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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 4, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeIs King port Turnm wednesday August 4. 1ss4 Leaf reported Down from to with most prices holding steady to per Hundred higher yesterday. Inferior Quality grades were up As much As s5. Few declines were reported. Last year pounds sold Raleigh. N. A. Aug. 4 Quality was Down somewhat yes i Belt flue cured tobacco markets i i the Federal state Market news service reported. Double Relief for misery of dry eco Tom Ivy Johw common Rath chd minor Fri Masai i suit on Ivorin Piraro Liqa for an average of monday Market averages ranged f to mediates splashing surf laughing children and relaxed Poppas m Ake this group of tennesseans from Church Hill a typical vacation shot during their stay at Ellinor Village located in Ormond Beach Florida. Left to right they Are daddies Paul and de Bradshaw George Akard and Landon Eaton. The children Are Toby Vick it Debra Bradshaw and Patty Akard. Hal Boyle s column by Hal Boyle Pine Ridge s. D., aug. 4 tha old Sioux in the Days when they ruled the great Plains had a festival that Combine in theme Sev eral of the White Man s holidays. It was called the Sun dance and indians came by horse and Wagon to the indians it was Christmas on foot or in beaten up Automo in gratitude for their Safe return from Korea. To purify and prepare them selves the three first took a sweat Bath in an or sweat House ripened when new Sage sprouts made of Willow bows covered with Buffalo skins. Steam was provided by pouring water Over hot rocks in a pit within the sweat House. The dancers were then sent out the Call. Thousands for the Sun Blue for the sky. Sprang foot High when moccasins made a Crisp Echo in the dry grass of summer. This year prank pools Crow easter thanksgiving and a family reunion All wrapped in one. Biles. They pitched their modern tents and faded Tepee around a in those times b the wandering enclosure of Willow poles Sioux bossed the land and chased the Buffalo from Kansas to Canada from the Mississippi River to the Rocky mountains. But once a year the roving tribes men came together and were knit into a nation by the Sun dance a ceremonial that symbolized their Unity and common Faith in the great spirit. The government in an Effort to destroy a tradition which it feared always held the danger of stirring tip the fierce Sioux in fresh out Breaks banned the Sun dance in 1886. But it was revived More than 20 years ago and last week indians came hundreds of Miles to the sprawling Pine Ridge Reserva Tion Here for a renewal of the symbolic centuries old festival. In earlier times no formal Date for the ceremony was set. The indians simply drifted together As if pulled by a Magnet by nature s the time when the Buffalo were fat when the choke berries Hung with Green Pine boughs. In the Center of the enclosure stood a slender Young Cottonwood tree. The tree selected in and Vance by a Medicine Man had been carried to the site and erected by Strong braves who took care to see that none of its leaves touched the ground. To the Sioux the leaves of this sacred tree stood for human hearts and not be bruised. Shears of Sweet smelling standing for placed in the Crotch. Prom them dangled a piece of Buffalo Robe and a Man shaped figure Cut from a piece of Buffalo skin symbolizing the Sioux dependence on the Buffalo. The Sun dance itself is designed to demonstrate the four great Sioux generosity Forti tude and integrity. This year three Young braves volunteered for the ordeal. Two were veterans who had pledged themselves to perform a Sun dance yellow for the rocks Green for the i Earth. Without food or water the three men then danced around the cot Lom Vood tree to the music of beat Tom Toms and the eerie High pitched chants of singers. The danced in turn in the direction o. The four winds pausing Only when the Tom Tom beaters had to rest i watched the dance for part of each Day but to me the dance monotonous in itself was less in cresting than the faces of the old indians and their squaws on the sidelines. They wore a look of mingled Pride Mystic exultation and sad Ness. To them this was no dance of was the pageant of Mankind s terrible struggle to survive a Victory of Man s spirit Over All the enemies meets in his Brief life under a blazing Sun. Moving dial Circle 5-7441 Tom still Transfer co. . Goodrich pm of summer to wet pri4k of year. Than no saw ends labor Day Trade in allowance b. F. Goodrich Silvertown your old by now us up to in per nor ride wifely on Liru thai of Dir in mice without of taxi in. Skim 6.00-16 6.50-16 6.40-15 6.70-15 7.10-15 7.60-15 t.00-15 25.40 21.50 21.60 25.05 27.40 30.10 19.01 14.15 j2j7 maj b. F. Goodrich t Defiance to a it Mike without Hadi in j16.m tax my Jewr in Terr uni without b. F. Goodrich Cavalier in Sun my Hal Studt Tak Tiff special allowance applies whether you Trada or 4 tires fax your As Low any i min enily. Pro few ski into a Misc blow our. Tubeless tire compare the Cost. Get b. F. Goodrich tube Ltd with most tit. Buy during this Silein a Standard wheels. I Misc get up to Captain mrs. Cox take new position Louisville ky., aur. 4 capt. And mrs. Kimber Cox. A Sal a Fotion army couple Are now in command of the organization s youth work in Kentucky Tennes see and Arkansas. They took Over the Job yester Day coming Here from Kingsport. Tenn., where capt. Cox 35, was corps officer. The couple will supervise such activities As guards Cadet corps Young people s singing companies and Young people s bands and Camps in the three states. Resinol contains lanolin i7suhihh tits bist. Loan cur Brown and White 7.95 Quality counts to the residents of the 12th civil District i wish to Point out the following facts As part of my platform in my candidacy for Constable in the 12th civil District 1. I am a dry candidate and have been endorsed by the dry forces of Sullivan county and will Endeavor to abolish All illicit handling and dealing in liquors in Sullivan county. 2. If elected As Constable i shall stay in my District and devote my full Lime to the duties of Constable in the 12th District except in assisting other officers. 3. I Promise the parents of school children that i shall patrol the school zones in order to provide Maxi mum safety to All school children. 4.1 believe in strict Law enforcement i see no place for partiality in administering the duties of office. 5. Having resided in the 12th District for a period of 12 years i can honestly state that i see room for great improvement in our District with regard to the office of Constable. 6. If elected As Constable i shall hang no signs on my door stating thai i am asleep. Instead my doors will be open at Al times and i Welcome All residents to Call in person or by Telephone regarding any matter thai requires my attention. 7. If i am elected Constable i shall show you the Type of efficiency and Courtesy you have a right to expect of your Constable. John a. Cox candidate for Constable 12lh civil District Kingsport Tennessee pm. Pol. Adv times news classified ads get results Fri title whim you to Tad 4 Abu tub 3t.45 42.70 46.15 48.35 Trade 2 6.73 7.39 31.72 34.11 38.07 39.89 Trade 4 9.22 9.7o j27j2 30.76 13j5 34.fl il65 1 t Man b. F. Ondrich to Helen tint in nit than other mukti am Huj special savings on a popular sic truck tires Ford sales Ark at a so year High and the bigger our sales the More savings we Are Able to pass on to you. Ford dealers Are giving High allowances on Trade ins in order to maintain their big sales volume. 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