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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 10, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee10 King port tuesday. August 10, 16m for former also included in new tax program benefits this is the seventh in windbreaks series explaining How the new tax in the past expenditures revision Law affects individuals most of these things Cene Tave been Tor to n Ashington Farmer can to the now get a tax Cut by build ii hindi Elf a Pond. Or digging then they could be counted this is one of the special effects figuring whether you made a prof of the huge tax revision Law. In Jit on the Sale passing out scores of tax benefits. U Congress did to forget the Farmer i i this congressional election Vear 1 Clit turns Many outlaws for soil the Revenue loss would be greater except Many Farmers already pay Little or no income tax. Aside from his personal expend the deductions for that purpose Tures the Law permits a Farmer Are limited in any one year to 25jto. Deduct special assessments by Oak Ridge labor Pian officials and mediator meet radio to notebook by Jack i Brian some version of slim Ness and mar new York. Aug. 10 ins to now tips the Scales at 290 Perry Como returns to lbs radio Carlton e. Morse one Man s 4 three times a week at 9 family Etc has built a fabulous . In addition to Bis Best of All i to Musicales. The return i Charles Marciano fight cast was Oak Ridge Teun. Aug 10 to theatre television for b 000. The same to firm grossed representatives and new mansion near san Francisco and named it seven one Stone for each successful program in his fabulously solvent stable of hits. Considering the sad state on the last Ezzard Rocky of the band business at the Nio the Powers that to run up j Mem How come Sammy Kaye each in new deductions Means a tax Cut of per cent of the taxpayer s Gross income from farming. Note that if you have income aside from farming you can t deduct 25 per cent of your total income. Soil and water conservation districts if they Are spent for Pur poses which would be deductible on the Farmer s individual return. Production workers. The meetings today were to Lay the groundwork for another join conference tomorrow Between representatives of the Cio Gas. Coke and chemical workers Union and Carbide and Carbon chemicals co. Operator of the atomic plants Here and at Paducah by. a financial Mountain when they tried to open negotiations with Gable for a dram cast a Joe s new pictures pay him 10 per cent of the be fore any expenses Are out. No to fee could compare so the matter was left there. Rasping. A Maria 36th Jordan celebrate wedding anniversary Hitchcock said the 4-month-old i dispute still is a stalemate after yesterday s negotiations. The wage dispute involves Cio aug. 31. Only two other perform ing Hollywood ans have been wed Hersholt and Joe e. Brown. Gary Crosby making atomic production workers at the Only one of Lido visit outside i two plants which turn out the country s total Supply of uranium 235. Vital to the manufacture program to Peter Potter s plat Ter Parade next week end. How n. Y. And Hollywood Hydrogen and atomic weapons j switch their ideas of Glamor when yesterdays meeting was snows wish to a Farmer can deduct expenses after Nirh level negotiations col a it of extra the Dick a i ground of a show will picture if you spend More than 25 per starting last Jan. I. But he must lapsed cent of your farm income for soil decide in the first year he pays atomic or water conservation in any one j for such things whether he wants year you can carry Forward the to deduct them or still follow the Wash and Energy commission amount Over 25 per cent and de duct it on your return the next year. You can keep on carrying expenditures Forward As Many years As needed to get your old Law. Once he reports his decision he can t change his method without permission from the Rev Enue service. Another tax Benefit for Farmers full you still can t in the new Law provides that pro deduct More than 25 per cent of farm income in any one year. Soil and water conservation expenses involve moving or treating dirt. They can include such things As leveling grading terracing contour furrowing construction of diversion channels drainage ditches controlling and protecting water courses Ponds earthen dams elimination of Brush or planting needs from Sale or Exchange of diseased livestock Are not taxed if they Are reinvested in livestock within one year. Farmers also pay no lax on proceeds from Sale of land Neces sary to meet acreage limitations under reclamation Laws provided they invest the proceeds into More in another reclamation or irrigation District. Fused to intervene. Re Broadway in All its Neon in fitness i when new York telecasts Streich they make the the dispute already has tinsel in one strike by the Cio workers framework Hollywood Ian. The workers returned july 10 after on Nis c2s telecast or. A four Day walkout when they Baxter Shakespeare s Buddie. Faced with a tall Hartley injun Frank Tion. Contract talks