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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 4, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseePortrait of a a into with morn Crft the obstacles Are formidable. Family comic Lions and a bankroll help. Margaret is eligible but How do you Date British Princess first of two dispatches ily Tom a. a aka special correspondent London i aka l now that mint eve Iasi 1ms been conquered princes Mugurel who will be j5 years old on aug. 21 and who is pull one of the Fow nil challenges left to Man. Indisputably the Princess is win id s Nios eligible Young lady i oin a marriage viewpoint. 1 Yon were 10 accept the Rosil de Mil of sight to most night club Hammarskjold s request met with Sharp opposition atomic weapons making six couples take air Fields obsolete vacation together in converted bus or Glas Larken ska staff Washington Aba atomic he Irma have made Solute. Limped on fairly rough open Ter rain. By p1krbe 1. Hess United nations. N. A. Aug. Opposition devel oped in he in Todne to a request sums by Secretary Gene rail dog to to lick this Nin skjold that he Security Conn. Cil drop from its Agenda Chames the problem has been the in Hope of the air Force airstrips is Jet in were Verlich Tinke of Plune. A project under heavy be Cunt the As result the three Nii Endy i Viii to o types of planes but Thev an. Propeller powered. And or Force experts owe Mem of i couples. Stockholders m military Enigma. J , with that legend lettered Brond own Iboko. By. Yes but How about an incorporated i vacation brainchild that Russia engineered the communist coup in Czechoslovakia. sent n letter to All eleven members of the Council requesting their silent consent to deleting six standing problems from a list of 21. Two of the Oiher items were iranian charges that Russia was armed Force to interfere with a Vernal affairs and charges that India invaded the Himalayan province of Hyderabad and trans formed it into a puppet state. Themselves and carry out by across bus. They their converted school plan to leave or up Ever since the strategists real missions against enemy jets sized that maximum dispersal of troops ships and supplies fundamental approach t but the need for longer runways Nat ulc for in suing Field. Sightseeing at Niagara fails a for jets increased complexity of in Ddillon to its to feast in Maine and More air bases and the greater intern tie Nuvy is improving its Cut Pult sightseeing and possibly radio lion of air units into All military devices and Carrier inn Liik t was the ifs obvious thai to jets would saturday morning for 16 Days o defense taxi ilium dispersion of air limits in a Buttle area and Elim. Luj u. S. Consent for eliminating the air sup Xart. Operations have reversed efforts a hich can be used by the disperse air Power. Air Force and marines for Forward As it stands if War should Comei operations. Now. Airfields would be prime amp 0 projects known Scrable largely for enemy a bombs. Is the deck Cun Wanh the grave dancer that u. S. Sisis of a Gigantic inflated rubber forces might quickly lose their vital the Plune lands on it Appe Nince now Here Are some of the most with wheels up or with no Landing portent projects aimed at making the idea is being tested at in air Power More dispensable the Navy s tin couples Are or. And mrs. B. J. Foster jr., or. And mrs. William Bennett or. And mrs. Frederic Shellon or. Or. And mrs. Glover Gary jr., or. And mrs. William Filion Nanri or. And mrs. Huish Owen the idea was born recently when Foster mentioned a bus bound vacation. The couples talked it Over then bought a mi4u Model bus. Equipped it. Ligure i out question of the overthrow of the democratic government of presi Dent Eduard Bencs and foreign minister Jan Masaryk is extreme the Glenn l. Martin company mental base. By doubtful. President Eisenhower has developed a is a technique first developed and Secretary of state Dulles re Llu Anchini device for the air Force he British and used on n car vacation budget Legal pro Henlly have voiced absolute no vol which permits a piloted f-84 a plane approaches with a Eli in Drew up articles of in ingress to recognize the permanent fighter to get into the air from the trailing Hook. The Hook catches a enclosure of captive nations behind Back of a truck. The plane s the Eiri of the deck and the Iron curtain. Ugine is run up to full Speed and Cable plays out on a Hydraulic or Ian Papanek former ii Ockel Booster gives it enough i Riim. The plane bounces and skids Delegate Loun under kick to get it into the air. To Stop government Lias drawn the att lion of Western member s of the Council to the deletion move and has protested it vigorously. Papanek. The Man who placed the Chi Fries against Russia face Tore the Council seven years said the 27 items pending on the corporation which were issued by the slate. The budget rails for an expenditure of per person including each for the Cost of operating the bus. Each couple is