important witnesses in a Case of suspected arson. To stars Dulcet tones soothe mob new York in the near future the City transit author Ity says Dulcet voices of to stars will reassure Rush hour subway crowds via Public address sys tems. The City s millions of riders will hear messages like this folks please Don t crowd or push. After All there will be an other train along in a matter of minutes or in just a moment you re going to get on the subway. Remember you re Riding on the biggest Railroad in the mountains and a Day Long Trout Stream Outing sandwiched into a week of solemn foreign developments a flying trip to new York and weighty meetings with top administration leaders. The president was to leave Denver at 11 ., not for the Swan Hereford ranch operated by his Friend bal Swan of Den ver near Pine. Previously the president. Had planned to take a fishing trip to Aksel Nielsen s ranch near Fraser colo., but had to postpone it thursday because of state Busi Ness. Or. Eisenhower had Only one appointment on his Calendar for today besides that with the Mountain . He was to meet with or. Gabriel Hauge admin Kingsport times Friday aug. 21, 195? 3 greater Kingsport Council of churches committee to meet what is Wisdom Washington cup the Post office department has can celled the fraud order which barred California manufacturer Jess Ritchie from using the mails to promote his controversial Battery additive ad-x2. A dispute Over the value of the Battery Pep compound last Spring led to the dismissal of or. Allen v. Astin director of the Bureau of standards by Secre tary of Commerce Sinclair weeks. He was later reinstated. The fraud order against Ritchie alleged intent to deceive the Public. The reversal said there was insufficient evidence to support that finding. The Bureau of standards ruled the that Ritchie s product was in careful tests to be worthless. When the dispute reached weeks he fired Astin but later lifted the order at least temporarily to permit Astin to stay in the Job until a committee of in dependent scientists could re test ad-x2. The statement said today there is a substantial disagree ment As to the relative Bene fits of ad-x2." pravda aids Appeal san Anselmo Calif. Up pravda won t like this but the Moscow newspaper gave mrs. By Charles a. Wells we Are Drifting into a great deception in the common As sumption that to acquire technical skill is to acquire knowl Edge and Wisdom. In fact thousands of Young men today Are acquiring great technical skill without really becoming Well educated our leaders in higher education Are complaining that the pressure of military requirements our youth both in personal training and in the avenues of general re search is narrowing Down the Field of study possible for the student to the extent that we Are no longer producing men and women who Are trained to think to make decisions. What will become of a highly mechanized society if men have lost the Power of contemplation and the sense of values from which All great truth must come. For our survival it is Neces sary to return to the study of the religious philosophies of life to the great faiths that have provided the world with its greatest eras and its greatest men. There will be an executive meeting of the greater Kings port Council of churches Mon Day at . In the Broad Street methodist Church. The committee will hear re ports from committees on finance and education and make final preparations for its re i port to the greater Kingsport j Council of churches which is scheduled to meet at . At the same place the Rev. M. K. Compher president has announced. Members of the Council shall be the minister associate min ister and director of religious education and two elected Lay representatives from each cooperating Church one of whom p. In r l a should be elected As a member Odd org of the finance committee and an alternate if so desired who May be seated in place of either Mem Ber who is absent the superintendents of schools in Kingsport and Sullivan county the principals of the schools in which the Bible is taught and the membership of the standing committees As members at Large whose membership in the Donald l. Sanford to sing sunday at Broad Street Church Donald l. Sanford former minister of music of Broad Street methodist Church will present the offertory Solo at the Church s sunday morning service this week or. E. E. Wiley pastor has announced. Ernesto was sleepy Mexico City up Gloria Romero 33, looked under her bed before she got into it thursday night. Then she ran screaming from the bedroom. Her father a gun in hand flushed sleepy Ernesto Martinez 