broke off last recommended i the Best form of entertainment Reading men april 15, involving the Al atomic have been murdered for Lessi. Mario Lanza has a massive Job in Boyle s column by Hal Boyle Pine Ridge s. D., aug. 10 we education May be a new idea to the White Man but it s old stuff to the Sioux indians. And it s a matter of opinion whether it has worked out very Well for either the Redman or the paleface. Some modern parents today Are afraid to curb their offspring for fear of giving them a lifelong com plex As for the Sioux indians the apparently refrained from punish ing their children because they were kind hearted and because it was part of their Creed to respect any person s right to be an individual. The Indian Parent believed child should be taught by example not by a tribal Leader said. He Felt that if he had taught the child the right Way of life he had done his duty and he was not to blame if the child chose to go this attitude has delayed the education of the Sioux indians. If an Indian child decides he does t want to go to school authorities have a difficult time convincing the parents they should compel him to attend. One doctor told of an Indian girl who was visited by her parents in a Hospital where she was undergoing treatment for tuberculosis. Homesick the girl pleaded to leave the Hospital with them. If you take her Home she will be dead in three warned the doctor. But she wants to come said the father. The girl went Home. In three months she was dead. It valor played a great role in the Credo of the old Sioux warriors of the Plains. Today Many Young Indian men feel the Only Way they can prove their valor is to join the army or or near the reservation. Asked what he thought was the Best thing about the indians Way of life when he freely roamed the Prairies a. Wrinkled tribesman re plied absence of their inability to absorb the White Man s attitude toward material wealth remains As a major stumbling Block in their accept Ance of civilization. The White Man invented radio and to Giveaway programs to dramatize the plight of people in distress. The Sioux Indian give away system reverse. Even today in times of Grid Over the death of a member an Indian family sometimes i. Cal in friends and neighbors and Dis tribute All its possessions among them. Foe some reason this makes everybody feel better particularly the neighbors. Pistol waving lands husband in jail trades and labor Council As off weight for his the Cio. Both unions Chrysler the about workers each at warns him to perform in two plants and both Are seeking More Money. J when the april talks broke Down i the president s atomic Energy Bor relations panel stepped in and recommended an increase of 6 cents hourly. Both unions rejected this and the Cio went on setting up picket lines. J but Carbide kept its plants operating with the use of supervisory personnel and a spokesman said that such standby operation could continue indefinitely if Neces the Al seeks. 19 cents an hour still thinks anyone might wish to win his so you want to Lead a band contest for a fellow who has never been without a song Bing Crosby s favorite song is without. A two Given terms for assault during Campaign speech Centerville. Tenn., aug. 10 constantly Hickman county Brothers him Howard s. Retired Railroad to get a Job with an official on the reservation Here. Said Oglala Sioux Baltimore Strouse. 51, a clerk had a pistol waving Row with is wife. Today he faces charges of As Sault and threatening to shoot two policemen assault and threaten no to Sloot his wife disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct. Mrs. Strouse said her husband Las been nervous and in poor phys Cal condition since a recent major operation. He has lived in the West and has some Western ideas she added. Senate vote on postal Bill some 500 indians left the Reser vation to fight in the first world War. 2.000 in the second. They make particularly Fine infantry men and their casualties were heavy. A number of the tribesmen also volunteered for action in Korea some veterans now live on or near the reservation. It a number of the tribesmen also volunteered for action in Korea. Some veterans now live on Kentucky news by. Aug. To premiums totalling will be awarded thursday and Friday at the american Aberdeen Angus breeder futurity at Kee Neland. Approximately 400 entries have been listed for 14 classes of com petition. They will come from 23 states and Canada. Dayton. By. Aug. 10 inv Howard Campbell 18. Who participated in sports at Dayton High school died yesterday of injuries suffered july 6 when he dived into the Ohio River. A r v Burnside. Ky., . 