limited in one suitcase in addition to t we dresses each for the women Anc a suit apiece for the men. When sealed my Vou at a of logic because the soviet Union about How would you go Aupiu take or lev n Princess Margaret adm she went on on behalf , particularly the political and your a am May we against demo permission to Czechoslovakia is always grained. Princess mar a soviet vetoes have Marie Ini Fine on a Long cig Arelelia kind of cemetery of the Council holders by now a familiar sight in which to Bury All things Dis the Public. I pleasing to he soviets. In feb., the will order one charged the soviet Union Ler favorite Rumics oysters Hie Council with using ver cold Alin on or Chicken but armed although developed for carriers. There is Sill the problem of Mew appears to have Mori Tiisik Hie plane Buck Down at the for the marines and ail Forward area. But berm shot into Force the air at the front has these and my flex deck would require a vantages More time Over targets of ground preparation a Chance to Fly to a court be inflated in a Short in the rear and the need for airtime to receive planes Horler runway because the tuck it is of air Fields in an to new Oetting the planes to front. Pc War Are convert Plaues a of course is a major problem it has purchased an Dill a Airport make a us Milc rip logistics which reduces the adj financed More helicopters six Ito Cleveland land it the municipal Vantage of the Zero launching Are in use and eight types Airport there and catch the new Council s Agenda Are there mainly i n ass pm. To the can Ink i ii v by Aik 1dktroit Detroit peo ple have Lound hut the trip to Liu. Part of the York. They Sny they n Nir taxi from Detroit thursday August 4. 1855 i of Raki Marilyn aged 3. Found an effective Way to heat the Hent when the Mercury climbed near 100 at Lynch Burz. A. Slie. Her Momma Ond her Dolly probably thought nobody would see them but an neighbor brought along his camera to record Marilyn s method. Into Rte re affairs and that Teddy the obstacles Are formidable. All portion. Czechoslovak diet Afler Moscow openly supported the the Everest expedition you. Ted thai you needed oxygen near uie sum inn. Ii i la Cuil which the moves sex Cut dim family connections Bor Neicy never a a Good school tic lion in the cold Streum guard Iceme a front Pape pict a ure of communists in their seizure uie of Nei _ j of Power 1 "8nce. Betrayal and Conni self the i Piip i in n Yon. Host but will be care a Lullo Rhi inn out the to Eracli Vimr. Anti in he party. If she is a Hock tune she will stay. Books As Ono of the unfinished Lynae business items mid a healthy Bank Haunce ail apr by of Ilies things help but Many an re Plant who it iss Quahi Fereri to air Force units Are of i for on the Oigt inv Cai Elim talc a melds. Gallon by in. However. So Vinis twite vetoed All such prop and hip remained capt. Are develop died than he in Effort toward reducing a Tim services in in attempt to pet through Melmes make i heir us Len plus of air strips the air Force in realer air mobility for its troops. Broil no Willow Jun air is conduct ing Icsis with a rest and it has invested heavily Tlle says the 90 Ine rear such As Hupe chains models and of to Cleveland saves time. Which will reduce a planes run planes which Fly Smi Piht up and was needs. Down and Forward at speeds closest up the new Fairchild Hose of conventional planes. Itt within the next 10 or 15 years ports which Are now being Pieliv has two Modek the Mcdonnell i military aviation people troop Carrier sv-1 and i Effort to to step. They can be As one Bell Xv-3. In Advance Able to Stop so much time building airfields and concentrate air Force expert sums on building costly washing Norfolk. In. Irving Ray mond Lee rinsed one hand in the drinking Fountain at first precinct which Richmond Richmond. Is 11. Kyle retired. Lester thinks this City police station and set off a Chain of events which Cost him in fines and 30 clays in jail. Is the main Richmond on the map. Hut he knows there also is a Maine fact n states have a police Olicer offered washing in i ties to . Who Hud Cut his Motorist asked him How to hand. , police said gave a the address shown on an in reply. They took him to a Hospital Ive Lope. The colonel explained that where he became unruly and re it was Richmond. Maine. The fused in Carmenl. He struck an of stunned visitor turned around i Licer. Ihen the judge had ins North. Cations has been winnowed out of the running. She will Sny i in info i had bet Goliji you will not see her to her Dndr it Chuenho House. Her final escort to Clarence House will be sergeant Crocket. And she is driven in her own Rolls Royce i with us specially raised seals and electrically controlled windows. A few Rii ivs later you will get n it or from Princess Margaret s her Royal commanded me to Ihnn you for a most pleasant eve supposing. Lio Wever. That you Yetf accepted As a member of the Mikkie set How would you no bout petting a Date with the Prin Cess the process in first Blush seems i Ingle you it Rolv Telephone her it Clarence House. A i m-1 k Emic. Find a a a for 10 invitation to Princess. But you have Only reached base ramp with Everest still Klitte Ruif in off in the distance. And thought that you will Dine Lone Princess Virr Flurel. For re Hinkle. Should he banished from your . Llie Princess never no ii of Bito with Only one is Rrt hip Pirty must be never than four. And usually includes six or Eichi vticst.