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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 3, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeI 4 Kin Liport tuesday. August 3, 1954 1 j it i i i. Kingsport times Meny go round letters to editor an Independent democratic newspaper de or. Publisher Tad general manner Bra Hadra. Autant to the pub lesser and asst Gen my w. J. Uca Umie. Editor Ella Binkler. Exec use a Dir 120-32 e. Market Street Tena. Assoc Lalta press International news it i struck i Nair paper -1 circulation f newspaper published each alter by Drew Pearson Washington these Are the Days of slap Happy legislation Days when congressmen Are Mem bleary eyed lobbyists Are on their toes and when Laws can be put on the statute books which or talc rally held saturday night Only a few men want and the rest of the country school and attended does t even know about. By interested citizens. Ausust 2 "54 Chau Euge the following state pm by Barnett times news writer coverage of the dem october 27. 1w4. Act of March a. National advertising Shannon As inc. Utin Oil ices in sew York. Chicann act olt Atlanta. St. To ils. Kansas City. Los Angeles and san Francisco i quote from his Gray did not mention any funds having been Given kurd for his subscription rate by mail first and second Kep the House in session Mitil 3 a m saturday postal zones daily and sunday one year. He the week ends Are the time when the City Demerac a from new Yorac Pennsyl Vania and new Jersey leave Washington. To illustrate what the Long suffering Public faces during these hectic closing Days of con by Carrier daily and sunday one today s Bible though his Confidence shall he rooted out of his Tabernacle and it shall bring him to the of these Are also Days when astute Charley Hal Leek of Indiana the Man who s piloting Eisen Hower s program through the House of representatives gives no Advance warning when cer salary the salary of the jailor Tain pet Bills Are coming up. He picks the time of which Are Normal when he thinks there la be fewest democrats Only covered in county the floor. That was Why he rammed through in appropriations All important atomic Energy Bill on a Friday and Ai Ong with the Cost of _ _ feeding the i most certainly did not men lion it because there is no such thing and this is not True. There has never been any Money appropriated by the county court Gress. Here is some of the slap Happy legislation or this purpose and never will be now either partially passed or awaiting passage the Rocky Mountain Trout would re the sheriff s salary and the Sal Aries of the sailors must come the times daily tonic of nobler actions becomes extinct in Auffenberg. Formosa next quire every restaurant in the u. To print on its from the fees of the office the menu the name of the area from which its Trout Simc As in the Case of the offices comes. H the restaurateur flies in Frozen Trout of county court clerk Regis Ter of deeds. Trustee and circuit David e. Gray from Denmark he must print that on his menu if it comes from Scotland he must print that court clerk. This is the Law of the he who does not respect Confidence will if to comes from Norway he must say so state of Tennessee never find happiness in his path the belief or if Nis dining is too Small to have printed in virtue vanishes from his heart the source be a s is on the Wall. He must 1 source also specify when he s offering Rocky Mountain editor times Trout. Dear editor if he does t do these things he s fined 000 ii Nas Deon brought to my at or can go to jail. What this Means says a o. Tention that at a recent Public meeting held in the civic auditorium sheriff a. Hum Hurd made certain disparaging statements of a year in jail because someone shipped him bout the courts of the county the wrong blaming them for his Many failures to get convictions in cases pros Ryan of the National association of hotels is that hotels of count would be obliged to Stop serving Trout. No one would risk the possibility the statement emanating from Pei Ping to the effect that the red chinese intend to attack and conquer Formosa Eisenhower happens to be Quale Man liquidating Chiang Kai Shek and the nationalist government and warning that Druk administration. They Uwe gone it would not allow any outside nation h Olele has the ecu Tod by him and his deputies. Reason for the Bill is that the Trout of Colorado and Idaho want to sell More Trout they want to discourage imported foreign Trout these statements came As a great Surprise and somewhat of a Shock to me since the sheriff and i have always maintained Friendly relationships. The particular Case referred to a Raav the. Was n a car Case which or. Kurd to interfere with that program May have Senate and been merely one of the boastful propaganda blasts intended to keep the world on the Edge of its chair. Or it May be a Plain defiant warning of the reds next move now that they Are freed from Mili tary need elsewhere. The fact he could get no cooperation out of the court at Kingsport. Such entire u. May have to print hearin6 what they ice just like Brothers the Dinosaur Canyon very foundation of but the statement does raise in one s week. The floor of of government mind the question if and when the Euther Side in a Legal controversy. To. Areas of those states at a Cost Confidence in All courts. When to ant Washington calling an acre and a total Cost of reds do move in Force against Formosa through a proposed Tunnel under what do we do about and what will be the effect of what we do or do not do