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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 13, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies by set . To ont . First Quarter aug 17 too went Stam plea my ., Kantarci Low la Southwest . The planet. Saturn above of plea. Is slowly Motlok toward Antares and will be sub near of Utu Star i a few years All times Kairn Standard Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 161 Kingsport Tenn., thursday August 13, 1953 24 pages five cents the weather Clear and fair tonight with Low of 65. Friday partly Cloudy with Little change in temperature. Yester Day s High 92, last night s Low 59, noon Reading 84. Nine children die in ice Box traps 75 americans from red Camp no. 1 released report conditions worse than Camp 5 823 of freed Panmunjom Korea the first group of prisoners from communist prison Camp no 1 came Back to Freedom today and said conditions there were worse than in notorious Camp no. 5, where at least americans died. They told of americans dying of sickness and mistreatment of men duped by Corr Monist propaganda of. Miserable Lood and of constant mental harassment one of the 75 americans harried Over to the United nations in operation big switch was swathed in bandages. Others said he had been injured when the truck taking them from Camp no. 1 at in Sang Dong to Ita song near Here turned Over in North Korea after hitting a hellhole on the High Way. With the exception of bandaged Soldier who was Able to walk All of the americans repatriated today appeared in Good health. The returning americans lifted the total of u. S. Personnel freed by the communists to 823, More than 25 per of the listed by the reds for rep Atria t Ion. As the new group of Ameri cans went through Freedom Gate Here 10 americans in to Kingsport firemen Are shown combating flames resulting from a collision on the Bristol Highway Early thursday morning. The burning truck driven by Kyle Shipley 304 Sewanee Street was travelling East on the Highway when it collided with a car going North on Lamont Street and driven by mrs. Tucker Musser 1328 Linville Street. Mrs. Musser was placed under treatment for lacerations of the face and left ear at Holston Valley Community Hospital. The truck Blaze resulted when the truck careened Over and apparently caused a spark that ignited the gasoline. Times news photo by Byland greek islands place of terror Athens Greece to two new tremors Shook the fabled ionian islands today and mountains have been split open and entire neighbourhoods swept into the sea in the worst Earth and in Inchon 306 in modern greek history. Waited for the next Rescue ships from the u. S. Kyo prepared to Fly Home tonight on the second Airlift of sick and wounded. Freed gis ship to states. Leave Lor the United i sixth Fleet and British vessels i rushed to the almost destroyed the communists have of cephalonia Ithaca ised to return 84 americans one and Zante As the estimated Canadian and 324 other captives death toll Rose above 500 George Lydias of the newspaper Grad uni reported from the desolated cephalonia capital of Argos Tolion. The whole Earth is shaking with a terrible underground he said. People mad with throwing themselves fear into the his colleague John Vout Slonas said. On cephalonia the cities of Ligouri Sami and aghia of Friday. The returning prisoners were in Good humor and one of the men was so Happy to leave communist Captivity that he tried to run to the reception tent. Sgt. Richard l. Cones 21, of 183 13th ave., Cedar rapids la., said Camp no. 1 had it -100 per cent rougher than Camp no. 5." Cones said 400 americans died in no. 1 during four months of 1951. Another liberated american set. Perry f. Woodley 21, said the communists jailed eight1 men on trumped up charges about two months before the truce was signed. All estimates of casualties Are Thimia As Well As Argos Tolion sketchy. Destruction is so great were in ruins it will be Days or weeks before the Mainland cities of Patras All bodies Are found. Mountains Are splitting open and miss Longhi where the eng Lish poet lord Byron died fight then sinking As if volcanoes see quakes Page 2 Large gain in new building building in Kingsport during the first seven months of 1953 exceeded construction during the same period in 1952 by More than a Quarter million dollars. At the end of july 1953, every Type of construction except Busi Ness building showed a gain Over the corresponding seven month period last year. Detroit spark from records in the office of the a welder s Torch was blamed to-1 City building inspector this week Day for touching off a Spe Tacu revealed an estimated total Cost Lar Multi million Dollar fire of construction this year at which killed two workmen and injured More than a score of for the first seven months of others As it reduced a sprawling 1952, estimated building costs general motors Plant to rubble j stopped at company officials feared thus far this year 215 build pm Plant destroyed by fire two killed chinese claim rights hold convicted pcs first major threat to korean peace is made Dulles rapped Tokyo communists in their first major threat to the new korean peace said they legally were empowered to hold Allied prisoners convicted