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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 16, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee4 King port Limtt monday. August 18. 1554 Kingsport an Independent democratic newspaper merry go round Uffer to editor be i Cert it so thus n rate yrs and second t bib e thou of Usu Ijiri shall we give or shall we not give but he knowing their hypocrisy. Said unto them Why me a can by Drew Pearson Washington the inside store of or Otto John West Germany s onetime Security chief a a Why he deserted to the russians can now be told the truth is that he Nas Long been a double agent had worked for two countries at the same time. Purine More the u. S. Army suspected two recent he United states. That was one reason John topped to was Germany be did. Had More care and coordination been exercised regarding or. John s past this important psycho logical Victory for the communists would rot have been scored and priceless West Europe secrets lost. Story or soes Back to the world War ii Days when he was one of the Tou agents of the German , vet a the time pretended to the Brit in hut he was Ivo Kinc for them. Or. John has always convinced westerners of fact. Hal his brother was in the times daily tonic godh0resent1 hypocrite in his religion mocks the inward for his ultimate Choice a recent visitor from Korea a Man who has dedicated his life to religion made the statement that the Only pos sible Way for the United states to halt the process of a immunizing Asia is by War with the red chinese. It was not so much that he advocated that step but rather that As he saw it that was the Price we had to pay if we wanted to a China is the key to All Asia. As China goes so goes Asia. Just so Long As the communists maintain themselves in China just so Long will inevitable pressure go on against All the smaller nations of Asia. The rest of Vietnam Laos Cambodia Thailand Malaya in Donesia and Burma Are All in the orbit of China. While Japan was dominant in Mie East the smaller nations took their tue from Japan. But even Japan itself text the need for control of China if it were to maintain its position. Red China is now top dog in Asia. The United states is today like a Man paddling in the open seas with a Choice of swim Ming in either direction but with both shores looking Bleak. He s got to make up his mind which Way he is going. For a while he can paddle around and float but eventually he must make up his mind which Shore is the lesser of two evils. The Choice seems to be the acceptance of a red Asia under the domination of China or War with that same China. Which is the lesser of two evils the Choice is a hard one. Most peo ple in the United states do not want to make the Choice. They want to Hope that something will happen so that we won t have to do either. But As our korean visitor said there is Little such Hope. Even now the settlement in Viet Nam is something of a bitter joke be cause practically everyone admits that the artificial Barrier at the 17th parallel will not last Long. South Vietnam will be absorbed and everyone knows it. Cambodia and Laos will follow. Mendes France in France is forcing the French people to face facts he is forcing them to make decisions that they do not like to make. In a Way the american people Are in the same Posi Tion. We want to Stop the reds. We want to prevent the chinese from Tak ing Over the continent and ruling from piping through a group of puppet governments. But we Haven t wanted that so badly that we Are willing to Appeal to arms. We Don t want War. Yet the real alternative is peace on the reds terms. Great Britain has faced the Issue and decided that peace with the reds is the lesser of two evils. We Haven t faced it yet. Up to the present time we have said we will have nothing to do with the Hal in was or Joh who if the plot caused it to fail. Two Days alter the killer plot failed John left Germany for Madrid. This made him acceptable in the eyes of the British. But inasmuch As he left m a regular Lufthansa plane and inasmuch As All planes were being watched by the Gestapo in those suspicious War Days obviously he could not have escaped Germany without the Gestapo s approval. From Madrid or. John contacted the b Irish posing As an Ami nazi and began the association Jed to his appointment As top Security officer of West Germany editor times Kingsport. Dear sir the symphony orchestra association wishes to express its sin Cere thanks to All who contributed so generously to its recent fund raising Campaign. The goal of 55.000 which was set to finance the expansion program of King sports symphony orchestra for the com ing season which included the employment of a full time conductor was oversubscribed by space does not permit us to list the names of All the individuals civic organizations and business firms who backed the program with their time and Money so con Sider this As our Heartfelt thanks to each and everyone. Our special thanks go to the members of the women s sym phony committee who worked so diligently to bring the Campaign to a successful conclusion. Without their help we believe the program would not have been so successful. Our hats Are off to these ladies we believe that the people of Kingsport will be amply repaid for their support of this project. Richard h. Alvey president. Reds Seze however when the russians took Berlin they seized the Gestapo records. The american army rot the general staff records and those of the for eign office. But the russians got the