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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 10, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeSenate must Clear up atomic i before adjournment Knowland by William f. Arbogast Washington. Aug. 10 i Knowland i a Calif said today the Icaza i of c Flint be Senate will stay in session no Manor How Long it approve a Compromise version aim not a part Modem Eisenhower s new atomic 10 Energy blueprint. The two week Senate debate now for this saturday Joral Dor the Entrance of private Industry conference into the Field of peaceful atomic for Meme but both houses Power. To Nektar Tatry urn dear secrets u. S. Worked out by a Senate House con the Caa raging fire sweeps three City blocks ence report in t going to be rejected. I Don t know How talk there will be on it. But going to stay Here until opponents who argue that some provisions of the Bill would pave the Way for monopoly in the atomic Power Field have said they re a Gard As Good the chances that the Beverly mass Auto 10 Senate will vote to Send the Meas a raging fire termed by officials ure Back once again to a Senate As of suspicious origin went House conference. The idea would through three business blocks in be to revise provisions to which the Cemer of this North Shore cite they object. Today. The House took Little time yes Deputy fire chief c Frederick of the who said the origin of the which it originally passed in a 17 Blaze will be investigated said a hour session on july 30-31. While million Dollar loss might result the Senate was in the midst of a i the flumes destroyed the upper the Tal Fesl a doors of the Beverly National the major controversy Row Cen Bank which also houses the state ters on a provision dealing with department of Public works o patents on privately financed civil files. The roof collapsed into the Ian developments in atomic ener second floor. That too fell in by. The Bill provides for the is the first floor stance of exclusive patents but the flames spread next door requires that preference in issuing the Almy dry goods store an lice rises for atomic manufacturing to the Beverly cooperative ban projects during the first five heavily damaged was the be Given to concerns that agree to Cor Nix co., sporting goods Stor Arl a a sea depart sent store. Originally the House voted for Normal 17-year renewable patents with no requirement that they be shared. The Senate Bill provided1 for a 10-year period of compulsory Patent sharing. Major provisions of the com Promise include these 1. The atomic Energy commis i 8ion May Grant 40-year renewable aug. 10 licenses for private concerns to publican congressional leaders to adjournment during next week build and operate atomic facilities Lor generating civilian Power re search facilities and medical Pur poses. 2. Exclusive 17-year patents renewable for the same period May be granted on developments when the owner swears they were not president Eisenhower today the now Hope to wind up the legislative session some time week. They had been trying Prev loudly to close up shop by a urday. James c. Hagerty White hous press Secretary said the presiden a Weib Mey were not Caio me conceived or worked out while heiwu1 defer his Colorado vacation was operating under government As on As the Senate and the auspices 3. The dec would be required for five years to give preference in granting licenses to manufacture commercial atomic equip ment to concerns which agreed to share patents for a fee. 4. The dec subject to congressional approval could build full scale atomic plants to demonstrate the feasibility of various reactors. In producing Power. Eluding work on the b. The president is authorized saturday. To disclose information on the ex-1 eternal characteristics of weapons and on civilian Power to bite worse foreign nations guaranteeing against secrecy leakage. House remain in session. Senate Republican Leader know land. House speaker Martin o Massachusetts and other gop con Gressional leaders held their rag ular weekly conference with Eisen Hower today. Afterwards Knowland and Martin said the heavy docket which stil confronts the Senate has virtually ruled out any possibility of con legislative the weather picture by the associated press 87 62 65 Chicago Clear Cincinnati Clear Cleveland rain Detroit Cloudy Escanaba Clear grand rapids Cloudy Indianapolis Clear Marquette Cloudy Memphis Clear Milwaukee Cloudy Sault Ste. Marie Cloudy Dps Moines Clear Kansas City Clear . Paul Clear Oklahoma City Clear Omaha Clear St. Louis Clear Atlanta Clear Boston rain Miami Clear port Worth Clear new Orleans Clear Denver Clear Helena Clear Phoenix Cloudy los Angeles Cloudy san Francisco Cloudy Seattle Clear Church gifts water Btry Conn Ai her dead aunt s engagement ring All one woman said she could give toward a fund being raised for improvements at the first methods Church. The Rev. Charles b. Har was reluctant to accept the gift feeling it represented too great a sacrifice. Then Thi Waterbury re publican mentioned the incident. A Day or so later Hart received a Telephone Call from a person who does t belong to our of Fering to donate the value of the ring to the improvement fund. The Check which followed was for but says Hart the ring donor insisted that the Church keep it. It will be set into a Cross which will be installed above the communion table in Sanctuary. Pueblo colo., aug. 10 John Rice of Penrose appeared at the Pueblo dog Pound yesterday and asked for a watch dog that would he explained he was tired of marauders molesting his chickens. Tlle Pound master selected a dog 62 Ece a of 78 61 and asked r is to watch him while 81 63 he want out the unload a truck. 