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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 16, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeBrooks braves i h on monday. August 16. 1954 tim., 5 t. Lous Cincinnati t 0 2 Job t 3 n cn.vm.lo3 2 12 ill 5220 i j 5 j 2 3 0 s 1 i of h n u a a h o a i i i 1 i o p a i s o 1 a Cruz. A 4 0 2 i 3 glean. 10 0 0 0 o 0 0 fool or. P 2 0 0 Juu Doji i 0 0 Ivry ski p 0 0 Coluni p 0 0 0 Tib Ailcy j 0 1 , j 4 0 0 0 0 Al s 2 6 z 3 Wop 0 0 0 with re. Of Olson defend i Crown in week boxing feature at this stage r. N to n Tolt a Fici Hilrod or Tir Aminas 4t a grim Nipa oui or hot scan in c Nan Lor in with. A struck of. Or ool Hini in Ste Ili Mio a Luoie play or no Kuiv 3 i Musia 3 Ami int Ham. Coal j. 2. Mcmillan 0 1 0 it 16 2 new York Willie Mays. Who a few weeks Aso was far Upu ahead of babe bulb s Pace the Riv York .11 _ boxing fans Vear the Bambino hit his Lect cd no go for ring science Are in 60 runs. Today was just even Lor a treat this Friday night the middleweight Carl ibo. Rut hit his 37th Homer in the Job Olson defends his title against Yankees Isth aug 16 Rocky cast Ollam in san Francis Mays connected with his 37th in s ups leadon5-2r3-1 Winsover Birds dwindling Edge in i up laity 12 Ioos Wyl Teulle j. Johnson Cut. Ram to win Tarn o Shaffer tourney Cole he two 160-Pounders Are Amon most skillful fisticuffs is in today and Araon the most the giants Isth game yesterday. By Jack hand of sports writer Brooklyn s Clee Over Grams in a Row is nuke by the that n Fly on a nine rame of Runnin Bristol at blur Fla alas a National Kaul k successful. Slim Nirla. 2b or Al Al. Temple Khz my in Mohani. Nell. . Grce Nur temples Moon. Do trip or Ian and Kluwe Usei 2 mrm Lllan. T Prarle. Schendle 1 t-2.03. Baltimore Cleveland sex Marinv Milf f Foj Lohraff if Terchick. Living in Cleveland has swept last 10 scraps. Oul of firewater. The giants Lead once a Bulgin games now measures Only Piru Tursini a half a name Over the dodgers the u n a 8ames 1 Brooklyn beats the Phillies in of r 11 Trail new York by Only oo0 v cd Cao i Brooklyn bumped off new York 9-4 for a sweep of Brooki Nash vols escape a cellar i Pels win twice by chalks chambkrla1n Chicago. Aug. 16 a course where Par meant Noth Nabob Toski used one yesterday to we the equivalent of his Linal round of 7l pm to. Nether in probably the weirdest fashion in tournament save him the world title it Tarn o shinier and in Cash plus an exhibition contract Worth _ 0 in 1 2-3. Hare ill Staley in 1 Laceil b batters in 3rdi 6 in 6 1-3. No Ilell 1 l. Or Sto 1 in 0 flared 2 balers in 9lhi. 1 in 2-3. M. to i Ivr Kowsil 3.3. Collin 0-0. Prysko 1-1." Braile 0-0. Nui Lull 2-1. Rascal 3-2. Staler 5-4. Deal 3-3. A top by Staley . By Jud Jon id Cali. By Collum . W ceal ,2-3. A Strwart Pomelli. A Pirates 9-6, phils 6-6 first o o o i area Mound it will be blacked out Nishn a under n u in the 64 Lender from Dallas who blew or als k and Jack Burko sunning in a 4-0 loss ii Little Rock js7 so Atlanta Defeated Chaun Cooea Kirin Man Purso and the new Orleans Pelican a doubleheader from Mem r i wary Pei Sterling from Phis 3-2 and 7-4. . Never Force i the first Fame at closing 72 As Lons As he was a sizzle info Mound Duel Between Alt h t a 1 3 Ais Burn. Hudson p Hud lean league once. The in their winning Streak to tin at pal c s Celt. 2b i Hall. If 4 4 Hel i. P o 1 o i i 0 Lorain. C 5 1 i 0 han.nrr.2b 4 1 2 4 2 n sri ill if 5 0 2 Tor 3 i 0 Jones. 