res Apo rec ords which made it possible for them to put he Finger on various germans. Among these was or. John. And knowing his past associations with the ses Apo he russians were in a position to blackmail him for exposure of his past meant imprisonment perhaps death us supplied the Money and or. John Long ago went Stu my got highly suspicious of or Johr Back in the Days when Gen. Lucius Clay was 52, Clarence Huebner. However the Central in even a Rand for him to meet Cia director Allen Dulles. Hollywood by krsk1ne Johnson behind the screens Irving ber Lin nixed another fabulous offer to film his life time it was Joseph m. Shenck with a the explanation was the same one Irving save me a few weeks Don t want my life done As a motion picture but coming up this fall is a two ground better late than never intelligence agent on his Trail and this cont aued born naturalized american school with John. Had gone to 41u1.11cl suicide one Day after John fled to East Berlin it was also one reason Why John fled. The russians pulled him out at this particular time first because John wanted to leave second because they figured his desertion now might Lead to the downfall of the Adenauer government which in turn would the rearming of Ger the net result of the whole unfortunate business is that or. John s defection has completely com promised the West and made Europe realize tint the West european defense system has been infiltrated for years. With a worried look on his assist ant s face. Is there a trend away from fresh new faces to reliable play ers who know the movie ropes and who can be pushed into important stardom with careful career Strat egy that s what Many Hollywood actors read in Fox s recent grab of Robert stack and Richard Egan two flawless profile boys who arc at least 10 years older in age and experience than the Striplings who have been occupying the marked for stardom Bench in the past two years. Says the studio casting director. Schreiber Washington calling by Thomas l. Stokes Washington the top level of for re election in 1932 Republican campaigners for the As a political asset or. Hoover congressional elections will cover has come a Long Way since that a com drear March 4. 1932, when he Rode be Enns Elvania to the Erable would be Herbert Hoover and with president Eisen Hower sandwiched in Between. It has Long been known that the vice president would carry Capitol in a car with the incoming Franklin d. Roosevelt for the inauguration of the latter. The gloom of the Day. Dark skies that spit intermittent cold rain was matched by the gloom of a nation heavy assignment. But the crier in the grip of its worst depression. Gence of sex president Hoover As a big gun in the Campaign is a late development though foreshadowed in a recent obviously planned build up for him. That culminated with breadline failing foreclosing of mortgages. That was labelled the Hoover depression by democrats in the election of 1932 and it has been recalled with in the Campaign newspaper entourage we went to Detroit from new York where in his Madison Square Garden speech or. Hoover had forecast that grass would grow in the streets if democrats won the happily never did happen. Governor Bruckner met presi Dent Hoover at the station the night the special train arrived. The part Mac s window by it. J. Mcaulffe definition Corporal punishment being busted Back to private. An old timer says every time in Ifni wishing Lor the Sood old Days he thinks about what going to Hie Demist meant when was a kid. And he stops yearning. The biceps crossword in the world to people should quarrel Over trifles. An apartment is Winter to make it hot for the janitor because the janitor would t make it hoi for him. A fellow says too Many people judge a girl and a car by the paint Job. Of. I Don t know. Mom men pay quite a Little attention to Chassis. Xiv most girls will learn to swim much sooner if then own brother teach them. I would t be a termite i would t be his wife for termites must be very they live such a Boring life families can be Happy with scraps on the table if they do nol have scraps at the table. When a Man meets a Friend in need. It is a very touching Byrhl usually. Cowboy drug Glen Taylor is Back in politics. If wins hell come Riding into Wash Back in the Saddle again. A newspaper convention elected the girl i would like to take out. Of circulation. A professor says you can Tell -----._u. Jim Vij ii hhy5 you Call 1611 was retrained for some time in the great Deal about women by study St finn la Neil a i__11 j a we will still sign Vouge Neo Pul f up for him that culminated 1932 and it has been recalled with pie whom we consider potential s 80th blrthda5 Celebration at that Label in every National elec stars if and when they show up Iowa. Birthplace Uon since including the one two. " w it pal Aff few Hie a ups a Acret farm Outlook stars if and when they show we will take them on and them As we have Robert Wagner and Debra Paget. But of late we have not seen much of this you no this week. After his heavy bom of the last iwo demo years ago. But As a Campaign is sue it seemed finally in 1952 to cratic administrations in a speech have been drained of its original station until mounted police could disperse a shouting jeering mob that had gathered outside in a demonstration that was represented As staged by communists. From that noisy affair we Rode in a Parade through caverns of ominous quiet throngs along the Street which stood grimly silent except economists 1 y in a mat uie stable sat we Ake the