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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 5, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeKingsport thursday August 5, 1954 Meny go round Hollywood an Independent democratic newspaper c. P. Edwards. Or publisher and Geuer Bea Hiden. to the pub Llster Sta w j. Editor Ellis Binkley. Executive Edilo r by Drew Pearson by Erskine Johnson 220-22 Fol Market Street Hollywood and Grapevine if Betty Huston Ever plays the life Story of Sophie Tucker on he s service kiember of the Assoc Meta press. new Ippei publishers audit Bureau of circulation a after noon except saturday and sunday the associated exclusively to the use or kid Licat on of All Cea s dispatches credited to it or in paper and also the local news published herein or ered at Post Tolice in teen., Asse old class mall matter october 57 1344 the act of March 8 1kb National advertises representatives. Shannon i associates inc with offices in new Yuri get olt Atlanta St. Louis. Kansas City. To Anneley and san Francisco subscription rate by mail first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year s13.00. By Carrier daily and sunday one week. Today s Bible thought and he said unto them i must preach the kingdom of god to other cities also for there fore no 1 Luke presidential ambitions Are sometimes made or unmade months in Advance. Sometimes an event which the candidate himself does t dream is momentous turns a Corner up or Down in his Hope to be president. Screen her sex husband Charles two such events probably occurred recently in w h have a big slice of the lives of two Young men from the two the profits it s All written Down states in the Union both of whom want to be a document that preceded of the Stales More than any fee divorce. Tyrone Power other thing in the world. Is warming up for another stage they Are William Knowland of California the stint a new play by Herm to Senate Republican Leader and Lyndon Johnson Wouk author of the Caine my 01 Texas the Senate democratic Leader. Tiny British ichor Johnson has been whittling Down his chances Reed who plays a a in Helen for the democratic nomination for some time. Of Troy his v i chiefly by failing to realize that no Democrat can Al n Rrt v become president these Days without the Liberal. H. The labor big City vote of the North. He can be Nom Sparatta Ana plan can be nominated without this vote but not elected. On top of this Jolson s cooperation with re publican Knowland to break the Back of the dem a London divorce. Battle at Sacramento the times daily tonic Jesus chose this method of extending the knowledge of himself throughout the world he taught his truth to a few men. And then he said. Now go and Tell that truth to other men Phillips Brooks. Jinx. It was my unlucky he says. I never pot Hurt in my life till last summer. I m still doing my own pm keeping my fingers Guatemala the political events in Bill Knowland s life which takes him further away from the presi Dency Are two. One of them reaches a Climax this week end when Knowland flies to Sacramento where California republicans meet to elect new leaders. Should Knowland be Able to install his own followers As the leaders of California republicanism he might regain much of the ground he recently lost in Washington. But that in t Likely. For what s happened in California is that the potent political organization which supported Knowland in the past largely evaporated when gov. Earl Warren stepped up and Bobby now living with their it has Mother. Jennifer Jones. The do it begins to look As if we had relaxed Knight in larger partly president Moa too soon on the situation of Guatemala. But Between these the fire is still smouldering and peaceful out or of will control the sizable California Dele stable government is not vat Arra Inpil s the Republican convention in 1956. Aug lit i not yet attained. Knowland has now thrown his weight behind Gnu the communist threat is apparently Cranor Kosht and against vice president Nixon nipped in the Bud but the signs Are that the Al u Nixon wu1 there Are factions which cannot easily be Bullhead Edness brought together. V meanwhile what has Hurt Knowland most heart tug Christine the Collia owned by the late Robert Walker has been shipped to Hollywood from Houston tex., to become the pet of Walker s two sons Michael has been in a Kennel Ever since Walker s death. Virginia Grey s a Happy am i doll with her first Wise cracking role in years in the present head of the government Washington is his Bull headed Ness. This has even Carlos armas does not look like a Strong is Wand s courage Carlos armas _ Man in his own right. But looks much Eyer a Shadow cast upon i More like a Man who reacted by pulled strings from unseen sources. That he is wrong time. That Bright Green custom built French automobile in car men Jones once belonged to Howard Hughes. Is she smiling for being stubborn at n this has lost him More support than and do not really popular is indicated by the a a tical Factor. Many senators for instance. Will Hugh Herbert of the Moon is Blue Fame dedicated his novel i d rather be to Wil Liam Holden s daughter Virginia. The Valentine reads