81 82 75 81 81 69 88 84 74 90 90 82 95 89 89 100 70 90 94 93 91 91 105 80 73 70 the Pound master returned face and right ear were that s the dog i said Bice sure he bit me. Man eating fish i new York it a rare Black Piranha an 11-Inch Man eating fish that can bite a Finger off with one snap is on exhibition in the 1 aquarium of the Bronx zoo. Tow More Are being studied in tanks in the zoo s Laboratory. 00 although other species of Piran 7si has Are common these Are the first 68 Black piranhas to be exhibited to 77 any aquarium zoo officials say. 60 it is impossible to keep More than in a tank because they bite 76 huge chunks out of each other. A 53 naturalist once described the 48 Piranha As probably the wickedest 51 fish that swims by the Side of him a shark is a perfect season tickets. For do Grid tilts available from now until aug. 27, season tickets to Dobris Beni Ett s 1954 football games will be held for those persons who bought them last year but on sept. 1, remaining seats will be sold first come first served. Activities director r. E Kennedy announced. Kennedy also pointed out that Reserve seats for fans who had 1953 season tickets must be applied for in writing and must be paid for at the same time. The indians playing under new coach Alex Williams open their 10-game schedule against Bristol vs., Here on sept. 10. Six Home games Are on the tribe slate. Students who would like to receive their activity ticket by mail May do so by sending their name address Grade and school being attended to the activities director. For further information Call the do activities office i quotes by International news service tuesday. August 10, 1954 Kingsport times 7 former president honoured at Birthplace on birthday by b klan Morin West Branch. Iowa. Aus. 10 Toi aka Kii. Iowa. Aus. 10 is former president Hoover re mrs. Feed Johes is Tea hostess for colonial hits. Club turned today to the White clap Board cottage in West Branch where he was born to receive a round of official honors celebrating his 80th birthday and to deliver a major speech on foreign and do Nestic policies. West Branch bedecked itself loaded mrs. Fred Jones entertained members of the colonial Heights Ullh hags and Home club with a banners loaded up with Fried Tea Friday evening assisted by Chicken and potato salad nailed mrs Jessie Alison. The club s dress unfamiliar one Way Street Sims was held at that time. O the Trees and Light poles and mrs Vernon Shipley and mrs. C. Lady winners of the contest the club in the coun u Luc Trees Ana Agni poles Ana us happily prepared for an expected r c Winne army of visitors. I represent the a to contest on Augu of Vinje president Nixon originally " c was served to club members scheduled to represent president their husbands and approx Eisenhower telegraphed his re mately Twenty guests. Premier Pierre erets last night that he would not mrs m h. Witt will be hostess Mendes France in pleading for sup-1de to attend because of close for the september meeting port of his economic reforms Voes on farm legislation scheduled prance cannot Prosper without to Tia Prosperity for its least favored Chil-1 Wilbur m. Bruckner represent 1 i tuesday City court a. T t i h mini Cut court ses Callander out. _ Olivia speaker. Sion tuesday. Dionne when asked what changes his prepared address was Larre a woman Driver was fined could be expected in the lives of by devoted to the 20-year period for parking illegally Nis four surviving quintuple Daugh Between the end of his own and forfeitures inc used six ters they Are Good girls brought up to a Good Home with a Good r Gigious background. What Chang could there us Burtov h t of damaged Muscles with physical therapy is the wort mrs Csc l Culbertson physical therapist at Holston Valley Community Hospital who is shown Here demonstrating actual therapy with polio patient Troy Carter of Bristol. Since the beginning of the 1953 polio season Holston Valley Hospital has been equipped to treat polio Battente polio treatment methods displayed before club Here or. Merritt b. Shobe and mrs. Lecil Culbertson physical therapist at Holston Valley Community hos Pital led a lecture demonstration of modern polio treatment methods at kiwanis club meeting in the Kingsport inn. Polio patients Wilma Rhoten of Lee county Virginia Troy Carrier and Claude Carrier of Bristol participated in the demonstration. The