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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 5, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeFriday. Auttus it. Botox indians win to narrow american league Ernie Banks hits three Home runs to tie for Lead by ref Watson the associated press the surging Cleveland indians battling to retain their american league title were Only two per. Cent age Points Back of the Pace rotting Chicago White sox today. It was the indians highest rat ing since they held the Lead May 20. They got there by giving the backsliding new York Yankees other shove thursday 6-3. The Yankees have a sickly 11-18 record since july 4, when they held h i Ryrne Lead. Another booming outfit the bos ton red sox pulled up thursday to within one game behind the third place Yankees by beating the White sox 7-3. Since Boston started the yanks slide july 4 with a double header Victory they have compiled a 20-9 record. Jackie Jensen discarded by the Yankees in 1952, drove in four runs for the red sox with a triple sin Gle and sacrifice Fly. Since july 4, Chicago has a 20-12 record Cleveland 20-11 and fifth place Detroit 21-13. The tigers dropped a 9-6 verdict to washing ton thursday. Adding to manager Casey Sten id s cup of woe. Sex Yankee de Lopat of the Baltimore orioles whipped Kansas City 8-1 thursday in his first Start since leaving the Yankees. Most of the noise in the National. League came from the Bat of Chi Cago shortstop Ernie Banks who walloped three Home runs in the cubs 11-10 Victory Over Pittsburgh he batted in seven runs and tied Duke Snider of Brooklyn for the Home run Lead with 36. Catcher Roy Campanella lived Snider of the Home run hit Ling Burden As he walloped a three run Homer that brought the Brooks an 11-10 Victory Over Milwaukee and Lead of 15 i games Over Tosov 7, Chicago 3 big league Box stores Chicago Boiton m o a o a car in u. 622 Good 2b sos soot. Minnii 11 4 1 1 1 . Dropo in 4 0 i Oil Ian. If 1 1 . Of 4 1 in Hlll. In 3 i 1 t c 4 4 of 3 Kim. 3b 3 and numb 0 us by of 4 Lolur. C 2 1 1 1 i ill j j 0 0 Pierce p 1 0 0 Jenl fran 100 boo Forn 100 33 54 _. Grounded out it for Lolli 2 Nixon p 4 9 ii 3 is 13 r pm Trot la my. In eth. Lite few Tvr Tao it Ling. I. I. 4. Coleman 1 of or for 1, 4. Crib Gnu l. Tofely 1. To or str i in 2. Or Libutt f in i. Column i id 1 1-3. 0 in 1-3. T in 1 Bont out in it i Stobbs i in i. Re Oft Var 4-1, 1-0, 4-4. Burrer 0-0. Abernithy Stoble a Stobak i2-10i. A Cote nun 3-31. A father to. Chylak. Berry Mckloy. A-1.110. Indians 6, 3 a ran Lor Kell in eth. A filed Tor in eth. Qutul. 3b of Jensen. A re vim Kell. Mots of Odrun Kutui Williams. Zauchin. Hutton. Lion. Rib Jensen 4. Zauchin pie null 2. Busby. Lollor Fox. 3b-Kcil. Nixon. Carru Qutul. 3b Zauchin. Pm Frau. 8 Man Klaus unit Zauchin ctr Raquel. Fox and Dropo. Left Chicano Boston t 2, 2, Nixon j. So 1. Nixon 2. Kinder i. To Pierre 7 in 3. 5 in j fated by tres in 6thl. Ror Feles s in 3. Lion in 7 1-3. Kinder 0 in 1 2-3. Re Pierce 3-3. 4-4, for Netles c-0, on -3 Kinder 0-0. Whlon ill is. Pierce a i. A soar. Runie Hurley. Dodgers 11, braves 10 of klan Milwaukee a r o a a ii i. In. 3b 3 o n l Bruton of 4 j 3 i la blur p 0 Nerur 5 Snider of 9 5 Hodies. In 9 Gillum ii 4 Furillo 34 i 4 2 _ Loi an _ _ l Aaron of 4 1 0 Crowe in s 1 4 Parko. 3b 8 3 0 Thorn son if 4 1 of Randal. C 4 Al 4 1 0 Burdette p 2 t Al p to 4do Connell 1 0 b Johnson p 1 0 0 Kuhls p 0 0 the braves their of the season. Biggest margin new Spooner i Erskine p o o d o crib n. 3b 1 1 Al 0 totals to totals a san Lerl for Hoak in eth. Bart for Kellert in 9th. A for can Kane in tin. Out for Paine in 7lh._ a pud Rev tit fat 2, sniff or. 2. Gillian. Furillo 2. Zimmer Robinson Bruton Lor tin Allim. _ rib Furillo 3. 4, Al Mytr 3 Reese Thomson 2. Bruton. Lot an Pufky 3. Aaron. Furll Crowe. Aaron. Or Zimmer Furillo or inn Ella. Logan. Pafko. Do Logan. Ulmer and 4, 4. By non comic 1. i. i Bur Rolette 1. Polne 1. 