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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 19, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeJ King port Titi Friday. August 19. 1955 Church Calendar i aw4 Tawlu _ _ u in i Beitl Street Ali Forth u Guion. Minister. 45 it m morning Wor u to evening worship. D v. Church Jesus cbru1 part Chrlou k. Put Tor flu or Kaak Church w Lirette h Pul or Budaj school. 11 v tour 111 to Prear titanic und Toursh sunday 1 30 o m Bathel. Act in drat Ana Uura l i old apr list. Preach nit to lord sunday i 7 30 o n sunday school. 10 it m preaching la Rel and fourth Sun 30 and second sunday in Kin Aid preaching my sunday. 2 36 Valley preaching third sunday d m he Lymm j Loti. Pastor Chapel font Sundar. 11 third sunday. P to my. Istre Hutli Pul or bund to school. Flat sunday "1-30 till Rel Sun v-15 o v Day 11 a n salvation 4bhy Hil Toat Rona sunday n it in fourth a Ualle army-211 k Charlo Mon v3i second Sun c. L. Noblitt officer in Robt Kourtni sunday Harce sunday school. R in morning. Tiiia--1 Chapel tint Hundal 18 worshed. La soft m Eyell not Ier Vicc. 1-41 third sunday 10 i p o Iraq god Chirib it g94 twin Oali addition Mcourt pastor sunday school. 10 a a Ornon Worthly u shared . Coct Tomt 8l Cook pastor sunday school. A. M Horning to Raholp. La m a Vacrell to d to str Eti Forrest Fahrr pastor h a. Wi11u. Efflin Kurb Flun Dat Arnoni. T to Toltl Tami. Al loud Hall. Ii second Hun Dat d. I Broad i cd flab i j 30 Metal of in plier sunday l b of wat Chiloi huli Arnii Park at. Sunday t h it in school. morning Wori Lup. To w Evangelli inc Serra or. To m. Chi w t r Benton pastor Sund 10 preach Init 1 30 0 Lattek Dai saints Karrh Chr lit of Lii Ivr i Lester h. Monroe. Fra eco president Spodat u a. Linnlon Wor school. 10 Church Barnet she Niles Patto Day Lehoul 10 Church it m and 1 30 o m it Jamrs Emanuel e. A nah Minuter Church school m Alp Serface 11 am Bradwell Helf hts Ben sunday school. 10 r. M worship a Ryles 11 a. M and p. M alternately olt s or Arhl. Pastor school to a in for Dunk worst ill. 11 a n b-1s it school Central Presb Elfrun Rrt fitly is Tor Church school. 10 a. M worship 11 . Ant Eltern Necly. First it Somrock. Pas Tor Subriar school to Riik worship. 11 m. Union evening worship. bit baby a a. Paior Bun Day school. 10 a. M morning won Ltd 11 m Creole to worship. P Cedar Lew a w Buchanan Pantner Day school. A. M for Nln worship n m worship. . Rock View Church school 1 0 m Wor Alp nerdier. 4pm Waverly i Flen oculus. Pastor. Bundt school. A. M moral of Wor to Eye Nln worship. B p. M Bethel James b Turbi. Pm Tor run Day school 10 a. M. Morning worship. 11 earn Lar worship. P ure e it Charles h Allrn. Paiter. Sunday school a for Nunt Wor ring h u r Raylor Haiti or a Millie Chi be m Turner pastor sunday school 10 m. M worship hour dam Etc Nln Wor Ihlo we Lalami Stapel Tulla Tia Charm. Orat Ely Road. Lynn Garden elide r o d i Eiers school 10 mad program win 4 h p in Heatly am a race i to Lolland inter new Kiler vol Zaitor. Sunday Worth p. 13 noon Nerrlie Ham and 7 31 1-30 of Saphir r r. Hayn i. Or. Tor sunday school. mini uni How Rrt worship it. M won help. Pastor saturday at 1557 i Pai id Timir school. A. Morning i e Truing Worth up 1 3i o n Clr Talt Kenni i Wllliam Tor preaching first a Sunray 11 Mercry sunday 1 Chal Theale French my m str i nine. A Louie ing we p City l. Coop Pruter. Morning War Milf. 10 a. M. Bible 11 it. M. Evangel Slio curl Shaft. Rel ii Puihwa Stuart a. Widner. Rpm Ulster Bible Ich Ooi. M moral or worship. 11 i Vor shop. P. M Ryle Lasonio null Tang. Arll Tenn a a. Minister. Preach in Frt Lee. 3 p. M Lai Stile Choli than a. A. D Douclas. Ikler services. 4pm. To Truro Llly h. J. A or Terr. Serve Coji it Scott county funeral Hoino . Malcolm of non min ister scr Iris it Andrew inn inuit school. Hilo Nch Nul 10 n m Wormily. 11 it. In. Kale. A tar Fred cult . Fun play school . Morpin i worship. . Worship. Shlom Hap test 111 Walnut a u Tir Inri min Lilor sunday Rah ill. Tiri Wilri. 