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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 11, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeThursday August 11, shark and shark ice Cream Cone with her pet Kitten map Marietta Rock who lives in Annuli a shares her , to try mid gel some Relief Ironi the us Dugi cd heal. Governors seeking Highway program by Jack Hill Chicago a the nation s governors m Shiv Hafl today Lor a coir Highway construction pro Gram unit might be palatable to n Congress which rejected presi Dent a Isenhowr s proposals and democratic subsoil us a although the governors listened Praise wednesday no not from i Hrit Nln a sir Roger j milk ins for Eisenhower s role at the Geneva big four conference did turned to n discussion of Man a Al health today their kinds obviously were on the a ship. I Makins told the Kov conors it Thoj Stelle dinner of this 47th annual j conference of the Rhiel executives j that Ai gon Crft Eisenhower had succeeded in in Yak let us Hope for onre and All. The ghost of the idea thai the Aine Ritins Are a j Jack of War Inonu gov. G. Mennen Williams. Mich-1 h4 in do incur it told his in a prepared address that " he problem of mental health is still one of the biggest faced by the people and the j one out of 12 babies born today will spend some Lime in a mental he said. Over one half of our Hospital Beds Are juiced for mental cases. The total annual Public Cost of mental health in the United Stales amounts to Over president Eisenhower told the governors in a message wednesday lie is ready to cooperate with them in attempting to solve the Highway and school construction programs. After a discussion the governors named a resolutions committee to Lake up the Road Issue. Most of the members called for Quick action to yet Road building started but they differed in Inch showing the at the atomic Energy conference in Geneva Are Selling a look at one of America s atomic triumphs. is showing n Model of the first full scale atomic Power Plant which is now being built at Shippingport a. Previous test generators have produced Only Token amounts of electricity. Donna Jean Hough of Pittsburgh looks Over the exhibit. Soviet scientists say they re near photosynthesis by Frank Casky scorn re or Porter nov. Willmm o. Stilton Illi Nois he publican. Proposed a five a car Road building plan instead if hip 10-Yt in Prog Nim urged by president Elsun Lowi i. Gov. Fred to photo by Kesterson Uka Tii car in 11-w is the automobile which carried a Yount Man to his death shortly before Midnight last night. The victim was identified by his Driver s License As Donald Carter Davis of Church Hill. The cur was in a collision with a tractor trailer driven by George Mchenry of Bristol. Scratch me not with itch me not Connie could be an expensive lady to be entertained by Sam Dawson crows Slick up on repair mints. And he won t allow new York Connic coup new nos. Plot ii Crnac routes. Jthli1b Fol the inconvenience loss in m Coop Nave w the expense of Lowner in t Iho Only one to suffer Ruso to owners shiver is much Iliff out of ulc storm s a Fly Indiana s Republican n him Irnne stirs n finn i ?w11c1? As much i to u the loss of Busi Hoss Roill Cirol by m. Can Elf ill kid will he Milln Lemr of inn nip Lii to can the Sci Vernoi s a Iospa t of Pioppi by . In we King n dus Mossi a n inn will benches closed to in thurs. I by v gov Wellni j Kob Bui u few after its Rabia Sion operator.1 but Tail Down Lei inc min Repici Blonn. Sold Sci to Milc is us Puri link Kisi Shower s in to Indira a rvs a Sec n in for n Ioir term Bond w Iris a Wilri m Kii Holme demand. Iron Atn irn Kennic the excl nce value or the after Mulh of the storm is gov Edwin c. Johnson. Colo Lluc by ills found Kirl Iii for n Jusi us bad fur the resort business., Liuio Democrat said he wants a not Only drummed facilities and , without in Al after the Monns have pnsr., beaches. But also the increase in Federal gasoline and f 01 the Syc Holmen effect on would be other taxes x collector Pels Inlo the net. Vacationers Hani Iner lit receipts. As a Hurricane approaches one of last year s Bis the weather picture by Tiik associated i Krs Chie Airo Clear Deli Oil Clear Des Moines Clear Ali and in plus. Clear Indianapolis Clear Marin pole Clear Milwaukee Clear mils by. I Neil. Clear Omaha Clear s. Kle. Marie Clear traverse c ily Clear Portland Clear roue Cloudy see Rel of this process Loop no spread Mound Prospect Iii. To duplicate 11 artificially As a help a . Paper said Aerial stir Seal the Geneva scientists Ullh the world s food problems Veys Liy Mulli ii kind a lilies it allnio.1 told the atoms for peace conf i american scientists also Ynve re Alli Ludes of run feet Are used Cloudy Torino they believe they Are ported Progress toward working spin in Broad areas on the vim up of solving the mys out the not previously known lofty hourly Tery of photosynthesis nature s Kur Saulov reported the russians uranium or thorium , hourly ingenious method of feeding the have found that pro