of crimes until they finish their terms. Piping radio voice of red China denied that the communists had a lawful obligation either to liberate their political prisoners or turn them Over to a Neutral custodial commission the red radio waited until the United nations command Hac released the last of Chi Nese prisoners desiring to return to communism before making1 its defiant broadcast. Quoting a dispatch from the communist Camp at Kaeson near Panmunjom piping radio said the Geneva convention on prisoners accorded the reds the right to compel prisoners convicted of crimes to serve out their terms. At the same time piping made a vicious sideswipe at u. S. Secretary of state John Foster Dulles who had expressed grave concern Over the communists refusal to release the accused americans. Piping blasted Dulles state ment that As a result of the communists attitude the United nations would hold Back prisoners convicted by the allies until the reds produced All of their captives. The red radio said the Dulles statement was nothing but a blackmail plan for holding communist prisoners. Another snide communist act i pfc. Alfred Graham jr., greets his Mother on arrival at Travis air Force base Calif. He was the first of the pos to disembark from the first plane Load to arrive in this country from Korea. Sixteen other former prisoners of War All seriously ill were brought in on litters after the big military plane landed. A wire photo which embittered americans was two More Tenn. Soldiers freed Honaker va., Man released by chinese by the associated press word that two East Tennessee soldiers have been freed in the korean prisoner Exchange is just the tonic needed for their ail ing parents today. The Mother of Cpl. Billy Ray Pierce of Elizabethton burst into tears when told her 20-year-old son was among the americans released last night at Panmunjom. She has been ill for the past month. Robert Pierce another son said the doctors have said that final damage figure might reach ing permits have been issued is what really is the matter with and said it was Noth Llast year at this time Only 164 Over ing Short of a Miracle that most permits had been Given out. I Billy s Grandfather Dan h of the employees on duty at j chiefly responsible for the 1953jpierce said he had been Isten the suburban Livonia Plant Boom is the list of to the radio every night but aged to flee the building residences being built or Al decided to go to bed instead last collision fire destroy truck woman injured spectacular Blaze follows wreck on Bristol Highway a woman Motorist was injured and a truck loaded with Hay went up in a burst of Orange flame in a collision at . Thursday on the Bristol High Way. Mrs. Beverly Musser 24, 1328 Linville st., was sent to the hoi-1 the announcement that the reds Ston Valley Community Hospital would release major general William f. Dean their highest ranking prisoner with the last group of repatriates. Carter records new polio Case victim received go inoculation july 23 from press dispatches Carter county wednesday re corded its first polio patient since mass inoculation of More than youngsters began in the county july 23. It was the 28th Case of the year. Two year old Calvin Keith it became a naming inferno. J ready finished. Livonia Public safety director James l. Hagen whose prelim Inary estimate placed the dam age at said the Only part of the two Block Long Struc these new Homes Are listed at an estimated Cost of 500 As against 48 Homes built during the first seven months of 1952 at an estimated Cost of Ture left was front offices. A Section housing see building Page 2 at Freedom Village Hope for honorable korean peace clouded by chinese double Cross by Fred Sparks Freedom Village Korea hum Over this strange City of shacks and tents carrying to filial Sanctuary our Hurt Young not in Battle but in communist prison Camps. This tragic airborne traffic Clouds not Only the Days and nightmares of the witnesses but also any lingering ii opes of an honorable settlement at the forthcoming peace conference. For another documented conviction of the double Cross and double think of chinese communism is being written right Here. During. Little switch we were assured All our sick and wounded prisoners were being returned. But what about the lad who just came Back with a crudely stitched up belly from wounds he suffered in 1950? did the chinese accidentally Overlook hundreds of others like Little switch i am told that Secretary of state John Foster Dulles and South korean president Syng Man Rhee while still apart on Fine political Points Are United in their doubt of the Success of the peace Parley. The manner of the prisoner Exchange which they witnessed has done this. In 1945 i accompanied Relief teams liberating gis held by the night. He Learned of his grand son s release from a neighbor. Greatest news we Ever he exclaimed. The parents of pfc. John k. Bentley of Whitesburg in Ham county were both ill and unable to reach a neighbor s Home to receive the news of their son s release. But mrs. Porter Chapman of Rogersville a sister of the re leased prisoner sent her Hus band to the Rural Home of her parents or. And mrs. Jess Bent Ley. When i heard the news just thanked god for looking after John