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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 9, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee10 King Jerf Telmet monday August 9. 1954 new Federal tax program gives big cuts to retired Korea is crying Kentucky news Cooper gain easy for atomic weapons Rhee tre Lexington ky., aug. Roads were blocked b s and two persons w president our enemies want to come in and Jared yesterday when rain. In Kentucky races 1. Hall t n id the exemption is s2.joo. Requirement to Inmeei before prom now on in Many cases qualify for the new Benefit retired persons will be permitted first most persons must be 65 i1? to deduct an additional or Over. But if you retire under a notified the Law that its 51.200 of retirement income. That Public pension system if you re contract would be cd users in the automobile Industry. Terminated in i naval support and air Covera a from the Peninsula. Danville a. If. I a us would t write set Chain of would be a tax Cut of if Bot figuring your Auer Law " meeting you make of Richlen rejected the Union s if you re a retired single person credit. So if you can get without paying i More from work you Are no t of a voluntary any tax. Side red to retired and Cut experts Bethnye these cutoff Fig ret no Benefit. But at the Aye of William Ogden. Former president ures will Coyer most retired or Over you can get the Fullio Lyle Studebaker local said the sons except a few in upper m Benefit regardless of your earn workers Are afraid Studebaker come brackets pro. Rhe estimate the new Bill will third to qualify you also must visions which have nothing to have made As much As a year do with its competitive situation. Live tax cuts to almost two Mil lion taxpayers totalling about million dollars the first 141 in earned income or any 10 years year. The before you retire. The theory is1 number to Benefit and the the. Benefit should reduction will increase later millions More retire. Technically the new provision go Only to As persons retiring from Active work but note you Don t have to works like this if you qualify you figure your tax Bill just As m the past taking All regular exemptions and deductions. Then you apply the first bracket tax rate now 20 per cent to your re earn for the 10 years immediately before you can count even those Long they Don t have to be consecutive. A widow can qualify under this so Long As her husband to rement income up to 200 next did to Ihm figure say Pouilh you can 1 ulis Bene si4n directly from the tax payment fit of you use the Short form tax e-3s kicking Devil out of his Mother Detroit 33-year-old Man Accident off Inin red in a before hem elected vice on Dixie Highway j president in 1948. Koi about of times As Many votes As the Kopcar or of gop Omma for his Siree opponents. Lon for a on the court. Cooper seeking re election president Eisenhower s support received nearly 16 votes for each ballot cast for his opposition. Glue communist nations. Rhee said i think they Are afraid of the soviet and also a sufficient num Ber of British subjects have Al ready joined communism. Those people like Winston Churchill must in in d is a i i Luzj in Najj cm1-Uiu j 0 you otherwise would make. Return under which you Merel Iwho told Nolice he beat and kicked that South Korea had planned but there s one important your income and exemptions Inis to death last night be the. Communists Rhee they Are afraid q. Could you use them i the restaurant owner called to Rhee we Are crying for the airmen hopped in a car q. You mean for sped away. Police save Chase. Rhee if we had bombs they Al Bride across the Dan Riv would be near town the airmen s car elaborating on his assertion that smashed into in embankment. The Britain and France Are not anti two crawled out of the car and tried to swim the River. Gerbil did t remove his uni form. He drowned a third of the Way across. Smith stripped his clothes and reached the other Side. Set the votes to stand against picked up by a passing car incl Rod Guy the cation. There to wont be anything there. Arrested him and jailed him on club Roo so Many French people Are charges of felonious shooting and Eady on uie communist in Oen. Charles de Gaulle was considered really anti com Rhor said without giving dates. Monday civic audit or inn Flower lovers club m club Roomi i and no trom club in club Rocha . I Lynn Garden Midgrts-6 Illch school Flold Kec Reallon l ruler Al a Villej. Of Mim club. Dinner. Club room to Sedav River auditorium private party in All club Doug was it creation Onorr 1 by Brund Ai a suit a. Cloud Pru elks club is boys1 club 5 00 High school Flold a. Grrtfen-5.00 to Rafti Mill. Flold w b. Greene is Tim a Newas 00 inn Lions club Lutish noun club Robin first National