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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 18, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 269 53 Are you always but to Takt proper action if Umont makes t mistake Kingsport times vol. Ali no. 165 Kingsport tenn., 18, 1955 28 pages Fiva cents the latest news of any newspaper in Southwest Virginia East Tennessee Street fights Bock Buenos Aires 17 of 18 show people won t answer probes new York actor Alan Malison named in previous Testi Mony a a one Lime member of the parly today re fused to Tell the House in Ameri can acl Vilies committee whether he had been a party member. Man on was the 18lh witness to appear before the committee Here in is a Tibe of communist infiltration into show business lie was the 17th witness to balk at answer ing questions about possible com in isl affiliations. Actor George Hall admitted to the committee wednesday that he once had been a card carrying member of the communist party and named other actors including Manson. He said were members with him of the number of Broadway shows and wife of comedian Jack Guilford Branch of the a television performances after his j wednesday cued the first fourth Manson told the committee that discharge from military service in fifth and eighth amendments. He did not believe it had the 11946. She cited the fourth amendment to inquire into his person the actor said that in re Semjon the grounds that the inquiry beliefs and associations lie in years he has been unable to illegal search and invoked the first. Fifth and nil Hutain much work and that lately i seizure and de premion of Hie Only by Hall As having been comm his associations he pleaded the Mats. Keague appeared in the first and fifth amendments year itch and Briga Peter Lii wrench former singe Ima Niquer of the Viallet tiie Atri nud Keane. Filing the first. Fourthie producer of the 1950 production and fifth amendments told the of Peter was asked in he committee bended by rep. Francis led actor for Pence unit in the amendments to the Constitution in his employment has consisted al thing i have to sell my e. Walter refusing to answer. J most entirely of appearances Inland the eighth on the ground she i be always been n patriotic j the first amendment guarantees summer Stock. Coli old not be subjected t speech. The fifth involves after actor George Hill the 12thland unusual punishment. Isible self incrimination and thei witness admitted yesterday he i like other Balky witnesses she but i m not Komi to answer testily about a Ihk May Day Parade. Replied Lawrence i can do Minimh provides that the enumeration in he Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed denying others retained people. And been a communist five other persons took the stand and fused to Milwor committee ques tie Lions on grounds. The first 11 witnesses also walked co wild not be subjected to cruel american who has fought for his whatever 1 f ran and unusual i country and 1 would Light Mirich and i Don l have to like other Balky witnesses she but. I m not Komi to answer Lemily about pleaded the first amendment such questions about communist the dual witness was Albert of. W h i i a guarantees Freedom of affiliations because i consid. Manson told the Commilles heat ones pious during the first three is 36 years old. Was Boi n in Brook Days of healings. Speech and the tilth which pro Jluis hearing is an inquisition and Vides thai a person May not an compelled to testify against him-1 actor Joshua Shelley. Native of Tacoma Wash. He was Juia dated irom the University of also Washington and Laler orp.nni7.ed in another witness a named by Hall As in Nib been ask Cumic repertory playhouse lie Georgei communist denied the commit or Tif Iod he spent Aboul 20 years loftiest ideals listed in pm code v.-. V. Ii. Ski Ivov i ii.iict.-j.-. Ii Uit a til Mill my ii i la i i la i 1111 Mil 111 h ic1 i Jit spa ill ii a Oil and thai he had appeared in Mari line 32, actress and of six persons Niue do Lee s i fit to question him Aboul helping to direct shows. Ottenheimer cited the fifth amendment in refusing to answer whether he had Ever been a communist party member or had taught m communist supported schools. I have never committed espionage or knowingly cd vacated the of Force or violence to throw t lie Kove Rinnell. I am deeply and unswervingly Loyal to in Walter in announcing wednes Day unit tie hearings would end today. Of the 10 remain inn wit Nesses subpoenaed were nut to said n resume lion of the hearings tentatively was scheduled for Washington next month. Unarmed killed Ngun n c Nicl i d aiu.5. Plane shot bottle at movie Down in Korea Chicago 26-year-old exp convict. Luin led Lor the killing of a Washington new military code Calls on every captured monday night. Hot and full Lynu Man to withstand enemy pressure to the utmost but to avoid a san Myril a int mod Rookie police a Nom Korea .1 Tom a All Rosis disclosure of vital or his comrade.