10 Tessie Richardson operator of a Burnside service station was injured fatally yesterday in an Auto Mobile collision four Miles North of Fowler ind. Louisville by. Aug. 10 col. W. Milne District Engineer for the army engineers announced yesterday that a hearing will be held sept. 22 at on proposed improvements and maintenance of a navigational Channel in uie Licking River. Covington ky., aug. 10 or. Charles , 82, former. President of the Covington school Board and Long a promo nent Leader in medical political and social life died yesterday. If von Aro moving dui Clr clo s-31m United warehouse and Toni Fer Washington. Aug. 9 vote by which the House passed and sent to the Senate today r Bill to give postal workers 1 per cent pay raise included republicans for Baker of Tennessee Broyhill Poff and Wani Pler of Virginia Hyde and Small of Maryland Neal of West Virginia. Democrats for Cooper. Davis Frazier and priest of Tennessee Gary Hardy and Harrison of Virginia Bailey Byrd Kee Mollohan and staggers of West Virginia fallen Friedel and Zarmati of Maryland. Republicans against Reece of Tennessee Miller of Maryland. Democrats against Murray of Tennessee Robeson Smith and tuck of Virginia. Asked 21, has reduced this to 15 cents. Scales for both unions Range from to hourly. Drastic employment cutback is due on i. A Railroad Paducah ky., aug. 10 us one of the most drastic cutbacks in employment since the Depres Sion at the local Illinois Central Railroad shops will become effective Friday. Supt. T. Baker announced have been Given 60-Day jail sen increase and the Cio. Which had fences and fined each on As Sault counts during a political Campaign speech by Ross Bass july 22 near Here. Ray and Junior Cagle who re Side at Coble where Bass spoke that night pleaded guilty to two counts each of assault and Battery yesterday. They also pleaded guilty to one charge each of using Public pro Fanity and were fined and costs each in the charges by circuit court judge Wallace j. Smith. The judge gave them consecutive 30 Day jail sentences on each of the assault counts. One of the assault counts was for an attack on Bass and the other for assaulting Charles Mitchell a Spectator. Bass who was campaigning for rep. Pat Button s sixth District congressional seat won the democratic nomination last thursday according to unofficial returns. Mccarthy Conn Rumor was false Charleston w. A. Mors spread rapidly in the West Virginia capital yesterday that sen. Mccarthy a wis and Roy Conn were to Stop Over on a flight through Charleston. After airlines officials confirmed that the names Mccarthy and Conn were on the passenger list newspaper reporters and television cameramen hurried to the air port. When the plane landed they scrambled up the Steps and searched out their Quarry Only to find that another or. Mccarthy and or. Conn were travelling to other bearing no resemblance to the Wisconsin senator and his associate. Signals crossed Andover. N. J. House went up in flames while firemen directed mistook the fire alarm for an air raid Alert. Yesterday that 375 employees will be Laid off leaving just 285 men to run the shops. At Peak employment during world warn they employed Eaker said the layoffs for an indefinite period were caused by decline the . In business system. He general throughout said the Railroad Hopes they will be temporary in nature. All crafts were affected but hardest hit were the machinists whose ranks will be Cut by 165 Len. Eaker said the gradual switch .0 diesel locomotives was not responsible for the layoffs. Demo candidates file notice of possible contest Benton term. Aug. 10 democratic candidates Defeated by opposition Good government eague candidates in last week s general election have filed notice of a possible contest. Leach Park democratic chair Man of the Polk county election commission said the step was pre Minary to directly contesting the election in Case the 10 men decided .0 take More positive action. Park said that grounds on which i contest would be filed were not disclosed yesterday. The gel swept All countywide offices and won seven of 10 seats on the county court. Candidates Defeated in the elec Ion aug. 5 who signed yesterday s notice were Pryor Crowe Davis Dunn. Luther Clark. J. P. Brack Cut. Hubert Cheek r. L. Lanning. Ake liner. George Rogers w. E. I Smith and w. F. Payne. They Call Groucho s summer the Best of but no one yet Ever has got the Best of Groucho. If you were among the Many who wondered Why Abc injected so Many ill timed plugs for Noble causes nursing old age pensions Etc saturday during the Miracle mile telecast from Vancouver. B. C., please understand the silly slate of some to brass who have delivered themselves of the fallow ing sorry psychology that a Tele cast without a commercial raising its distracting head every few min rates will strike the commercial conscious Public As not Worth while watching. Therefore the injection of substitute commercials which serve a double purpose the use of same also Are recorded in Abc to s Good the compilation of cultural patriotic and educational efforts As suggested by the pc. The pitch for contributions at the finish when we were More interested in the official outcome o the race by Kenneth tug Wil son of the olympics committee was the classic bad judgment among Sporl casting stupidities tug tugged at Nur purse strings he thought but what he was tug Ging on was our patience. Out of a full half hour the Only moments of