Bank lunch noon com Morris c. Montgom Ery of Liberty was unopposed for the democratic nomination. Other six judges Are democrats. While both candidates popular. Ity among Kentucky voters Lonn Al of i a has been established the Light vote had been expected to hold a it Down their margins somewhat. They re seeking a full six year term at the nov. 2 election Cooper now preside Erse Asin. Dinner. Club wed Neslav civic auditorium wrestling in main auditorium chess club in club rooms 4 in Centt playground to acre ult a. Ken Spur inn civic audit influence of in come an e tation. If you get income that Island take your tax from already lax from social Security Railroad retirement Mili tary or veterans pensions you exemptions i Nis to death last night be i the table cause she was possessed of the to on the Back of the return Only Devil " As held As a police Pris taxpayers with or less in come May use this return. Radio to notebook by Jack o Brian new York. Aug. 9 gossip. The notre Dame to Sta Tion will be commercial to pay the educational stuff. Lots c to actors Don t know it but the have re run Money coming fron re use of old films. Red Button May not be signed for the new series yet but the sponsors Gav him a new Pontiac and said be rid of the Caddie. Jack Carter is negotiating for saturday nigh lbs to time is testing for a Joey and visiting his estranged wife Joan All in one week end. The Tony Bennett plaint spun b too Many disc Cinna Mon sinner Selling Lollipop lies the silliest sing song since guess i la hang my tears out to Van Rue May Start a to version Johnson is one network s secret weapon Fred Astaire an other s. Not one line of Mae West s Las vegas act could be uttered on to. Sarah Churchil won t return to to until january. Wants to stay with sir Winston. Pop s not Well. The Hunt s Tomato juice com Mercial won a Columbia record pact for Peggy King. Peggy s mar ried name is Lee meaning we now have two Peggy Lees. Marion Boss a to actress sends producers and columnists a Calendar with picture wow captioned Call me if it s Only for a what Ever happened to j. Gleason s noisily announced radio version of the honeymoon Abc to will make an other Pilot film for Sammy Davis or. The first one did t flush a sponsor. Richard Denning quit the or. Mrs. North telefilm. Wants to own his own show. Chrysler series reserved the 13th chair for Ethel Barrymore. Jerry Wald is making noises like a fellow getting ready to enter to. Tie famous film producer was caught publicly lauding to As the Best training ground for actors. Irving Berlin said he does not want a movie version of his life but will do one for Abc. Hooray for our Side Lucy could be charged with the murder of Dennis Day s to show. He May toss up to for Good plays the copa in nov. After Oklahoma Gordon Mac the Railroad hour if he choose any More dramatizing of agents will be limited on to. Hospital mental the North since the armistice signed a Little More than a year was Oner today Ward. Glenn Green told detective David Harris that he assaulted his Mother. Mrs. Alice Green. 70, of Vicco. Right by. As she Lay in bed because Mio she was possessed of the Devil ago but when we were ready to Fisherman catches Bass third time 1. 1. And 3. Is to beat the Devil out mrs. Green was visiting her son parly activities. King port inn kiwanis club lunch noon. Club Rorr Mercer Bays rehearsal dinner. 6-30 room stack Nav civic Zodl Torton violin clav., in Corner room or creation Center play around activities to control that. The United due lore be final la landed Pressi it the americans but who " Ere were several boatloads Paradise room i Ever it is. They began to ration fishermen including a to verify the Story. Independence to. J. Ked a 3-Pound big Mouth Bass in Prairie Lee Lake yester Day but the fish got away i before he finally landed it. Move up. We found our gasoline Drums were All locked up Carr Nook asked who had done that Rhee 5ass f replied those who have the y u the flan Al Awa a twice Dougla and player Friday club rooms i commissioners Center 5. Creati activities. Ken report inn civitan club lunch noon. Club room dinner. . Club business 5 professional women dinner . Laurel Koobir. 