Parent necessity of maintaining a guard land continued the recent ii bust ,.b of Honor that is a More or less private hours simply did t understand human she army. It looks As if Annas was afraid of Here is a coup that would Force him to quit. Happened. The evil of this Snurr of fun ule Selte voted on Knowland s cloture me evil of Inis Sou of con motion to limit debate on the atom Bill the Fili edition As far As the guatemalan people us ering senators figured they had reached the is that. If. Cir to Lear and sent word to Knowland that they would Compromise. They would Call off Washington calling by Douglas Larsen criticize this Book and because she the hitherto unpublished Story of what has such Lovely Washington the most startling observation e. Wilson the Industrial Genius Wilson has made which reflects free the people Over the world and i i n ii jul , they will i Licud and run n. Frap who left the presidency of general this attitude was dropped almost society like we do or like me other motors to become Secretary of de unnoticed at a recent press con members of the for sense for president Eisenhower Ference. He was asked has begun to exert a new and in can we prevent the Mac s window by w. J. Mcauliffe it seems that mrs. Democrat and mrs. Republican ran into each other the other Day while husbands were out Hunting the Voie Birds and the following conversation took place. Mrs. Republican. My dear i m so glad you Are Able to be out. I heard you were suffering from a de pressed condition of the general economic system. Mrs. Democrat. Well the doctors said it was All Tut i had pains in my breadbasket that Aren t imaginary mrs. Republican. What you have Are just minority ailments. Mrs. Democrat. How about you Aren t you putting on weight you d better watch out. Von can Rah indigestion from giving in to the very Rich foods. Mrs. Republican. Of. I can of Ford to put on a few pounds alter All i had a Long thin diet and i was Jum about ready to pass out. The doctors Tell me it s Safe to eat a lot of fruit like patronage plums which Are so delicious. Mrs. Democrat. You d better a careful. Is your Congress function ing normally mrs. Republican. Well you know How a person s Congress is. Some times it yets All clogged up and then you get action too fast. Frankly i Don t think Ever had a perfectly Normal congressional system. Mrs. Democrat. Of course my dear you must be careful what you put in it. Some things won t go Down Well and cause n lot of Gas. Mrs. Republican. Well i a bothered Loo much by an economic system and my Congress is in fairly Good order. I am having trouble with my relations Thosa foreign relations of mine you know. Mrs. Democrat. Yes i know. I had some of the same trouble. I just tried to ignore them As much As possible. Creeping world that have Long records of free ins Titu Are concerned is that it puts1 to one Side any plans for reforms of the Domestic Economy to give the people a better life. Everybody is agreed that the people of this Central american state do not have a very High Standard of living. Specified that there must be no unanimous con Alma Morgan widow of the late Frank Morgan broke up with her european suitor. Fox could have held Dan Dalley to eight More months on his old contract but de expected influence on top level and communist Type of aggression by ministration to linking. Military action or by a military whih they were driving at was that under a unanimous consent agreement a senator knows that the vote will be taken at say 2 . Or 3 moreover they do not have any of the or some other definite time. Makes realities of the democratic Way of life in Ipolit to be Only to vote h n is absent j during ensuing debate. If on the other hand elections Are not the result of popular there is no fixed time for voting senators must voluntary voting As we know it. Ashfer Calls the group of senators who held up the whether the people have the strength atomic Bill Felt it was important that the remain to maintain a real democracy As we unit de stand democracy is questionable. Per ency a so argued that the atomic bin was being bans a fair rasp ran he Marla for the that of the Bill were available naps a Lail Case can de made 101 the Only one Day before the debate started. Few sen necessity of Strong Man government they argued knew what was really in this provided strength is combined with in to turn atomic energ5 Over to selfish desire to give the people Benefi cent Rule. In any Case what we have is a con Stant struggle Between ambitious men Down kept him off the lot for the eight months. Ham and Knowland gets stubborn so they sent word to Knowland they would Call off the filibuster after a vote on three Amend ments but that while voluntarily curtailing Rie for Power a struggle that leaves the peo Date Uley would not agree to unanimous consent dip in the lurch the non nip of to nip however got stubborn. He broke up pie m lie a run. 1 be people of Uwate the peace conference with about As much agree Mala deserve something better than they is the recent Geneva conference. Despite Sion of or. Roberts. Not in the script Oscar Merstein of South Pacific Fame to be successful in the theater you must have an irrational