and bringing him Home to mrs. Chapman said also released was a Southwest Virginia Soldier pfc. Clyde j Hughes son of mrs. Maggie Hughes Honaker a. After her car collided with a truck driven by Kyle Shipley 25, 304 Sewanee on the Bristol High Way at the Lamont Street intersection. Hospital attendants said mrs. Musser had been placed under treatment for lacerations of the face and left ear. Her condition was listed As Good thursday morning. Mrs. Musser was pinned under the car after the collision her dress caught under the wheel according to an Eye witness. It see wreck Page 2 51 can Wear blues too ii he has Cash Washington any army private wants to Shell out a month s pay he now can dress up Lor parties As Snapp ily As airmen or marines. After debating the matter for months the army has finally authorized its enlisted men to Wear the same Blue dress uni orms As officers. This will help gis compete socially with marines and air men who Long have been allowed to dress in dashing Blue uni forms for special occasions nothing has been done yet for the sailors who still Wear substantially the same uniform on the dance floor As on deck. 2 retiring generals Are honoured by army Washington up the army today pays tribute to its two top generals Omar n Bradley and j. La Tori Collins they prepare to step Down japanese. Their stories the military High Corn while Imperial guards awaited Jamand. Someone to accept their surren Der paralleled present sufferings with this exception generally the communists did t allow individuals to beat our soldiers As was often permitted behind Jap prison wire. See Sparks Page 2 Over troops and the u s. Army band will pass in review before the two generals in san Cial ceremonies on the Parade grounds at fort Lesley j. Me Nair. Overhead will Fly a platoon of seven helicopters from. Fort Benning a. Soldiers will have to buy their blues at their own expense. They Ost about Ward admitted to Hospital in Johnson memorial City was one of those inoculated with Gamma globulin. At Johnson City two new cases have brought the Washington county total for the year to 26. Memorial Hospital now has 40 polio patients under treatment. No new cases were reported Ai the Holston Valley Community Hospital thursday keeping in tact the total of 10 patients now under treatment. Smyth county last week re ported seven cases the highest total recorded for Virginia. O these six were non paralytic and the other a Type not stated. New Kingpins of North Korea both impostors Kim ii Sung Nam ii reportedly borrowed respectable names by Bill Shinn Seoul Kim ii Sung and Gen. Nam a the two men who emerged As Kingpins in he newly purged North korean communist regime were revealed today to be fantastic 1m posters who borrowed their Lames from Well known North koreans of years ago. Only today red China s Pep no radio disclosed that Kim one time russian army Las been awarded the title of hero of the people s Republic of Korea by the standing com Mittee of the North korean us reme people s Assembly in recognition of his wartime Leader ship. The title apparently is an Imi tation of Russia s hero of the soviet which makes the recipient in Russia a virtual Demigod. Information that Kim and Sam ii Are imposters with Bor rowed names came from a highly placed South korean Intelli officer with excellent connections in North Korea and a Cess to top secret reports on the muddled situation behind the reds Bamboo curtain. See impostors Page 2 raging typhoon is headed for Okinawa Tokyo raging typhoon greatest storm Ever recorded by the Tokyo weather by expected to slam into american occupied Okinawa sunday or monday. Japanese weather experts said winds of about 180 Miles an hour Are at the Center of the Hurricane May 4if Carolina four Virginia five Arkansas youngsters die unused refrigerator death traps Shock families in 2 states Fla. And from press dispatches Richmond a. Families in two states were shocked today by the deaths of nine Small children who had crawled into air tight ice boxes to play. The bodies of five Young sters were found last night near Crawfordville ark., where they lived on a tenant farm a three Day search for four missing boys at Richmond ended in tragedy this morning when a Carpenter opened an unused refrigerator Box at Mcguire vet Erans administration Hospital and discovered their bodies. They apparently had been dead since tuesday when they first were reported missing. The children were 7-year-old twins Wilson and Woodrow Blackstock their brother George 5, and Walter Charles North Boykin 7, the son of or. J. Mel Virginia capes warned today to Miami Carolina Section were expect a buffeting from the at Antic Hurricane named bar Bara. The storm containing winds of about 95 Miles an hour was Cen tired about 130 Miles Southeast of Wilmington n. C., at 11 a. M., est and its Center was expected to pass Over or very close to Cape Hatteras during the Middle part of tonight. Its strongest Northeast of the winds Center. Were Gale typhoon and 90-mile winds have been recorded 250 Miles from the Center. Big u. S. Air installations on Okinawa began making prelim Inary preparations for Riding out the typhoon. Force winds stretched 150 Miles out from the Center toward the Northwest and West and 100 