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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 10, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeSpace ship special. No. 2 i motor fuel taxes Many of dangers space explorers provide Virginia Wilt meet Are still Only guesses child crippler rheumatic fever often starts by Strep infections . In i m workers ref urn to Sooga Plant Kingsport times 13 Chattanooga never to inv Ness in Alldren ban inn re cent effective she other Treal added. dispute was settled yes Ury i Youncs lers of school scientists Are lint on the Mill of ,p1.dlly both parties Aux Ert a v Ju-1" which of the Many species of talc a Licul labor for that reason warns the Amer the Streptococci it Crin causes Board to hold an election for Plant lean Hearl Pecau rheumatic fever. They have . Workers to determine the bargain Lions re necessary to keep the covered recently that penicillin representative dreaded disease at Bay. Riven promptly when a Strep the election for maintenance mrs Margaret cot Len. Of the infection Breaks Oul May prevent production workers will be ,.llvlll lower the lungs five to Cir motor vehicle earner Road lax i 4 Alabama chapter of the heart. The fever from tacit la hold later on. About nov. 9. As the Board s Scheri a Vav can St i re Oil inv ii Bora tory seconds of a sustained 6-g Force millions. I Assn. Today noted that certain j mrs. Gotten offered this note of tile will permit. By says he is Richmond Ana. 9 fuel taxes provided 5bu a. Dollars of the s ale do i Palma Lac Parment s nearly m million Dol of Revenue in the 195h fiscal Cost 11 Audil report showed Ness. A Pilot with science to Aid us. We can hic cold int Iise in it reasonably estimate what will wit boil difficulty. At 4 g happen to Man under the Harrow neck Muscles can no longer sup ing conditions to be met in space porn the head. The strongest imm Nusl be Clear however finds it Almos impossible to raise that even with All the knowledge his Arm. And encounters some other Bic Revenue sources Tor at Ouk disposal we arc confronted trouble in breathing. At 5 and tithe department within he state with the unknown. Bie think is still More motor vehicle licenses a we cannot make any Bland due to lessened Abi Uty to Raick Puntini for 15.7 millions and the sumption that Man will at . Conn. Went Hojny in pm it chair and they la Plum to pick me up and carry me in afoul . Marshals com ii take Over her 1 to make room for a new air husband does t plan on moving either. And the couple has three children and Uvo Dors. Their House and land is nil the Sovern Meir needs cleared before Federal funds re Ved by the department amounted to 11.5 Mil lion dollars. These figures were disclosed an audit report released today open the advisement i Ioor to rheumatic fever As Strep throats some car infections and Scarlet fever. Ass Throe to trn sleep company lawyer Jere t. Tip Houri Iii Oul for s500 More. The if your child has never had Lon sold Lac was government has made an offer of rhe Umalla fever Vou can help to a in company see that he never does and if he followed out by childhood s Uro lest men have endured Gruell him. The h Lipan body in a prone state auditor j. Bennett. Ing conditions on i to bul even the worst 011 mis tin Spur ii u. Mrs with planet pales to insignificance tolerate Jor two to three More than dozen reported to Hie Side the extremes of space. Minutes an eleven fold increase Intro Lemoi by Bennett. All the audits of he in. Weight. In a. Supine position i his were for the 1954 fiscal year. J 11 the of the human. Others covered the Vircinia stale authority the state corp Hundred Are rheumatic fever. Our knowledge leaves the space Sci Tisl led. It is the Cardinal Rule men evolving space travel the physiological be Silvid a Foru tests with a my shed into n pulp ships Are built. There is weight increase can be h Normal body weight for the same ports not but ration commission the a court Cotton nol Strep Throat child s Only Hon soness or n ii re i in cos Are hint Tho child Dors not have a strip throne. Hill Nirh a sore slip will Hove employ pm a substantial 1ms had it. N is Moil Imp omit to i to press Nativo number of the make sure of never sets it Nunin. Total pm posts to employ when it is in full opera construction