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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 10, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee4 Kingsport times tuesda3. August 10, 1954 limes tuesda3. August 10. 1954 i i n Kingsport times Hollywood an Independent democratic newspaper Kom e strut Etc Zipor. Renn poit of a i pm Trad ,1 of cube see a sip Ite by mail first and secondly and sunday one year. And sunday one Post by Carrier Bible thought thou Art Beautiful o my love As Tirzah. Come Lyas Jerusalem terrible As an army with ban of Solomon the times daily tonic any evangelism which does not Magn Tiv the u Umale outsmarting ourselves the frustration caused by people who claim the shelter of the fifth Amend ment to avoid answering questions Lias led to efforts to find some Way of out smarting these people. So we have the proposal sponsored by the attorney general that Congress pass a Law which will make it possible to catch these Evad ers. Under the fifth amendment it is stated As a part of the Constitution that no Man can be required to answer questions if the answer would tend to in Criminate him. So it is proposed to pass a Law which would make it possible to Grant immunity from prosecution to people who claim the fifth amendment. And having no fear of prosecution the witness has no More excuse for ing to answer. By Drew Pearson Washington Jim Hagerty. White House press Secretary who used to work for Tom Dewey. Was cat Goric the other Day in stating Kew Hagerty knows Dewey about As Well As any one and his statement probably Means that Dewey is also out of the race for president in Many observers had figured that Eisen Hower would throw his weight to Dewey of the gop nomination in Case As expected Eisen Hower is a one term president. Made his at a luncheon of the Bull elephants club an organization of male secretaries of Republican congressmen. Dewey will not Hagerty said categorically. I be known Tom a he indicated that senator Irving Ives would run for governor of new York instead. Sri arled atom talk the question that chiefly snarled the closed door conference debate Over the atomic Energy control Bill was the control of patents. This sounds technical but it goes to the Root of the question of whether your children or a few big corporations will monopolize atomic Energy in the next generation. At present the u. S. Government controls All the patents on atomic of them some congressmen led by Chet Holifield of California want some kind of Public control for the in other words control for the next generation. In the secret debate however. Congressman Sterling Cole new Republican battled hard to wipe out future control and permit the corporations to begin taking out atomic patents immediately. Senator Bricker of Ohio another Republican agreed with him. In fact Bricker was even More stubborn than Cole. Siding with them were Van Zandt of Pennsylvania and Hinshaw of Cali fornia republicans with Durham of North Caro however one important Republican did not of Iowa. I can t take this Back to the Senate floor he remonstrated with his fellow republicans it will touch off another fireworks. We be got to by Erskine Johnson notable quo Tawes Webb about entertain magic went out of show Busi Ness and out of stars during tha the magic of zie6feld and Pilim Gham and Frohman is com "5 Back. Carbo had it Jeanne Fagels had it. Now Audrey Hep Burn has it. Pictures can have it too. It it it Dan Duryea about his movie Ca reer based on past performances my role in Foxfire is a sympathetic one. I growl at Jane Russell a few times but i Don t get to Belt her even Julie Harris off beat looking actress i m not the Type of actress who can fit into most pictures. It s hard to find the right kind of films for me. I m not the Standard movie Type. I know or a a x studio executive to his press agent now let s be fair about this picture. Just say it s it it it Sophie Tucker about Betty hut ton playing the last of the red hot mamas on the screen i have to be played by an actress with vitality and Betty Button has it everybody on the screen today seems to be a seller of sex. Sophie Tucker was never it it it there is moral certainty that most of those who cry fifth amendment Are communists. But this is a Case where we had better look before we leap. It could be that the cure might be worse than the disease and we would open the door to much greater evil. If the fifth amendment is being taken advantage of by evil men it is easily possible that the new Law could likewise be taken advantage of. There Are two things to consider. Somewhere in the writings of George Washington there is a reference to the danger of cutting Corners on the Constitution in order to meet a current prob Lem. This is exactly what we Are doing Here. The effect of the proposed Law would be to make the fifth amendment inoperative. If in fact we believe that under modern conditions the reasons for the fifth amendment Are no longer valid then the amendment should be amended by due process. But what we Are doing is amending the Constitution by legislative process. That s dangerous. The other objection to the new Law is Ike agreed with democrats what Hickenlooper had in mind was that the Eisenhower administration sided with the democrats on the control of patents much More than the republicans. The original Eisenhower atom five years so that any company Large or Small would have the right to Cross License new atomic discoveries. In other words it would have the right to use and pay a Royalty on a new Patent Eisenhower and extending the Patent Pool from which has been on the inside with the atomic lon will get the inside track on but congressman Cole wanted to Knock out both years and five years Wilh no Protection conference debates. Ronald Reagan mixing important offices in Nicker affairs i m running for nothing but the actor of the year. Holding