1 a i worship. V.3d . Faith missionary Lap till 41.1 holler at. Killer w a bin 111, poster it bar 10 . Pren Chilik. 11 a in. Nil . Hrs Hrvaj Itayim Nind Pye. In Tor i Era i ing april rps each Flat third Sundar 11 k m sunday school. 10 . Newark Mill freewill Lull ii turn flail Testor Shundar St Hull ii it. In worship sort Lacfi first re Polit. Lurk ctr Wallace Starr. Paruir sunday not Ion. 10 . Morning Mill Creecj r Hir Nardi Pai Tor Hun it Rhonl. 10 am pin Chang Earh sir. Nil and court i sunday 11 and each Flatt and Uil Rrt Huik Jit Henrt. Nastor run Dpi u i m. Day Irh ool. I a find 7 30 p in vhf Shult of Hod Independent of Ort orphan la Farley Hammonds. Smolay in worship serv Lre. Ii nine apr vice . Him m in ale Ani Emmr Gna a. N. It Costner. Pastor. Sunday school. It. A morning Worthin 11 it. M a Yenni Wor p. M Fin Asi Emily pm daily p tin pastor sunday la a. M. U h m up Ling our ship. Imp our strip eyelet Karl John non. A school Al 41 morning i m fiening inn Hon. It Ril will Luj slut t 11 a to. Jan Long t30 ii Tor similar a Chivil. 10 a Wilip la m m Calvary hip Tiit a i n Al rods. M morning Wor q service in 1u1i. Pastor. A a talk stadium m Wor Sabbath school ill in 11 a w Sirj Cwa Clair rec Hunt at sen 001. 10 n a. M lung Ter Voct o m Pravir meet inf. 7-30 n m wednesday Church fur rat Warpath drive u u a Roor donator sunday i Uorn Lui worship up m Raith Vii ill Council Faith Tibia ski. Ham so Peberl pastor sunday school. 10 morn link a Orahn to am est air worship 7-30 so Ciatteo of cd Kibtiani Tabe Rabolt Allty Valley Herman c. Fulllen Kaslor sunday school. 10 evangelistic service Calvary Chare 10is Robertson Street cd Hood Cantor Sun Day school. 8-45 am Mornant worship 11 m or vorp 7 n m Christian sc1knck Chr Ullan science understanding div lip Mantl k Kov emment of Man Lues health Bart Harmony Inlo a tally pm rec in a will be set Lorelli at services sunday plan singing mkt sunday sink ii k convention will meet at Vernon Heights Baptist Church from 2 to 4 . The meeting is open to the pub Lic. to my filch in night Fellowship sink his will be held to Vornon trip list Church no . The Public is invited to it tend. I Christian youth association s an Nual stay at Home conference v 1 be in Progress during the week of August 22 through Tian Church will open the week. Following supper the conferees will meet at first Baptist Church and separate into four groups. The first Baptist Church St p. N. And an inspirational period at p. In. Messages will be delivered by id win o. Morris. Roger Hilton James r. Lyle and Ben Laden All of Kingsport. Youth choirs from local churches will Supply Deyot Onul music. Heaven and hell by c. A. Wells a judge who presides Over a human relations court in a Large City recently said you can t sit where i do and not believe in heaven and hell. I see into both every because science has opened the universe and we find that heaven is not a few Miles overhead and hell not under our feet Many have assumed the old doctrine of eternal Bliss or torture to be obsolete. But the judge is right a family knit together by Faith and love looks out upon the vistas of life with a Joy and peace beyond measure just As people whose lives Are torn apart by selfishness intemperance and hatred Are plunged into misery that is beyond calculation. All the universe tells us that life goes on if it noes on eternally the Way it is Here. Ihen no wonder our fathers conceived of the eternal future in such dramatic comprehensive terms. The physical geography of heaven and hell May be mysterious but the fact is written indelibly in life. Youth from Junior High through Young people will discuss Chris College age will attend the City Tian youth the Hope of the world wide conference at the Circle in the churches of in churches. A week of recreation discussion and inspirational messages is planned. Membership of the cya is composed of Young people from All of Kini sport s protestant churches. Theme for the conference is Christian youth the Hope of the a supper meeting monday at p. M. At