love of it. Talent is Only half the Battle. Ambition and Industry Are just As Esperanza Wayne lost her purse with copies of past income tax reports and other valuable papers at a Hollywood cafe. The empty bag was located but not the contents. W Frk Henry Fonda s denying the re port that he once considered him self too old to do the film ver everyone assumed that his sole Mission was to infuse some Indus trial Type efficiency into the com plex operations of the three serv ices. And he and Roger Kyes the aggressive first assistant he brought Here with him did just that. They got rid of useless boards and committees. They weeded out civilian deadheads who had been drawing big salaries and merely contributing to red tape. They Huilt a fire under Long delayed plans for reorganizations of the army and Navy. Their most important contribution in their first few months in office was putting the air Force s aircraft procurement system on a business basis. It had been chaotic with no one sure just How Many and what kinds of Plaues were on order and with the production of already obsolete planes continuing merrily along. Mrs. Republican. I wish i could. Tons to Back up their types of so but they create such in uproar. Csc y and they never Are satisfied Wilson has previously said we cannot Knock out the false tied no matter How much i do for them. Sometimes i am Tempe to lock v myself in my own room and just tar and destroy them with the isolate myself ideas bullets we must coun with the ideas and truth with Superior sound presently have. There can t be Good Sta their me government until they get something better than they have. Picture mate liberals go ahead with Ian anyway. So Gore of Tennessee offered the first Amend ment preventing the atomic Energy commission from paying any contractor s Federal income taxes for him. Immediately Knowland came up with his usual demand for unanimous consent of limit debate on the amendment. He proposed one hour i do not expect to address the Senate for More than a period of 30 replied Gore. Knowland replied that he would give Gore two hours but he definitely wanted to limit debate by unanimous consent the majority Leader need not undertake to bargain by increasing the time to two hours or 20 replied Gore. If the majority Leader will Billy Graham gives us a very optimistic picture of what he believes is happen ing behind the Iron curtain. He sees a revulsion from communism and a re turn to spiritual values by the people. And he sees the same reaction against am Cllement can be disposed or in one but Knowland continued to argue finally s materialistic philosophy going on in West Germany and great Britain. This is very Fine news. And we know that the evangelist has impressive Evi Dence that his judgment is on some solid same argument each time was Fin ally Persuad e d facts. He has seen vast crowds flocking to hear him. He has1 seen the reception looked As if the Long fight would soon be everywhere accorded him and it was not synthetic. Unfortunately this judgment is at variance with what we hear from other observers and what we see in other Evi Dence. For instance Graham tells us he found the British people very Friendly to Ward the United states. But we see and hear a great Deal of bitter criticism and attacks on the United states from great Britain too. Argue. Finally Sten ins of Mississippi appealed to him. And he sat Down. The debate proceeded and the amendment was adopted in the surprisingly Short period of an hour plus a few minutes. Later the Stennis and Kerr amendments were Knowland went through the he goaded Morse at this Point sen. Wayne Morris offered his amendment. As usual Knowland not yet Learned his lesson not yet realizing the debate would soon be Over if he kept quiet Rose and moved for unanimous consent. Or. Replied the Independent Sena Tor from Oregon i say to my Good Friend from California in All Good nature and fun that his insistence on these unanimous consent agreements reminds me of the Little boy at the county fair who was in the pie eating contest. The boy had eaten so much pie that no one else was even close to him because he was eve i was never hesitant about do ing the he told me. When the play was first produced seven years ago there was talk of a film version. But it dragged on such a Long time that i commented half in jest that i d probably be too old for the part. That s How the talk got the word s around publishing Row that the same agent who sold that controversial life Story of Marilyn Monroe to the London Empire news Trie d without Success to peddle it earlier to some top u. S. Magazines. Right now bets Are on that miss crazy hips autobiographical confessions will never meet up with Printer s Ink on Side of the Atlantic. But not for Lack of pub Lisher interest. As significant As All of these accomplishments was the restoration of positive civilian control of the Gigantic military Structure for the first time since before world War ii. About the time Kyes left to re turn to private Industry Wilson s he replied if our army had been twice As big As it is and the Navy had twice As Many ships afloat and we had a couple of Hundred wings of modern fighter air