beating be Cotton is expected to stay around 90 per cent in the near future Corn also wis not be affected drastically should remain at about 85 to 87 per cent of parity. Wheat on the other hand is expected too Down to the Bottom of the new Price support Bill namely to 82j2 per cent of parity. Wheat Farmers Brattos. However on wheat Merle Oberon of All people does a torrid flamenco with famed dancer Antonio in her Spanish film everything can happen in something for the gendarmes to worry about Mem shelved the title rogue cop for the Robert Taylor starter at the re town stay that quest of police authorities who hate Dollar of the three letter word. That was a couple of months ago. Now the picture is Back to the original tag. On that occasion it need Only least Democrat most uncomplimentary his own announcement on his re a election along with the White turn to new York that he expected House and Congress. To make some Campaign speeches now or. Hoover himself has become our elder statesman. It is an interesting transformation anr1. Evidently republicans think it not ing their reaction to too frankly admiring glances. That is whether Shi resents. Ignores or purrs. Some people can change from Good humor to bad humor As fast As a cat s paws become claws. To confirm a More Active part for him in this year s Campaign Tian any since his own futile Campaign Hollywood scribes Are waiting to ask the British Star did he really say of his movie i Enlo Veri ept Vealer was strangely i enjoyed every Democrat. We refer to former shouted remark. It was an ugly eerie experience luckily relieved eventually when we got to the Hall packed with Loyal boisterous re publicans where the president made his speech. That whole Campaign was an ordeal for Herbert Hoover that he endured resolutely. La fortunately All of that now is restoration of the Hoover political Oas behind or. Hoover and All of jumper prestige aside from time the a. It is hard to understand those piano at the i. C. Times unless you lived through them. It is even difficult to Recap Ture the feel of the Era that Fol also potent Only significant but politically. An important contributor to the the irrepressible comedian along As the piano fell on Joe. Said he Joe Arent you a Little under weight the Story goes that that was when Joe jumped up and threw Truman. He president Harry s. Truman he Luis in Cut i Luik Era mat 101 brought or. Hoover Back into pub owed the exuberant activity Here lie attention emanating therefrom in Washington to get ourselves out by appointing him chairman of a of depression and the gradual As Montana and North Dakota. Gram and will be Cut another 14 per cent next by is Means a total Cut of around 40 per cent economists fear that As a result of the new farm Bill the farm implement manufacturers Mav be in for More trouble. Their production Wem per cent last year but has been on the Way up again. Another economic Factor noted in the farm Belt s Saccom Fann accounts Fon Cash ready for hard times. A c r c to bet Tinb cattlemen s Reward the goes to producer Bill Bacher and director Henry hath away. The movie men gave the Nobel prize Winner for literature the idea for the Tome. X in since her Las vegas night club Click Mae West says she s had a couple of movie offers. On wide screen of course. You would t think that the re when the girl went into a Bank to Cash a Check the Teller asked her if she had any identification and she said. Well i have a mole on my right hip but really never set foot in the City during the 12 years that or. Roosevelt was in the White House. In the Truman administration he a foreign babe not Zsa Zsa became a familiar figure Here. Be Aiken Anderson amendment to permit intends a enu to in grazing for if pal owl inserted in the Farai by As sop to adv. In a movie Trade paper Errol Plynn offers his Lovely Hill top estate for rent or apparently Errol s never coming Home to live As lavishly As he once did. Dinah Shore has been awarded hundreds of plaques for her sing asked for her Tele phone number by Porfirio Rubi Rosa and got this answer what s the Point in it i would t Date an actor Mervyn Johns a character actor in moby the new Gregory Peck starter is the papa of husky voiced British Star Glynis Johns. Claude bios sol the screen writer who s cooing French love words and out on the assignment to which the last democratic president had called him. birthday Celebration this week was a link with the troublous Days of his own administration though perhaps that was unknown to those who had arranged for Wilber m. Bruckner of the defense department to represent the administration at the event when vice president Nixon was unable to go As originally planned. Or. Bruckner was of Michigan during the 1932 presiden tial Campaign. Some of us can going on. It All sounds like some thing entirely different from what we saw. His View will be his contribution to the Campaign. However another potent Republican Congress confided to c of Hope s opposition is based on the fact that the cattlemen s amendment benefits Only 18.000 cattle men Hetnor _ r la Usu aug a renin love words surf y into Yvonne de Carlo s Shell pinks displayed on the mantel of her wants her to Star in his made of Small cup for second the so they say if necessary we will fight to the last drop of american blood fight alone if we Are forced to it to a glorious Victory which we make Liberty Safe throughout the land. Senator Neely Devai. The informed Man in the Street Fin Moscow generally believes that member the Detroit appearance of soviet