a red attack on Formosa would not be an attack on a Sovereign nation. Formosa a. S., Dinosaur National Park Home of Pic can hardly be classified with South Korea which was a recognized government Psi Holifield and s "1 at nor with Vietnam which had no connection with red China. Formosa has been ing them to vote accepted As part of Shina. Certainly to love me " entreated Iii Ifield vote Chiang Kai Shek feels he is on chinese reason for the impassioned interest of these soil not foreign soil two californians was because to in i fornia gets its water from the l therefore if the Mao government River and wants no possible diver., freed of military commitments elsewhere the Capite efforts by the turned its armies toward Formosa it come would be a continuation of the inter was called again hoi Ifield and court cooperates and b j chosen the right course of comes a prosecutor As Well As a judge then the rights of the Indi despite the statements of Uin visual Are trampled in the dust and there can be no Justice the tray this seemed to leave no doubt that the head of West Ger Many s Security system had vol Mac s window by w. J. Mcalliffe a scientist comes up with the idea that before too Many generations have passed science will pro Duce some sort of portable wings that a Man can slip on like he does his jacket and move through tha air quickly and tirelessly without this is going to be very frustrating to car Drivers. Ima Gine fellow just about to Nail his Pedes Trian. Suddenly see his Vici in to a lightly in the air and sail Over Haj car. It s to make a Motorist lose his temper and run his car into some Lamppost that can t Fly. Vav one of he most comforting thoughts of a poor Man is that the Rich get terribly bored Wilh them selves. People who carry tails human. Vav t asked to repeat the sentence fools Rush in where Angels fear to answered fool russian tried what Engels said. When a fellow comes Home and fins his House has been burgled but nothing is missing except the to set the radio and the record player he d better suspect Soma neighbor who is allergic to noise. There Are 21.000 annoyances so says a scientist it would be very interesting if he had compiled a list. Nut Wise men know the secret of making life enjoyable it s simply a matter of self and not Lei things become annoy. Able a person who is recognized As an irresponsible Driver is often saved from an Accident by other people i extreme caution when near them and this is no time at All to comment on the fact that women Drivers have fewer accidents than the Rise of German nation As to insure against sus men. Pinion of his underground Active w ties and presumably also to gain fellow wants to know Why to Leld the should worry about what happens slant by tennesseans about ministry of the Interior to the con purity Job and in Rove was what happens in Kentucky and to he thinks it should be partly gone Over to the comm had More important however were the episodes in his own past that i has been and will continue to be nist Sld i a kind of blackmail not so much from the Otto John. It is not of thousands of including it is believed but in the past of this Man who West As from the East from top years while working in the unde ground Exona Hottat the were several reasons Why he to remove Hitler during world War Plana Uon that this erupted civil War of China in the eyes of s having a retail permit both red China and nationalist China. Feat pm were and to the an property Bill i american legion has endorsed court. Was this a wholesale though through a Peculiar set of circumstances few legionnaires know about. German Congress seems about to How would the United states and there Are Many other questions. How would the asian world regard rare Sturn of and again if the United states under a for Quick took to support and defend Chiang How would that look in the eyes of our West Ern allies and finally How would that the american taxpayer affect our Hopes of creating a South asian pact to Stop the Advance of communism it is sometimes said that our foreign policy is made up As we go along like a were tabs ssi a chess player simply trying to counter his owners who built up yet opponent s moves without having any plan of his own merely hoping the other will make a Blunder. It May sometimes look that Way but it is not necessarily so because it looks that Way. Many things Massachusetts Avenue ant said that seem to be the result of sudden de returned the japanese embassy the War we Casion May actually be the result of deep but could t return the German Laid plans about which those not in the myths okayed " but Faie depart know Are ignorant. When people say Price we got when what is our foreign policy i can t find it May be Only because the state department is not wearing its heart on its sleeve. So it is possible that the state de three years apartment knows exactly what it will do have teen no pm Erful the specific Case referred to or. Hurd in his Public statement " any during the last 20 was one in which one of his dept lower Colorado ties went to a wholesale Beer Deal Mihl have feared that his High a was in All probability a double version up above or in the outskirts of Kingsport his future in any agent. That is to say he became and purchased a Case of Beer pay gravely threatened a secret operative for the Gestapo ing therefor or approximately 18c per can. The Man who sold the Beer was arrested and charged geared in your paper of july 14 illegally Selling Beer at retail entitled the ugly in this editorial the impression is conveyed