-. Nashville you will be Lucky if she accepts native Council sub Cui state areas offer abundant water for any industries study of state schools to touch on desegregation . Aug. See Keg Tennessee cities Are As suied in the current Tennessee town City Magazine that some Arens in All of the state s three major geographic divisions offer abundant water Supply to new manufacturers. Die municipal technical advis Ory service of the University of i Tennessee Extension division de votes its Section of the Magazine to the subject in an article a slate by George i. Whitlach exe Mitlee plans Cutie director of the slate s in subject of a sep Urale inquiry As Chi Kinnun would not be a however the it article Points out. Wells Are the primary source your inv ution. To manage a Feu h 13 Point study of Tennessee dust rial and agricultural commis Ini Nuti s alone with Princess mar schools that will touch on . A ret in the dance floor. And even Jems of desegregation. I Industry state wide is using no then you will not be alone with l b of Tulla nost 10 times is much surface really ten is rut jul Crocker sub Emmittee chair Mim v Ater As it draws from the around. Of Wachnik. Is recant Crocker is Sii Maret s private Wietec live ins a month others an to see that no photographs of or Venn of enrol ure taken m Public unless by pre building and teacher plan _ Mitiu studies. Tin1 Chuol tudy plan was ordered at a id tiie Council Here v the clip indy in will want in know the of your Purv. The names of the the theater Jou plan to and the in us club you will i it afterwards for upper. Of you Are Virv Lucky Ilia to Marcaret break in on the it phone coined anon with. It 10ni.tic. How Are you Fuce. Thank you. A am very i anal i Princess mar Tenret is r to be addressed of nine in even by her most inti ploys in Iii friends j you the invitation. Iheng Down for a Tew wait. Will the Sun upon your tunes or will the sky Cloud Verj is snnnnit11 chances Are Ilia to Princess Margaret will h crept in. Formal note from Clarence j House. Hul he said the Issue would m Wost Tennessee. Governing Factor in site selection for most modern Indus is More plentiful in the Volunteer stale than in Many Sisley states because of the three big Rivers the Tennessee Cumberland. Mississippi and their tribute Erie. A Van he Supply varies with Tenne Srp seen in he most blessed and the Central Nensin Middle Tennessee appearing have the Leam pollution of the streams is still Damon r. Headdin of hurting the chances of Many towns of the Council s to land a new Industry but co Maultee on finance Iii officials treat game and commission ment Plant construction activity in roup would meet with dickies More and More mum Pali sinn members Unriem tips Are act Nir to Correct this Sii aug. 17 at Memphis. S hoi ild be employed to make and Jennon i us uie Steri the r m to tidy Enid in Ilnia hers conic n no our Iii k Ilins the 1 so cml will in a Den hunk Nore. You will there Are the it or tickets Nihi club and Bills for it ilium be Flowers flow Jers All he Way for the Princess. 1 you will Sci r heavily if Vou j Nia Nape to tickets for Thel latest american musical n Tew i a nights after its i Ondon opening for Princess Margaret adores j american i you will find thai she already know.-, All the Ivris in heart1. Hut Don t older a Box Well Rion in the dry so in cup will do . For the be s a he it1 j and Rion t lie us a r i e it rein i Jjinn-1 of up for r -1 fkr a n us n r. Flirl her no Ore. Of Nuie Oil me Prince of a Feu of Iii one like Hundred in .sfju.ire. U it h it d Creel a a1 c Fer of Royal Nev i r enter Jinice. Hut Are usually Seni Money for your Church or Pat or Charity pc k of bins Taylor Kraft Mayonnaise labels Worth Cash to local groups if Vou belong to group that. Mulh some extra cosh Kraft labels Kraft will pay Loe for every quart m for pints 2f for 8 07. Labels. Any nonprofit no Politi Vil group is us h us ii Rah Tom if f to scout troops frn Tunini orders and Chini i01-. Offer Arp on the Kirk Flap tin Kraft a Ison Naipo Law is. Jet a Jar today and a group saving for your organization. Contest t ick Al. We asked your neighbors and they told us the loaf in the cheery yellow wrapper is their big new favorite no bread Ever went Over so big so fast that s because we put More Good things into our delicious new loaf Richer ingredients and old fashioned baking skill. Bunny s so downright delicious that already 7 out of 10 people prefer it. We figure the other 3 Haven t tried Bunny yet Why

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