Russia will be engaged in a or. Hoover some of us who were general War within five place in ment a recent Tennis Tournai it s a very satisfactory feeling that you can have Confidence in someone. But it s a much nicer feeling to know that someone feels they can have Confidence in you. Ullus Amoss retired u. S. Air Force colonel. Nothing is to be gained by shutting our eyes to the fact that All of the people Are not getting the kind of medical care to which they Are Eisenhower. Another fire in Asia has been put out in there is no is sue which cannot be resolved by negotiations. Foreign minister Molotov. Reason and peace have won French Premier Mendes France on Indochina truce. C5js3ss8ssss waste the iranian Oil problem is settled. The Suez canal problem is settled. Dur ing the Long and bitter discussions that took place Over both of these issues Many lives were lost and millions of dollars Worth of property destroyed. For a while it even looked As if one or the other situations might explode into a bloody War. Now they Are happily settled. But Here is the Point. They were not settled As a result of any new information any new angles or new conditions that developed recently. They could have been settled in the Way they have been settled right at the very beginning. All of the bloodshed All of the losses and sacrifices All the dangers and Wor Ries would have been avoided if men who Are in places of leadership could have seen the futility of trying to have a it will take years to make up the losses suffered through the disputes. The lives lost can not be brought Back. The statesmen take some credit for the peaceful solutions that have been agreed upon. But refusal to Sec lilo logical solution sooner Cost a great Deal and might have Cost world peace. H let the farm he he i a the i Arm Bill which they sabotaged. This the Amend Mem hoi s Down to is 1. If a cattleman builds a Fence a Pond or other on government land he gets an equity in the land and can keep on Leasi Nir it for builds another Fence he can lease for anole r ten 2. Any appeals lie misuse of in ment land no longer Are spin m a the them in the past but by the Only 83 Richard Burton tic Coli Lime a did t sign that seven year con ing the display windows n tract with Fox one film a year store no. A clothing store until a few weeks ago. Big question a television shoo in to symbolic note in new York a Gangland getaway car careens into a store demolish shoe 1 no. Doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . Side glances a right of a we de our first objective m Berlin big four Confer win he to enable Germany to be reunited Eden. A with the sympathy of Secretary of St Ite Dulles and 15 cents you can buy a cup of Coffee m some John b. Sullivan democratic congresswoman from Missouri. I know we can beat ii. The Bricker Amend ment in ils present form will not become senator Wiley this is a great break for me. I la pitch my Nam off to make Bronca signs with All available records show hint Iho american people Rich Ami Pool a like. Do Gamble whirl ice it s Legal or Paul Pinor no urges a Lional lottery for added Revenue. I like the farm but dad wants me Day after i left for the summer two of mom s uncles marched into my any smart youngster can diag nose a wart just As Well As a Doc Tor can. But warts because they so common and because their behaviour is so extraordinary have always been and Are now a subject which is fascinating to discuss. Four different kinds of warts Are recognized though it is possible that they All have the same cause. In the past there have been Many extraordinary guesses about the cause punishment for some sin committed Contact with toads today. It is believed that warts Are. Caused by one or More viruses which Are tiny living Snidle to see under the Ordi nary Microscope. Warts often appear with great rapidity and they frequently Dis appear equally fast with or with out treatment of any kind. It is not hard to understand Why they May come last and if caused by a virus How they can be spread from one place to another by rub Bing or scratching. But it is difficult to know Why they should disappear so easily and for such apparently strange for no apparent reason at All. It is this business of treatment that makes warts so much fun to write about. There probably is no other condition known to medical science which can be successfully treated in to Many different ways. Warts frequently yield to Vari Ous medicines Given by Mouth or injection. They go away Nufler any one of a Large number of local applications after a Rny after burning with an Cle Cirlic Needle. Most surprising of All Many physicians have succeeded in Mak ing warts disappear by mental suggestions of various sorts. Per haps the answer to All of this is that a lot of them go away with out any treatment at All. I do not mean that warts should be neglected and ignored. Some should be treated for cosmetic Rea sons or because they Are being spread to other parts of the body. Some like the plantar wart which comes on the Ball of the foot May cause a lot of trouble for plantar warts i those who troublesome warts can almost Al ways count on getting rid of them if they want to. To mrs. Ii. Who says she is troubled with these Little Mon sters i should say she should consult a skin specialist who can almost certainly help her get rid of them. To those several who have recently asked about any relation ship Between warts and i can assure them there appears to Why mothers f5et Gray

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