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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 5, 1955, Kingsport, Tennessee10 Friday. Aurum 5. 1955 Marine Academy Honor graduate space travel to be common hew arms control policy denied commit Jion 50 years Columbus of space might live in family of present generation new proposals Forbis arming inti find by appropriation Bill signed by president by Jamks Marlow this country s desire Lor disarm i Copenhagen Denmark associated analyst ment. Tin United and rus Kings Point n y _ an leveling through space by years Washington the run d a Honor graduate of the . Mer now like sinus rejecting president risen but h a n t it Marine Academy whose at limes Square Honor s arms control plan say Tvan quit the communist party a scientist it the International j they like their own better. Eisen Tat his insistence been de aeronautical Congress made that Hower will come up with another. Ins do then u Itoi ies a cd a Nava commission. Prediction Loday and explained How what lire the differences Between Check on sue Fuh. Acc Nus h Fonner activity s h will be done Washington president Eisenhower has signed an appropriation Bill which includes ju0 300 for hundreds of army. Navy and air Force construction the him Check the two countries on thursday by Lunnin rejected i Thev can be explained in terms Senhor or s proposal on the grounds of three ideas ill let lne arc its the United states 1 for Venus the United states Russia Are so either Side and insisted there could be no i Fonceal Niiya think it wished. Armament without Complete Insp pc 1ie snid inf russians regard their ton. Meaning in the Case of the United states and Russia that each Cadet midshipman Eugene Landy. 21. Received word of his 1 first. We space Statons Ainor Grill k l Kofl fills ill i Trif oils by an draw i Rusl Donl of the rican rocket society Copenhagen Auk. 5 foregoing Steps will be justify Kuver Lineul administrations out of Washington president the abundance of Wisdom of each. Eisenhower plans to confront rus projects the fact remains however h0on with a new set of pro Noi Jin of the Money allowed for Ilse inner drive or Ela. Of the Fra Al osiris for a disarmament Winsper construction in the year Lenity of spacemen provides the com system. Which began july 1 is new. Real source of this relentless Flor to Guiet Premier Bulgarin rejected to add the rest of creation to our pc 1ie snid 10 to realistic. Shortly after words at his be establish Nihil a d above the Earth the race of Man will be freed from space Are still unknown but Jock ii on the eve of exercises will be easy. Then rocket Earth but return to Mother Earth they May be sleeping in cradles which 54 year old Mother is to ships designed to push through the will be possible a fetch him Kin dual Many with Earth s atmosphere land on the will come from Transfer of funds thursday Eisenhower s offer to prov Souly appropriated living space. I Trade military blueprints with the of the total the army received Arp on y. I soviet Union and to allow Aerial the Navy s442.628.3uo surveys but the president said he Uki the air Force ing. The Columbus and St. Brendan does t understand the Hrc. Congress silk fluted that 20 High Throp of the and i i . Of wish they d punish me i Stead of his Mother told i1 porters while Vissing a sister new Jersey. The acknowledged she was communist party member Furnin 1937 until 1947 or 1948, when she Jikit under urn ing from her son. He would leave space ship. Would Niree to teams of in Lorna conf mice Eisenhower apparently tonal inspectors. Not disturbed by the russian turn in both countries these inspectors Down. The United slam s in would have Complete Freedom to Dunds to make some new proposals go where they wished and Check late this month. As they pleased to be sure neither he hns had Harold e. Stassen Side was cheating after car being studying the whole disarmament to disarm and particularly after problem to bring it up to Date and on abolishing atomic make new recommendations which weapons. Probably will be different from to Al tilt be would a leave in that Way Only the United those this country and insisted Nojir reformed me and yet he the same Speed states Felt could any country be upon for years. Is m tarring sure it was t being kidded into Eisenhower snid this matter will disarming itself while another got take a lot of examination by ready to attack it. Of experts. The russians would t buy that idea. They wanted no foreign inspectors poking around in Russia. There the matter stood for years neither Side yielding 2, last May 10 the russians a Keg sport Man displaying a yielded a bit but not As far As King size Black Eye fined the United states wanted. They Friday Mommy in Civ Cuil on a said they would agree to teams of plea of guilty to Public Drunken International inspectors Boink Sta