work on the 2fi Mil lion Dollar Plant. Who re produces lit minium. N Inell used in const Ruc Tion of Nir Craft. Is now a Cirinc completion. Between 100 and 150 Union work joke engagement ends in marriage Juvenil heard by Senate group in Nashville this or avidly forces a spaceman Little purpose demand lion. The take off Tion. N lab Icaline a mul i constant n h lives than a Dollar machine if note of exp Lar need Moie 1, is than a " k space ship does not suddenly be negations of Las impose a Scaler or Lull on the Crew those Dang is Aie Eal the in Ltd sent pm Covern a bin results rather in a swear in in any one or combination of the de crease in . Ii reaches ils were obtained input of labor Nanri Industry Rad College women s division of Virglnia Virgin a Bright she Elcied thut Arce Lention flue. Cured . Rim Nihl w flu. Cuil d tobacco commission the Virginia Fisli eries Laboratory at Gloucester Point. Dejarnette Sanatorium it St nun ton the de Lii Uncial or lever takes loll Between the ares five and 15 and is responsible Lor most of the heart disease children. Yvonne Mil 23. Director of n Lead in Nuj Stiim fashion Hou Nashville Senate sub Friday to support de committee bended by Ken. Kef for the holding of a Bur Nti Vor id Tran opened a three a Lection for the pm auction Duy Henninc today on juju nil de q 1uh employees. The Lin Gurncy problems rom Penny contended such in elec Kefauver snid the Harl no Here lion would be premature in View will Deal chiefly with the View they were friends but she was of lie number of such workers Points of educational and Krliu Nouyi i Branni Al saved master of the liner Star of in Cairo sevc rut times. The head association offered i surprised by his request alter they now employed. Ran descend with fatal sudrienne., on the Crews of future space ships und space satellites. Fortunately present knowledge based on part mint of space Medicine Randolph air Force base Texas with the express purpose of Scien or search. Will enable us to obviate Tiftic the Mudica these dangers. Lhart understood of All the up sensations which men in space will Tine from effects ration. Of weightlessness. Accel radiation and other far tors on the Crews which will eventually conquer space. Peak at the end of the propulsion period. Doctors with this Factor concerned More than Mission of fisheries. Madison is for the irom Alexandria on the pcs Pirc at uni Rikon Bui a and Virginia from n sore Throat sri s last voyage. State school at Hampton. In your cml is not a Sorc cup Nln blushing for asked her. Mere physical reasons. To tolerate a severe increase in Sci put is no ways uncomfortable to know that it will become continually worse i n it Bennett approved ten accounts and records Oli each institution or Throat and has any of these sym to pretend to be his Fiancee. To two trustees recaptured leaders on ways to solve the delinquency problem among the nation s children. Some of the lop educational and religious lend crr in the in. Toms All your doctor Rich Nway Contos cd he bad told friends icy Manchester. Tenn. Tion will he said. Pc Llev and be prepared to give the engaged. Offer Iii As proof trustees who escaped from fort want their opinions. Lepan Mcnol wound Sarrp some photos taken on miss Mai s Pillow state prison farm near and programs tip the audit period with a balance Nici the will ont Romr a Carlier trip aboard his ship. H n. Of the largest hem in the would Only _ j miss Mai hoi ight it would be All do me he thundering rocket climb obits c11nsistrd of n 2 dts complain thin his i w _ Fum. Joke can in Lonso mans mind. Of 7q Myjon in Throat hurts the most when he j unconsciousness can occur . Tucson a and Yvonne and the 40 in supine position. Assuming swallows3. Does it year old Captain walked Down the in experience is that Gravity or for ii More precise. During take off a space ship the Lack of Gravity. Exerts severe plus Gravity weightlessness Gravity Force of inertia Many times that if is often inevitable Normal body its he is Nee travel. I Man passengers. Although too a Man in space either orbit ing much acceleration cannot he per about the Earth in a satellite or j fitted it would Rusli the Xvi thin a space ship on Bis Way into a jellied pulp never the. Mars is weightless. Unless he less a High degree