3b 2 o 0 dlr Sun. I 3 1 0 Wem 0 n a Lark l o Hia Luyun .1 a h 0 singled in 3 1 fio a sin Lett o a n u tout Brown in 7ui 3 of Mantl 9 1 Carev. Coir 0 2 4. .11 2. Willia n. White. K Iii i Iii. In. office. The reporter asked How he Felt v i winning Streak to unbeaten Frankie Ryff who1 Ood was Alston s laconic Downing Baltimore a stiff meets new Orleans Clever Ralph reply faces Veteran Dennis Pat a flt Diri be think of the Pennant 9. Brady in the 10-Rbunri now Diane ran a n. Event at Brooklyn s Eastern there Are still 39 games to no Waar 10 go out f plot Shurli la infill kit a Allie 2. Ward. Gordon at will. Coir. Hall. Little fled. Anh Bura. Mor Kan. In pita. Hamner. Ennis Toppson e Warff. Morran Aller Jones. Rib Tommas 3. Aller. Hamner. Dickson. Hall 2, enl a. Vord. Jones. Skinner 3. Cliel so Phil Clied -2. Treeson. Ennis 2. 3r Enrri. Alief. Hall Skinner. Hamner. Or Lopata. A Skinner. Hekl. Of Jones do Hamner and Force to Eft pit Burch n. Philar Delphta 10 Mim Flor in 8th. Collins . Col Arena tonight he said Abc will handle the telecast at Vvhs i r u 2 ., est. Ai about me of Lyls Amir to another to id Rounder to they re sti11 in first night two imports. Gerry Dreyer a american association a jul Uiel oui Avnir a map on the Way to a h-9 Mlynne Bimini decision Over Boston their seventh i straight. Chicago was practically ennant . Poledo Art Ceccarelli of the Barons and Racca eliminated from the Pennant in and Al conscript How about those by naps. Brown i. Csc i in u. Hun 1. Grim i. Obr 1 in 5 1-3. I est. Of Mexico City collide at 20 out of 22 zanies Yorac s St. Nicholas Arena. The braves Are h Mont telecasts at 9 losing twice to Detroit 2-1 and dropping 91, games behind Cleveland. Johnny Schmitz pitched n Washington to a 4-1 vector a over1 Levi Pii Isburgh 12. Philadel Phliip 10" n _ Brooks 9-giants 14 a 7 1-3 n i Lillish icily Loop softball vim Jiuu 11 u i Hilaiel Clophia 200 301 11 2j Wni-ms.21 called curfew to be finished i Ano Maii .0-Dickkon 14 in 7 1-3. We Hucic. 2-3. Kipper 3 in cult Enfield 6 in 1 hflkl2 in 1 1-3. 6-5 Kipper 3-3. Llytle Fileri Hinkl 2-2. Wuh Marr 0-0. A Littlefield 18-61. L Dickson no. A in Lirk. Dixon Ballan faint. Jackola ski. Fittshur Frh 000 200 11 of fac later . Pin key Hetkin l Atwell Miller Wehmeier 7 Mrozinski 3 Hidzick 8 and to path. Tigers 2-8r Chison 1-7 first game Detroit Chicano a ii 0 a a ii o a Kenn. Is 4 to o l car in l is 3 o i hatfld.2b 2132 pox. Job 317 n Rivera. C 4 q 0 000 Kim. La 4 1 u 0 1 0 imino5o 000 n 0 0 Cav r 4 1 0 1 0 4 0 3 3 0 Mich is.3b 3 1 n 0 0 Marsh 3 0 it 0 1 Dorsh. P 1 0 350 in cats 1 0 1 5 0 Pierce p 0 0 0 4 1 Johnson. P 0 0 new York Brooklyn a 11 o a a 3 i lieu i Maka lie. Corwin or 0 3 Snider of 4 0 d Hodge alb 2 0 Amoros. If 2 i f Rob son 3b 1 1 of Irujo if 4 2 1 Cam . 2 1 0 Loes p 3 resumes for last l week of Campaign the City softball league will get Billy Loes pitching was a most important Factor in Brooklyn s Suc i Cess against new York. The right hander calmly set Down the m giants with seven hits for Hills a i sixth straight Triumph. After i Niibu Hearn s wildness presented is with three gift runs in the id. The sluggers took Over i Snider and Gil Hodges Honi i and Jackie Robinson contrib-1 Minne Apo Cliser lesion St 15. T a. .3n Btaylor p Wlsh t a Rhodes a filed a stick e w be 2 into action this week after a rest during the softball Tournai l 7th. 1th. The braves Are he said. Did he regard the braves