nes1-. Toned in Russia but their move a chaise no Nti Hiing him tents would be limited. They could wits sifter police report not have full Freedom to checked inc mini who inc if anywhere in Russia. They d be san tic Black Eye ret used to toned at strategic Points like rail prosecute. Police said the Delend Friday City court space station which around the Earth at 15.625 n. An hour. The rocket ship besides carry in passengers in specially sinned , will carry prefabricated space ship parts and the space ship will be assembled near the space station. The passengers Olf the to the assembled i will take off at As the whirling for it. I wish they d space station. It will be the Saint instead of him. I d thing coming of rather Yolo jail than have him the midshipman one of mrs. Tandy s three sons will receive a Bachelor of science degree and a certificate of qualification As a your own Home May Well take a full Ken i make the foregoing observe travelling it is inevitable. Tons because the next step will in Miles now lha1 the firm furore Over the solve free us ounce the National science foundation and Moon and return to Earth under White House announcements con the command of the new Columbus Cering the Earth satellite has then to the Moon with a land sided it is Well for the Public to1 ins and a take off and return to the take a second look at the problems Earth. J involved in the inevitable step. Alter these accomplishments All Arnm aeronautics to astronautics. Of the remaining problems of free Mier closed the door on negotiation lion dollars is to be used to con to end the arms race. Undue construction of the new air he appeared Al a news Conler Academy at Colorado ice thursday to be a least mod Colo. The House rarely optimistic that disarm i by declined to vote any Money for Mem negotiations with Russia Academy alter complaints had that original Lead to to both although the United states uses agreements Acca featured too much Gribs and Metal. The Senate voted nearly 80 Mil lion dollars for the Academy con. Striction work. Senate House con million i along met chant Marine officer with 95 classmates. But rear . Gordon Mclin Tock. Academy superintendent said will nol receive a commis in the naval Reserve unless lift a count e pm n be Merit to a Navy order barring the com in is ., Britain say ships weren t theirs Linni aeronautics to astronautics. Of the Rema Minu problems of free Alt Nouffo the Dunnea of pics there is a group of experts who Flechl i Leifi our solar system by More electric Power than any other frees agreed on the a million have been studying the problems come relative. The problems of country its per capita use is less. Many of construction of astronautics for Vears. Inter Stellar flight Are different in him that of either Norway or acts included m the bin Inonu. I refer to the space Hunt Canada. Had been authorized by con Noltee of the american rocket. So-1 using our most efficient n is estimated there is a traffic press Only a soil Lime piety. F had the Honor to be the Cal propulsive 1 mean i Accident every three seconds on voted the Money to Mem first chairman of that committee Mot actual but theoretical inn average in the United states.1 out. Some of the Money is Tor con when it was in 1951. Init would take us 130.000 years to an estimated six million Amer. Linued work on projects previously invited or. Alan t. Waterman i Malce the round trip from Earth Toj can school children have Tacor a authorized Rector of the National science Alpha centaurs. Our nearest Stellar reeled visual defects says foundation to attend the first executive session of the committee to my office in Washington. At Ancin he attended the meeting. Tha took courage As at the time most beings neighbor. Just a link of the immense Sci 1 problems in evenly bal in Kener Lions of human vehicle of belter vision Institute. Frog level s. A. Changed name in 1873 to Prosperity. Most Birds move their wings in us unison but the Swift beats wings alternately. Their offer no great Power a neighbor. Who popped him. Days could prepare for War Agam Sli the trial of an in other without vast in Sporl Man of Drunken of troops planes and materials All cd Vinji and Dii Vinn without a h space Iscie lists upon Rockel men definite capacity. Argentina As Al visionary and no one could be born of die sex the United Wales mid Britain say not Al lip in a definite no that it any warships o a big .01 that of lint bread of life could be Ishii Power Iliad Owen Ine Arisen to Prience foundation lost. Even air breathed line Ili Al on recent Maneu vers in we years Back remain 1.000 the Atlantic the sleuths Luger. Acini in refused to link tiie i l is. I Kinn to establish a non military. Even now we see solutions to the action to tin former Metivi Oscar Alan do. A Deputy irom the satellite Pio wram. In As problems of inter Stellar travel