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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 13, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeRrt Twa i Powts thins Bench with lock Fred who who wants a Job in my never heard of she just Cave in from France. A i great Singer but 1 Verv temperamental she Doest want to see m3u until after she signs your contract but since yowl be my talk to mud through the kill him own h my. Brown. Now ill have enough Money to Knish my for calling. Wonderful news. Now i i m of the Hook the children Tim their Hundred dollars Tel them anything different i would t want to hurtt4ek feelings. Everything should work out perfectly to Tat it t Ifa towns lows hours i wave fee no of Wient instruction Louie i be a Josp Ryou Pua Tina a Paka debt in Pelle wipe s we Louie cutlet Fewox peek i be 6ott3 less psf ake6t Cabodie Bluff kept Ken fek cwt it Iii n in amt car Kim Uke Stcin Vouk Heap Vou bul ont have brou6ht it out and wav.6ee.i never expected to 6et that much i m soft Tew grand. Your. Share. All i could bring out. . Lost the rest in a Deal. We re we Cam really use this Knobby. F know it kid. The place looks i v think i smell r something swell howr6 by the Rmer Bank Stansb How he faces. Back nothing like a Nice Juicy j hamburger Sandwich when the old stomach is screaming for Nocor who s been at the chopped horse meat i bought for the dogs if the nex Smow is you and i walking up the foi2evei2.? oktav2 Ohilo 50ul. Our title Wheato Cah t find shoot us Hou been to Vito to Pew hawpingowerth05e wire pecorpimg5 we Lei Anoid hidden here1. Non get Etui Fust Kab South of Siufu Lepore. i Coulp Charlie spas Vou la Hwe pc rom for. 80 pombp.kehler1 i Bax he s there by 11 me machine Fluke some How. But no matter had to get him off someplace Kuhe Rettas c3uiet. Allee top up in t thousand Miles Ausaf wiping the a Joop off knee took to 3. Minutes Cost me a cents.1? that hustj7 sent the robot plane infer some uninhabited Here s a spot-dogpatch.7 t save unfit for human wreck is Mah we pin nor self into Mirror he went Wight Thoush my How Arethey rating y adhere get Everdy coupons at City Hall Shell . Gas t Majum i lot to we Rayeur wave to do 1tmin6" is mams4rd -4nd fr42zell4 were the old slobber worse me sme said August i953 one year 4wd six Loams sme h4snt stopped it s a tossup which is More valuable of a iodine or the can opener. To trap robbers los Angeles was used by police Lor the first time Here to trap four members of a gang accused today of steal ing Worth of radio tubes from a leading electronics com Pany. At a Cost of the up two Tele vision cameras at strategic Points and in an adjacent room and put them in a car driven two receivers. There detectives by Fred Porter 22. The latter sat quietly and watched the i drove off officers said but was screens. And that s How they Learned How Tubac had been disappear ing from the stockroom during the last few months the Tives said. Three detectives said they saw Mason 15, carry out Cartons of tubes property. Trailed and arrested by radio car police. The two Stock clerks were accused of grand theft. Booked on the same count was Milton Syde 42, a cafe manager. Curt Hockner a radio store suspicion of 48, operator of was booked on receiving stolen 20 thursday aug. 13, 1953 k1ngspobt times girls and girls answer to previous across 1 feminine appellation 5 first girl s name 8 Flower like Pirl 12 sea Eagle 13 sped Down re plateau 2 dry 3 preposition 4 Forest creature 5 expunge 6 huge tub 7 Compass Point i seem to wave the address i was under. The impression Candy was my freckles come 5ac k i come Back can t you take a joke very Dummy som6thims tells me i m Gonna die Pmj Chimg at this week emd 1 am your. Date Dudley was Only 14 shield bearing 8 Stout Cord 15 location 9 British 16 goddess of account infatuation Money i 17 bucket 10 narrow 18 beautifies aperture 20 trials 21 weird 24 she made the first Flag of the . 28 mrs. For 33 Siouan Indian 34 measure of cloth 35 fiddling roman 36 official acts 37 fairy fort 38 bows slightly 39 girl s name 41 Cotton fabrics 42 cup like spoon 44 Fine line of a letter 48 indolent 53 sorrowful exclamation 54 Mariner l 56 above 57 rave 58 even poet 59 burmese Wood sprites 60 Genus of Freshwater ducks 61 indonesian of Mindanao 62 thin piece of 26 carry Coll 44 feminine 27 Gunlock catch name 29 she s a british45 ardor Princess 46 Genus of 30 gaseous element amphibians 47 devotees ills preys 31 Church list 49 electrified 19 Napoleonic 32 Antarctic sea particles marshal 34 she was 50 Ellipsoidal 20 Gilf device Lohengrin s 51 bristle t 22 depended Bride 52 formerly 23 ailments 40 fairy 54 beverage 24 water vessel 41 permit 55 Eagle con 25 engrave 43 Doone in

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