the first Chris i Quintin in careers of and through Strong personal the entire group will then to to Brond Street methodist Church where they will hear or. W. A. Smart professor of theology at Emory University in Atlanta ga., speak at p. In. The conference will continue throughout the work with supper it p. Discussion groups at Brood St methodist pc Cine services week it Broad Street methodist Church will feature or. W. A. Smart us guest speaker. Professor of the by at Emory University in at Lanta. Or. Smart is a noted author and theologian. He will preach at the sunday morning worship service using the theme the Union evening worship it p. M. Will feature or. Smart s Dis Cussion of whose world is congregations of first presbyter Ian and first methodist churches will join for this service. He will lecture on one of the new testament books in Bible study to be held at a. M. Monday through Friday in the Church social Hall. Services will be held each night duct the service on monday. A male o clock. The Christian youth quartet will be in charge of the association conference will be Al Ali oils to hear or. Smart. Services Are conducted daily at the Public is invited to . At the City Mission. All hese services. Meetings Are open to the Public. Plans announced at City Mission weekend services at City Mission Are today announced by Thomas a. Williams superintendent. The Harmony Trio will present a program Friday night. The Rev. Kenneth Thomas of Indian Springs will conduct the service on Satur Day. A group from double Springs will hold a service sunday it . Sunday night services will be con ducted by l. B. Menrie. The Rev. B. A. The i primitive Baptist Church will con Anderson furniture co. Market Street Complete Home Royal laundry dry cleaners 443 k. Sulla run cd 5-4361 the Garden Basket Frcho fruits a left table 3107 Mitt. Cd 6-4511 Shaw Sheet Metal works Champion aluminium 2222 a Center i let to Iahlo 11 ice. 7 d. K Oak Ulm Chi Ewanit Liliuo cd Wash inn ton Oak City Wembly John Cle Bachtler Zaitor sunday orhoo 10 . Mornini worship. 11 c a. Vet Cra. P to Eta Nellitta meeting. D method left a. H. F. Trett Edre. Minuter. Church Ich Ooi. M morning Worth up 11 a. M a Tinni worship. 1pm Hall t Brood Ltd. Pastor. Hall Flat Anil third Bun liar. H a fourth similar p. M Cali Eroth first Simmav a. Thild Sund rrinr1 in Riat ii _ _ i. Past air self Day a shool a in morning 11 n m. Kavc Altir worship. I. In. It. He Trvll Charr i Llull we Llano Carter pastor sunday Nch not. 10 a. Id left Lar me Tui Tach Pecoud saturday Nighland sunday w Prtrt. Pai Tor sunday i Linol 10 moral air Wor 11 Floc Nln o m t Reed Ali Napili i or j c Barnett pallor Sunila or Uiol. 10 . Reaching. 11 n m Anil d m Bat inlay ., preaching my. Dun glut a Ater Tiu Vitlar eco Hill. A in t ecu Clirina 11 Una worship i a crave Saplut 11. Holenn school. 10 1 reach Lynx 11 likening i . L. Trent minister. Hun Ilar furl tool . I it a Chine and t.30 Oak h an. Llam Valley Oiler Frond sunday. Dunn. sunday Street a k Willei or. Church school. 9 4a hut Hon 11 a in a let Init Vert help. A ethnic Splatt Zumut t inc. Wor p and of mirth run Cirann a Sunn sunday i Hooi. Or Insp. 11 a it Ronnii fourth Sun inn i. To. Erent worship. 11 p in moral of Worth up. Sunday 10 i. First 11 n. Int been and and fourth Sun Lari p. M. Lor. 3un Sia Ayala a Jacl Cam Pipii. Day am moral air modern bakery no sport a own Rake for to j by our new Bunny Gilead medical arts pharmacy 125 w. Ravine Cut Flat i Rescar Letlon speck Listii Gibbons lumber company material Millwork Iii Stemn re. I him View Park a. N. Wilson. Church school. A. M. Morning 11 a. In. Eft int Worthly. worship t m or Enlet worship Al school. 10 Mornini Wohld. L. . Kunming Worth up. To in ship. P to Rodr i re Palil Phillips Paston. Sun Irh ool 10 worship Crery four i saturday and sunday Al 7.10 . Antral m a tuner. Man Isler Church Mannl. for Nanc worship 1 Krynine Day dlr Pamir. 