-. Night m a movie theater. Dia Winc on experiences in the korean War. It Rucoi mizes thai Physil believed wounded Eal and mental torture can Force n Man to tie breaking Point h pro while some 250 persons poses idealistic standards and indoctrination to keep Tufit breaking Iwato Llyd the v a intruded Over the bowl Nih reamed As shots exploded but i Buoen Mil in poem Mizii. Demilitarized but not hit i Resi Eisenhower Pic Laimei the new code wednesday and shot Down a Small unarmed american naming Plenc. Tie omm Atid today said the Crail Hac intlllrieri1 Over the Norih korean terriloia1. Ned the new code and i was in Korem Terrill in he ,.larv services a their Cee announced Jayall l .1 m in non c io7 Llew la Virv Tram i was i red upon this r Iii Piini Man should be prepared a run of Heers nere sent l t he to Nive his life Lor his country. He Noi Ili Mem Side District around pm Lyhl wins Mem in i to i Defusc to on Baltimore to Hent a. Where it he email clan Nee Kerr lib w to wednesday Board approves condemnation by Bill bake to i k has problems for the City due anon pi-imh1ei, or part Mem irom Annex Rode m of new the Nitora was. Of the but re fluid City limits now appear to be John e. Hull line Man eau be broken schoo Lull wednesday ii Slit thai Iku Supri Nie Coli Dimind children irom the Annex Terri Ory in j Wils or re a his office com mine at Comie Nakon proceedings for a he Uvo death. Day to attend schools this full. and Civi inn officials which to vol Law la were withheld. Some of these already were ,.ode fun owned by Bevier Terrac Arpris i of in report. In facially relaxes for the first unharmed. . Gen. Hovlan Park senior Allied Nie inuit of Ihn Milt tin a Mislin t1 no fued the reils if Wanton bit bar sin in Pun ii Cost Nous murderous and ground tire m to plane until it crashed out of control in communist torn Lory. Parks i did the car Ripe Liv a Pili and h Mill my r on routine to hinnom was no information on room or Bennett now Reguei d from a four year to a three year High school. By t air Force officials said the plane which Allied around observers saw the action followed receipt of a Downs in 1, Ler from the slate Highway department reject my an Olfer from the Ian company for Sale of the Irinner Misong on a Iraq Muir flight from Oman air base near Seoul he of it look of it 2-nn and the j land at a figure Comisi doubly m route no radio was re. Bui if Allne estimated avoid answering other questions to the utmost of my the report says he should stand on the Linal line of resistance to Hildron in disclosure appraisal committee. The rights of Way arc for a see Tion us Tiu four june Highway 1-a run Emu from Jackson Hill to a Point on. S. Highway about in hour inter the i air Force snid. About 30 mules Laler n. Ground Boscn cars report etl Thuv saw the plane shot Down by Norih Golf Ruhs irk yesterday nut tonne Airport a. C. Crym Hij. Of Knish porn. Part senti d a set of Golf Woods made of for e in Howrylo while House assistant Karl Mil sol y. The covers Are. Replicas of Davy Crockrel s Coon skin Cap. The occasion marked Tolje of direct air service Between tri cloy Airport and Union. Hawkins fair opens at Church Hill to Day on trip North Diane behaves seven priests Are accused of inciting riots by Bruce Henderson Buenos Aires Argentina Pence seemed Remote today for Arki Ntina. Her capital wracked by Street fighting Nanri her government renewing its Battle with roman Catholic Church leaders. Reinforced police patrols roamed the streets of Buenos Aires after the third str Luht Day of clashes wednesday Between antigovernment demonstrators and followers of president Juan Peron. Justice and Interior minister Oscar Albreu accused seven priests in Buenos Aires of a inc Julie pulpit to incite n Campaign Jot disobedience against Peron. He said no action had been taken Yei aunins the priests but that their names would be handed Over to Church authorities. Toleration has its he said and we cannot continue tolerating these tilings because that would in effect concur with he told newsmen the govern ,1110111 would resume us political com pain against the Church lend ers. But the regime he added. Would not afcan ton the policy of pacification Peron proclaimed in an attempt to restore order after the bloody abortive revolt of june 16. Until this week the govern ment and virtually stilled its at tacks on the Church since the re Volt. Comm Enllie on the a Bronisla party s announcement tuesday unit it was resuming us political Albreu snid the opposition groups brought this on them selves by rejecting the govern ment s proffered truce. The opposition Radical and democratic parties demanded that. Peron restore civil liberties. did not indicate what form the pacification policy now would Lake. Wednesday s violence disrupted he Holiday marking the 105th anniversary Celebration of the death of Gen. Jose de san Martin who liberated Argentina from san in. The Puletu need by out before Dawn wednesday and continued intermittently until wednesday night in downtown. Buenos Aires. Police scattered hundreds of demonstrators Ullh ear Gas and fire hoses but new fights kept erupt ing. It was not known How Many persons have been injured or arrested since the trouble began monday but the is expected to be High. One report snid dial 94 were arrested in the Street clashes wed eve. Would be digit Chi Chovis at the the fall term. Hours they will a e be of the Cit i Boa Fri , in Noa in i ruled on ii. Pee fical the necessity for i raining m americanism to in the Homes the is hoots and .churrhe.