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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 10, 1955, Kingsport, Tennessee14 wednesday. August 10, 195s space ship special. No. 3 rocket expert describes first plunge into outer space by Crew of 2-3 men 2 truck Drivers Are indicted in shooting incident Auto instalment credit has never been so big before editor s note the first Huiju Ulitt will be Dei Floyd Lulu Wing the ret tentative Ullh the Bas kerb full a Ltd Nuel Lotf planned by United will not tour Oil 1m ined Littely to the Moon Lilore momentous lunar journey can of attempted Xifre must be of flights Flag hit to if it the ships and the my in Uitz against the known and unknown dangers and of outer space. In tilt article. Third of a , re cart satellite authority Martin f Aid in explains How the preparations be made and outlines some of the problems thai must be overcome before Man really can become the Conquy ror of by Martin c Aid in from worlds in 1955 by Martin cat Dan Mission of the author and Henry copyright of by per distributed by International before Long the ship strikes the upper atmosphere Chuting up us it plummets through the resisting air. Gradually and easily uie Pilot returns his Craft to Earth. Several flights of this nature will be followed by powered take offs from the ground. In All several Hundred test flights including drops and Power take offs will be made to prove the ship. Finally the great Day for the flight into space will arrive. Less than an hour after the five first in go rocket motors Wash. The launching pit with flame the final be orbiting about the Earth several Hundred Miles in it is obvious that the establish space us Crew of three cup Criena mint of stations in space must eng f0r the first time in history antedate the actual exploration of. Eilish 01 the Moon. Space satellites stage vehicles to require Multi transport men and equipment to the desired orbit and velocity above the Earth these space ships will represent Over a period of years hundreds of thou Sands of tons of supplies and pro poll hints. And billions of dollars. For the initial plunge into space then we May employ Down multistage space scaled ship comm dating two or three men. It will orbit about the Earth at a height of several Hundred Miles with a velocity of More than Miles per hour for a period of several Days. A venture of this nature answers the demands and remains within the capabilities of the rocket Industry. The incredible sensations of sustained weightlessness seeing in All their glory the heavens and below them the shimmering massive Globe which is their planet. For several Days these three men ill remain in space. An entire world will hang breathlessly on every word radioed Back to Earth. Reports on their reactions to pro longed weightlessness and their eating1, sleeping and jiving habits in space will be snatched up eagerly by scientists on the ground hundreds of Miles below. Thousands of feet of movie film will be taken of the Earth Sun. Moon and stars. Movie in Maras in the ship will record the reactions of the first men in space tape re corders will faithfully capture their conversation for scientists to i. Kab anon. Trim. The Wil join county Oral id jury has indicted two North Carolina truck drive on charges arising irom shot fired into a Nashville truck near july 23. Of shiny brilliantly hued indicted yesterday were Wade Flushing by you on the totally enclosed within the trans chasten 30, and his. They running on Parent helmet an oxygen Mas Kijack 35, both of Asheville. Bond on debt by Sam Dai Sun new York those hordes radioactive phosphorus is used to find Plant nutrient in soil by John Booth International news service farm news writer Washington. Auy. 9 agriculture department scientists disclosed today that they have used or radioactive phosphorus to deter mine for the first time How much fastened securely to the face pro Vides breathable air for the occupant. To claim that this suit will protect a Man on the Moon because of vacuum conditions is to assert a half truth. A spec cult must be a More than merely a Altitude pressure suit. The High Navy suit undoubtedly capable of meet for each was continued at the unusually Large stocks of they were charged with assault cars still in the hands of the with a gun with intent to murder dealers As the 1955 Model year Millard King 27. Of the they be sold turin., and shooting deadly mis at a profit or at big discounts a certain motor and on increasingly perhaps dangerously Liberal payment terms King was fired on while driving it s one of the hottest debates truck for super service freight co. The Chasteene con-1 never before have the of a Given Plant nutrient is Avail Able in the soil. Department spokesmen agreed that the development probably is the most important one to Date in the use of radioactive materials for agriculture research. Of this kind has been going ing every requirement for extreme-1 Tinct Drivers for motor lines Luik cars turned out so Many cars Altitude aircraft certainly is Nashville were arrested shortly. Never before have americans on at the department s Plant Indus itry station at Beltsville. Md., near i after the shooting. They denied i knowledge of the