planes it would not have changed a single thing that has happened in the last year and one half that i can see. An other 15 per cent or 20 per cent buildup in the military part of our country in t the answer to this thing. It is in other pressed for what he meant by agriculture s economic i areas he replied vey Section under Kelvin if i had a real Clear program in Washington on that now it would be quite a the sen ice is intended primarily thing. But the men of Good will in to warn Farmers of things like m the world in All nations Are go armyworm or pea aphid infest my to have to come up with some tons which usually in the Hung before too Many South and move North in summer at the same time Wilson went but it would be equally valuable firmly on record to repudiate talk in Case an enemy tried biological by some military brass urging a warfare tricks by introducing Plant pests that would destroy crops. In a National emergency this would become a civil defense Agency. Russian atomic bombs Wren t the Only enemy weapons against which an defense system has been organized in the United states. There s also an insect warning service now operating in 18 states. It clears its information nationally through the d. S. Department of insect sur mrs. Democrat. By the Way Are you having trouble with your eyes mrs. Republican. Well i do keep seeing red spots in front of my eyes but i remember you suffered a sort of color blindness and could hardly distinguish red at All preventive War saying we have had two world wars in my time. We Haven t discovered How to establish a stable peace after those wars and i Don t think a third world War is any answer to the problem of the world. I think if we started legs make House Republican majority Leader Charles a. Halleck of Indiana has just been Outlook began to broaden percept to establish a stable peace after Tilly. There was no connection. Kyes said he was leaving because he. Thought he cad finished his Job of helping Wilson to at least get the Pentagon on the Road toward More efficiency. Most observers have accepted this explanation at face value. The change which has taken place in Wilson since then has been shift from looking at military matters through the eyes of an efficiency expert to examining them As a philosopher. It s this philosopher s approach apparently based on his mature years and experience and a Lack of political ambition which is Mak ing itself Felt in top level thinking. Dramatic role and my radio and to a a gird world War and Start to do those tilings now maybe you d never have to have the at about that Point a reporter remarked sounds like co existence or. he shot b3ck i Don t like to get confused Over words. Do you mean co existence or when asked what the u. S. Could do to Cool off the friction in the he answered make sure that we Don t Overly emphasize our theories. I Don t think we do push them on people but we Are a Little naive sometimes. We think that All we have to do is embarrassing political sex same vote Birds Anri they re Quad Remung As gets by of i Perien Ces of having to justify today a stand which he formerly opposed. This year representative Hal Lecic has been fishing tooth and Nail to get president Eisenhower s Public housing program passed. In democratic administrations Hai Leck opposed Public housing As a matter of gop policy. But rep Martin Dies a Tex came to Halleck s defense. I understand the attitude of my Friend from said Dies. I am not condemning him. He is a Leader and As a Leader he is doing the very Best he can to carry the Ball for the administration. I know Charley you Are with us. I know that you do not believe in this and i know that you know that you cannot get sound republicans to reverse their mrs. Democrat. I hear you Are losing control of your Power Over the boys. Mrs. Republican. Well not exact in Dorward but i Don t believe in keeping those boys tied to my to apron strings. Mrs. Democrat. Well that s dangerous. You give them too much Freedom and they run wild. How Are the twins foreign and domes tic Trade getting along together mrs. Republican. Of you know the twins. It s just one to Riffice Bat. Tie after another. Mrs. Democrat. Hern comes our husbands. They look Cross. Mrs. Republican. Of i suppose they both have been shooting at the mrs. Democrat. Well goodbye. Til be seeing you. And Honey keep your defense up definition mandate. What every girl likes to have two or three nights a week. It May be True said John tie Batch faint heart Neer won fair lady and that is Why i did t catch the gorgeous Sadie. But Sadie turned out dumb and int and the Brave Man who won her exactly envied by the Guy whose heart was faint a i Starlet Colleen Miller and Betty Hutton s sex Ted Briskin Are whirling even More romantically. A it to a try a financial Blusher for stars work Elroy Hirsch won t say definitely ing in Blue horizons on location that the 54 pro. Football season will in Wyoming last. Between scenes of in he told me whether i quit football depends on what kind of a year i have. Doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . Also what happens with this Pic Ture in which he plays a straight an Oil Rich Shoshone Indian extra in the