11 Liu m 7 r. . idl 10 10 k i t Smith. J Arr err x worship 11 i Enlar sir tier i Yuri Hon 11 a n Fernl mrs Bolit w. A ctr Allus t p in Tor a sunday a in Moraln t Ira word Freeman Wal Rel Paiter worship 11 e in inc won nip. 7-30-ptinday school. An m Impi is Wor Ahio. In. Past fir s i Dur . 10 a., m Loio p n m Church Bui m j Wain Uarl Lullette Paster Sunila 10 a to winning i id i. N b i. In 130 sunday Hilj Iliili p Kirk Tor Church it a sunday 1 an Bunirt w j stay Arnoni. 10 mor 11 Glen u Kerr 10 Wor 1 Unutoa w u cart m Rhorah Hill a i Power equipment co. Construction equip meet Corner Bijj a Watson electric co. Elect Recal contractor i g-c131 Nickit i 5-c46i Standard crushed Stone co. In slice Piini Vullo i 6-8141 Niilo View in am Orr a. 5 fun Rudt ii n Armstrong const. Co. Contractors tic 1v1 shr by cd i ii a 13 11 sunday school. Let ran. Second Sund a f Inar sunday slant worship h of t i Ilert sunday 51 Panl i Maui of Churuti . 7-30 Midway i All h worst of if r tier f Fach us and each third hrs Valal. 10 worst ii Perrim i i igbo o m and Ucli Furui 11 a t my Elf Braat. I a or. Worship Fach first Sumi Ayano cum a gird sunday 11 sunday Arnonl 10 a in i Virn m h Lem nil and Tarn of Xirui sundae 7p my it Braot Dan a Flat irn Noi 10 a n moral or to air Ulni won up. 7 p Marli i off in Frant Kingsport tire recapping co. U. S. I morals acc applet 61iontrr i 5-1611 fourth l . I. To Bam Surat 11 Kingsport publishing co. Lore s something that always quickens the pulse rate of Young America the sight of a big locomotive hurtling Down the track As it keeps up to its split second schedule on time. The time element of course does t matter much at tin s age. Rut later on for this Young fellow and millions like him time will be of the essence. Will he find that he has so much time on his hands that he s bored with life will he find himself so rushed that Lilc loses its real meaning or will he master time As his Engineer Friend docs now that it will be his servant not his master say that the Church can be of real help Here. For in sunday school your child studies the lives and sayings of men who made their time count. Men who lived each moment for All it was Worth men who gave to the world its heritage of religion and Freedom. The decision to Send your child to sunday school May take Only a moment. But that moment will pay dividends in countless hours of happiness for him later on. In the love and knowledge of god and his teachings lies the Only True lasting happiness. Irhil9 Tai command Imant Fiall Frol no fill if Tiroff and a mat s or tort Limi attic . Kucci. S-5 10 Foft fait suburban Tulane service my k. Cd provision co. In lilt 825 Bristol Llwyn. Cd photo service sir rare i7m or. I Mii Burgh to. A. Driver s Complete Nursery landscape service City la we. Cd Cherokee motors inc. Bulck sales a Rev. Paul Taylor pastor of the 1 Cut costal holiness Church at Honda i ath s. A. Lie Al the Park Street pentecostal holiness Church for a week s services beginning on monday night August 22. The Rev. Taylor is Well known around Here As lie was with the gospel Trio when they organized the Church Here. He pastor cd the Church in Orceno Villa before taking up pastoral duties in South Cnoc out and Hoar this Man of Lod bring to us god s mrs sagr for this hour. Everybody Welcome. Johnson Hilliard inc. Sheet Metal work i1u w. Sullivan cd t-3351 Roberts Johnson lumber co. Bui Diac sep plan 451 w. cd 5-51u w. R. Sproles const. Co. General contractor Kingsport lumber Supply co. Lumber and main cd 5-1111 Hamlett Dobson. Inc. Funeral directors 117 e. Charlemont i 5-31j4 Bridwell packing co. Wholesale a retail meats 121 k. Sullivan is Hsi pure milk Dairy a. K. Warner a sons re. Vaught plumbing and Healing w. Conter attend the Church of your Choice this sunday Lackey s Block co. Concrete examples of Quality gats cite la we. Cd 6-8261 Glass electric furn. Co. Furniture appliance 154 cd 5-2921 Deel s flow coverings car id 3132 memorial blvd. Cd 6-9741 Dalton Block Floral co. La or cry Knight s trim shop Antn seat covers 17 clan is. Cd j-7311

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