As More dangerous to the dodgers Pennant chances than the giants they re both Good he said. Was t it True that this was the Best position the dodgers had been in All season his face not betraying a single emotion. Sew York f0r what did he think was the most Conley the braves lanky International 53 5? Psi Roguskie s .53, clout in the second game erased he paired the next three for j j Jack Urban s 3-s Lead. Against Standard 36 for the 13a Home runs by Chuck Tanner front Tom economical Pels left Only two n eng no wan on base. I putts missing Short new Orleans cuffed Marv rot Blatt. Tiny Memphis Lethander t Nile 6a i six runs in the first three innings Chile in roup 261, 5trokes lot the Sec Richmond Brit Radir i a Tull Mon real 8-1, a Lehmond 0-5. Toronto 6-b. Havana 3-1. Avra Cusp 5-s. Rochester 1-6 Olla a u Bui Ialo. Postponed. S t the second game. Deadlocked 258 49ers take 43-to-35 baffle from Grants t drive e a no. 4 Wood significant thing about the badgers sweep of the giants was it the Fine pitching by Carl Erskine Jim Hughes and Billy Loes was it the Home run slugging of Duke out " k lne pack Oln into the final new a a i week with Moose and kinds i press a close second Nieman n n o o Dos Hie. In 4 0 reuvers. If 1 n Bonne. 3b Bela dub abort Nia Dropo. La Kallner. Of Ltd a Snider a Thompson. Kali Gui Jam Hopes 2. Amoroux. Robinson i n a dark. Rib Gill Arr 2. Robinson 2. Dark. Thompson Snider 2. Furillo. Mays. Katt 2b-Muel ller. Hobin Stin 2. Or dark. Thompson in do in n Kan. So Snider. Of d Hodges by re monday night at the Washington now come. Smokey. Don t these Diamond Moose Lodge will Merij three very vital victories have any be w Meei Mead at 8. On the High school Field effect you at c 2 3 totals 3? r 27 i tour so 4 27 u a ran for a Vlardi in Blob filed out or Dorish in a walked for Hall Len in flip. A ran for n t pm an in flip. E popped out Lor drying in Pih fran for in both. Kaline. Foy. E route booze Tuttle. Kill. 1 in 1 3.3. 3 in pro som 2 in 1 3-3. Glt 2 in 1-3 Inchon 1 in 1 2-3. Re Hearn 3-3 1-1. Aid two s 4-4. _ Doorman. Donatell i. Sort. T-2m3. Ion ment in Johnson City for two weeks. Nine games Are scheduled this week which will finish the regular Dobyns Faylor is currently lend fit ild Especial a pee wee Reese ing the pack. Oing into the final r a combination ----1. A c All those things Alston said. The silence Hung heavy while the frustrated probed his la lilt i1ui11u 1 jul Flugg Lilg of Ouk legit Hodges and Carl Puril was it the clutch hitting of Robinson or was it the tight sense put up by the dodger in games will be played tonight. Wednesday week ii us Pih Veu to night and Friday of this m Anomer question. Finally s he asked Roofie won his 12th with a seven hitter that included six infield hits i Joe Adcock s double and Johnny single in the fourth the Winner after Milwaukee scored an unearned run on Verni Morgan s wild throw in the third the homers by Bell Kluszewski and Greengrass tied a record held i by Many clubs but could t save i Cincinnati from defeat. Joe Cun a Gingham s Homer with two on and plan Musial s 31st helped the cards win a wild one the opener in pm Ladelphia with the help of Frank Thomas Homer. The second tar Meneham Chau Anoopia Little n Ork san Francisco aug. 16 san Francisco s 49ers scored answered Alston played under protest j manager Fred Haney claimed Willie tones threw his Glove at a Atlanta 6. Chau Anoopia bar Mirham 1-3. Nash Villa 1-5 Lett