film owns four new Cadiz lacs. The tribe recently won a suit against the govern ment has another suit pending. Side glances i in covered with the pie Down to his Chest but he still wanted that last the fact that we see contrary evidence Pic so he reached for another and the poor Fel flow to at times scams just a a Jet Janst. This was one of those times. Can the senator Morse give any estimate of the time which would be required for the discus Sion of this amendment on his Morse had had had listened to know Usu no. Same Cju estion Over ainu Uver attain to Graham s reports does not mean his reports Are false. And the fact that we can accept his reports does not mean the contrary evidence is false. The probability is that both Are True enough. What we Are driving at is the danger of arguing from the particular to the general. There is no safety in saying the British non nip he Lipp to Vic or that Cimon or Lio Mica to Wolc Morse s amendment people Deil pc inns 01 mat simply de meaning that Morse would not be Able to talk 01 cause British people without be Lieve it. Because at the same time other British people believe just the opposite. Of course it is a Good sign that Gra Ham met so Many people who gave him to m. T. Ill -1111 i iu.1 jjh.11u 11uii1 Hope. But it could be said that a Patron new Mexico. Ill still be talking when you get of the amusement world visiting Britain worse happened to Hii could come Home and report that the British people Are Bent on worldly pleas ure. That the people behind the Iron cur Tain Are turning against communism we want to believe. But there Are few signs they Are doing anything about it. Think i have something to say on this Amend at this Point. Knowland who had made Good Progress on his Bill despite himself really lost his head. He moved to table Morse s amendment Able to to it at All. Morse was so you could have Fried an err on his forehead but he did t show it. When Clint Anderson who was heartbroken to Sec a whole Day of hard diplomatic labor washed Down the dram went Over to his Friend and tried to smooth things Morse was Calm and collected. Just you go on he told his Friend from ii night and half the next Day not on his Amend ment but on the Bill. And Knowland could have avoided nil of it by a Little understanding of human nature. That was Why some republicans privately concurred with the democratic senator from West Virginia Matt Necly. When he told the Senate the majority Leader is no More qualified for his present role than he is for Liny he author Leo Tolstoy i never reread War and when he heard us Reading it aloud one Day he did t even recognise it. Alexandra . The United states pieces itself not merely to political opposition to communism but to help alleviate conditions in Guatemala and elsewhere which Ali ill afford communism an Opportunity to spread its tentacles throughout the Hemi sphere. Of stale Dulles. A common ailment and one which is most difficult to treat Success fully is the subject of today s first inquiry. You give me a cure or at least Relief from foot warts they Are painful and i seem to find a remedy. Mrs. B. V. Presumably refers to what Are known As plantar warts on the soles of the feet. They Are frequently extremely difficult to cure or relieve. Methods commonly used arc a Ray Radium electro surgery and operation. The Best possible medical advice should be secured. Docs a woman pain weight so easily alter a i male operation mrs. L. Eating too much. Effects on the glands or metabolism Are generally of Little or no importance. A Friend of mine weighs 170 pounds and is continuously taking a laxative to help her lose weight. What will eventually happen to her. J. A she will probably gel an irritated digestive tract. That is not Good any to lose weight. My doctor wants me to take Gold treatments for arthritis. What do you think of this mrs. P. This is one of the most widely used forms of treatment for some kinds of arthritis. The results sometimes arc excellent but the treatments have to be riven with considerable care and the patient watched carefully for any sign of reaction to the Gold. Blood by vomiting. Later it was found that he had a duodenal ulcer the size of the tip of a Small Finger. He has not been ill since. Is it possible that the ulcer is healed mrs. K. Bleeding or Haemorrhage is one of the complications which sometimes occur in ulcers of the stomach or duodenum. It seems Likely that your son s ulcer has healed but he should no doubt continue to be careful of his diet for some time to come. I have been taught that one should take a laxative two or three times a year to keep the liver in shape. Is this Correct mrs. W. F. No. Several years ago i had a Hysterectomy. For some time i have been taking Vitamin capsules containing Vitamin Complex Vitamin c and minerals. Is it Safe for me to take this three times a Day indefinitely mrs. S. A it probably will cause no harm but it is expensive and in All likelihood is not necessary if your diet is satisfactory. When i see a hat i m crazy about i buy it it does t tempt me any n year Ngn Mir 19 car old son had a sudden ulcer attack and lost a great Deal of

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