Miles to the Southwest. The Miami weather Bureau in an 11 a. Advisory said the storm was moving northward at 10 to 12 Miles an hour and would continue to move North Ward or North North eastward during the next 24 hours with slow acceleration in Forward Speed. Carpenters quit Al Over pact protest no raids agreement with Cio Chicago be tween the Al and Cio for a merger already has produced a major casualty. The powerful carpenters Union has pulled out of the Al in protest. The Carpen ters group a pillar of the Al and one of its founding unions suddenly severed connections with the federation yesterday. Action by other Al leaders in Kaying an agreement with the Cio to ban raids of rival Union membership was Given As the reason but carpenters president Maurice a. Hutheson conceded it s the Climax of something that s been going on for a Long time in the Hutcheson wrote in a letter to Al president George Meany revealing his Union s secession that Vin Boykin acting manager of the Mcguire Hospital. The Arkansas including a set of the children of mrs. Annie Bell Hall f Man who was picking Cotton in a nearby Field when her Young sters apparently closed them selves into the big ice Box during play. I told them never to get in Side or they might freeze to mrs. Hallman sobbed when a Deputy sheriff broke the news that i found your Chil Dren. I m sorry but they Are All the oldest 9-year-old Edward Hallman bore the Only visible injuries. He apparently butted his head against the latched lid in an desperate Effort to Force it Ipen. T. H. Mcgough Crittenden county Coroner said there was no evidence of foul play. Looks Ike they were in the ice Box playing when the overhead lid slammed he said. Death was blamed on suffocation. Deputies were called by mrs. Hallman when she returned rom the Fields with her two old is children and found the youngsters missing. Deputy Billy Williams said he and other officers searched the premises and were ready to scour nearby Woods when he passed by he ice Box on the front porch and lifted the lid. There he found Odie and Tommy 4-year-old twins in overalls Edward and Wesley 7, n Blue jeans and without see children Pafe 2 Rench push strike Aniel stands firm Paris organized labor Shook a big fist under pre Mier Joseph Laniel s nose to Day calling out upwards of four million strikers to underline its protest against the government s Economy most of the workers were or dered to walk out for Only .24 or 28 hours. But a hard Core Kcf More than a million already is committed to stay out until the fugitives surrender As hostage fugitives Eugene Juelich and Lewis Woodward Larson raise hands As they surrender meekly after being flushed from a ditch at Adairsville ga., by National guardsmen who surround them. They were the object of a 4-Day manhunt after killing a u. S. Deputy marshal and grabbing a guard As hostage. The hostage George Hightower second from left in right holds a Happy reunion with his three Brothers who joined in the Hunt. Brothers left to right Are Glen George Thomas and Mitchell Hightower. A wire photo he objected to the Al agreeing to ban fights Between Al and Cio unions when he said the Al had t taken Steps to Stop scraps among its own unions. Hutcheson s letter complained that Al leaders Are More concerned with the affairs of the Cio. Than they Are with those of the Meany fired Back that Hutche son s reasons for quitting did seem to make he said the no raiding agreement with the Cio was a necessary first Ste toward achieving an actual Al Cio Means said almost everyone agreed would Benefit All labor. In san Francisco John l Lewis president of the United mine workers said the Carpen ters action exemplifies the fal Lacy of this Tweedledum Ark tweedledee policy of the Al executive Council in avoiding the Basic question of Lewis refused to say Whethe he will ask the carpenters to join in his reported move to form new labor federation of miners Al teamsters and Cio workers. Meany hinted broadly to news men that he considered the car Penters primarily at the Root o Many jurisdictional within the Al. Trouble Premier backs Down tying up the nation s mines railways and electricity works Public health services and postal Tele graph and Telephone systems. In the ninth Day of the strike wave Laniel a multimillionaire textile industrialist who Learned to fight in the wartime French underground stuck his Chin out and said he would not yield. In a fighting speech to the ton last night the 84-year-old Premier exclaimed i say not to strike. I say no pressure moves direct or Indi rect which have been imposed on the so lunar tables the Celia diva ool Iuar Tanoai. Printed below. Hmm from John Aldu kill it a eol Unar tables. Plan Jour Daya to that ton will Ahlai in Lood territory or Kun Abii to food Coiar durum these bum. To you Tatua but porn that each Day Kae after. The major periods an ahem to bold. Type. A Fla at Tonua atom Tat last Fob a hour and a bait or than air the. Ulamor Panada an of noun i in regular duration. Dam of 13 thursday 14 Friday saturday sunday . . Maw 10-40 Lake stages Watauga Lake level thursday feet Low. Fillini Cherokee 33.2 ice Low. Tall it a. Holston m.4 Fitt Low Boot 1.1 feet Low Maine

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