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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 12, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeResidents vote on annexation to Kingsport saturday vote erratic Hurricane Connie battered the North Carolina coast to Day and once again pointed northeastward to bring a new cd Hurricane alerts to the new Jersey new York and new eng land coasts. The weather her bring re the r. New eng Bureau at washing lion reported today that the Hurricane moved Inland at More head City n. C., and is moving northward Al 13 Miles an hour the Hurricane was about j70 Miles South of Washington d. the Northeast coast which appeared yesterday to have been Given a reprieve from the blasts of he meandering Hurricane again was warned to Batten Down for a ins sible visit from the big storm today Connie lashed the North of m a Bangkok. Thailand w _ a car smash onto of truck crush today killed u., s. Am of Putty Vorlon a a issador John curl for 48 n t of Doi inn. Said the i rouble diploma tic trouble Sci a lust Kiili Rohiy when Bishop come i Here to watch television tonight she said her grand fill her was Down the Road Ink Lar with a neighbor when he sum Bishop who had started to r Spring for in scr standing in front Ead City and headed for Cape a erns. Be a with occupation. Kept them at Bay. Was a vim helping with the children ,.nllyla to grabbed him in v Berlin i con Imu nist East Germany rejected today any National election to reunify the divided nation so Long As the Bonn re Public is commuted to the Western in each hand. Bishop replied i m on the Pike next three shots sounded Patty said and Bishop staggered about 12 eel and fell. Starred in settlement of la s 19m civil War. A Man who liked fast sports cars Peurifoy and his 8-year-old son Daniel perished when his Ford collided head on with a truck on h narrow Bridge 125 South of Bangkok. Hie ambassador s other son Clinton Peurifoy 14, was injured critically in the mashup which ame near the Beach resort of him Lllan on the Gulf of slam. The Timbas Sador who eel Gralert 13 48th birthday tuesday came to Thailand last november after service in Greece and Guatemala. A career Diplomat to began his government service in 1b35 As a elevator operator in Slooter who with the Carolina coastal in the City than those outside Resil unit Inion collections me it no extra Cost. Children can attend City schools mom paving he More hum year tuition full police Rind fire Protection Street lights and Street Protection of Civ planning mid zoning streets cleaned and maintained by the City and the residents becoming citizens of pm spoil with a full voice in its a number of queries about miss Ute indicate two or three mule bodies might still be Undis covered in the debris the officials government. Voters living within the areas being urged to vote in Satur a Din s election. If the referendum is successful. Ii will bunt Kingsport near the 2s.nno Mark in population civic leaders Sav. Slight quake reported j Oakland. Calif. At Oakland reported a slight Earth to like at 8-s8 thursday Ghl. The pm varsity of California seism Rlaph recorded the quake. Hospital is sought for Hawkins county Hie cause of the explosion which entered in the Gateway restau Tiu. Where Mimy of the victims had sought shelter from a storm remained a mystery. One is Attiat it was caused by either escaping fuel Cas or by sewer Gas up by clogged drains. Stuttgart aur. 12 ins grim american troops removed today the charred remains of 66 i. S. Airmen and soldiers from the still smoking wreckage of two flying transport planes that collided in flight yesterday. Term nil pulic r closed roads in a trn mile area around the Crim i scene. Funeral plans in rep indefinite but there was talk of burying the theory victims in a mass grave. A roster of the dead m ill be re leased when All Neit of Kin have been notified. York apparently have Clamp noted of them the 19s6 democratic pros Mer Ifni Lamenti amt his asking Price for National Unity is for another of s daughters Helen hut he Dorian. 10, verified her sister s account. She was look n and gov. Averell Harriman Jot new reached an informal working. Prime minister agreement aimed at bringing one told the red dominated Volk Skam "1b window when the ing occurred. Norton turned himself in to tin Chancellor Konrad Adenauer s re quit Western european i dentil nomination. Associates confirmed that the Gime to atomic experts Hope to find cancer cure former Illinois governor who was Union and to discard the idea of beaten by president Eisenhower in1 rearmament 1952, has come to an Uhri Ulm Havana l urn Back from Stevenson will gel firm crack. Three years of political exile these associates said however. Prem Den Nilos j in s Ocar it it becomes ii Taipin ii any my n n n suite at the Pou in the next re that to ilium Stevenson is unlikely to make the lure Liing of his country b Aile. Lie could be expected Ati Empl to Sunti his strength Quick Jno was hooted out in the by to Harriman. Imi Henrj coup which returned fun together Stevenson and Billls to Power. He by Carey and animal Beriy have within Thi Geneva v atomic silent ims specific chemical antibodies Are trying to develop a kind of help protect those areas guided missile against cancer. Disease. They Are searching for sub they said it might be stances which would Home on to isolate these antibodies and use cancer when injected into the blood them As carriers of radioactive Harriman s Chance a the prize Trenum and carry with hem a a substances to particular areas of depends on Stevenson s flunking he pre convention Cam and Harri Man represent tile two potentially most powerful voting blocs in next summer s convention. Starting with his Illinois Home base mite of fio Stevenson has wide sup Poi t within the party ranks. There is some doubt however that he could Muster sufficient votes to win the nomination without new York s 94 in the Early balloting. It is accepted generally that unless something happens to upset the working agreement that if Stevenson appears to be going into i the convention with a commanding against position he will gel the new York support that probably would clinch1 possible his Nornma Uon. Harriman s chime Scio Rived by from Miami. Plane thursday n r night Scott county sheriffs department at Gate City. He told a reporter. Any Man has a right to protect his the shooting happened on rout ?.3. Bishop was rushed to wide City by car and transferred