incident. Substitute for a spa Casull. Or. Fritz Haber of the depart ment of space Medicine expressed the opinion that it May be Neces sary to abandon the entire space suit concept. If men wish to float around their space ships Accord ing to or. Haber it will be Neces sary Lor them to do their work inside rigid attending to mechanical details with Remote a Chicago control devices. I Washington for about 10 years. Using radioactive phosphorous As research tool the department s Al won t approve merger of unions bought or at least signed up Arunm s to pay for so Many new scientists have successfully de never before has the total of Auto of Mobile instalment credit outstand ing been to huge. Before world War ii americans owed 1 billion dollars on their cars. This summer they owe 12 billion. The Auto makers and the finance companies say nothing to about. National income Hay 1 the Model space ship will he a study and the world to read and smaller replica of the giants to be built later. Before the entire three stage ship hurtles into space extensive slide and Power tests will be car ried out. When these flights have supplied the desired data the fuel tanks will be filled and the space ship will be borne aloft by a bomber to height of about feet. Sealed in the pressurized Cabin the three Crew members will Wall for their ship to be dropped. Seconds later plummeting Down and Forward in a High Speed Glide the Pilot will energize the single Power Ful rocket motor pulling the ship into an almost vertical climb. For the next few seconds the space ship will behave like an air plane which for All practical Pur poses it is. The Delta Wing shape will shudder and rumble momentarily As the great Power of the listen to. Spacesuits will be tested pressurized equipment and procedures experimented with in space. These men carry out the rocket motor boosts Speed of sound. It past the nose pointed straight up the ship will hurtle into the upper Atmos phere at a Speed of several thou Sand Miles per hour. Inside the three Man Crew will be pressed into their acceleration couches under the Force of the climb. But Only for n Little while soon the Pilot throttles hunk the motor and eases the space ship into a More gradual climb. The motor is silent As the space Milf coasts along on its momentum in giant arc. Of labor has refused to too heavy they the merger of a. Member Union prosperous americans with the fur and leather workers and they Point out that much of Union. The present Prosperity is due to now Independent the buying this boosts retail member fur and leather workers i sates makes possible the High Union was ousted from the production schedules Gross of Industrial organizations i which spark the rising total of on charges of communist dui ainu personal income. Most fascinating Experiment the world has Ever known. When they return to Earth the first step in the actual Conquest of space will have been completed. Pocket engineers usually assume that development of chemical fuels and the space ship Are the major factors hindering space travel. Actually one of the major stumbling blocks is the spacesuit. To february of 1b53 the United states Navy Annn Unrod Chr development of a revalue Lonny High Altitude pressure suit for pilots successfully tested at altitudes of feet. At this height a Annj Libove the curl i. Even in alive and however Controvert in the ques Tion May be it is encouraging to realize that the Navy High Altitude pressurized suit designed to keep mail alive in a vacuum will j serve As the basis for developing actual spacesuit capable of protecting Man against All the dangers of a new environment. It must to Lully enclose the wearer and must within itself provide All the necessities for survival without dependence on any outside source. It must be entirely self sufficient wit i regard to air. The suit must be provided with temperature control capable of meeting the extremes encountered in space. The problem of Stabil suit temperature Chi turns. May find its solution in a double convinced the fur workers separated by a cellular material Ilin Lon has been say to lion. The Al gambled meat cutters and Butcher. Workmen tuesday announced that it has taken control of the fur the Auto makers and the finance amal com Pantos also Point to the Low i r to the Amer workers Union and has forced a talc 11 officials the Al considered objectionable. Izing internal alter the executive Council corp. Regardless of Wmk however George Meany Al. Universal c i surrounding temperatures May j president said the Council still was lat since inc of gun Cryll a accurately that it can be expressed in terms of superphosphate equivalent per acre. The new method already is being employed to a limited extent at some Federal Field stations and co operating agricultural Experiment stations in the states to improve their recommendations on the use of phosphate fertilizers. A formal news statement said it process is a forerunner of the development of similar methods of determining the amounts of other nutrients in the soil that Are available to plants expected to re sult from current us a the department said it expects the method to be More widely used As research stations become to handle radioactive