23, from under the bed. Booked for drunkenness Martinez said he must have gotten in the wrong youngest pm Back Freedom Village youngest american prisoner of War yet returned by the communists came Back to Freedom today. He is pfc. Charles e. Elliot it 3, Vienna va., who said he will be 20 in october. Elliott was 17 when captured May 18, 1951, with the 2nd Divi Sion on the Eastern front. He his 17th birthday he said. Istra Tive assistant and director was right in the Carmel Booth an assist in her army a few Days after Appeal for civil defense Volun Teers. Mrs. Booth the local civil de red letter Day for Rosemary Chicago aug. 18 is a red letter Day for mrs. Rosemary Klett 23. Mrs. Klett was married on aug. 18, 1951, to Thomas Klett 23. One year to the Day later Thomas tuesday jr., aug. Was 18, born. Last the second Klett son Kevan was born. Mrs. Klett has received word that her husband was honorable discharged As a Marine Lieuten ant on tuesday. He s coming Home and will attend Law school at the University of notre Dame. Check Chest bulges Fontainebleau France saturday u. S. Air men stationed Here who fall to pass inspection because their Battle jacket breast pockets Are so jammed they bulge Are Given disciplinary duty. It is called the i Marilyn Monroe Council is not otherwise pro Elded or. Sanford and his family approximately 25 churches Are visiting in Kingsport before have indicated that they will to Bristol a. Where or. Be making in charge of the Bible teaching program possible music for the methodist pastors in the schools of greater Kings port. Only about 16 cooperated school and school of missions August 24-28. Last year or. Compher said. During the sunday service or. All boys and girls of the f will sing if Christ came and sixth grades in the by Geoffrey o Hara. Kingsport area will Benefit from or. E. E. Wiley or. Minister will use the theme Challenge to summer at the morning worship at 11 The Sanctuary choir will sing the Anthem the heavens Are Tell ing by Beethoven under the direction of Gordon Binning minister of music. At the evening worship will be a joint congregation of Broad Street methodist first methodist and first presbyterian churches. Or. M. O. S o m m e r s will be preacher for the evening. The Broad Street Sanctuary choir will present the music. Everyone is cordially invited to i participate in these services. This program or. Compher pointed out. It is hoped that every Church will become a participating Church by september he added. Homecoming at Drake s Gap Homecoming services will be held at Drake s Gap sunday it has been announced. The Rev. Lester Smith and the Rev. W. R. Dillon will be guest speakers. A Basket lunch will be served on the grounds at noon. Compare our prices and terms . Winkle Oil floor Furnace Complete with 1. Circulating fan t. Forced draft fan j. Safety switch 4. Automatic controls installed Complete Only 111-20 per month no Down payment Southern Sheet 134 e. Sallirae St. Special Coal furnaces steel for View to 5 . Cam Peel eur installed. Priced from 240 to . Oil floor Furnace with hmm mad Coo Tel 1150.00 m months to Pax Metal works phone 135 House specialist on foreign and Domestic economic affairs. The president is expected Back Middle of an Appeal when she was handed a announced the russians had sex in Denver saturday for a con plodded a Hydrogen bomb Ference with foreign economic eight people leaped to their administrator Harold e. Stassen feet and volunteered. Monthly pains stopped or amazingly relieved i 3 of 4 in Stirt an you putting up wince with fractionally caused paint and weak no Good feelings of in Doctora Testa Lydia Pinkham i compound and tablets brought Complete or striking Relief from such in 3 out of 4 cases try Modem acting Lydia e. Pink Juu a compound or new improved Tab with Iron. So if it domn t Rejin a Paioa and jitters help you feel both Befort and during your period i women by the thou Midi changing to new Pink am give glorious to carry and take too Alao wonder Ful for functional Dio Treab of hot Fla Boa of change of get a bottle today. . Hripsi in your child takes Steps a Day we have just the shoes to stand the Strain built Foi action shoes for roys and girls Stoat and sturdy for Long Wear flexible for fast moving Young feet red Goose Are truly built for action exclusive design Giurea growing feet Roomy comfortable map part. And extra reinforce at of train maintain proper fit. Drop m soon with your child. Oar expert will help Yon Thoone the right fit the right pair red Cooee from Large selection of smart red Goose styles. 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