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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 4, 1955, Kingsport, Tennessee4-0 four former pos charge Gallagher aided communists . Has been get f ing warmer by bobbins Nea special correspondent Cleveland it s hot this summer no wonder. Over the past years America has been getting warmer and warmer. Try going to pet hotter maybe much holler. I this in t a question of Tomor Row s weather of course. Town May have n Cool snap a cold spell in August and a real bristle of n frigid Winter next year. But the climate which is the j cumulative record of the weather Over n period of years decades and centuries seems to he Chang ing. As climate chances to. It s happening at a startlingly rapid rate. Over year ahead our sum mers Are probably going to he longer and our Winters Milder with less and less Snow and ice. Fiill Vears from now Winter in most arts of the uniton1 slates and even top scientific minds in America. Since Hie u. S. Weather Bureau began collecting reliable figures from All Over the country about Fin years ago. The Normal mean Lem ply the reasons. In Northern Waters. Greenland eskimos Are reported to have Given up Seal Hunting because the Seal have disappeared toward the arc tic. In their place the eskimos now depend for food and Oil on cod. Which have migrated from the grand bunks. New storm patterns have brought hurricanes and tornadoes to new England and violent tidal inn ill to England and Holland. Sceptics still insist that grand father s idea about the Winters get Ting Wanner is All in his head. The statistics show otherwise. Kohler or rejected by Union i shr Organ or aliens new York. Auk. 4 ins i Knur Lonner knt Ojiri prism in a told Hii army court martial yesterday that arcu of murderer Janics c. Gall Kher was a pro a Tessie who actively collaborated with the communists. Thirer testimony a Winst. The 23 Vear old Brooklyn after the military court rejected a defense that Fikher could not Tare of murder of rec fellow prisoners in a North korean pow comp. A Hauler s counsel had suit it i avoid trial under n u. S. Supreme court rail lib mint an individual cannot he legally punished by the military service for an action performed before to received an honorable discharge. Galla Ulier was repatriated in 1953 and afterwards honorable Dis charged but recall std the follow Jinty Day. 1 Dale h. Williams now a Marion j mich., civilian Les tidied the or i fondant received Cigar Lars and j i Candy prizes for writing pro communist literature. Specialist Lyle g. So Suimin told the court he heard the defend ant deliver at least three to assembled prisoners in 1952 in which in lacked american Wall stricter a and in think veep Nixon j May visit Russia a skiing Kin. Auk. 4 ins sources close in the White House believe Ifni vice i Rich Ard m. Nixon May visit. Russia it Krska Kii models flown at Island Are crammed with Mai hire instruments which record information aerodynamic lion Tine and other flight data and trims nut it to a ground station by radio. A Model is shown being instrumented Al Litiff july air i of base. Safety first Young englishmen Are visitors at rotary club meet by Hill Kkt Kizoff two it mint pm Lith Man to Luton re at the regular wednesday him Tiu i. They in p in tins Roui Itzy us part of to n unum Ial Aci Oss the seas lure. The two britons John Bryant 25, and Tony sur run. 21. Are both from Bristol knt round. They were invited to the United Stales tin quests of Ihu Hilary club of Bristol pit., and they arc visiting Liliu six u. S. By Stols which have int airy clubs. The ullity a of the two Young men to Tungui. Tju y came to i As a Hui t of Side join try to their Tup to Bristol. , and they Madr inc usual hours of Tho King is Perl a Ness and the Tennessee Ett Sittnan coins any. Bolh men Are Sci runs of the j malay it Jaiup inn where the British Anny fought off the native communist bandits. J Bryant was a lieutenant pro 1 Noiin ced left Maul in the Roy h i Hussni s Queen Mary s join. He comm Amirol a troop in this armoured cavalry outfit. He