of 4 is. Orients himself with his Eves look is necessary to permit thu space Cal Iny at tie familiar of a ship consuming fuel in prodigious space ship Cabin or any other ref a quantities to break free of the crr nip Point his understanding of j ground and get into space in the and Down becomes mean a shortest possible Lime. There Arr in verticals or How much Fri it As we interpret such an increase in body weight can the and veins. The brain a result of the. Assessment and gotten win Enair inc on Earth. The human body withstand and Eye Retinas likewise deprived tax ,-irliviiie.s of the Sec. J lie of opt Rmina if the Rel let to what happens to a Man physical has Myrh of vital Blond and oxygen fall. Expenditures totalled si.-, examined Strep or Tnp i Chr Nuth the in do with the answer. The Posi a Colnnel Don flocking or it the 263.201, and the appropriation n a Lauifi of Lii planet lion of the body during1 the United air Force stairs that Lar tar in ship rpm ration period also plays Airna re Rev of from n Randi inn in renal important role in App rants. Only which a right. In will by Suhair Curri in in minium a Celcra Miri run i or Civco which will incr nor a nor ten. Air plane pills arc for hold Iii Oclin Ripley monday were recaptured Riu ency problems so Cun bring near Here yesterday. The facts to the american Deputy Hobby Tsugue Only two subcommittee mrm snid Roy Cherry 21, and Robert hers came Here for the Chandler. 22, were caught soon Kcal Diuver and sen. Junyei after an Auto which had been Stol appearing before the sub commit were religious leaders i ill and Tennessee gov officials and civic Lead that the Chili appropriation from the state s Point of resistance has been fund. I Ali a Bead reached. Collections Marie by the corp ache 1 blackout occurs when the weight ration commission amounted to 7 la atm n in wet of Chr blood is increased in such j but Bennett s report any one who has had Scarlet fever in extent that the Henrt can no noted the state Treasury received or ii the mtg longer Kurp i of the a sum Lymus ind simis. she Steps sol thai in unit War. In Catmint of the sleep infect i ten usually prevents rheumatic trial body weight of 200 pounds to with plus Gravity forces since Iris is much As 2.400 pounds he will certain Maneu vers a Force of intr by subjected to the indescribable tin increases body Weicht Onsiri of instantaneously being Erakly. Pilots refer to this increase i Rhet furred from such crushing As so Many is or multiples of in n condition of Gravity. . And co be. Judged suitable. Next space satellites re i but Ever i people much i realize i Indiana has annl total Ling tons. A Fiji a Propri i -1 court a Tion of spent Lor Iii hippy. Of Virginia s Oyster Beds More than and for Protection of Oyster since in. My a f rent Many ports of Beds and fish. The because in is a balance of was reported. At the. End of the period Lor the tales and disbursements taxation department. Receipts to shop Bowers and save on school needs for children and College students follow the crowd to this gala event free in prizes 1st prize 24" blonde Motorola to 2nd prize 300.00 Diamond ring 48 other big prizes nothing 10 in Mist he drawing for prizes sept. 3rd formal showing Iffat my. Tif of the new 1956 Motorola in Pirhia i n put con fro s. And an illumine cd us annul . Down delivers your Motorola to free service tire store 2to e. Center Street dial cd 5-6191 Young ladies Coats Wool Blue Tan and Grey. Simi 7 to 15. Only skirts Wool flannel and Rayon. Assort to Colon. Sim 22 to 30. 3.98 to 7.95 blouses Young Cotton. Colon Long and Short sleeves. Lay away Only a Small Deposit boys Western jeans 1334-oz. Sanford Zed Birch wheat Coral faded Blue. Sizes 8 to 16. Men s jeans sizes 27 to 36 men s jeans Blue Denim men s Orion sweaters All Colon sport jackets sub teen dresses Ati Orud Colon and to from. 10 to 14. To children s Cotton dresses Dan River Solidi and plaid. 14. 1.98-2.98-5.95 Young men s suits 2-Button. Patch 100% Wool flannel. Charcoal Brown charcoal and Grey sport shirts one table Short sleeve. Dan River fabrics. 1 sport shirts Cotton plaids. Sanford Zed. Long sleeves. 1 98 50c i Down fruit of the loom undershirts 49c shorts 69c briefs .69c tee shirts 69c

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