excitement and balance came during the 3.58.8 of the race itself. In the interests of freshness and avoidance of stale to devices let s put in a vote for the dismissal of efforts to beat upon our ears with the same stale Jukebox hits. These take the form usually of to performances by hip will install More radar devices Roger Vilh injured on Bike Parsonsburg. My. A James Moore 58, a woodsman was killed yesterday when a tree he was Cut Ting fell of Hin and crushed his a nine year old Rogersville Nashville. Aug. 10 was admitted to Holston killed by tree y eve More radar traffic Speed control com Emily Hospital Monda devices will be put into operation m Tennessee highways in the Tor Suil ered m a by future. Cycle wreck at her aunt s hour this will give the state Highway i Audi eight Uniti scattered in rough Home Rogersville. Victim. Miss Bemis ghost the state. Bids for of mrs Rosella units will be taken today by was treated for a fractured Collar recording stars of their last Juke Box and disc jockey successes. Sometimes these hits have served their time and now Are Well past popularity but the stars haul out their last hits and Pound them at us again. Sunday night on the comedy hour Sammy Davis jr., song his Juke Box Success hey con Nie Russell in timbered her lost piece of successful shellac you be the Gaylord. A vocal Trio have a hot Nickel in the Slot item called the Shoemaker so we had to have our ears half Soled again to satisfy them. And so it goes with every telecast peopled by recording stars. The songs May be old stale fruitless irritations but they Are the sing ers claims to Fame and our claim to Independence we just turn them off. Two uni the state purchasing department. It. T. G. File Highway patrol officer in charge of the radar enforcement program said yesterday the two radar machines will be stationed in the cd Orville Huntingdon divisions. The most recent radar install i Tion was made in the Lawrence Burg District. The first was placed in operation May 4 in the Nashville District. Rescue teams seek Fisherman s body Nashville. Aug. 10 teams dragged the cd River today for the body of a 25-1 year old Fisherman from a into the water yesterday. Virgil Jack Queen. Manila w. Va., labor Foreman with the eral contractors dam near old Hickory was fishing from the gently slipped and Slid into the husbands wives get Pep vim feel younger Rhou Undi Vej couples be worn out Hus try Juit in tue body Xcvi Iron Tot few vote turf of want alter -10. By Tarli. Colum Iron for Down i Turnmi by cart Only 50f. At Complete year round com forthwith Williamson Coolich hit a Rumul Lur writing to Orvit tort cd air Fumic. For comply cd. Year Roj Kontfi Formo. Only 2.7 it h. Floor a Fly at Omaha Reno Iraq col i boat for m at Offik Pho i cd 9-3331 Wist Sullivan it Kingsport. Tennessee t. O. 10x 72t Why get our Challenge Deal on this Why Fry in your car these hot Days now for less than you d pay for an Ordinary car you can have a completely air conditioned Nash rambler de luxe Sedan. Greatest value Ever. Come it we Challenge you to top our Trade in Deal. Edan Fktorya det Vired Priti at Emo Chi wise., in dude state Irod local if my i Tui 1895 Heck motors dial Circle 5-9341 tops on to. Tuns in Brothers show so furday night lbs network. Your Pope for Toms Ond Al new your c 1 o r pro no Quitle coming thursday Friday saturday grand opening Volunteer natural Gas co. Plan to attend you May win a valuable prize look for our Section in wednesday times and thursday news Gas has got if old House it used to be. When your House was damaged by fire windstorm or any of the perils commonly insured against the insurance company would ask you How old is your or How Long since you last and then ii your place was t new and the damage was extensive the company would deduct from the Cost of repairs an allowance for depreciation. You could t collect full damage on an old . In the future you need not be penalized just because you have an old House. Under a new and More Liberal form of fire insurance no deduction will be made for depreciation if adequate insurance is carried. The undersigned agents Are now extending to All their customers the Opportunity of having this new dwelling policy. The broader form will be applied As each policy comes up for renewal and if you wish the new coverage can be had immediately by simply Call ing your agent. These agents suggest you do three things 1. Estimate the Cost of replacing your House on today s Market. 2. Check with your agent and make sure you have your House insured for at least four fifths of the replacement value. 3. Ask him to attach the new broader form of coverage immediately. We recommend you take immediate advantage of biggest value Ever offered by the fire insurance Industry. The additional Cost is Only Twenty cents for each thousand dollars of insurance. Bennett Edwards inc. I 5-3101 f. J. Brownell son i 6-4147 Christopher Cawood i 6-9641 Moore Walker inc. I 5-4171 j. T. Parker insurance i 5-5143 Price Ramey i 6-6181

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