that our operations in Guatemala have been at such a live in extreme poverty or on in the interest of fair play and accuracy i am sure you will find the attack was merely a cover would hardly have con Vinced anyone. In connection with the july 20 plot John is believed to have had another reason for the torment of International relations could be built in sure defense to imagine the if we knew who d be our Friend. Some Twenty five years hence. But when it seems that yester Day s Friend. Turns out to be this year s foe How to plan very far ahead it very hard to know. And we fear our foe today May be tomorrow s Friend. How is such complicated relations Ever going to end License. When the Case was originally tried in agreed to by the attorneys for both on the Agen sides n the defendant admitted would return the giant nazi wholesale therefor 21 port at Long last that there is in his brother Hans was also in on Guatemala today a democratic the and when it collapsed the and stable government and it is brother was caught and executed Good to be Able to Tell you that our we h at least 200 others including Tor Mccarthy As a people in Guatemala report that a Field marshal and several Gen and if there is one Adi Octiva now that the Yoke of communism craps John escaped be above. Cause of his former position As existing Between the nationals of counsel to the Lufthansa airline senator Dirksen refers to Sena All do company a if this had a proper License and these admissions question to be Dett t of this in Guate 953 of in others in the English has been lifted the moral climate cause of his former position As language which cannot posit la a t ,.ni----- associated with Joseph Mccarthy it is Humble. Fact offhand does anyone is most Friendly and cooperative As screening All passengers to make Sale or was it a retail Sale. Of course if it was a wholesale Sale it was Legal and if it was a retail Sale it was illegal. Mala Durini Terest. To our shareholders to be under the private Enterprise sys tem surely there is nothing wrong or shameful about that. But our operations in Guatemala As in All other areas of Middle America in which we conduct business Are it had been prior to the Arevalo Arbenz regimes. Very truly Vours. E. Whiteman United fruit co. None plotters caped Otto got himself on Board know any senator who can be c Al a a plane to Madrid As a member of de Humble Why the very words Humble and senator seem to belong the Crew. July 29, 1954 the Kingsport times Kingsport Tennessee we. The students for Kefauver British intelligence picked him together As much As Mustard and up since he was obviously a ice Cream source of valuable a a j _ f of Bot asked done Wilh a full respect for and principles in government with Ana were e1 anted additional adherence to Legal statutes and members in All 48 states Hope Vous and for the rest of the War he worked in London for Britain. The British brought print him Back to Germany at the War s be end. Humble senator there Ain t no Sich animal. Or was that a mis in t say Humbug did time in which to prepare and sub Inthis Adenauer. In j episodes Xvi .1, m j a j ers for comparable work and in Hecate was addition to this fact our workers r. By the 1953 legislature of Tennes Sissy Way senator be coercion of a of von Putlitz. From wast a Luria aspects see passed an act which defined their families provided with rec u your paper of the. Mystery. For example what about the dutch agent John Zeugma Eland who went to Switzerland chapter rational grounds and the co Chim 7s Public acts l953 Section Pany maintains schools under the fornia and from Oregon to Florida our members from Maine to Cal str supervision of nationals of the regard senator Kefauver As a Nasonal life plus his nazi Al erty Mountain Trout in Beer by a wholesale son other than another whole if or. Hurd was so confident tha a a f axum no it senator As a name pms Nis nazi connect Toane o coun where the accepted cur tonal Leader of the first Magni tons made him vulnerable to so connect authorities Arp posse lit of Murter. B moreover the tude. His Sterling character Abil Voct blackmail which May or Mav in All its h areas suitable for the growth of Ity integrity and patriotism Are not have been the reason for his the John ramifications. Bananas Are Jungle areas which Chut j i us us pull Lucu to t ilk he i shh his militant opposition acknowledged by millions of Amer defection. What John our times pfc personal lean citizens in both political Par during their visit is not known Motorj con the former Security chief h was nigh pit h a o p u1 As he put it i ask him who did is. Is militant opposition to me former Security chief to r s e scale he not submit it to ii Fri we e matena1 As wel1 corruption in any form has earned never reported the meeting except Smittee. The Gprman i Lac jul by Uzuh 1l to the grand lure it Rel nral in or l v tabling much of the tragedy of i German people. A Pawn in riven himself to another totall snoring champs the great filibuster is now Over and a claims that bar medal. No the filius if and when the reds move against for Mosa. Such a step May not catch them unprepared at All. But if our government is prepared to order military forces to take part in repulsing the reds the peo in less bitter mood Are d pie of this country do not know it. And Champion Sno the reds do not know it. It would seem rett that a lot of trouble might be avoided if both knew what to expect. Of course if the reds move and we make a moral gesture and give Token Aid or Halfway Aid the reds will win As they did in Indochina. Chiang Kai Shek cannot last Long without major help from this country. And it might be Worth remembering that if Formosa is taken and the nationalist government wiped out it will be impossible to keep up the pre which convened on the third Mon Day in last month july and seek an indictment. That would have out americans his dignity ined after he defected. Ber editor s note other letters to a Pun Liui h Tel ,4 it a Slutt. 