the Cadet s Mother but an opposition Radical parly asked the president of the american these solutions will evoke Kansas City blood Blouse and shoes were stuffed my spokesman admitted Al Eimm government in a Bill society i had the Honor of is Immy As we conquer the in rent i stained automobile containing the. Into the trunk compartment. A their was a connection. J presented to Congress forma submission to the psf of present Day problem of dome a j ripped and bloody clothing of a i was blood streaked along one the spokesman quickly added. Whether the Fleet was trailed a satellite program Good Job during the International wealthy Young housewife was of the car and on the rear bumper. Navy blood stained Auto torn clothes of missing Young Mother found who level. He another May have done t of which could be spoiled by the a Csc were continued i Enlil tues inspectors at the airfields and rail Day no the request of the City by centers. They could sound a warn Torney. Police said charges were in. Filed follow Liy a wreck. J the Western Powers Are sushi West fined a third Cious of this idea. A similar sys Man 41iu on a plea of finlly to pub tem was set up in Korea alter and ordered an the uni Istace there but in North old Fine reinstated. Korea the knife Ingres were one lion agreement by building new Tram Lor reckless in Vanui two j3.50 i Kev Lulion of Here s Neve Lindy s month. He did not name the the project approved by presi geophysical year. Been big foreign Power bin coi iries Dent Eisenhower is simply the la Rel any question Lancley will Gra Tihle with second highest ranking in class. Loyalty signal circles said he meant i United Stales. Found abandoned on a Busy Thor a her purse was missing. Pond oui Faie Early today and police said. However the attractive Bru immediately the Hud cashed a s30 Check at woman had been kidnapped and the Beauty parlor paid s5 for serv slim ices there and that because of Tom mrs Wilma Allen. 34, Wile of Small sum she Appal Nelly a aimed William Allen jr., North Kansas robbery was not believed to have the honors he will receive the Argentine Maneu vers. Rocket society delegation so William h. Harris automobile dealer and Mother of been a motive. Are a me Clyl for excellence in Nav i a British embassy spokesman have not had an Opportunity of re Antku boys has been missile police were proceeding or Al an Hile lure and in award from i fire also said no British naval All of the american press funeral services will be held since she left a Beauty parlor theory that mrs. Alien had Hie daughters of the american Sels were in the area during the reports. I have seen of . Sunday at the Home. v noon. Them however Anil i am the program we Sibin ruled. I am writing this in Copenhagen. The in Washington the Navy 1 am attending the sixth i fitment said no u. S. Capital ships International aeronautical con a were in inc South Atlantic do ing Kress As chairman of the american i Deoffie notice William h. Harris Park Iii. And science student. For overtime Lor Hnin if the Best exercises. Por tation centers away from those Bonds for illegal under inspection. Bonds totalling nevertheless since May 10 i Par Kuik. Senho Wor has indicated that per haps the United states would _ a Settle for some Linb less than the Knox budget approved 100 per cent foolproof system previously insisted upon by this Conn Knux lilt in Knox Connly try. A Jurt. Under a circuit Why perhaps because in the Conn order. Inday approved n atomic Rue no inspection my edit be Operini Linin Brinel Lor the 100 per cent effective in Del Clint year which but Iii Lilly 1. Sneak manufacture of atomic Cap .11 was expected later Loday to oils. Set a lax rate of per 3. At his Geneva mooting with assessed properly valuation. Russian Premier Bulf Janini and the premiers of Britain and France More than Oil burners Eisenhower proposed on july 21 sold for heat in k in the United of party members at twofold plan As an example of Stalin in two of greatest swing bands reunite ii Lull i him ii mazed that the follow up Story not been written. Here if that Story the first step hns been disclosed. We know we can do it. The second Sii a is not much different in theory we will produce n Lanfier. In 11 ruined of Harlp containing More list rut nent in Ion and capable drastic reductions on and v2 . Mitchell air conditioners sweeping engineering changes innewnii1chhu955 room air conditioner leave 54 models years behind Here s Why it s Worth a Little More to get a lot More in a Mitchell room air conditioner today you May be oried Many Cypei of room air conditioner. Some new Ore old lore even outdated in or deigned Cabins you con probably boy them for a Silti to Iun Brond new Mitchell but a fore you Are influenced by puce olon.