--. Savins Thui of the Umeju a Man in form Char Jecter a Preny Well another cuts inn of to n n a of her new Funni the in Nix or Rory Sci i the.s., red China talk 8th time tie r. S. And Noi real tried tuesday the Esian Snen. If tile f. S. And for Sci i trn a Minary Man. I cheese s r v d . Niece a the Mill 1ilrt Occum Jinn 2 l. Lion a Todji for the f Dov Renni Priden Aid. That ome oppose link in nearly three weeks of be lies did not Ted it convenient Lon Bolh belie and ailed Del negotiations Here on i a Paella it re int to a in psf appear at his of lace tuesday he Irv to of civilians each i a men failed to see the Norire of Ibe Nelp i Tonna cies do likewise. Claims the other is i n i unit e i lied a v of j a. V failed to see the notice of Ibe he p he on facies do likewise. Claims the other is 11 and will seek to discipline i prison the then recessed Camps the leadership until saturday . As usual enforce i by ii senior rank my there was no Brackh hedge. On. A Vii ii v Iii rpm o an american Bov a.-. Bitten of Denali Hiil ire my or Tonii any tonne to that civilian repatriation would a pack of h here1 Lull m a Tellow prisoner. Is d then. Wenc Day when he tried o keep As despicable no a so Lar the two . To. Alexis him irom Man firm i own a of John on of the United states und div. Wayne Raker had their a Liidi in la Lei. Meanwhile Swick supplied an to two Mie Lions he said he been asked fieqiiemh1 by re Iden of the Annex a if f leave my child in a county Shooli this will ,.nl, m Krinis wit in Imilia and Central inn Crin mean the a crier find then. Wednesday Navy and two Force officers crude mor Emir a Alley said and crowd of j received the same sentence i e o Vocat n when expected. The Sou Wesl rear . Ambala o. Olivia w to hoosiers club has a Booth in had dwindled to 20 to 35 Navy minister at the time of the plane was Mill tin c1.niilit.-u. I i f a i Oculi i e buildup to aria Rivoji. Drew in months for Lala run Krial o buy. The Wentler Nii Reim snid her having used the Means at Vul in us Iii uiiilorm.-. The chinch Hill band winds would continue to diminish command to Avert rebellion will present a concert Friday after As be moved North. Sentence specified that his i moderate to heavy Rains were a Ohe nil d in bar a local Talent is to a. To Manv Diane s " her Navy and or i Lor Ullh i no Thryn years p in. Inid ii Pun bled hoi leu wet Virginia Aswell four years one we i be a year. .1, South prison guards p plane still Over the demilitarized zone in said t his was he 1 of h officially it corded incident of red Punk tiring on in the la Mori i of Iii. Lair is Baloni. Atlantic South a ji1 h a Ejea Slowin warnings lie of Days ill. I be a err Hauler a do pand the fair . And Only Small i in e fund furnishes state la so Noii mis Vear will it t of 01 me United states and thai keep from Iran Jen me whether True Wain Nan of 1 i pm. A Vei Wayne Raker had him to a Civ school next or t l a. Or Sivali air k Ace or j no Tavard a Viand died Iron a no. Children who sender Appeal or Ion. Honn a Nemoy in Iii ten City May attend cite schools behalf of an enemy. Likewise Lor the United Stales is seeking the Ville lie a found in a clump any time Thev wish sub be to Bidden the making of prop a Relea a of 41 american civilians of in he on a Neir Horine farm time Thev wis ii. Suli be in. Nanri acl i Erti irem it v of c i t v i red have jailed put an i Anes or refused Lomi. Vera who own i im.l-. I i Iii ii Ami Ciol -. Aid Hud okie 10 he Belo e of in Ami he id i Bippus brition doses of serum i k. Nashv1il.k if slate heal k. Ii. Hutcheson Lylor. It Mirin Federal iinds Tenn the weather temperatures to right 70dm Board gives go ahead on Ideal for City county health Center i 1 i. Quell riot with clubs Comstock. . _ guards and suite police usme. Night Sticks and nuns us clubs bullied prison cars for 21 i nulls Early today Gnu broke up an uprising at great e a i o w sectional Institute. Sikh Lyell persons were injured. One shot fired accidentally when heavily armed cards and stale trooper. Herded the in Reb .el.-. Of k la cells the shot z7x two Raie men " a a new Quarter an Uiti i Hoinast .1 Mcmillan be in per Rynise of Knolk polm 800.000 ail. Next owned by he .11 Moi Ilton be latching Teo Etal and local t. J be Iai be 1111 Tor incl Finis Jii jul i a Kane Board d urn hns authorised c by wp., w. Nto Ullon to submit a formal Lora inn if line Thomas .1 if i n c commissioner. Me. Lys jul l to Lon Illos from Canton and told the rebels to end i the disturbance within five my problems financed the , .l.ill, the. . Ihen oel Rii per if. M a Clintwood Man killed in Grundy mine mishap they did not comply. The uprising be Tan m a recreation area at about 5 . When the supper whistle was blown five minutes Early cutting Short a rec a full Ime rec Tion period. Supt. Joseph con i whose Dune. t was done because of a Iho Roub of the an the Rani of ram. Ii. The rebels huddled in a Corner the recommendation was nni1 a wed to to m Cei Ved by the Hoard of mayor and to Sec me in Money Mav a 10 line a by the Hoard of mayor demanded to Sec me .1.1.oeer Lor aldermen Aboul the Tun two of Jill khans to tender a Eon alies m.moii-, were on juvenile delinquency it i ii the ,.u two new ones elected University. i h not a i m Juni. Postponed "0 arrived a Short time before today s skies j t Iota Wrt Fine mid Chat and delivered his Ultima turn at Ril .1.111. Hie he counted a a i 11 . A h r Hen he and Ivi Iris Fiona Beirnes in Lenciea lion Yarisi

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