Al so served briefly in North Africa Stirratt h Corporal in the Somerset Liu lit infantry Prince Albert s . I both arc now at tend inn Collar hut. Bryant works part time in his father s rope . To is i Idini it the Bristol College of Cuni Merce. Stirratt is in his second year Al Oxford pm. Old sink Plant. The vote Cooling . .1 a in Khe Boygen utter Mininn officials termed the pc rare has climbed by about two company proposal in rehire out degrees. Jol sinkers an unconditional the change has t been Iii Lori. it has been Felt for Moie for in unroll. Haw stance in the North than in the Meinberg South. Temperatures in Cleveland of the for instance have climbed by three j of our in 80 years of official Roc. I ords while temperatures in Miami have not risen significantly. In two regions the Oreal Basin event Rel Canada there even Aesir in to have been a slight Cool ing off in the past years. Bui in general Hie trend is up. Cleveland which used to have a. la Nunry Tempe Aluies of what. The company said in Al feet was Here s a rope no hang yourself railed for a nationwide Boycott of Kohler products. The Lalesia i hoi nil Ion Lieuween Union and company officials in Chi Caco broke Down tuesday. Said Hie company had rejected Union proposal to place both and Ike on h seniority list with Roling to be made according to length of pm Llou Var h a Rul a out the pormlulil1 president Olsen Hower Mil he make a trip to the Kremlin himself. The source pointed out that or. Aliso Howol s dual role of chief of of stale and head of govern men ties Hiliu hugely to ills lot and miss insoluble protocol problems. Kiir Honnore. Such a Elsil by Chr c Hief executive would Call for similar visits to the capitals of u. S. Such a series of visits by the Busy resident would be out of the question. However it was noted none of these objections applies to inc vice i i ident who has one on Manv Good will visits As a represent n live of or. Eisenhower. The president has w a r m 1 y praised Nishii for Bis handling of the As Jackson f in. T o. W Dunn. N. .i1 Speed Wilkinson is 80 and wants no part Vic led in Harnett county Are m of automobiles. Vilello loin the 55 club. The state "1 Don t fed be Speed limit m Miles an hour. When he a. In no nut. A membership a girds Sun they Are rides ills motorcycle just As he eligible reason of brine con has been Doueik Lor m the. Evicted of a violation on Only Accident he s had was upon the Hirlu Ayol Hie slate and by Hail ii. He was 77. A car in him Bill be of the fact thai Alley St Trail turned his whet1 he was Only have since Ici .011. Prom i de to a. I he Speed ill a and Noil Cpl. Filomie f. William nil of Hie h Fence broke my ii state patrol originated John Cabot sailed from three ribs and spill my Bead open the idea for Hie club which is a Bristol be said in h97 on ii proved Hii Ciul Subtle Mulure like North Melkan vehicle commit continent. Knocked Ai 10.-. Only irn Uhle another rur v. Comi other Way and knocked me con broke and plans to enter the printing Industry. They Boih like the United and Bryan sail he was very Imp dressed by the of Neu York City and and colors of u. S. Motor cars. We re a bit conservative in he said is a Ort. Of one Man chamber of Commerce Foj the Home town find he us that Hii lol. Knuth Iii is veal old and the name comes from no Don t lose your head in if tout. Piloting a helicopter and have to land on a Busy Highway. Man at left in cockpit seems to have lost his head but closer inspection will show that it s actually Pilot s coat Hung on seat Back. Copter landed near Montreal Canada because of a broken fan Belt was on its Way again after Pilot purchased a new trom flabbergasted Las station attendant. But i uni right Back on my Ami when i kit out of the in Planski Proi a scr gets the Birds Athens. Greece Porter an Casper. Wyo. Tony carrying a dents can t Crow about nil heavy Oak Coll in Doun the Street of their crows. After receiving Sev a neighbor asked him whom n was eral complaints that rating i or crows was disturbing Early Nikorn for me he quipped. Sleep Casper police promised a Lew miniite.