3, Bur Riette 3. Pulp 1. 1. To new Romphf t in 4 2-3. Spooner 1 in i 2-3. Or a Kane 2 in i lab inf 1 in 1. Burdette 6 in s f pitched to 3 in Filihi paler 2 in 2 4 in 1 1-3. It Choli 2 in 2-j. Re Relief Pitcher Joe Nuxhall of the Cincinnati Rcd legs started Dou ble Piny with the buses loaded to preserve a 4-3 Victory Over Phila Delphia. Tom Poholsky of St. Louis mopped new York on Only our hits for 3-n Victory. He throw Only 88 pitches missing the plate on Only 28 of them and one of the National Lakue s quickest games of the. Year was Over in an hour and 47 minutes. Vic Wertz put Over the Crusher for Cleveland with n Home run while Al Rosen bin std Lour hits in As Many times it hat. Mickey Mantle of the yanks took the Insue Lead with his 24th Home run in the ninth inning. Jimmy Piersall the third Man in Boston s Outfield with Johnson and Ted Williams cont Tutch Newcombe 3-3. Spoo 1-1. Erskine 3-3 1-1 4-4. Pinr 2-2. Johnson 110-41. In Dos Coli. Warncke. To. T-2 in lao. Kilo v a id i v if Kuran. J. Atm Lamto. 3. Kollm. Two com. 3. . To. Mulzof. I. So Schoon Cut Okland new York a o a As h o a 3 1 1 3 i 2 1 2 Ocol 4040 413 4 4411 Berra. C 4 413 i _ 1 1 x 0howa.rd.lf s 1 1 s t t t carer.3b 4113 it j 3 1011 Hortan. E i 3 Otroba ton 1 0 0 score p 310 Kucki. P a 0 0 0 110 0 Byrne St Ford p a Villa. 2b Wood Smith of Rosen 3b Strtt in Fain. 15 Doby. _ 1 til Ali 4ft 17 to popped out for Hunter in 6th. A san fled for Forf in daily Independent witched to Nashua for thai match. Editorial blasts ittle leagues Des Moines baseball makes demands on to 13 years old for which they re not equipped says the journal f the Iowa state medical society. In an editorial in its August 1s be the publication adds that the ittle league system is of dubious Alue As a Means of preventing Uvelle delinquency. Little boys Are put under considerable pressure to work Athur than play several hours Day at learning and exhibiting kills for which in most cases. Heir stage of development does not equip the editorial said. But papa and often mama of have made it Crystal Clear o him that he must make the Cam or stay on the on penalty of losing their affection and the editorial states that due to the time when games Are played Junior frequently does t get to eat a Well balanced meal with the rest of the family but instead Peanut butter sandwiches by him self at i o clock each hybrid Corn is credited with raising Iowa s Corn yield from an average of 99 bushels an acre to 52.5. Ten counties in the to jolted states each produced More than 10 million tons of Coal in 1w3. Big league pacesetters by the associated press american lao ii batting based on 275 at Bat Kaline Detroit .351 Kunn do troll. .327. Runs Kellne Detroit 05 Mantle new York 85 Trade i allowance runs batted in in non. Do troll. 85 Jensen Boston. B4. Hits in line. Detroit 144 Smith Csc Ucland 135. Doubles Kuenn. Detroit 2r Goodman Boston 26. A2 Aker was Idle. . However needed no re lie As he carefully spaced Ciucht l Kansas City hits. The Only one j that Hurt was Joe Astroth s Home run. The Romlea it a five run outburst in the fourth Mnina. I Campanella s Homer was Only one of six in the Brooklyn Milf ii 1 Vee Melee. Don Zaminer Ami Carl 1b 401 n 0 of 0 Bell of if n Smith. 31 1 if 4 1 3 1 Lor or 1 d 0 0 0 n n 0 n 1 a Litel _ Furillo also homered lorb Oaklyn. 0 3 3 Colburn b 1 Jenkins 0 p 0 Harmon 1 1 my narc n n n Nuxhall. P n i tretau .11 Ulnick in old. Nav Lor Mejer in la. To m Ich. Ski ?0ff tlm-3 nut i hi-4 v Orrin Itaas. Klu Strw mfg or rib Ennis Icil Mcmillan. To liar Bolth. Mrm Lllan. In cml Lynn. Temple and fkr Nix libel. Burkess and i Cincinnati fire win a Riff 1 mrs or 2, Molnar can 1, Nus Hall 1. So 1. 