la Rock Mobil 0 new Orleans j3-7. Memphis 2-4 South Atlantic league Charlotte s. Montgomery 0 Macon s. Columbia s. Coli Imbu ,12 Only games scheduled. Pacific coast k san Francisco s-0. Dieco 4-2 Hollywood s-3. Sacramento Portland 7-0. Oakland 3-2 Seattle do los annexes 4-0. Texas Kagl f Sar. Antonio m. Dallas 1-0 Oklahoma cite it. Slide Veport 1 n Puu for an Eagle Vith Burke at 264. While Stewart cockeyed ahead with 262. On the 215-Yard 70th, Stewart cd overshot Tulp a touchdowns and a Field goal in a shot and funny fourth period whirlwind finish yes land Toski a red in i Burke to defeat the new York giants 43-35. In their National behead the football league exhibition parred the and also the giants had a 35-27 Lead go int to ?2nd after fal Lulor ing into the final Quarter putt for Ordie halfback Hugh Mcelhenny scored on an 80 Yard pass from Bike and each took 4 on Back y. A. Tittle. Shortly after the 71st Ward the 49ers tackle Leo Nomell on the final Hole Burke a Rraci i blocked a new York punt 4. Two putting from 20 feet the Ian franciscans recovered Toskla p Gantert his approach eight one Yard from the goal line. From the pin. He rammed in i sneaked Over for the touchdown he putt for a Birdie 3 and i the 49ers added insurance Points Over. 7 7 h women pros Worth 7 u Petty Berg with a 6-under-Par new York scoring strokes ahead of Louise Macafee. Gifford 2. Heinsch i g e i m drinking . Leading Dobyns Taylor in the open single in Eason i be had the seventh. A wild pitch by Steve i i Beer after a game. I m a soda pop will play Penn Dixie in the night i big league Pace setters loner. 5 braves 2, cubs 1 Ai. Louis. Snider. Tateo . Raceway opens Harshman is and Batts. Not enough interest was shown Ati i we sch u the meeting last a-6 Umonie Steve Gromek s four hitter got f Detroit off to a Good Start again Bod Erl. Chicago and the tigers then s1 Louis Virgil trucks in the second game for his worst beating of the season american league Joni Busby knocked in three of i Washington s four runs with a pair singles off loser Johnny Gray Schmitz scattered seven hits. Philadelphia i pro Grid figure Dies Cleveland. Aug. 16 uni _ funeral services will be held in tomorrow for Daniel on 3.0 times at Bill club g a r n pet Oren. New York 85 322 i 345 Viia Aco in 43s s2 no 32r r in 410 133321 huns batted in a nov Cleveland of record for six and a half furlongs Heads a Field of i Topnotch pacers entered in the mile Derby. The sensational Colt is an even in Nevi favorite. Heating and air conditioning Oil Coal Gas electric pumps we do Emall see us before too but a g electric co. Weber City. 6-Ttu mlno5o hits Fox earn. In. Doubles . Chic o. Up Choc Are Vern . Rel i cloth. 3s Fprmer Large stockholder Plano triples rim Erk. Choco. And Verno runs nov 2b. Cleveland. Cleveland Sherby i of the Cleveland Browns and Reading figure in effecting the merger bet Wen the National foot a Man. 17-1 Ball league and the defunct All on in l american conference. Rii Rorr. Of i i Sherby. One of the organizers the Browns died yesterday at it von 6 Sinni Hospital Ai the age of 46. Had been ill for six months. O Donnell wins tourney hot Springs. Ark. Aug 15 ill Johnny o Donnell. 38 year old Norfolk professional closed Strong Here today to win the 52.000 Vir Ginia slate open Golf tournament for the fourth time with a 12-Hole total of 286 that left five strokes ahead of the Field. A. 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