-. Later he slipped to investigate. They did. They lie Lell and by the weight ran Cho tins he Birds with of the a off. 5 . Meanwhile Lias climbed to Hie old Wash Lipton d. C., mid Winter level of 3ss. While Wash Linton 1 vim r o Januar is chair main of the Kohler Ninn Rike two a decrees May not sound Chinmu cd in rum Luch but Sci Ellms believe that had refused to acc Cpl a Union proposal to Ulsch Nirie working employees and rehire the strikers. Including Fin fired for alleged Vio. Cd v e As.ociale-, of re porn Hal be fairer to Uncle take the trip. Ambassador to Moscow Charles Bohlen. An adviser to or. Else Shower at Lenovitz. Is re ported to counselled Chr pres ident thai the time is diplomatically Ripe for such n Komure. Increase Only that great All Over the world would he enough to melt every scrap of Lee it both the North and South poles. That much melted ire would raise the Levels of the oceans of the world by 180 Lence. Vandalism and other mis conduct. Conger asserted Kohler will not break its Promise to and new workers hint their Emlo enable the mum in be honk with its i mile in a one in a planet Pinto 3 Noo. Poll Tirotti the 111 Diamond mine onh illion parts of the a feet. Burled deep in the closing Intres of the report of the authority up Layment is permanent. He or clod live National science foundation the Union although aware Thill these words on climate employees risk replacement when Glacier studies have Piven Clear they go on strike has promised indications that we Are now in n ,1110 they will All be Rem Cycle of warming which bewail stated about 1900. J Kohler co. Will not break us it is estimated that d the in Leduc Dica cd Warmbir continues for an Ott the other to nil Chr u r member is melt out of Chr Alc Lac Ocean in the summer Makim it Lumble. In addition. Hie Oiin Nimit Cycle if continued May i Nonh in now lied up in placious to add to the sea ice Uinn if Iuli i it i the lives of kill mite of pc Isle Liv ing Al Inu i my the near St Arctic glaciers to the United i Date. Aie in Miles to the North of new England in in Fimland 1.444 Miles North of Lake Superior and in Alaska 750 North of washing ton. Here some of the Nepor and development that scientists Equale Ului Chr trend toward warmer weather j in Greenland the ice has re i treated beyond limits it is known to have occupied Tor ,mk1 years. In the Alps hotels built years Aro to take of a sweeping View Over a in Lair Are Noy. Out of sight of Hie Iff in the summer time in the Puih Wpm. Colin need water Eho nage is partly due to Man s own Impact on Hie land. Hut Cli believe the extended nature of the dry meet has a direct lie with the melting of the Arctic ice pack 3.000 mile. To the North. In Canada almost every year Farmers push the Boundary of Hesi Cullie northward. A inner growing Jeason. Milder and hardier Plant o sup Best you Ever tasted salad dressings Staw Minch iia am at your grocer by test than Cloverleaf with 3 ways Nettir i. . Milf Rich Ingy 1. Uak , .1 i t ii out Cinti a no finer bleach at any Price bleach disinfectant stain remover Deodorizer the favorite of million since 1919 roman Cleanser m 2748 East Center Street everyday Low prices specials 12-bottle Carton coca cola Dixie Belle crackers 19 to in nov lab. Box Van no. 2 tin pork Beans 2 29" mood pies 3 10 milk fed Cut up pan ready fryers Daisy cello pack wieners lab. Pkg. 39 Home grown Sweet Corn 3 Large ears 10 Home grown tomatoes we 5 ice cold water melons 20 to 25 la. Average size up no charge for chilling ice cold cantaloupes c each no charge for chilling shop in air conditioned Comfort every Day except sunday 8 . T010 . Special Coffee the a Csc port of the meal Libby it 46-oz. Can Tomato juice 2 for pack Loz of. Jar i of salad olives____591 hic Orange drink 25 Mello made Peanut butter 20-oz. Jar United tall cans Sun Island Oleo Golden Elf a la. Phillips 303 can tomatoes 3 White Rose 5-lb. Bag Swift s 12-oz. Tin chopped beef 3 for 99 j 14-oz. Bottle Catsup salad dressing it. Jar Rich. Creamy smooth

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