office president of the screen actors Guild just about wrecked my Ca reer. You re seen across the table at a committee meeting and Sud Denly there Are Only parts As com Mittee members. Just trying to serve the motion picture Industry is the quickest Way in the world to get kicked in the pants. I m not bitter i m just going to let the United nations save the it it it Paul Kelly Veteran emote on the fireside theater set looking Back it seems to me bad Medicine r Washington calling by Douglas Larsen Bricker would die in me Minimi that movie techniques have under needed gone drastic changes about once every 15 years. But never before has naturalness been so import it it it another hassle took place Over senator Langer s amendment that if any company which had been licensed to produce atomic Energy should be found guilty of violating the antitrust Laws it shall forfeit the License. I will fight that till i declared senator Bricker of Ohio referring to part of the Langer argued Holifield of California if a Man transports narcotics illegally his automobile is seized and confiscated. Why should t a com Pany which violates the Law on atomic Energy also forfeit its Bricker. However remained obdurate. Bombshell brought to Light during the closed door atomic meetings was that the new Bill provided that four More private Power projects could be built in the Tennessee Valley area. This was inserted by senator Fergus open debates. Congressman Cole and Van Zandt amendment is that every time it is used we have to let the user decide whether its use is justified. Nobody can question whether he is telling the truth or not. Using the fifth amendment is not considered a sign of guilt although by using it a Man practically admits he is guilty of something. Under the new Law there would be a wide open door by which evildoers could escape. For example answering questions after being granted immunity a Man might blurt out admission of a crime such As murder and he would be sheltered from arrest. We might find ourselves giving immunity to the very people we Are trying to Stop. Everyone recognizes that the business of weeding out communists is sadly handicapped by the use or rather abuse of the fifth amendment. We know that a number of people have escaped the net because of the frequent i refuse to everybody knows that if we could compel people to testify not against themselves but against others we would get on much faster. Therefore the temptation is to Force such Testi Mony. That is what the new Law would do. Which is certainly contrary to the spirit it not the letter of the fifth amendment. In connection with this business it is Rio Fri that a number of fused to answer questions before con Gressional committees without claiming the shelter of the fifth amendment but held a moral and conscientious objection to involving other people have been cited for contempt. If there have been any indictments or prosecutions under these citations we Haven t heard of them. Which brings up the question. After we have Cut Corners on the fifth Amend ment to gel at these evaders suppose they simply refuse to answer anyway what can be done they can t be taken Down in the basement and thumb screwed. They can Only be cited for con tempt and oven if the Justice depart ment presses the Case there would be such a mass of Law suits that the whole business of weeding communists would be smothered. Perhaps the proposed Law has Good Competition with the Tva. Democratic Congress Washington pipeline it was Secretary of state Dulles who pressured prime minister Churchill into finally giving up Congress to pass the Only one that will not pass Ann Garner wearing a who expression in deny ing rumours of a Marlon Brando Romance i be never been out with or. Brando. I know him from new York and that s All. I be sat at the. Table with him a couple of times m the studio it it it Henry Fonda about rumours that hell become a Broadway song and dance Man the Story started when Ernie Martin and by Feuer wanted me to do a Broadway musical version of Cannery Row they told me it did t matter whether i Sang on key or not. Then they passed it Over to Rodgers and Hammerstein. They asked me to sing and i did. They told me to forget the whole it is a toss up whether it s harder to guard it president who takes Long Early morning hikes around the City than one who plays Golf a few afternoons a week. But the secret service has finally talked Congress into providing about one Quarter of a million Dol Lars More for what it considers the minimum amount of Protection by president Eisenhower and his family. The amount is not exactly that much More than was spent for the Protection of the Truman because budget juggling has sent the White House secret service staff up and Down several times in past years. Nevertheless the increased Money does let the head of the secret service u. E. Baughman breathe easy for the first time in Many years. The additional funds add 30 More men to the corps guarding the White House bringing it up to a total of 156. Baughman s clinching argument to Congress was the attack on members of the House of representatives by the fanatical puerto he pointed out that they had once tried to shoot former president Truman and that the House shoot ing demonstrated that there could easily be another attack on Ike. Though he was most cooperative on All personal Security matters. He d do such things As walk to his Bank from the White House on impulse for instance. His regular Early morning strolls were an invitation to trouble and the danger made the secret serv ice men sweat almost As much As did Harry s brisk Pace. His frequent appearances at con certs and the theater plus his de Light at showing up at some party to which he had been invited the Host never dreaming he d come created extra problems for the guards. But then a Man has to go through some motions of