it was pointed out that the announcement might take on added significance in View of the cur rent International conference on uses of atomic Energy which opened at Geneva Switzer of Norfolk Sandy Loam to which had been added radioactive superphosphate it n Rale of 500 pounds per acre took up the Plant nutrient from the two sources in equal amounts. This meant that the soil Sample naturally contained available phosphate equal to 500 pounds of super phosphate per acre. In other tests a Davidson Silt Loam was shown to contain Avail Able phosphate equal to 167 pounds of superphosphate per acre a Brookston Silt Loam pounds and Caribou Silt Loam pounds. Shooting report termed prank Norton. A. Aug. 0-sheriff Harold Fleming termed a reported shooting near Here today the prob Able work of a prankster. A phone Call to the police Sta Tion Here this afternoon reported that a limn had just been shot about eight Miles North of Coeburn. Fleming and other officers searched in vain for a Lawson s store where the shooting was sup posed to have taken place. Opens tax hearings Nashville pub. Lie utilities commission begin hearings today on More 130 protests to tentative rail and util Ity property tax assessments Lor the 1955-56 a Lemiiux. The list of protestants included 12 railroads. 41 truck Linns. 5 elec tric cooperatives 4 Telephone companies 8 pipeline , 2 water companies 10 private car firms 1 Telegraph company and 1 Clec Ric Light company. Southern Bell Telephone co. Objected to the proposed increase of its assessment from 60 to 82 a null lion dollars. The Nashville Chattanooga St. Louis railway protested the boost in its assess. Nent from 28 million dollars to save up to 30% on your present food costs with the Dobyns Taylor food plan dial i 5-6121 which offers High resistance la the passage of heat. Whatever safeguards May by de Vised accidents in space arc inevitable. Most predictions of space travel disregard the fatality Accident Factor which will certainly the Louse cd Erined have Jnai Icci 84 billion dollars to a1 but dollars Bill Many said the Council in a Worth of credit was extended to a True Ted Patrick Gorman buyers and repayments came Iury to insurer of the Moat however that eventually Ballsville scientists Maurice Fairri and l. A. Dean worked out accompany our of beyond those few already described just As it is not practicable to predict nil dangerous situations. For example a Man forced to abandon his space ship several Hundred or several thousand would die within a few seconds if not protected by either a pressurized Cabin or the new suit. The suit was developed under the direction of Captain James Sullivan of the Navy Bureau of aeronautics at a Cost of nearly a Quarter of a million dollars. Many details of the revolutionary Gar Nunt have been withheld for Secu Ity reasons. The wearer is afforded Complete nobility through Semi rigid actor lion pleats which allow movement of such important body joints us he Knees elbows and shoulders. Ingenious wrist joints permit Rota Tion of the hands. The Hend place Well within a space suit could Vive Only briefly. Falling to Earth fron thin height through the outer Belt of he Ritmo Scheit he would be subjected to a deceleration of 300 is upon striking the top of the atmosphere the Shock of such dec Cloratine is More than sufficient to kill him. Even if he could miraculously avoid this Fate his Fulling Speed would be sufficient due to iric Ion with the it Monpere to Burn Nim to ashes. Noel trip to the Moon in umbrella or Haven Tor the com role Al which in has Boon re slim. Mulls is to take ref uric temporarily consumer debt has been uru Wiir Phalos wore available in the soil until they can Aplan find an a croat Pace. Corporate debt for example Millet flow in pots int to Nair to run f tins la poll in Flo Loti firt in nor to uric Wii in juin port Unity to do their subversive has Benn go Ftp up and Bank Loans he business Havo grown at a season Hie men i and fur work when they usually drop. The fed Call for Larkin at your Gro Cirr ers voted february to merge. Eral debt creeps higher and state discussing the merger efforts and local indebtedness swells at Gorman said All persons listed faster rate. The Home building Meany As objectionable to the Al Boom has been fed by easy Mort had signed non communist affix Gongo the adm Nistra davits. To did t say Why the Al had listed them As objectionable. In Sigild resignations were in led by Joseph Winogradski. Of the joint Council n yen a and business Repi i m ii Ulitt for several minutes the men Jin permanently attached it More than the if Ymonds mined i Max banns la Ida Thall and mor will be almost weightless. Shoulders. Although the head is i arc the nmn year. Rocker. Tion is now putting a mild Brake on that. Tin spotlight turns on the audio Man dealers just now i Mise of in new creasing sinus that the drive in rid of Chr models before South Africa produced to Mil George Kleinman Max Kolinsky Chr now ones Iipp Par a couple of i ton oils of in 1953, in Lurrie up snark so unfurl French non. Moi us i ruin now my find some dealers credit terms even More than at present you can t get More you won t pay less i new 10.3 cd. 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