-. Pomider Core fully a tit you get theft i Only a " res 1955 Mit Czetl Only one air modulation expand mount Ond True Al Jih wound Imol Lalicin few Industry Imit Conj rpm certified ii by Fie in fed a Offei teen a c . Cools up to 250 so. It. . Cools up to 385 so. It. Ireson electric co. 117 e. Market dial cd 6-2261 Lindy was a slur of football and minis no the Academy and was clip twin of t ii Deh Huip i rum. He snid his in thru did when he was in infant and related that his Mother now living in Bradley Urnah. N. A. Highly sympathetic to form Timoni during world stir ii i Jamks Bacon she held a communist pnrty1 Hollywood a Anima a mkt curd m Lim. Said . Adding the town the world s Capri "1 did t know it twin been us i i work. Only 10 old. But two or Hollywood s jumping to some three years later 1 started to cinch jest Suir ii inc hard in in no wonder. Two of the ended. He recalled one or two meet greatest Bonds of the Swiny pm the third is Crit rail. For the reunited. We will Furt the Lerable and said the reunion is Only Tempo Rory. Problem of re entry into the Earth s my Mother was working while it lasts some Ureil Tutsic Atmos Liore. Relief and her s Guido. In lulls process we expect the Lal Lucs were All no ii inn at Universal . first two satellites to be Burnt or i Otna about Nii Skinn inc Benm Oodman the Hunt will be of ply Iii More information to Earth. It even contain animals Loaid i All important Plisio logical . But 11 will be de stormed when its or Bill Hie is tilt been kidnapped driven to some isolated the Rev. Ralph Cook will optic Date. I her convertible was Lound spot Sii in Vinci Iii boil additional services will be under a viaduct near 22nd of. I Lucr at the scene of the kill it , a. At . And Broadway near the Union Sta inn or elsewhere and the car then the body will be removed to the Tion at . Driven to he spot where it residence Al. . Saturday. Mai Eugene Pond chief of de abandoned. Lec lives said the rear seat and mrs. Allen is the Mother of Moor of the car were saturated sons. Billy. 11. And Bobby 8. It takes four pounds of potatoes with blood and that Allol mrs. Police said friends described to make a Pound of Pula to chips. Allen s Cloi Luni lingerie skirt. Allen a Model couple. ---------class1fikd display ci.assifik111 display pay Cash for your next car you people a Tui and of i. of that it eittt1 to i Dino it Iii. J tins is the Lurenl problem we Arri now manned t Beciri a i did t like the he partied of that Trenti m of so. . He said she and quit bunds Are Bocknik the the Reck. Tience Krupp. Teddy Wilson. Many since will he in be snid he was culled to new in pcs. Lionel Hampton and Good in lulls problem us solved. York City i and quarters of the 3rd Man. The amp of Wmk himself. Nit no District on Tursany seem to be Piu Yinn deut a Titan questioned two hours. Ever if that is possible. Finally said land. They on Tui rat s Climax show Oxer nid i hurl not Gnu. To worry lbs to the original1 Hob i plans in filler Yale will be reunited. This it on Scholm ship this Lull to band one of the greatest of nil admin Ralty Law. Dixieland sighs is. Will or lorm their old in rank cents of to Pron nov Smiar. The word rat Gin Mill rim-.1 lord refers to the head of n Lulu Rock getaway and other household. Dixieland classics. The fourth Advent of will fur transcend any other epoch of for the time will Able to see ourselves Osiier see us and our living spin cd be in Lour diet in one Uay or another each of the classified display with a loan our Low rates will save you Money private conditioned manufacturers acceptance corp. 417 Clay Circle 7-7171 Bob Orkun will ii 2 big questions left unanswered by electrocution of Harry Stein new York. Aim. 5 ins in a chair Fione in the hold touch of bitter irony killer Harry up murder of n readers digest Klein dropped his nearly finished in i Piso. Stem said a few and into hours Belore his electrocution. Muir Sijia s Deli la climb i. Any Elvoit to conned me the hum of the ele Clinciu be Emce of judge july wrote Timsah to Hope is absurd. If i knew anything about of Ever learning the Lonu Bun or could the. Lite of my answers to two Otibe Nalum s Mosi self it co depend hints and knew celebrated any secrets i d let them out 1. What happened to new Yurk Delorr his Jire death supreme court .io.-1-pb men. Stem offered to Settle finally Force Pniler who Dispi raied on Wiiri conclusively through Nence Auk Iotov the Lonj standing belief he had j who. On feb. Hts. 1931, killed sonu1 Knowles in ii Hunt the reason Vivian Poirion u blackmailer behind the Crater disappearance or Coli Toan and mute York s Power til Public 1m he appealed Hrousis his All or tires1 Vel Nui Pili it Meir fell there was u i Onne c i Ater s am he a act Between Vivian s Neu York s co Vurnor u nmn ii to permit him to take door ctr lest to permit fair Stinn turned Liim of Bynm in the c l i intr Gordon t Quiny who Mill if Man who oled irs. 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