being human while he s president a fact which the secret service regretfully con cedes. The secret service never tells a president what he can or can t do. The Boss does As he pleases and it s up to the is men to see that he does t get Hurt or that someone does t take a pot shot at him while doing it. The most they can do is hint through chamels about some special Security risk. It it it Mac s window fit w. J. Mai life a wonderful debate could staged on the pro and con of me Carthy. By those two generals in we Drew and Walter Wochell. A fellow went into the Senate restaurant and ordered tripe and waiter said sorry sir. We do not have any tripe. Then bring ire some baloney said the hungry one. Sorry said the waiter no baloney no baloney either Well How abm to some Apple sauce sir. Said waiter if the gentleman will to upstairs to the Senate chamber it will get All three dishes free sometimes it seems that no human being could possible be so pompous As some senators sound. When some magician learns How to Cut. Government expenses with out cutting appropriations hell make a big hit with politicians the trouble is that expenses and appropriations Are like flesh and blood. You can t take one without the other As shylock discovered news won t be Long fore Jet planes Are used for Revillar commercial flying. It i am not yet ready to pet into a plane that Fly eth Jet. For i m a Feller who is slightly yeller in a plane that Fly eth by propeller once Man travelled just on foot until some Brave soul himself Pul upon the Back of a fearsome horse then Man travelled so As a matter of course. And then evolved from a smart Man s brain the wondrous roaring Railroad train. And scared at first there came i Day when everyone got around that Way. Then we got a Brand new Deal when Ford invented the automobile and pretty soon both near and far everyone travelled around by car. Next Man discovered How to Fly and travel swiftly through the sky and when they proved it could be fun to that Mode of travel Man Wai won. What will some Brave soul next unravel. To give Mankind a new Mode of travel will there came a Day when travel s done a people out of a Funk it in some respects the secret service found president Truman a special problem to protect Al director Otto Preminger to a smart Alec who complained that no sexy doll would toil As a Para Chute factory worker As Dorothy Dandridge does in Carmen Marilyn Monroe once worked in a Parachute panics always Cut Back production in the late fall to put out next year s models. This time Post master general Summerfield an old Chevrolet dealer and a Power in Michigan where they make autos has urged the manufacturers to postpone the cuts As Long As possible so plants won t be closing Down just before elections in november. The air Force now has two models of the fabulous flying this is a Ramjet with an open Funel through the Middle. It is towed up to three Hundred Miles an hour. Then y motor without moving parts capable of flying at 3 Japan be forced to increase Trade with com Shivers of Texas and Fine of Pennsylvania have withered Chin amended that Japan must Trade privileges Joe Ferrer on Why he s mixing live to offers i can t do my Best work under the limited rehearsal time of live to. Film is different. I la do that. I Don t understand people who in Sist that you lose spontaneity when you do shows for television on film. The movies have been spontaneous for 40 it it it Ann Baker to s Corliss denying the show will be a Carbon copy of my Little my father in the series in t the hysterical Type. And it s the boy Friend who always starts the it it it Eddie Albert favouring movie roles like he essayed in roman Holiday and but if they Don t come along there s to and More night club dates than Margo and i can pos Sibly play. And there s the new York stage. We re fat and Happy. As George Burns puts it there s no place in show business left for an actor to be Lousy " it it it Keefe Brasselle acting for the first time in nine months in mad at the world since playing Eddie Cantor on the screen Ida Lupino the producer knows me. I feel that it will set me Back in the acting Field again and that i la come up with a Fine How Many sins have been committed or provoked by too free conversations immodest shows and dangerous literature How Loose have consciences become and How Pagan Are Pius in. I think it s All right the Way it is. The wets have their liquor and the Drys have their homa gubernatorial candidate Wil Liam Coe. Ike s Golf presents its particular problems of Protection although nothing insurmountable. There May be crackpots among the members of the exclusive burning tree country club where he does most of his playing. But they Aren t the Type that assassinated presidents. Security measures while Ike is on the links include careful surveil Lance of Points where snipers might Lurk keeping secret his plans for playing keeping guests off the course the use of Walkie talkie radios on his Progress and of course secret service men follow ing him around at a discreet Dis Tance. Secret service men Are above throwing a slice by the president out of the rough to Curry favor with the Boss. Ike announced at the Start of his term that he did not think it was necessary protocol to drive to the National Airport to Greet in per son every visiting dignitary. The warm handclaps and welcoming smile on the front porch of the White House was enough he Fig ured. It it it that decision has greatly eased the Job of the secret service. The personal Welcome at the Airport creates a real Security problem. Arrivals of dignitaries Are usually announced weeks ahead and give a possible Assassin plenty of time for planning. There Are scores of places at National too. Which would afford Nice spots for a sniper. It also saves the is men the extremely difficult Job of guarding the president and guest along the usual Parade route