1cllc1a la Uli return of nazi Industrial prop proper procedure if he is the Basic problem in Guatemala the editor will be found on Page threat. Defend. G. Gilbreath souk Ter he complained. Senator Barrett snored so loud it kept me awake All sincere and simply not trying to Darlng the past few years has been 10 of today s paper pass the Buck by criticizing the. Caused by communist infiltration courts he is sworn to uphold and in government there. Our company has been singled out by Moscow As a Symbol of the communist desire to discredit the american govern ment through attacks on american business. Our own state depart ment has stated this time and again. It is Good to be Able to re u h conjectured that up tarian Force and How ii brought both an Appeal and a i cited so Long As his no explanation entirely fits the voice can editor. Kingsport times Kingsport. Tenn. One of your readers has sent us a photostat of an editorial that a doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . Side glances o i b y millions. It is a Good and health is by no Means unlikely Ful sport. Wiley of Wisconsin also an at lie s Nieciak denied everything except now my limitations so i slept in the for room where i did t countered. Senator just Irvine to shrug off the blame. He is tense of recognizing the nationalist gov a col eminent. It will be increasingly difficult Biancki and slept the life of i to refuse to recognize the red govern ring Affer i ment. It would be ridiculous to have restaurant for Anta glass0, China with a permanent seat on these than re Back and Sierp like a purity Council under such Circum for stances. The reds May Force us to disclose what our plans about Formosa Are. One thing we do know if anything is done to Stop Len the communists Are attacking on a world wide front. We who cherish Freedom must be prepared to defend it on n world wide scale. Conservative John Eden. I. The reds at Formosa the United states summer. T p 3" to sit on a rocking chair and rest for the White ousted n. V. Central president. The recessionary trend which began inst year has been stopped. Economic developments have proven conclusively the error of prophecies of gloom and doom emanating from Many quarters Only a few weeks ago. Rep. Jesse p. Wolcott i have created a Hope and Trust in the country main militarily stronger than the communist it is now my duty to Honor this hour nations the Cliance for a korean Type War and Trust anywhere in the world is Remote. _ French Premier Mendes porn acc president Nixon. 11 would be an Absurdity of history and of it is True that Europe inn not be defended with politics if prance by allowing Edc to fail should be indirectly responsible for the creation of the German National army. Will do it on its own. The United nations will not do it and our allies will have no part of it. As Long As the United states has atomic superiority and As Long As the free nations re True that without France. Alfred Orun Thor. It should be a hard and fast Rule culty if there is no physical reason not to go swimming for at least an never helps to to avoid it such As a bad heart hour after eating and longer if the in trouble Panicky when ical has been a heavy one. If the water is not too cold and Nas been a heavy one. It is a rare summer sunday or if a few sensible precautions Are experienced swimmer who Holiday which passes without Ona taken it is about As Good a sum done guard duty told me that or More unfortunate deaths from Mer sport As we have. An important cause of drowning drowning. And the worst of it pc it is never Wise to swim alone. For exc tement on the part that these deaths Are so Unne Ces West German Chancellor Adenauer. That s the trouble with pictures like much love forme and too Many murders for swimmer can develop muscular cramps become tangled in sunken obstacles or otherwise get into trouble. Some drownings come from this kind of carelessness be cause no one is around to help or Call for Aid. Also come from swim Ming in unsupervised areas whether they Are Ponds Rivers lakes or the Ocean. In Many of these the water is deeper or colder than expected and they often have sub merged rocks step offs. Or other hazards. Tides May be stronger than swimmers. Diving in such places is particularly dangerous. Par too Many reckless youngsters have broken their necks by diving perhaps on a bet into some place which they thought was deep but turned out to be shallow. Allergy to cold is probably responsible for some drownings too. It is somewhat alarming How Many people particularly Young sters seem to ignore the old Rule concerning the danger of swim Ming after citing. When a person cats considerable amounts of body blood gathers around the stomach Loaid in digestion and is therefore not Avni Unble to the Muscles used in swimming or to keep the body warm. Of course a lot of people got Nway with this hazardous practice but Ern nips me much More Likely of the Swimme Little trouble. Who gets into a sary just a Little More care and they could have been prevented. Out our Way

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