Lens As Well i single in plane planes san Francisco Clear Horld. Ins Are direct no r0 maps an hour my to inn Denver Cloudy a. L. Kurs nov told the 12-r.ation urls of in above Mound to pin Point do Kurt Worth can my Parley Flint the russians Usini leaves. He Niri that Kansas Clear radion live isotopes As tracers in ale formed under the influence. J Sirni iss cd Durnian of Memphis. Plant studies have found out n of the red and yellow parts of no Amoh Nerey com i Oklahoma c Ltd Clear number of things about the process sunlit he while pro Lens Are formed the tinned slates is St. Louis dear in which Breen Plains under Undi i the i of met. I buoy Light convert Carbon dioxide and the United Stales. Canada and bomb Energy can be Barne Kiseil for Cleveland Clear into the sonars and starches Russia reported on extensive Ner 11in he added i of Alsville. Cloudy that men and animals Eal. My Winspe Clint for Iii Nam and in die Way of a n new York Cloudy men of science have Lone sought thorium in addition to i hair wide and i Lonks like Cloudy coast Utility and transportation blows Cut a one billion Dollar pro companies round up emergency Perly damage Pulli across Eastern Nunci Canada to the research men estimate the slept distress of some insurance com Industry ave arcs 10 years be panics As Well us Many properly Nuveen a research idea and a Sale owners. Hie product. Insurance p a y m o n i s. Had a the 1u5-1 Texas Wool clip is Ai d male. Seems British Lima led at world Psi France comi Januc a were heavily million dollars. Involved and Nice they had to pay Nebraska Lias 4.7h j Miles of rail in american or Canadian dollars Road. Their demand Lor the hard Curren modern Llewlen Colls Sis Essen was one of the Laclar con of tin hardened by the i i bul Iii to the temporary Embar of Antimony and Copper. of the exchequer i.1 11 India has Aboul motor Lali last the Pound a cilium pm Al vehicles about one Lor til Volu ii it s All Over. The lax1 Michel an ha1- More a Lepple if in nil re due Ihan move out m him. Impi i by a. Iii any in average year. And insurance pay 8fi Sci in itt 101 77 fill 87 74 54. In annual events City playground groups to compete playground movies to be shown Mere i he t but added la let Nebr. You make porn Meel. Ha.-, More than fee to can children from Raidee. Cloud of Boll Rotor and Black and flute ills Jackson and Lee Plavni funds will film Sll gather a. Park Lor has a Lone awaited even h week for films. Cloud and l. I the Kerls Stan n aiusah1 seen ihcm.-Ehe-. Very Loim Rale Allan la Cloudy so rails told a news conference Miami the tinned has been work new Orleans Clear i on the subject Lor a Able us ails. Declaring Here is no Basic scientific principle to say that harnessing if fusion Enory As of children of the Plav posed to fission Energy ground set have the Stair inv role m the a bomb ill be of a movie they will see ibis week achieved asserted we do nol w. C. I Horris ally be Reallon Ihal u is cooperation. And ii enl head has been Lallu a said process is being made fun will come to the fore Lomonsow of their Ali vines All sum in the i i 7h n. 8ii on 85 17 hid lid i Sii i a 17 Siri or 117 full 7.1 114 c7 71 Fri 84 70 of 74 7li ii 81 74 it 72 ii.1 7r a 7d wading pools Price St. Entrance Dobyns Taylor save up to 30% on your i re sent food costs with the Dobyns Taylor food plan dial cd 10 . And Hoy Biront a 4 p in. Tiny tots a the brer Niciu most nor in id i civic act groups. Other Lor children of All fid ill links. Help yourself to the Best Money Sears summer clearance Sale now in Progress at Sears Catalon sales office 214 e. Market Street dial cd 5-4196 checkers War him Ai can checkers. Rook Puiul Kunrt the Lotf a to lips la Tennis Phi Dir Oao and .1 in nut visors frn Iii p be or. Mid Ficor and w. C. The Mccre Kiuon it of his sports will apr Ive blur and win and yellow first four n of. And for he of nor the a Fiji u a vat i Melon r i i their k v. I of paid knee and was now 1 Only available col spot 11.1 cd. It. Upright Freezer 1 Only available was 17.4 cd. It. Col spot Chest Freezer now moving dial Circle 5-7441 Tom still Transfer co. You can get the Cash today. Signature Auto household emergency Loans to consolidate debt furnaces Oil Winkler Oil Furnace Mia hts c Emplit Hui. F Kofl so turn Tif nil Rel. Ufa 1 1 to Iii v 111 in is . It Coal 10 in on no i Mai Vilow mom ii a i r to w mils mis to i1 y Southern Sheet Metal works 334 n. Sullivan is. Lioi exact a amount ,1 Coth you Crl 93.96 0 is j 6.00" Low co amount 6f Cain you get Loans ii monthly 34.00 187.92 234. 9o 15.00 above do rot include to Cash rebate your signature ii Loon ,1 Paul a10 n g .11 you Ihl cold do. Don you 100% Wool blankets 9 la. Capacity Kenmore automatic Washer 9-lb. Capacity Kenmore automatic dryer As Low As each was now now was now Tomt 124 Commerce Street building phone cd 5-6196 21-ln. Table Model Silver tone to 20-ln. Hobart window fans Sears Catalon sales office was now 46.95 214 e. Market St. Dial cd 5-4196 Kingsport

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