from the air port to the White House. There has been a fair amount of criticism of the Way Ike is driven to Camp David the week end re treat near Gettysburg a. The trip is about 80 Miles and the offi Cial party roads along the Highway to get Mere and return. This defies Ike s own preaching about Highway safety it s pointed out. The trip is made on Days when the traffic is heaviest. Even the Pace could cause a serious Accident. His current Western vacation followed by several speaking engagements has been handled with special care by the secret service men. Agents scouted speaking Sites and arrangement with a finer tooth comb than they usually use. And a minimum of Advance information 011 the itinerary is being released. The puerto rican incidents Are still fresh in their minds. It it it sen. Wayne Morse has a Good Luck Charm which he sports during Senate filibusters. It s a Bright red Rose on his Lapel it his th.1 year against the admiration s 7 tideland Oil Bill. At that time a people not relax Portland ore., teachers Union sent him a Rose As a Token of a but the truth probably is that for every Man who does not relax enough there Are a thousand who Man controls nature Man controls space How wondrous Are a of the human Racel but yet unreached is the ultimate goal when Man himself will learn to control it a big Blaze was started when whisky caught on fire and the lira consumed 80.000 barrels of tha stuff. However people consume More than that. Precia Tion. During the Long ordeal sen. Hubert Humphrey a Minn bolstered himself practically entirely on milk. He had a standing order for a Glass every four hours. In the midst of a speech on saturday Morse stopped to drink some milk. His friends and colleagues have kidding by accused him of trying to boost Minnesota s Dairy con sumption. For some reason news Proton Raphers who have covered filius relax too much. Ters report the senators Are agreeable to posing for gag shots than at any other time. One Sena Tor who was asked to pose shaving said anything is Okay Short of a picture of me cutting my own Throat with a razor of course doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan. . The latest Mccarthy incident has Senate wives just As mad As some of their husbands. That no one except a senator s wife can sit on the front Row of the gallery. Not even a senator s daughter can sit on the front Row. Wives Only can sit there. Imagine the Surprise of three Senate wives therefore when they were barred from sitting on the front Row because they were reserved for four friends of senator Mccarthy and mrs my when mrs. James Duff of Pennsylvania re publican. " Ith mrs. Paul of Side glances n to the panders Resolution debate the gallery at Back some seals the sergeant at arms. He said had Given strict out that the sergeant at arms apparently even could not have a seat reserved in and Yance. But the attendant insisted. So to avoid an incident the ladies quietly sat in rear seats imagine their Surprise therefore when in walked Mccarthy accompanied by mrs. Kahti much the Senate wives had been barred. A him a Senate wife Points enough to overcome its weak Nesses and its dangers but one wonders whether in the haste to do something or the dangers have been looked at careful a. We might be outsmart ours Clvis rather than the reds her new boy Friend is so intellectual he embarrasses wish Sho d find some fellow As Plain and simple As it is proper to consider asthma sensitivities As among the Uil Hrgic diseases in spite of the fact that sometimes it is not. Certainly the most important cause of asthma is sensitivity to dust including pollens moles household dust and animal Danders with foods and drugs sometimes responsible. The principal feature of asthma is a shortness of breath with a wheezing Type of breathing. Frequently asthma comes in attacks with Freedom from difficulty in Between sometimes it is continuous. Always it is most uncomfortable for the victim and distressing for others to watch. Even when asthma results from Long time Hay fever or some other exposure to foreign substances much can usually be done. The first and most important step is to identify the cause. Frequently this can be done by study ing the history of the attacks of asthma. For example a youngster who gets attacks As soon As he starts playing with a dog is in All prob ability sensitive to the dog Dan Der. Other methods of identifying the cause include skin tests which arc not always completely reliable and trial and error exposures of the asthmatic individual to suspected substances. It it it treatment includes those meth ods which Are used for the individual attack and those which Ara used to try to prevent or Lessen future bouts of the condition. The treatment of an acute phase of asthma certainly requires professional advice. The Basic treat ment of the disorder depends on the cause. If the victim can be re moved from the cause or the Causa from the victim much improve ment will result although one Al ways fears the development of new occasionally someone with asthma can be desensitized by being Given Small and increasing quantities of the offending sub stance. Also since asthma is often fort should be made to Correct and thing of this sort. Frequently too the Genera health affects the severity of asthma Ami attention consequently should be paid to this. There Are. Of course Many med ical measures used in asthma including various types of injections the use of Iodides and More recently the sometimes highly effective results of the use of cortisone or act. Asthma is a fairly common condition and no respecter of age sex or anything else. It constitutes n problem both to patient and physician. Much ingenuity in manage ment and cooperation Between patient and physician Are Neces sary in order to bring about tha Best results. Qui our Way

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