then to Tii ambush Ivice. Deathless Days City county 263 47 evacuated damage was confined primarily to destruction by mull water and floods. The Hurri Cane slapped Wilmington on its Northeast course then turned its Eye or Center toward Cape hat terns which Connie was expected to hit about noon Loday. J National guard troops began some people from Tlle Pamlico sound areas near new Bern. N. Police said High Waters made the Bridge across the Neuse River which connects a s. High 17, the Hurricane alerts removed yesterday were restored today for the Jersey and new York coasts Hurt for Shore sections of connect building in he Senate office Washington. I had arrived in the resort thursday with his wife Betty Jane Mil their two sons for a 10-Day Holiday. This morning he took the to a nearby police training Wys Aso to watch thai Parn troopers n an Nir dropping operation reports received in Bangkok snid the Accident occurred As the Trio was on the Way Back to Hua Hon. South korean killed i As tension grows Seoul of South korean was new York City was not expected to be hit directly by the storm even on its present course but winds of 40 to 50 Miles were forecast for 60-mile winds Likely Eastern end of Long is to hit the shot and continued killed today and rising tension riots Rii Active weapon to fight the a the body. Under this theory a kid Vanancy. Ney antibody might be used to car j this Campaign was outlined to by radiation ammunition against a Coli a the nation atoms for kidney cancer or a stomach anti Rogersville it has been in peace conference by or. W. Might transmit to a stomach Nam cd that plans Are underway Bale and or. Spar of the cancer by several Rogers Volle businessmen University of Rochester at Roch the americans to application with the s note Ester n. Y. Far Thev have heal h department for build such a they with animals inc of a Hospital m Hawkins would direct the powerful ray.-, of they extracted material Rad inactive material Only against Rabbit kidneys mixing u with rail made the cancer without harming Mii Dion Tive incline. Miniec red into other pita a i minding to be. And. Radioactive rabbits the mixture tended to be material attached o the inn Gnu kidneys. N even if would Stiv Pir. He a died. Three Dpi Niter he injection the nomination. The pid arc More Man 10 per cent of the primary Road Rene sex in me a found in in and of the Hunion the Thev in Coil Llev seven Al ii Lei in the to the Corii it tin used Hei the can nov or reported that experimented Only pain tests after he makes a prom ised formal announcement of his1 intentions in november. The Stevenson Camp is ill is divided on whether the former so Illinois governor ought to go into primaries to test his strength locally against other potential Cali i from dilates like Ken. Estes be Faiver Idle him. Advisers who . Civ argue hat Kefauve coming up sunday it St Good food recipes for delicious entrees. And beverages. The food Section cil family we wkly is must rending for Many housewives. In addition there Are Manv other in is enl trip some articles and stories in i Amily sunday. School for first time a full Page of pictures of children who Aie starting to school Lor the first time. Worried abort Smith solves this eternal problem. For laughs Don to miss seeing How he takes care of his Bills. This is just one of the comics in the big sunday coloured comic supplement. Water Foit Davis goes behind the scenes to about How gets its water. It 111 Pew tumor High school be ready when school starts head the latest on this important cites it is fair time u i into ration on the tip ii jul horse keel be foot to. And , 1 he two Nils Are Vav much ill the i us. Stogie Deal log with loot wll or ache High schools my Hite i on the tight Ami Naii league Pennant lace Sun Davv Kooim s will he Lodeil in h u.-u-. The i e rep if. From the local. Arka. National uld . front Wiinie 10 i a and ski president syn Nman Rhee n demand that pro communist truce inspectors get. Out of Korea by saturday Midnight. Two other koreans were wounded. U. S. Army reports indicated a S. Guard aboard a ship shot the Whiee koreans with his car Bine. The guard said the three were no milk from a Barge. An informed source said mean while that Rhee advised the . Government he could not control korean demonstrators unless a. S. Troops guarding truck team personnel put away their weapons. An informed source said Gen. 11-. L. Lemn Luer United nations commander in a thursday con Ference with Rhee charged and i Rhee heatedly denied that the korean demonstrations were gov 1 eminent inspired. It has been common knowledge i that South korean officials in the j past Nave ordered supporting other Rhee objectives. An 8th army spokesman said a to. S. Soldier guard aboard a ship in Inchon Harbor has fired his car Bine Al three koreans in. A boat. He Nicl Hie gun id spoiled them Irving o Teal canned milk from n Barge at 3 . The Kinrd s ii lion. I said had in connection with any anti truce team demonstration. Juk is land. All Points were warned especially against extremely High Hud rough seas Hood danger. In Washington the red Cross re ported that refugees from the Hurricane along the Carolina coast and Inland poured into red Cross shelters last night and Early today. The largest number to seek n Huyen from the storm were Myrtle Beach s. Which was hard hit by Hurricane ha7rl last year. The red Cross had 17 Shel ters open in the Myrtle Beach re sort area. Winds of 100 Miles per hour lashed the Wilmington n. C., area where reports of flying Glass and broken windows has resulted in at least two minor injuries. The weather Kanir sprint and nor Vimr ft.1 temperatures p. 17 74 73 . . Ii 12 precipitation 24 hours Trice. Precipitation Thi month .30. Pc Clelta ton this year 45.15. Today s skies us . 71 . 1.01 . , i Lanki _ or Knurr k trunk f people it makv1n Siom. Control Public Donisi Isiah ions the n n s it i c Skoul aug. I ins. F re-1 As these which South korean a i Law Long As he was powerless to and n. Or r--5" Lac in Llo Eil. Roee de Cialeo to think that Secretary Dulles instead of saying All of this s for this won t get ii must say once again he wit try to Settle satisfactorily Preh Leiv. By a Estair the i Rea of to Moniou 3110 1 As. Gen. was a Folie a he Lod that Lane Foi washing he could not make the pointed at them. Hen i could Tell the korean 1-Eopie we Are on the right truck. All they see now Are american Gur

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