3, Meyer 2. To Gross Al in 7 a Cumpler 1 in a faced 2 in ttil1. Mever 1 a 3. Molnar can 1 in 1 1-3 Nuxhall o in 2-3. Ren Oross Uhm Flor 3-3. My mfr 1-n. Mana ctn nut till n-0. We Oross. A Mana ctn 2b_sfmm while the braves int air Ollil. Blasts from Bobby Thomson. Johnny Loiza Antr Andy Pufko in n 25-hit Slu Klest that saw eight pitchers called into action. I prot Home runs were hit in the Chicano Pilts Burkli panic which Hud 30 hits. Erht pitchers toiled in that rame too. Bunks won it with his last Homer which came Foci Ris. In . Off Dick Littlefield with a Man on. Base in the last halt of the eighth cards 3, giants 0 inning. Nuxhall s pitching and Voitik St. Tons. Fave the Redles their Rio huh Vic tory in nine cames. Wally Post chipped in his 26th Homer and later. Floied the winning run on Bob Thurman s single. A a h o a a b 0 a 1 standings w i 2_ 0 s 14 it run Villi. I Fri St. Re fill 91 d-0 i i co Burn 3. .13 f. Pm .464 co Burn f Ink los i to unil 6-1. Wheeler Lurhl 2-3 thai co Burn Wheelwright it . Jenkins Hont Lafr i3 t we Fol Rel rat at Corburn o 30 Honaker it Jenkins Dobyns Taylor rapt boys club team 7-3 football Star Breaks spine while swimming Washington Fri re. N Groin ism Young at Mic univ easily of Kon Tacky a in ups of years Atn. Coins to be play me football any More. The 2.1-Yrar-Olci army i or porn. N resident of Chiin Rutn. Two years of Deil Lity Rema Minn m Kentucky but Echt now he n patient a the army s Walter Rood general Hospital with broken spine. Doctor a Sari Otley they Hope for v Al Leam partial info any. Out for n swim june at in not i North Lake. S. A. A Eleh Marie a Runny a Wailtl pm i Purk Bottom Snappy ii his j it the of the neck. Since thru he been Den. Al loom Tel ally to is Able Only to and to and Cal. 2 humus. 2b 3 0 in n Trp s n.2b 1 1 2 Moon. In 4 i 1 0 . 2 n n 4 Verrion. Of 2 a null to of h 1 1 0 rep j to l g r 2b 1 n 1 .1 Boyar. 3b 3 knit c .1040 Siryl. R 3 mn.7nnt.p 200 is 3 it Nyler 1 0 it 0 Poh 3 n i n n 0 71 9 Tonuu 11 37 a Cmunt Ltd out Lor in filth. A per York m null met --1 r hrrr.ii-. Moon Pohosky. A Moon. Knit 2 Khi Mumbai. Al Talon 2b-hemus. A Al Brinn. Of Thompson. Triples Mantle new York Al Carey. New York 8. Home runs Mantle. New York 24 Kellne. Detroit 23. Stolen bases Rivera. Chicano 17 Jensen Boston and Minoso Chic afto. 12. Pitching i based on 8 Byrne new York. .833 Donovan. 13-4, .7t5. Strikeouts score. Cleveland 169 Turin. New York. 158. National lag a baiting on 275 at Campanella Brooklyn. .335 Ash Burn. Philadelphia .327. Runs Snider Brooklyn. 92 Mays. New York 8fl. Runs batted in Snider. Brook Lyn 106 Ennis Philadelphia 88. I ids Post. Cincinnati 133 Bruton. Milwaukee. 132. Doubles Loci in. Milwaukee. 30 and Snider Brooklyn Ron Scott pitched Dobyns Taylor Bruton Milwaukee to a 7-3 Victory Over boys club in and Long. Pitus Burih 9. The Only babe Ruth league action j comp Snider. Brooklyn thursday. Bunks can ratio. 3fi. The winners collected Only six stolen bases Boyar St. Louis hits including it double by Bill 18 Bruton Milwaukee 15. Mckay off loser Wayne pitching based on 8 but they made the most of them for the Victory. Charlie Leonard s Newcombe Brooklyn. 18-1, .947 Loes. Brooklyn 750. To triple was one of the three hits1 strikeouts Jones Chicago 51 allowed by Scott. L37 Roberts Philadelphia o of i s in 7. Ori of 0 in 1 a in nyan .1-2. 0-h 0-n. i mrtn7ftnt -1-v to ref Impi l.anrtff-. By in Lent but Lirk t senators 9, 6 a h o a a h 0 a Kurnen s h 1 4 2 Yost. 3b 4311 a i .1 noun Cru 3h is 1 1 2 Khz line of 3 i 1 1 h 0 7 2 i in 2 r 1 s 2 0 3 Al 1 i harm p a Bortoli. 0 n n n n n n Utah n lir p 1 0 1 Stombs p o 0 n n n n i n n o f i n 0 n about 95 per cent of the world s of diamonds conies from Africa. Tantau 37 i i. For garvri1 in 3rd. A struck out for to Illi. R struck out if Birrer in Ith. On in aft r Tait r Torf son. Hotsic. Maxwell. Vernon. Courtney. Sec Vars 2. On veil Schoonmaker 2, furnaces ii ii East it to Oil Al f i i it i i i amp or m i t n steel furnaces Coal to if. Into girl i ring no i a mint now mon1hi.t to Tai months to Pat Southern Sheet Metal works 354 e. 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