1day to Vic Audi Torlai 041 to 7.m7 for his three oppo accused the cents. Rev. James l. Dolk practices and of by fort minister had 2820 Edward babe the j. Hussey. Louisville attorney m order to use Nepal As a 301, and Jesse n. R Cecil base against red China. Nepal and the unit of Louisville returns from precincts gave Cooper 56.279 to for two opponents. G. Tom Hawkins Elkhorn City had and Wil lard Gilmoure Jones Covington the seven . Representatives from Kentucky who Are seeking re election got denominations j democrats Noble j. Gregory Wil a Ham h. Natcher Frank l. Chelf j All assured re election since they have no november opposition Brent Spence. John c. Watts and Carl d. Perkins and Republican John m. Robison jr., who have november opposition. Eugene Siler unsuccessful gop nominee for governor in 1951, had a seemingly Safe Lead in a six Man eds signed a technical assistance pact last month. Dobyns Taylor by thing to do the ammunition to three Daj s my of each Dio stage screen or whatever gr his wife and two children. She died shortly after and Law. The obituaries for the to film of Amos n Andy were pre starts filming More any option. All right. Girls Rory Calhoun makes his to debut aboard Ford theatre. Dan Dailey had ugly things to say about to but would like to take foot out of Mouth Long enough to make his peace with a to announcement imminent. Folks wondering what Mary Brian has been doing All these Idle been raising chinchillas. Kurken. To has caused a shortage of press agents in Hollywood. Harp Marx is out of the hos Lital and into to plans. Another to product deep in Hollywood Steiger. Who la play in Shakespeare s pal or. Frank c. Baxter gets 95 lbs to stations his lighthearted lectures. The Ritz Brothers started As a trampoline act. Trampoline acts of Well on to. And the Ritz boys even t so maybe they better get the old bouncy Gadget out of Stor Ige. If the Mcguire Sisters Are having the Godfrey casts some one ought Tell the girls and lbs. Having a Tough time finding an actor to play the Bing Crosby role n Lux video s Welcome Strang pittance to receiving Hospital with a fractured Skull and internal injuries. Green s wife Oilie Louis 21, toll police her husband pulled i Mother from her bed beat her threw her to the floor and stamped on her. Mrs. Green said her husband first showed signs of a Melita Strain while training with the army reserves at it. Eustis. A. Last june. He is a Veteran of the japanese attack on Pearl Harbor she said he had been admitted 3 Valley forge a Genera Hospital where doctors said he was a violent mental Case. She said she had checked him out of the Hospital against the army s wishes As Green was being locked up e asked police. Is my Mother when told she want police had not yet Learned of mrs. Green s death he remarked that is too bad. Because if she Ives the Devil will leave her and Jet into me the Bass broke Carr s line after said Chiang s 10-Minufe fight. A few minutes on Formosa Over on the Tel Eversion. Gusie Moran ested for a to series but despite he lace panties she can t act. Which is the trouble Eddie Fisher s facing so far in the projected ring Berlin Story. Eddie sings up a storm looks perfect smiles prettily has a great recording to radio rep. But at the moment he does t quite dig Stanislavsky. Paul Harlman s Pride of the family quietly is being dropped. Twelve writers Are trying to get a Little Long needed verve into the Ray Milland programs. A network offered Ernest Hemmingway anything he wanted to do a to show. How about one of the wednesday night fights from Madi son Square Tongue in cheeked the literary Tough Guy. Bruce Parker is Safe of Home after kidnapping Bethlehem a. W four year old Bruce Parker was Safe at Home today after an accidental Kidnap experience that left him a Little hungry and thirsty but other Wise the youngster was found Satur Day still in the car which had been stolen from in front of a supermarket in Allentown As he Lay asleep in the Back seat. Edward Diehl returning from a Hunting trip discovered the abandoned car on a dirt Mountain Road three Miles East of Lehighton end ing the 37-hour search. The child s Mother mrs. Albert Parker left the car keys in the ignition and police theorized the thief drove off in the car without even noticing the youngster in the Back seat. Coming thursday Friday saturday grand opening Volunteer natural Gas co plan to attend you May win a valuable prize look for our Section in wednesday times and thursday news Gas has got it j 0 h n 5 o in p i t a i n g s p o r t e e t h t 0-ft-v.g pc v i l l e some fighting. States does not Are willing. To the fish began breaking Mainland and Start Tor trying to shake the plug fron new sales approach but How his own government Rhee continued wants to resume fighting with the hut am in a and he adde d the United j to Mouth Boston Guinta 29, was arrested yesterday when two j detectives spotted him Wheeling a tiring. The Bass Lay on the sur baby War Mee at an h i in Sll Leo Early hour and shouting come the boat but it broke away again and get your babies the acrobatics police said Buluta was Selling Erica officials say we re Carr borrowed a net and scooped at 75 cents a Botie. Thev so we n up the Bass the ext time him on a charge of Sel tog so whenever the to rest. 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