Carrier Brothers spent Sev ral weeks in Iron lungs at Hych ast summer and physical therapy is being continued in order to help overcome the residual crippling effect of polio. Or. J. K. Williams was in charge of the program. Or. Shobe described the treat Lent used for various degrees of a ulysls and spoke of the need for Small Pool which would enable lore efficient use of water in physical therapy. He explained that Uch a Pool might be included in he plans for the Palmer memorial or the care of crippled children. During the 1953 polio season or. Liobe said that 24 polio patients Ere hospitalized Here for a total court suspended to await Appeal Frankfort ky., aug. 10 Bell circuit court was temporarily suspended yesterday from follow ing through with an order to Rem state Herman Welch on middles Boro s police Force. Tennessee traffic toll shows drop Nashville aug. To luminary reports indicate that the state s traffic death total so Fai this year is about six per cell it was at this time year. The suspension by the court of total traffic fatalities in Tennes appeals will continue in Force until isee for 1954 stand at 430 compared with the City s Appeal from the order i Rosinn vision. Court had ruled 1953 Nave been 19 deaths re i ported for August this year com ared for the same period the i r e same period the City illegally terminated a year ago. Comparisons for other Welch s employment on a claim1 months Jarmar Liast War was not working be u civil service. It said Welch year 68 february had.38, this year 51 March last year proved satisfactorily that he this year 58 april last Vear under civil service and entitled this year 57 May last year employment unless the this year 64 june last year to year 54. Last this year 59. Kingsport leads inf enlistments Kingsport led East Tennessee cities with 24 enlistments last f a next monday f Hospital Days. The Cost of adequate number to in swoon Turin Airt -.1______ n. File valid charges against him. Georgia prices drop Valdosta ga., aug. 10 us prices for most grades fell off Erom to at Georgia Florida tobacco markets yesterday and some markets planned to end their 1954 sales this week. Volume was medium to fairly heavy at most markets. Month limited sales have been a Force recruiting Headquarters aged for the first week of the i the 3503d Usan recruiting Aroma Eastern Belt open-1 group which includes Tennessee Massena n. Y. T. Go Thomas e. Dewey at ground break ing ceremonies for the St. Law rence Elver hydroelectric Powe project this Day is memorable because it is the first time tha two North american states the province of Ontario and the stat of new York have Ever Joine hands across an International Boun Dary to create a vast hydroelectric project for the Benefit of the peo pie of two Cost accountants to meet thursday a meeting of the officers and directors of the East Tennessee chapter of the National association of Cost accountants will be held at Ridge Fields country club thursday August 12. At this is the fourth in a series of summer meetings designed to formulate plans and programs for the coming activities. Meeting in addition to regular business will Deal with the Selec Tion of new members in the East Tennessee area who qualify for membership in National association of Cost accountants. No next monday he care Between june and Decem or last year at Hych was e also stated that through june f. This year the Sullivan county chapter of the National foundation or infantile paralysis had assisted 9 patients at a Cost of investigate drowning Waverly. Term., aug. 10 a Umphreys county officials con need an investigation today of a rowning possibility after a pile f youth s clothing was found yes Day on the Shore of Kentucky Ake near Here. To insure of buyers an in its area of responsibility was number one in the nation in to one n e Naon in clean up the Georgia Florida crop procurement of air Force enlistees i Tod want Dali to photo finishing at lowest prices tee place to sate is Wallace news service. Open ii hours Dally i ministration in 1932 and the elec Bonds for illegal parking and 3 i Tion of Dwight d. Eisenhower much of it discussed the foreign policies pursued during those years by the United states especially with respect to soviet Russia Bonds for meter violation. F. Lansing. Mich. I _ City of estimated at least half a aes in three s Conte Nylon counties around Lansing to kill the Stern Midwest s first invasion of the Nower n f by left an oily film on the Powers Between the three main. Glass have suffered danger Ous changes. Prior to his speech he first visited the three room cottage where he was born a tiny dwelling gleaming with Whitewash and shaded by ancient Trees. Hoover lived Here until he was nearly six years old. His father was the Village Blacksmith his Mother a Quaker schoolteacher. Both died before he was 10, and be then went to live on a nearby Arm with one of his uncles. On the now spacious grounds ends were erected for an old fashioned picnic at noon. 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